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Hilarious Comcast Call Center Training Video

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Internal Comcast Call Center Training Video. For production information, licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at): www.jsptv.com / 303-721-6121
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Aaron R (12 days ago)
I call bs, customers are never happy that they're getting more content, they'd insist with as much as they're already paying it should just be free, then demand the bill be adjusted or else they're cancelling
Kade Massey (13 days ago)
Can I get a cringe with this video?
tilawakoha lamiauy (13 days ago)
alishun first u sher d candy , the lulipop coz its so rude , its karma what they can say
mjbrooks67 (18 days ago)
How to tell if your city officals are corrupt, incompetent or both? Is Comcast the service provider in your city? You have a corrupt government my friend. Read your franchise agreement your city signed with Comcast, I highly recommend that to all comcast victims. And who you ultimately be mad at is your corrupt city officials. Didn't they do, due diligence? All you have to do is google Comcast reviews and anyone could easily see, oh no this is not who we want to give a contract to for our city. But somehow they gone from a few thousand to 30 million customers? What does that tell you?
mjbrooks67 (18 days ago)
I work for comcast going on five years (thank you for your prayers) and I've never ever heard a call like that. The way I look at it, when they hired me they said they wanted someone ethical and honest. I said are sure? So that is what they get, I tell people the truth (I can't believe they havent fired me, but I keep trying) many calls end with I hear "Honey you wont fukin believe this, I got a real person at comcast...." On that call I would say "You got to be kidding, how much they need? Lets take a look...good grief you already paying $275 a month for cable and internet! Holy smokes! Last month and next is $550 balance! I couldnt do that, lets see...4 boxs, get rid of those, buy your own modem, and cable? I cut my and I wish I would of done it years ago, I found I can fall asleep to netflix just as well as paying $200 a month of commercials. Just get the internet for your TV you have more then you could ever watch, trust me. And no commercials, you'll never watch cable again I can't IDK how people do it. That would take you to $80 a month! Everyone is doing it, do you still use 8 tracks? Buggy whip? Talk to a young person they'll tell you how it works. And you have outages all the time? Thats because all that money you pay don't go to maintain your network, all that money goes to buy new accounts, thats why its always going on and off, it will only get worse. No problem its been my pleasure now get out of here and thank you for choosing comcast ha ha!" And thats it, a co worker said "I dont care anymore I tell people the truth!" I said great idea I think I'll do that! lol. They want you to lie to people? Why they don't cut me in on the action so.... Cheers lol.
Freddoccino (25 days ago)
Why is this in my recommended
Claire T (27 days ago)
MVPSportPicks (29 days ago)
LMFAO / I would Have canceled!
david david (29 days ago)
J.D. Power's just awarded Comcast with the WORST SCORES in Performance, Billing, Reliability. and Cost. It's also Interesting that Comcast Is NOW America's MOST HATED Company.
Sonja Saniinejad (1 month ago)
I work in a call center and this is not how it works. Hahahahahaha
Jen White (1 month ago)
I would have lost my ish at that BS answer
FANTASTICoFORD (1 month ago)
where's the "hilarious" bit?
TheHolmaj Holmaj (1 month ago)
well, yeah, this sounds about Comcast.... So very grateful not to have to use their services anymore.
downhell666 (1 month ago)
When she kisses ass at the end you can see in her eyes the trauma from working in customer service
Hanzo DahGamingMastah (1 month ago)
I am so busy with my lolipop LOL!
Rich (1 month ago)
Give me the good old days when there was no cable TV. It was over the air, in beautiful analog format! Three channels that went on the air at 6 AM and went off the air at midnight, with the national anthem playing! If there was nothing on television we wanted to see, we did other things. The world is crazy now. Get me outta here!
Jack Helliquinn (1 month ago)
Brad Carter LMAO FUCK YEAH!!!
Natty Gan (2 months ago)
Every time I call Comcast, I get the first type of person. I would love if we could skip the customer service line and just talk to one of the technicians. The technicians know what they are talking about.
kcin228 (2 months ago)
Ugh never say "I can definitely understand that" Worst thing to say ever. Chances are you can't understand it, and if you can better to prove through a short and concise anecdote to level with the customer. Never have I heard "I can definitely understand that" and not thought oh cool more bs training jargon to buy time. I always open with my name, product and ask their name. Once I get their name, I go first name no Mr.X, Mrs.Y, Nah it's Tim or Connie or what the fuck ever. Hey Tim how can i help ya out today? Get to the issue first, most likely these poor assholes have waited on an IVR system entering fuck all to get to you the last thing they want to do is give more information. Get the issue first, then paraphrase the issue back to them so they know you understand the problem. Alright I can definitely look into that, or if you know it is a simple fix, alright I can definitely fix that for you could you give me your account number please so I can pull up the account I want to document everything. Customers love accountability, let them know you are documenting the call so A they feel heard, and B if you fuck up they can bring it back to you. This is all assuming a customer isn't coming in hot. Some of these cats have been bounced from place to place and are coming in heated with reason. You got a customer at a 10, solve their problem they may be an 8 at the end of the call they still aint happy. Before you can even begin to solve the problem, which is usually the easiest bit, you gotta deescalate that shit. Get em to a 5 or 6 then solve the issue. If they have been bounced around and are still in the wrong department, you don't wanna drop a hot load on a co-worker. Never fucking cold transfer, let them know that you don't know what happened before but you can guarantee you can get them to the right spot. This comes with probing questions, whats the issue, what's the product, etc. Assure them you will wait on hold with them until we get the right department, make sure it is the right department and personally hand them to the next agent. I could on for days about this shit, but alot of it is finesse and empathy. I call Sallie Mae it is a nightmare 100% of the time. I just do what I would my rep to do for me.
Steve Howard (2 months ago)
Comcast sucks and their service is terrible. They fuck with your bill a lot more than just $4. More like wild swings of $40
Christopher Houston (2 months ago)
Customer needs to get a life.
Alxy - Minecraft (2 months ago)
if the services were free then why did she pay an extra 3.50. i thought it was free, no one would be happy with that response
Elizabeth Wise (2 months ago)
I like how the customers attitude change too. Need to be the same attitude with the right way to handle it
NIGHT OWL (2 months ago)
not realistic at all
packergeek10 (2 months ago)
What a fucking joke. Its never 4 dollars. Usually its 30-40 dollars if subscribe to multiple.
Alex Fischer (2 months ago)
Comcast service still sucks .
M Jones (2 months ago)
Wow that explanation would of worked for me also! Great customer service Alison!
matthew mayersky (2 months ago)
WHAT???? The customer did not have to wait on hold for 30 min?
Julian Iero (2 months ago)
S4x lol <3
Lisa M (2 months ago)
Comcast sucks...no matter how you slice it
Carpathian (2 months ago)
Let me explain some things to people about how it works. First Comcast call centers are nothing more then script readers. Second Comcast works it's employees based on metrics, so if you work for comcast and want to feed your family you have to sell and bullshit people. Three: If you work for comcast as a tech and want to progress forget it, you will never meet your metrics because of one or the combination of: shit equipment, lousy infrastructure, your home has shit wiring, you're to dumb to use a fucking remote and don't know how to change input on your TV set. At the same time comcast is overloading workers schedules so they can't meet their on time arrival metrics to appease you fuck tarts. Then you people call in when your kids game servers suck or lag and they cry about how they got their ass kicked on Fortnite so they blame the shit internet connection all while playing on your fucking commodore 64. My favorite is "my wifi doesn't give me the speeds I pay for and I'm suppose to be getting 250 download speeds" while your fucking computer has a 10/100 NIC card. To sum it for you all, Comcast sucks to work for and so do you people who call in and have zero clue about how anything works because when you call in event to the help center after a techs been to your house within 24 hours and up to 30 days your'e screwing that techs metrics and potential for any advancement. Pissed off Tech
Xombie K (2 months ago)
This is bullshit
Lamolewrx13 (2 months ago)
This is bullshit people don’t understand when the rates go up just like fucking price on gas it goes up all you people are dumb
001 002 (2 months ago)
Sure is a odd looking Indian.
Patrick Walker (2 months ago)
Comcast does this routinely... I was happy with the current service yet they up my internet speed to 400 MBPS.
VCJunkie (2 months ago)
So remember, when dealing with a customer, there’s the wrong way and then there’s the Comcast wrong way!
james (2 months ago)
So basically she's paying $4 more because they added additional "Free" content!! Oh! Ok!!
Gunguy 83 (2 months ago)
Satellite TV is worse they give you fake rates for a year or two then double the bill and then say they can cut half the packaging out to get you down to where are used to be. Don’t worry they only cut every channel you watch so it easier to cancel
Merficulbliss (2 months ago)
This video is clearly a fake since the person at Comcast is not outsourced in India
John Lawrence (2 months ago)
Horse shit!
Michaela Crews (2 months ago)
I actually worked with Allison after years ago lol
Sally Sue (2 months ago)
Yeah, I'd be like...no, lower it or I'm going to Directv!
H. W. (2 months ago)
Wtf it's 1 am. Why am I watching this and what am I doing with my life?
downhell666 (1 month ago)
Doing this for living after a bad day 1 am as well
Tony V (2 months ago)
oh ok so i got more services & i'm getting charged more money all without my consent cool love it when companies fuck you in the ass & demand you to pay them isn't that awesome
Sara Kjeldsen (2 months ago)
Fucking Comcast. Hahaha Omg this brings back memories from 2007 when I worked at a place called Teletech. The place went bankrupt eventually.
Andrew Sylvia (2 months ago)
So, the customer wasn't getting the on demand services before? God Comcast sucks.
WNF eli.smokes (2 months ago)
Ew cringe
Janos Horvath (2 months ago)
note to all this video is staged with comcast employees. >.> not even an idiot would react in this manner. ERGO why they say they will record your messages for training purposes. this was rather tame for most of the calls they receive im sure. do a vid of how you deal with someone who actually calls in to comcast. bet you, someone will lose their cool and fly off at the handles lawlz
Solid Rock (2 months ago)
Haha Com-ass sucks. 8 months into a 12-month agreement, They randomly raised our standard internet package rate from $45/month to $75/month, and when I called, they said it was a "mistake in the system," and refunded us what they overcharged. Fast forward to this year; We renewed our contract before we got the same deal again ($45/month). About 9 months into this 12-month contract, they raised our rate to $90/month?? I called them again and guess what; "Mistake in the system, we'll refund you the overcharge." These guys are fuckin crooks. They raise your rates hoping that the customer either doesn't notice or doesn't bother to fix it. When the customer does call in, they say "oh, sorry, it was a mistake in the system." Yeah, cuz those mistakes are totally random and happen all the time....?
Richard van Tricht (2 months ago)
In both ways she still gets fucked.
Wolfsschanze Music (2 months ago)
The first one was more honest, the second one was more polite.
James Kaufman (3 months ago)
Comcast/Xfinity: just say no. I moved to a closed apt complex that Xfinity could not serve, turned in my equipment, was told by counter person and 4 so called customer service reps that I would not be charged a cancellation fee...guess what. Being billed for it.
Scott McMan (3 months ago)
If you are a good liar, you can be great in the Comcast call center. They lie thru their teeth on every call. "Oh, I am getting more services...that I don't use. Well then, please, by all means, charge me more because I can afford these jacked up rates. But, as long as Comcast is making money hand over fist, I have to do my part to make sure the execs can have that vacation estate in the Hamptons. I'm not going to get into all the times Comcast has lied to me and screwed me, suffice it to say, I don't believe a word that is said to me. Not to mention getting to a live person is like going to the dentist.
Bryan Simpson (3 months ago)
I've had numerous incedents with this company.mostly on billing.im not one to let extra charges go unchallenged wich some people ACTUALLY do.now ANYTIME my service is out for A any Amount of time I call them n get a "credit".they've made so many mistakes on my account I'm now told.BY THE STORE MANAGER.my account will b dropped b for I'm credited again.so rather than fix the problem they'd rather just get rid of me.never missed a payment
James Casas (3 months ago)
Yoshie Gamer (3 months ago)
Lmao yes because every interaction I’ve had with Comcast or at&t hasn’t been like total complete shit.
Denis Flores (3 months ago)
My bill increased, please get me your supervisor lol
Consumer Elitist (3 months ago)
Donivan Gardner (3 months ago)
You're like the unfunniest fuckin guy that ever tryed to be a youtuber i swear.
Paul chevalier (3 months ago)
Now the woman caller can be assured after shes taking with the RIP ..her monthly rate will go up again and again and again.The better business bureau should fine them millions of dollars for fucking over the american people.Comcast is in league with the devil and that's for real do your research ..
Whitney Owens (3 months ago)
How about you fix the OVER PRICED content that we already have to pay for, before you start mumbling about this so called "free" BS you speak of. "Free".... what is that? Does that fall in the same category as Unicorns and Mermaids??? 🤣☠🤣 I call 🐃💩 on this nonsensical message.
Curtis C (3 months ago)
Comcast sucks filthy hobo cock .
Frederic Coudrier (3 months ago)
hilarious? when?
Deb Stein (3 months ago)
I worked in the retention department at Comcast in 2015. This video is total bullshit.
French Courtier (3 months ago)
no, I'm an EXISTING customer don't fuckin raise my rates!!
osiris chan (3 months ago)
That response of the customer to the reason and answer of the representative is more like 1 out of 10 of the callers. You see. Callers lile that dont easily buy off those answer they will dig in for more discounts or anything can dispute.
Christopher Houston (3 months ago)
This customer is cringe.
Nasexsav Kifs (3 months ago)
What the hell? She didn’t even fix the customer’s bill and they are still happy!
Jason Haradyn (3 months ago)
Unrealistic video, BUT, next time you want to phone a call center and ask someone why a price increased, DON'T! Stop being such idiots, you whackjobs. It is called INFLATION! Prices increase EVERYWHERE! So stop being so stupid!
CbkToxicityz (4 months ago)
First off if you really understood how it works, you wouldn't complain. Second, comcast has increased many of their internet speed packages 17 times over 17 years. Third, networks do what networks do. Technology does what technology does. Comcast has to keep with the changes. For example, unlimited data from an ISP used to mean 250 gigs per 30 days per month. That changed to 300 gigs then changed to 1000 gigs per 30 days no increased cost to the consumer. And all ISPs were this way. Sometimes, these things may mean increased cost to comcast which in turn increases the cost to the consumer. Just like any other business. Fourth, comcast is a provider of not the creator of, their control is limited in these things. Like if the FCC rules that comcast must do this or that, and they do, what does that cost comcast? Do they extend that cost to consumers? No, that's part of their business and operation. Comcast isnt an evil entity and they only increased consumer prices by about 10.00 overall. If 10.00 is enough to make you that upset, then maybe you should budget your money better. Yes I get it I struggle every month to pay my Bill's and 10.00 does matter to me too. But honestly if it matters that much, then you probably cant afford it in the first place. I know I cant. But I still pay it every month. Comcast gives you alot from internet access of live tv and ondemand to increases of internet speeds, xfinitywifi, the apps they make for our phones etc. So I dunno, but I love my services from comcast. And I use them, all of them, nearly every day.
Shawn Botin (4 months ago)
Did I really wait the whole video out for there to be some type of meme and there was none ....
Shawn Scott (4 months ago)
Yeah right. I wish the last time I called Comcast they would have been this friendly, nice and helpful. You aren't. :( sad really.
Mr. Anonymous (4 months ago)
biggest monopoly ever!!!! also the most hated company in the USA, google it
P C (4 months ago)
They forgot to start this by having the customer navigate thru Comcast/Xfinity's shitty automated system that takes 10 minutes to navigate thru, then another 10 minutes on hold (with crappy music and non stop LOUD Pay Per View promos) before said customer finally gets to speak to a customer service rep. By that time customer has already wasted 20+ minutes and completely frustrated. Such a shitty company and shitty customer service.
Sky High Pizza (4 months ago)
Holy shit is this a real training video
knworth73 (4 months ago)
What a joke!
sarah beara (4 months ago)
I don't understand why the caller wasn't upset. Didn't the rep just tell her she is getting charged for services that are supposedly free?
Smelly Onion Man (4 months ago)
We have a company exactly like that in Canada, called Bell. They fired me for saying "fuck" after a customer hung up. I had more sales and better KPI than 85% of our workforce, and did it all FAIRLY! You have NO IDEA how hard they made it to treat people fairly, respectfully and still make your numbers. They fucking killed me. Oh wait, you have Comcast. You DO know what it's like! Fuck Bell, too eh?
James Martin (4 months ago)
Rotten company.
Emanouche (4 months ago)
So basically at Comcast, telling the information to the customer straight and being honest is the wrong way, but giving a bullsh*t excuse as to why the price was increased is correct... good to know. Also that video was not even close to hilarious.
#1 that customer is never gonna happen lol #2 you usually get higher bills when your contract has ended and Comcast can do whatever theywant since you don't have a contract with them anymore.
msrable grl (4 months ago)
If you can't handle customers getting pissed off(when the company you work for is a piece of shit) then you shouldn't be in customer service or work for that company in the first place. Do your job and get paid for it. If it wasn't for those customers you wouldn't have a pay check.
excuser me what (4 months ago)
do you think people are actually gonna give up like that? ok.
tintman831 (4 months ago)
Not that hilarious
Star Beard (4 months ago)
Kenn Faeldo (4 months ago)
Comcast customers are uneducated
greyfox37 (4 months ago)
I didn't know they hired Pat from SNL. Bitchin
Jaydan Davis (4 months ago)
Comcast- Dream Big
Eric and Kella (4 months ago)
Just thrilled to be a Comcast customer. I owed $87 (my package deal is only supposed to be 68 per month, by the way.) and completely spaced paying the bill one month. They turned it off and it was suddenly going to cost me $204 to get my service turned back on.) All I owed was $87 , somehow , on a $68/mo. plan...?) but they were kind enough to tack on roughly $120 worth of fees, charges, and penalties. Should be illegal.
Xelvans (4 months ago)
I can say working there our videos were never this good.
Carlos Irizarry (4 months ago)
“Dream Big” gtfo
Kevin Gorge (4 months ago)
The second call was a non existent customer
Norma Jones (4 months ago)
Ha! What a joke! Both were bad examples of Customer Service. Comcast raises rates because it can. It truly has no competition! Since it was deregulated Comcast has raised rates on basic services and decreased the actual basic service. Broadcast service (stations that used to consist of local CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX and UHS channels) are now filled with only a few "local" channels and the rest are a mish mash of shopping, government and foreign language channels. The REAL reason Comcast raises rates is because it can. You as a consumer really do not have a choice. If you decide to cut cable and stream everything probably Comcast is the only option for reliable internet. Its dusgusting!
That Jamerican Kidd (4 months ago)
They always charging higher
Clint Carothers (4 months ago)
Hahahaha, what a joke. First of all, it’ll be Rajpar Jarfloogian taking your call and he’ll give you the wrong price on a new package to lower your bill. Then, if you have any trouble with your service, he’ll send a technician at your cost, even though there’s nothing wrong with your equipment or anything you’ve done. Give me a break.....
Ant m (4 months ago)
How to make the customer feel good about getting corn holed.
Labeld (4 months ago)
I don’t understand how Comcast can enforce a contract on the customer’s end when they do not have to do the same on theirs.
Rob Murdock (2 months ago)
+jason johnson but they don't
jason johnson (3 months ago)
They do read your contract
wraith3845 (4 months ago)
You guys think it's hard for you, imagine how bad the field tech gets it when you completely piss off the customer, make impossible promises and key in work orders incorrectly %80 of the time.....
wraith3845 (4 months ago)
like i said %80 of the work orders we receive in the field are incorrect, that means that no one is correcting them. and %90 of installs are preformed by subcontractors, we know how bad their craftsmanship is. i have no idea where you worked but the customer service reps here don't deserve any sympathy...
Emanouche (4 months ago)
Most call centers are the same, I didn't work for Comcast, but our company also provides internet service. Sure, call center workers don't always do the order right, but whenever I did a mistake I'd get reprimanded right away for it and re-trained. I got calls all the time from angry customers about tech leaving cables hanging from walls and not cleaning up after themselves, or such a sh*t job you have to send another tech to fix it (At my company we were very trained in the technical stuff too, to walk customers thru troubleshooting equipment themselves so we can send tech only as a last resort, so it's easy for us to tell when a tech made more of a problem than help). I would have many times angry calls about techs cancelling and not calling the customer to notify them as per company policy (guess who gets yelled at then?) and once I called a tech to inquire where he was and the guy had just woken up. And we get that several times a day, so yes it's hard for us, thank you very much... anyway not anymore, I quit today, sick of the bs.
wraith3845 (4 months ago)
W Williams is unbelievable, we will get a trouble call for a cut drop and in the comments it will say to install 6 pieces of equipment. So we tell the customer they have to reschedule the install and they lose it because the CSR told them we will do it, then the customer has to wait another week or more to get their service. We are routed for a certain amount of work based on points, we are also routed a few days in advance. So when a CSR does that we don't have the time. Like I said %80 or more of work orders are keyed in wrong.
W Williams (4 months ago)
wraith3845 Yeah I’ve heard stories about issues field techs have had lol
I have been a comcast customer for over 8 years now, always good internet service. I had always a friendly customer services and always helpful getting me what I need. It is all boils down on how you want to treat your provider of service and goods.
Homage2 Legacy (4 months ago)
Comcast is a joke who puts customers on a monthly data limit. Makes me feel like a teen all over again 😑

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