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Roth and Le Roi perform "Papagena / Papageno!"

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Detlef Roth and Gaële Le Roi perform the Papagena/Papageno duet from "Die Zauberflöte." Also includes the last few lines of Roth's solo before the duet. Paris 2001.
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Text Comments (806)
MrBlackcaster (3 hours ago)
MagCynic (5 days ago)
This is weird.
Patrik Nilsson (15 days ago)
Pa...pa...pa: Goosebumps...
Cal Cifer (17 days ago)
- HA! C'est un arbre ? Un arbre qui chante ?! HaaaaHaHaHa C'est de l'allemand ?? .... mais quoi chut ? ... c'est en allemand.... vous êtes tarés. Ça dure combien de temps ? - Quatre heures. - Ho putain.
崎宮 (28 days ago)
Dave Sosa (1 month ago)
This duet must be one of the most lovely pieces of music ever written
Imperium Romanum (1 month ago)
PunkHippie (1 month ago)
1:22 I love that whole sequence how the music mellows out and the descending scales. It's as if the actors are slowly floating, falling into love. Mozart was so good at composing this type of thing.
Dylan Thomas (1 month ago)
I- I was just trying to see if there were new smash leaks...
Rt L (1 month ago)
Detlef is the best Papageno I've seen/heard. It's not even close.
Dank Samosa (1 month ago)
She is so beautiful
mariana gomez (2 months ago)
FREEZZY TUBE (2 months ago)
0:43 is the best part.
MrAlexbreak (2 months ago)
at 0:48 did you see her looking at her boobs and then back at a guy? as if saying" You like these? " On 1:17 he is staring at her cleavage, naughty bird!
Murray Heymann (2 months ago)
Such an excellent Papagena!!
Adam Vanderpluym (2 months ago)
How did the human race go from producing masterpieces like this to the likes of Tekashi69 in a few centuries? SMH
Ezequiel Bordon (3 months ago)
clave el papageno
Ezequiel Bordon (3 months ago)
hice mates y se cebaron solos
Ezequiel Bordon (3 months ago)
estoy cebadisimo
Anna Liornica (3 months ago)
When you are weird and you think you'll never get a partner, but then you do and the partner is just as weird as you. Bonus points. They're so cute.
Julio Mario (3 months ago)
Marie Antoinette (4 months ago)
Relationship goals 💕
robox91 (4 months ago)
Is this version some where on Spotify?
Marco Colabucci (4 months ago)
Duetto splendido, lui fantastico, lei ha una mimica incredibile. Bellissimi e bravissimi.
Jürgen Ledetzky (5 months ago)
Die Zauberflöte von Mozart ist meine Lieblingsoper. Ich finde diese zwei singen diese Arie sehr schön.Auch die Kostüme sind schön gestaltet.Nicht wie manche Veranstalter die alles auf Modern machen wollen.Das passt nicht zu dieser Oper.
Helmut Gehrmann (5 months ago)
Hudson Bailey (5 months ago)
Ameiiiiiiiiiiiii bravo!!!!!!!!
Гайни Кель (5 months ago)
Обожаю...отлично. Восхитительно.. Бравоооо🎶🎶 😍😍
Humberto Candido (6 months ago)
Words don't come easily!
Paulo H S Ferreira (6 months ago)
Alguém consegue a letra dessa versão? Can someone get the lyrics for this song, please?
Roberta Diaz (7 months ago)
Papageno y papagena es mi ária favorita junto con la reina de la noche de la Flauta Mágica ,me parece una obra extraordinaria!! tanto como el escritor de la obra ,como la música que ya sabemos que es Sublime!!!Mozart❤
Lea Simard (7 months ago)
obliger d'écouter ça pour mon cours de musique
DaveCho (7 months ago)
비쥬얼 대박 ! 파파게노 파파게나~ ^__^ 앙 조타~~~~
Elise Marchetti (8 months ago)
The current favorite sound of my 3 yr old daughter <3
RunaroundStar (8 months ago)
At 0:42 the music is so innocent and floaty it's so heartwarming. Then he sees her. So pretty.
Ricardo Flores (8 months ago)
Belle musique, Musica molto meravigliosa.
Helena Godina (8 months ago)
peter still (8 months ago)
Detlef kills it
RodCornholio (8 months ago)
Multi levels of genius in this piece.
Paulo Eduardo (8 months ago)
Perfeito! Umas das mais belas interpretações desta ária!
Sulja Sul (8 months ago)
ftwftn (9 months ago)
Seriously, you all love this papageno but he looks bored as hell when he meets his true love. At least papagena looks happy.
Maciej Słysz (9 months ago)
Its Perfect kto z Polski like pod komem :D
Sinh Nguyen (9 months ago)
so cute
stealthb0y1 (10 months ago)
perfect execution
aksi iska (10 months ago)
0:42 das war in der Volkswagen Werbung 2018
felipe melo (10 months ago)
Jim Carrey sings pretty good!
xeus voltaere (10 months ago)
pourquoi le concert en entier n'est il plus disponible ?? bordel.
John Anonymous (10 months ago)
The most beautiful music for the most silly love story ever!
joker 068 (10 months ago)
merci je la fais en musique
Jens Koning (11 months ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We all know what happened next...
Kevin Kim (11 months ago)
Papageno (gonna) get out of here hehehe
Alessandro Balducci (11 months ago)
Elena Perolfi (11 months ago)
back2backband1 (11 months ago)
Wow she is Absolutely beautiful!!!!
jujuaful (11 months ago)
first time i've listened to this properly all the way through
Lucas Feitoza (11 months ago)
algum brasileiro em dois mil e dezesete
Dominique Majot (11 months ago)
Fantastique, meilleur prestation que j'ai entendu de ce morceau
Andrej Bestchastny (1 year ago)
Почему!!!??? Принято, что бедного Папегено - поют такие противнючие псевдо - голоса....
BANANA NUTELLA (1 year ago)
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ge no !!!! pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ge na !!!!!
BANANA NUTELLA (1 year ago)
2:48 mdr
Vico Gladd (1 year ago)
Yo solo vine por bebe maire <3
Miner of Skies (1 year ago)
The original "lemme smash." Jokes aside, this is really adorable! Beautifully done as well.
Ardaban Ausejo (1 year ago)
Yo llegué aquí por Maire
Süßwasser Salz (1 year ago)
i love
Paul Lahner (1 year ago)
Die Grundaussage ist: Jedem Topf seinen Deckel....Kevin ist ne Pfanne...
Daniela Kalbermatten (1 year ago)
Donato Dijkstra (1 year ago)
This is the only right one
Sarah Potter (1 year ago)
J'aime beaucoup !
Soilent Diva (1 year ago)
This was just beautiful!
Julia Avery (1 year ago)
There is a lightness to the word "papageno/a" that I feel like they capture. And I know that this song is very difficult so I really applaud their timing and their breath support. I'll do my best to control the urge to admit that I think Roth is an absolute meal on wheels. That however does not at affect my decision to play this over and over though it is a factor.
lilMissF0F0 (1 year ago)
Im here for the paapapapappapapa-PAH ! 😍
tetyarita (1 year ago)
Detlef Roth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tetyarita (1 year ago)
Tell me good people where this amazing baritone????
tetyarita (1 year ago)
Detlef Roth !!!
tetyarita (1 year ago)
give his disciples the example of the perfect interpretation of this duet(sorry for Google translation)
s3cr3tpassword (1 year ago)
I have always loved this version , but today I realized by I love it much it's because papagena acts so much like a bird!!! Her head tilt to her walk!!! Very bird like
angela _swag (1 year ago)
Ich liebe papageno papagena
Nicole Stattler (1 year ago)
Was für ein Rockstar! Absolut einzigartiges Genie!
Alan Menk (1 year ago)
The best of the best papageno and papagena :-)
Satinettee (1 year ago)
I need the music sheet of this duet, if someone have it. it would be greate to send it to me by email. Thanks
Dusty 450 (1 year ago)
She is my favourite Papagena.
didvide3123 (1 year ago)
i admire Mozart as a composer !
Lucas Chan (1 year ago)
I have a question—why don't the audience clap after the whole song finishes? There are literally 6 bars left.
serge chatain (1 year ago)
the cutiest expression of love in music 1:40 pure bliss 2:30 pure joy this surely is love in Heaven
liao dr (1 year ago)
魔笛 帕帕基諾詠嘆調 捕鳥人
themistokles (1 year ago)
Lavtrevel1 Dvali (1 year ago)
what means pa pa pa pa papagena?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗🤓🤓
POLLOGAM3R YT ITA (1 year ago)
bellissimo nli lo facciamo a scuola e mi sono innamorato
Eleonora Zurru (1 year ago)
Luca Polle einaudi?
Hustle Brat (1 year ago)
E papaj ga majmune
zenaida medina (1 year ago)
Julie B (1 year ago)
Always puts a smile on my face.
Satanicoaldo Aldo (1 year ago)
He's the cutest and hottest Papageno that's for sure.
i love thisss!
Robert Geiger (1 year ago)
The acting is wonderful, they are such lovebirds
•ClaraBGR Vlogs• (1 year ago)
Kadri Can (1 year ago)
Çok tatlılar yaa, yerim ben bunları 😃
Timothy James Martin (1 year ago)
PAPAGENO AND PAPAGENA. Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa. papageno pa-pa-pa-, pa-pa-pa,- papagena, etc. PAPAGENO Bist du mir nun ganz ergeben, Have you now yielded to me? PAPAGENA Nun bin ich dir ganz ergeben. Now I have yielded to you. PAPAGENO Nun, so sei mein liebes Weibchen! Now, then be my dear little wife! PAPAGENA Nun, so sei mein Herzenstäubchen, Now, then be the dove of my heart, Mein Herzenstäubchen! The dove of my heart! PAPAGENO Mein liebes Weibchen, mein Herzenstäubchen, My dear little wife, dove of my heart, PAPAGENO AND PAPAGENA Welche Freude wird das sein, What joy that will be Wenn die Götter uns bedenken, If the Gods think of us, Unsrer Liebe Kinder schenken And give us children of our love Unsrer Liebe Kinder schenken And give us children of our love So liebe kleine Kinderlein, Kinderlein, Such dear little children, little children, Kinderlein, Kinderlein, Little children, little children, So liebe kleine Kinderlein. Such dear little children. Erst einen kleinen Papageno First a little Papageno, Dann eine kleine Papagena, Then a little Papagena, Dann wieder einen Papageno Then again a Papageno, Dann wieder eine Papagena, Then again a Papagena Papageno, Papagena, Papageno, etc. Papageno, Papagena, Papageno, etc. Es ist das höchste der Gefühle, It is the highest of feelings Wenn viele, viele, der pa-pa-pageno(a) etc. If many (of them) to Papageno (a) will be Der Eltern Sorgen werden sein. In the care of their parents. Wenn viele, viele, der pa-pa-pageno(a) etc. If many to Papageno (a) will be Der Eltern Sorgen werden sein. etc. In the care of their parents. etc.
Thomas N (25 days ago)
No, it is not "ergeben" but "gegeben". Meaning: Are you given to me now? (Given by the two ladies that look after Papageno because he must fulfill his promises)
Leona Stayniens (10 months ago)
Timothy James Martin is it "der Eltern Segen sein"
Muy chucha ese Mozart.
CookingJames1 (1 year ago)
Le Roi is so far the most perfect Papagena I have seen!! Apart from her amazing voice, her cuteness is just overwhelming in this production.
Ana (1 year ago)
c tres beau bravoooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

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