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‘Grid girls’ v feminists: F1 models fight back after role scrapped

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Formula 1 has decided to end its tradition of using ‘grid girls’, saying it was at odds with modern “social norms.” However, some of the women are now protesting on social media, saying their role was grossly misrepresented. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Telegram https://t.me/rtintl Follow us on VK https://vk.com/rt_international Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Text Comments (1152)
Nolan Baptiste (2 days ago)
Feminism ruined women
ejune98 (14 days ago)
For actual F1 fans? Whether grid girl exists or not does not matter really...
Arby Cook (22 days ago)
How are these absolutely gorgeous woman offensive? Oh that’s right the ones complaining are bitter, mean, self loathing harpies that couldn’t get picked up at closing time by a blind drunk horny warthog. Apparently F1 is being run by a bunch of cucks that don’t know how to say no to a bunch of wailing feminists.
Mikey T (23 days ago)
Okay so I'm watching this again after 9 months and just want to say that I don't think that objectification, sexuality, or modern norms were the reason for cutting grid girls. I believe that making such a claim was simply a way to sweep the real reason under the rug. Grid girls are more expensive than they're worth, they didn't bring much of anything to the sport and so they were an unnecessary expense. Unnecessary expenses get cut. Simple as that.
Chris West (1 month ago)
Freedom of choice is dead, dictatorial feminism is alive. I feel sorry for genuine women
TheGodEmperorofMankind (1 month ago)
feminism: women can do anything they want, as long as we approve.
Fiona Wong (1 month ago)
Why not get rid of cheerleaders, models, showgirls all because some bitter blue haired beluga whale feminist was offended
Alexia Kelley (5 days ago)
Fiona Wong right??? 😂
Max (1 month ago)
Stfu you're objects, you girls are nothing more. We dont care about you dirty sluts, we car about the cars
GBATD (1 month ago)
Few of my friends used to be grid girls and had amazing fun with it plus earned a really nice wage but now thanks to feminazis they got fired and had to get other jobs that don;t pay anywhere near as good, Well done feminazis for taking away womens choice. You all should be lined up against a wall and shot.
GALAXY LINE STUDIO (1 month ago)
I'm glad the man with the money stopped it. See these feminist only get humbled when their pocket get hit.
real85er (1 month ago)
feminists fighting for ''rights'' end up taking away a womans rights....irony.
Ryu Andrew (2 months ago)
Jobs should be gone acording to feminist because only one gender is participating in the job.. Priest, nun, gymnest, exotic dancers. Also, all olympic games and record should not be separated between man and woman. Personally i don't like girls wearing slutty oufit. But i have no intention force them not to wear just because i don't like it. If i can do whatever i want to others. I probably crush all femists's dumb skull. Cuz i think the world better without them.
This is England (2 months ago)
I am being serious and feminism should be classified as a mental illness and I am not joking.
Akira (2 months ago)
Honeyz we luv ya but yas complain about every little thing being sexcist to tha point were scared to involve you even if its legit
Ice Queen (2 months ago)
Feminists are just upset about banning grid girls and sexy models because they are sad, lonely, miserable, and just so damn jealous of these girls because they got a better career than them or just because they look prettier than them or maybe it's because those girls are so lucky that they didn't convert themselves to Islam so they won't look like a towel. If any woman, no matter if she's a feminist or not, if they don't like watching Grid girls, then don't look at them and please don't make mountains out of molehills about this and don't do anything to ban them. Honestly, being a grid girl is so much better than being a feminist who is ugly and who bitches all day. The reason why these girls wear cute, revealing outfits is because the sad truth is that mostly men like to look at hot women and men are also known as the visual kind of people. I'm a girl and I may not understand this, but men find anyone sexy based on their perspectives. They find grid Girls hot to their perspective while women don't have the same perspective as men. Some women may like it or they don't like it because of their Jealousy, whether it's minor or just ugly. Being a grid girl, a Victoria's secret model, a Playboy model, etc those careers are awesome because wearing those sexy clothes, great hair, and with all that makeup, you'll feel desired by a lot of men and I want that kind of dream, too even though I'm too young to risk something like this lol
Eric x (3 months ago)
The decline of a great sport.
Syria greatness (3 months ago)
DivineAtheistWannabe (4 months ago)
Feminism is just a bunch of angry women shouting loudly, and whoever can shout the loudest will get their way
Andrei Apostol (4 months ago)
F1 governing body are a bunch of world class hypocrites. They allowed grid girls at the Monaco GP.
Grindcore Racer 67 (4 months ago)
If it was a women's racing event and they had 'Grid Boys', men would see it and say "well that's weird" and either change the channel or wait for the race to start. It's only the feminist women that get so bent out of shape.
Luke M (4 months ago)
How nice. Feminism really cares about giving girls choice and freedom don't they? I mean, these girls were probably getting paid good money for the easiest. Now, they have to bust tables like everyone else. Typical Marxist culture. No one person can be special. No one person is sacred. We all have to be a working machine for the state... or the elite that print our money. Face it, ladies. Feminism put these ladies out of work. I don't care if you're all jealous.
Thot Slayer (4 months ago)
Wanna make babies with all of them
FlyAble (5 months ago)
Noooooooo. No pretties ;(
peter van (5 months ago)
Easy for you girls to say, you are all so pretty. What about all the big fat ugly women who never get a second look, eh? What about -us- eh...them? They never even get a first look when you're on tv.
So So (5 months ago)
MTX157 (7 months ago)
The problem I have with the feminists who support this ban is that they do not encourage the grid girls effectively enough to find any other work as a means to address the issue of the pay gap. The reason why feminists are not effective in this way is because there are grid girls who are actually working in other professions anyway, easily proving the feminists to be much more one-dimensional than the grid girls.
Ruben Hayk (7 months ago)
it woulnd't be a problem if traditionally grid girls were fat beasts but pretty girls have to go...
DD556 762 (8 months ago)
Ugly jealous feminists ruined it.
magikindian (8 months ago)
LM brand values are of that of the pizzagate.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Woman love money and attention. They love being sex objects. What planet have you been on. Women don’t like to be disrespected but they will do anything for money and attention.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Women should be seen and not heard
magikindian (8 months ago)
Not Fucking Sarina. She looks like a fat oily man with a very hard face. Big turn off in women’s tennis
magikindian (8 months ago)
Those children look very inappropriate in the soccer games. Blame the fickle parents
magikindian (8 months ago)
We second that opinion. Notice how many f1 drivers/stars don’t see them self’s in the sport past 2020. Even Fernando is playing his craft elseware. F1 was always about the grid girls
magikindian (8 months ago)
Islam does not count as it’s a pagan belief
magikindian (8 months ago)
I love feminism. It’s a perfect place to put all those stupid women.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Nothing is wrong with whores.
magikindian (8 months ago)
I wish they could stop bionce and rainanna. They are strippers with a microphone talking about sex and drugs. Let’s ban them.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Humans were born to die. It’s natural. Now back to the grid.
magikindian (8 months ago)
It seems like the majority wants kids now. NWO and pizza gate
magikindian (8 months ago)
Ha ha ha, Chris. The only sensible person here
magikindian (8 months ago)
LM could be a bunch of pedohiles. FIFA???????
magikindian (8 months ago)
This is no small issue mr7wi. All men want is sex. You can pretend all you need
magikindian (8 months ago)
Talk about a bottom of the barrel social group.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Feminist are important for society as most of us will need to look at another group to feel fantastic about our own pathetic lives.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Hey don’t blame the feminist. Most humans have weak minds also. Feminist are there only to make other people feel good about their pathetic lives.
magikindian (8 months ago)
TV is bigger than god. Most Americans will turn it on in the morning before saying their prayers.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Better yet. Burn them at the steak and make it pay per view
magikindian (8 months ago)
They are running things on the surface. They still have to suck off somebody just like the rest of us.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Feminist don’t have a cause. They are just angry because they got raped by their dad or similar. They just angry.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Your limited knowledge of corporate events is not shocking. However your comment shows your class.
magikindian (8 months ago)
It goes to show how terrible the education system is. These girls have to whore to pay their uni bills.
magikindian (8 months ago)
You people give dem Jews too much power.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Hot women are out of style. The elite wants young boys and girls now. It’s called forced evolution
magikindian (8 months ago)
It’s not gonna be gay. But the pedos will be happy like they love it when the kids come out for the soccer games
magikindian (8 months ago)
You are a fan. Very low down on the food chain. Those hookers are for the wealthy guys who stand near to the cars. Not for the losers who have to buy tickets. Hookers don’t flirt with wannabes
magikindian (8 months ago)
Feminist stopped using their brain as it’s now used to block up the hole between their legs. Did you not get that memo at birth?
magikindian (8 months ago)
You clearly have never met a f1 grid woman...........!!!!!!!!!
magikindian (8 months ago)
Angry damaged women need to have a platform.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Mortgages and university fees were once paid for by one f1 salary. Now these children will be benefiting from meeting all these rich and powerful people. Or is it the other way around?
magikindian (8 months ago)
And smelliest also. Dem people don’t use soap, just patchouli. News alert people. Patchouli smells very bad and is offensive to others when worn in public
magikindian (8 months ago)
No more women. Now we get to see snotty nose children. It’s gonna be off putting like the beginning of a soccer game. My question remains, why do we include children in these hi finance, corrupt, fraudulent often volatile and inappropriate events? With all the ugly greed, hate and immoral things that surround professional sport, we still feel we can embellish them all by using the image of innocence. Using people’s children to distract from the true evil of man. Well done human race. What’s next LM?
magikindian (8 months ago)
Every feminist I know has some kind of sordid abusive story from their childhood which have made them into hateful and dangerous individuals. Just like Adolph.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Hey dude, get with the program, the new style is pedo. food for the NWO.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Yes I agree that the cars are now gay. Even the drives look like the love cock. Look at Carlos Seinze, Lewis looks metro so too does reciardo and stroll who speaks like a girl. That’s why Kimi says very little and is always pissed off.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Well said angry man....
magikindian (8 months ago)
Liberty Media just trying to cut cost and using the so called feminist to take cover. And of course feminists will ride on anything. Damaged souls.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Yeah dude, Cheerleaders suck. Lol
magikindian (8 months ago)
Liberty just trying to cut cost. And they are using children to do it. Liberty Media/pizzagate
magikindian (8 months ago)
Sex sells cars. In future, we gonna have kids selling cars instead of hot women. Pizza gate.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Big corporations and politicians are into kids. Pizzagate.
magikindian (8 months ago)
They are already in the olympics and are dominating.
magikindian (8 months ago)
Liberty Media is just trying to cut cost. It’s rubbish to blame the feminists, they are to busy being angry. The children they intend to use will cost a very tiny fraction of what one model will cost per day. Pizza and coke is what children eat, not Champagne and caviar. So you can imagine all the rest. Fast cars are sexy. Race car drivers are sexy. The smell of gasoline and tires are a turn-on. Men get aroused at the idea of a sports car and women open their legs wide if you got a Ferrari. Sex and cars have a deep correlation. They are suggesting to take the sex out of cars and motorsport. We all know that is impossible. We all get jobs so we can buy cars so we can have sex with women. Now they are bringing children into the equation. They have totally missed the point for the sake of seeming like a responsible company. My buddy Dave suggest that Liberty Media must be American owned hence the stupid idea but I won’t go there. I doubt very much if other auto racing outfits will follow in the steps of Liberty Media. LM seems like a ‘bottom line’ kind of outfit. And will spoil anything to turn a profit. Meanwhile the event models will now be missing out on their biggest pay cheque of the year. Sex sells but LM thinks kids will sell even better. It’s the new world order. J.P. Will surly be in Texas when F1 rolls into the US.
Damien Spectre (8 months ago)
Get rid of the fugly feminists, they're the ruining the world
TheAlmightyClipse (8 months ago)
To Sean Bratches of the F1 commercial operations Dept, so it got to the year 2018 and all of a sudden "it doesn't resonate with your brand values"? What a joke, you might as well said "We buckled to our knees and gave in to Social justice warriors/feminists"
Shannon (9 months ago)
Taking away young women’s jobs they chose to work in. So feminist so empowering. Only the ravings of joyless hateful hags would justify this ban as empowering. Yeah for the feminists because they got to decide not these other “degraded piece of meat” grid girls. The fucking irony.
SUPERNOVA UNEEK (9 months ago)
Why do they want to be praid like live stock.why women want to be treated like sex objects? Person or persons whom.are behind this have really RESPECT for these women.in this day and age there is no need grid girls is degrading and using women as sex objects but what I don't get some women still think this is good and liberating.
SUPERNOVA UNEEK (7 months ago)
General Esdeath Any women who allowed her self to be praided like an animal whether it's beauty contest F1 is the lowest of the low.She is a modern day prostitute with a prestigious name like Model and miss whatever country . Women have been brainwashed to believe out home means liberating. I have no respect for these kinda woman. Good mother good sister good wife do earn my respect.
SUPERNOVA UNEEK (7 months ago)
General Esdeath Do something better with your body instead of modern prostituting your self What's wrong with you? Can't you see you are just being used as sex objects?
Francesco B. (8 months ago)
Just envy feminists who want to put burka on all hot women.
SUPERNOVA UNEEK (8 months ago)
TheAlmightyClipse Woow what an aggressive individual you are! Let me as you something?Why don't they use grid men or boys? Because sex sells.F1 is male dominated sport most fans are men thus half naked women look good on tv.no one cares about these women being praid like animals. You are really a moron if you think 2018 women should walk around half naked on F1 grid in the ring of a boxing match.
S.C. Beatty (9 months ago)
Wherever consenting adults are enjoying the fruits of the secual revolution, the church of SJW will be there to cluck it's tongue and wag it's finger...with knuckle cracking meter stick held tightly at the ready.
1961casey (9 months ago)
The main reason feminist hate good looking girls . . . . need I say any more?
Ankur Ghosh (9 months ago)
LOL, the real purpose of feminism has disappeared, its a virus now. Give the woman the right to decide what she wants to do
tonda01 (9 months ago)
Its not society changes, its bunch of SJW who ruined another occasion for everybody else, where are we vast majority go to ruin life of SJW already? These spoiled brats need to pay their dues!
kuratr (9 months ago)
proof that many women are shitty to each other and that men should never let them have their way. female behaviour needs a reform
Blob B (9 months ago)
Ban womens tennis next they look sexy
fasci orient (9 months ago)
So it's fine for a woman to have fat acceptance and become a pink haired obese slob and then we pay for their healthcare and then they scream 'it's my body my choice!' that's PC right But it's not okay for a woman to workout hard and keep motivated to stay glamorous and earn a living off that and then contribute to society by becoming a honest working taxpayer but then that same fat pink haired slob will cry 'they shouldn't have the right to do that My body my choice only implies to me!' and thats.. not PC...hmmm makes you wonder the actaul motivation of these radical lefties... With these social justice activists and feminists It's all about control, they don't care about women or minorities they just want to control how you 're allowed to dress, how you're allowed to speak, what you're allowed to do and how you're allowed to think. These people are A wolf in sheep's clothing They say they stand for equality but really they after pure tyrannical power and control
12vinyl (9 months ago)
Because the old fat ugly women hate them.
Alex Huxley (9 months ago)
Look up Buzzkill in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of a bitter, bloated, blue haired feminist waiting for a chance to be offended, yet again.
symo (9 months ago)
I wouldn't want to be around kids, look at kids have anything to do with them. In this age of hyper sensitivity and basic insanity and involvement, contact, looking, friendliness to a kid lands a man with the Pedo label so F*CK that!!!
Truth Speaks (9 months ago)
Telling people what to do in society... (((socialism))) by any other name.
mscchannel (9 months ago)
F1 ( Feminist 1 ) next step : when man look a F1 car i sexualising it , so to protect car's rights from heteropatriarchy , we decided the next F1 race is without grid girls and without cars .... Why "feminists" ( new age trotskyist ) decides what men and women like ? ( and the trotskyist identifies themselves neither woman or man either ) , so why we are so submissive to that extraterrestrial's demands , who cares ? , the women like their job , and i love see beautiful women , i don't see the problem .
JA Purnell (9 months ago)
they get rid of the jobs why not just change the dress code a little
Doubledunk (9 months ago)
I'm sort of glad F1 is committing suicide, I'm taking much more interest in other motor sports
fid33l (9 months ago)
The world is doomed...
Nikola Radin (9 months ago)
Feminists are right, these girls should get a real job, like in the porn industry.
wakandan knuckles (9 months ago)
Fuck yeah grid girls are inappropriate, grid kids are waaay better I mean think about how tight their asshole is..... Fuck me I'm hard already... 🤔🤔🤔
RaTLa (9 months ago)
That's what these these hoes get for whining about political correctness lol
CoyDog (9 months ago)
The feminazi are currently enamored with muslim because they want all women in a berka that way all women will be equal .(Just a shapeless bag } and they dare talk about objectification.
jakethe pillager (9 months ago)
Fucking feminism needs to fucking die
STIGu1993 (9 months ago)
They should wear Burka then they will stay, because it will be politicly inapriopriate .. world is stupid this days
bubba luv (9 months ago)
"why didn't they consult them first" because they are being prescriptive like, dare i say, it the hated patriarchy
nothing to see here (9 months ago)
models are grossly overpaid attention whores, but the feminazi's are still wrong and still ugly as fuck.

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