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Katya's One Woman Periscope Panel ~ 7/22/15

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Cameron Reid (1 year ago)
Who the fuck is Rebecca, Janet!
Yasmin Cruz (1 year ago)
She said "can't come to my house", like: 19282 times
陈韵西 (1 year ago)
fan from China says hii,support you Always
Hannah Banton (1 year ago)
I feel so bad for Katya and the fact that she feels like she has to apologise for having boundaries??? Like if I was her I'd be mad as hell she shouldn't have to be polite about it
Nope. Sorry. Next. (1 year ago)
Well there go my weekend plans!!
Cherry Cola (2 years ago)
I saw a video of Katya meeting fans and they were like 15 and they were saying "fuck" like every other word and god it made me cringe, you don't need to act like you're proving you're mature because your not. I'm 15 myself and I love Katya but I don't want to meet her anytime soon because I don't want to come off as one of them. Plus it's inappropriate, you shouldn't be going to clubs or bars at this age. Like Katya said my mom would *NEVER*
Kirsty Mair (2 years ago)
I wish there was underage meet and greets, i watch drag race with my 12 year old sister and she loves the show and the queens.
thelliot (2 years ago)
there are totally all ages meet & greets + shows, u just have to find the right venues
ALBUMOF2008 (2 years ago)
Interesting how her views on meet and greets changed as her popularity grew! Love her so much she's so damn entertaining.
George Bond (2 years ago)
I think it should be acceptable for kids to get into bars if they try hard enough from any 16 onwards, baring in mind the UK has the drinking age at 18 which is much less disparate with being 16 than 21 is.
George Bond (2 years ago)
ALBUMOF2008 well obviously you don't know they're kids if they got into the club, I snuck into gay bars from 16 onwards and it was fine. But I'll reiterate that in the UK the drinking age is 18 so it's kind of similar to an 18 year old in the US pretending theyre 21 to me. Under sixteens shouldn't try and get into bars tho
George Bond (2 years ago)
ALBUMOF2008 well obviously you don't know they're kids if they got into the club, I snuck into gay bars from 16 onwards and it was fine. But I'll reiterate that in the UK the drinking age is 18 so it's kind of similar to an 18 year old in the US pretending theyre 21 to me. Under sixteens shouldn't try and get into bars tho
ALBUMOF2008 (2 years ago)
George Bond ewww no I don't wanna party with kids in the room... gross
Alien Forehead (2 years ago)
Lav yaw Brian. *waves from Cardiff*
Janis Rettig (2 years ago)
I adore everything Katya does. I wish I had the self confidence she has. I am older (62) but all I want for Christmas is to know that Katya has read my comment. Team Katya.
Haley Ragon (2 years ago)
A lot of these comments sound like grumpy old men shaking their fists at children. Like I don't get why you're gunna sit there and spew out hate at underaged fans. Yes boundaries need to be set, and Katya talked about that and was honest about it but like? It's still really important that there are young fans of drag. Ya know they're the future of our community. So what if they're immature, they'll grow up eventually. And i'm just speaking generally of younger fans not ones that do really outright disrespectful things. Obviously that's not cool. But it's also not cool to sit there and rag on an entire group of people just cuz a few people in that group have done some shitty things. There is absolutely no reason to lash out at them hatefully, and I honestly think that if you do that you didn't even listen to the bulk of what she was saying here but i mean. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ u do u
hamstercom23 (2 years ago)
+Haley Ragon  No problem, the stuff you said about some fans not taking many younger fans' interest in drag seriously is often true - sadly it does come from the behaviour of a very vocal minority of young fans, so I guess all that is in some way connected to queens' concern for young fans in certain situations.  Some young ones really do the rest of the younger fanbase no favours.  : )
Haley Ragon (2 years ago)
hamstercom23 hey i think it's really cool that you responded to me with so much thought wow!! I honestly agree with everything you said too. I think maybe my first comment was a little bit childish and maybe wasn't taken the right way but I agree with everything Brian said my comment was more directed towards people (mostly other fans) who dismiss younger fans as a whole because of the way that some of them act (which is sometimes insane and outright disrespectful) but like, not everyone is like that ya know? And if there's this crazy discord within the community how are these problems ever gunna be solved if there's just this never ending cycle of negativity?? Again, I really appreciate everything you said before I'm simply responding not trying to make any type of attack haha.
hamstercom23 (2 years ago)
Just because some people are getting too annoyed by the younger fans, doesn't mean Brian didn't bring up some very good points. Yes some fan behaviour goes too far, and as he points out he does like meeting fans but there are limits - he isn't saying it about all the younger fans, just the ones that are too much. These things do need to be addressed, yes they might grow up later on, but the thing some people forget is what happens in the meantime - there can be consequence to this kind of behaviour. If it goes unchecked you can end up with underage people sending inappropriate photos or requests to these grown adults becuase they think nothing is out of bounds, it has happened with Youtubers on many occasions and these kids don't seem to realize they are putting these adults they claim to 'love' in potentially legally dangerous situations. Who they become years from now is irrelevant - it's what some of them are doing now that is the problem. Not to mention the fact that if the person in question doesn't like something or is uncomfortable with it, then they have every right to ask for it to stop regardless of people's reasons for doing it. It has reached the stage where the NSPCC has had to release advice to Youtubers to watch out for certain fan behaviour and to be wary of becoming too close or friendly with them - seriously, it's a problem. None of this is coming from a bad place with Brian, he's said he isn't comfortable with underage people coming to some regular drag shows because they are often late at night in clubs and bars, where it might not be the best environment for younger people to be (he's also wondered on other Periscopes about the possibility of doing more inclusive meet and greets at earlier times of day, for a wider audience including younger fans) - so he's obviously not saying all this because he doesn't like ANY younger fans or is shitting on them all as a whole, he just cares. Every art form needs new people taking an interest to keep it alive, and this always happens regardless - but people forget that not only is the concept of 'fandom' a rather new thing for the drag community in general, but the idea of having a large number of young (even child-age) fans is completely new to them. When you look at the 'Mum' thing you can see that - I don't think Katya (Brian) had any idea how far fans can take a joke, nickname or innocent comment, so when the mum thing grew out of proportion and she was getting those comments all the time (and them becoming more and more sexual), she realised you can't always just throw innocent comments out there without thinking. It's something the drag race queens are only just learning about now since the show began, so not many of them have addressed it yet...but they need to, so I'm glad Brian is even if none of the others are.
madison baughman (2 years ago)
this is so correct!!! i see literal 15 yo girls commenting "daddy" and shit on full grown ass mens photos on ig like.....please chill. it makes me so uncomfortable just to see it
rylie simons (2 years ago)
this makes me embarrassed to be an underaged drag fan.
C (1 year ago)
rylie simons its okay henny don't be
jane callahan (1 year ago)
yeah same.. but if i was in her position i would be uncomfortable if underage fans were commenting things like "daddy" and other gross my social media :/
Cherry Cola (2 years ago)
rylie simons yeah, it sucks because I would love to go meet katya but I'm simply not grown up so I can't go, it's inappropriate
chelsea (2 years ago)
rylie simons yeah :/
Natalya (2 years ago)
Same :/
Dominique Porchi (2 years ago)
Tbh I thought that eggroll thing was fake but I'm so happy it's not 😂😂😂
Monica Lara (3 years ago)
The mom thing is so stupid. Like come on kids.
Monica Lara (3 years ago)
Marina Rosa (3 years ago)
it's also kinda creepy
Angelina Buenaventura (3 years ago)
Glad she said something cause it seems like it was getting out of hand
George Bond (2 years ago)
Angelina Buenaventura ikr its high time she fucked herself with Cantonese finger food
CreativeProjectiles (3 years ago)
Lots if what katya is saying is true, but as an underage fan (from Boston) who wants to meet her (and idk if she'll be performing when I'm old enough to go to clubs) I find it unfortunate that she's had rough experiences with younger fans and is uncomfortable meeting them :(
beth runkle (3 years ago)
OK, fine, I will not come to your house. what's your address so I can make sure not to show up there. we love u.
Tyler Miles (3 years ago)
I love Stacy and I love Katya
sad gay (3 years ago)
On point about a lot of these underage fans who lack boundaries. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is to have a bunch of teens telling you to fuck them with a rake. Nasty asses.
Cherry Cola (2 years ago)
Flazé Da so true
Mason D. (2 years ago)
Ben Ritchie McWrath (3 years ago)
I feel left out. I loved Katya from the gitty up. Always. I'm way over 21+.Yet when she Periscopes, it's a closed group. Maybe I look like a kid? Far from it. I'm a super successful make up artist among other things. Basically, it's a Whatevs. When she comes to NYC, I will tell her what's up. She most assuredly, want to taste my candy. Lmmfao. I so love the bitch. 😍😍😍🙌🙌❤❤❤
stephanie cohen (3 years ago)
damn that Stacy is a trip lol
beavis yo (3 years ago)
What happened did someone come to Katya's house? :O
JJ j (3 years ago)
THANK GOD Katya said this. Some Drag Race fans take idolisation way too far.
ellvetica (3 years ago)
Thanks for posting! 🌼

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