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A Prayer For Mental Healing & Health

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A Prayer For Mental Healing. Focus on Jesus as I pray over you, listen intently to the word and let the Holy Spirit minister to you as I pray for you. (Psalm 42 & 18) ****************************************­************************ Ask Me A Question/ Suggest A Topic or Prayers To Pray https://www.youtube.com/user/agapekind/discussion LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, CONNECT Like/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agapekind Follow/Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107815165888271573701/+AgapekindBlogspotfire/posts Instagram: http://instagram.com/passion4jc Subscribe/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/agapekind Follow/Twitter: https://twitter.com/agapekind ****************************************­************************ The bulk of the prayer words are from Prayer Institute: http://goo.gl/PccPPl SCRIPTURAL PRAYER / WORDS : Wonderful Father, You are great and most worthy of praise. You are to be feared above all gods. The earth is Yours and everything in it; the world and all its people belong to You. You laid the earth’s foundation on the seas and built it on the ocean’s depths. You are the King of glory; the Lord strong and mighty. You are the Lord, invincible in battle. O Lord, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal. We are grateful that when we, Your people, call to You for help, You hear and rescue us out of our troubles. Thank You for giving us Your peace and joy. Thank You for providing a life of hope, abundance, and destiny. Thank You for being our strength in times of weakness. Father, You said that You would give rest to all who are weary and heavy burdened. Your yoke is easy and Your burdens are light. We are supposed to trust in You with all of our hearts and not depend on our own understanding. We are to seek Your will in all that we do and You will show us which path to take. You are the God who will bring rest to our souls. We trust in Your Word and believe that Your Word will be operative in the hearts and souls of those with mental illnesses. We confess that when they walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive them and stretch forth Your hand and save them. You have left Your gift of peace of mind with them and we pray that their hearts will not be afraid. We confess, even though they may be pressed on every side by troubles, they will not be crushed and broken. They may feel perplexed, but they will not give up and quit. They may be hunted down, but You will never abandon them. They may be knocked down, but they will get up and keep going. Father, we confess that they will lie down without fear and enjoy pleasant dreams. They will not be afraid of the threat of disaster or destruction; for You are their security. Holy Spirit, we ask You to replace sadness with joy, defeat with victory, and fatigue with praise. Help those who feel depressed or sad to not focus on their circumstances, but rather focus on Your blessings in their lives. Remind them to praise You at all times. We ask that You bring all things to their memory that concern You and Your plans for their lives. Give them power as they meditate on Your Word. Help them to keep Your commandments and embrace them in their hearts. Father, help them to not be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of their minds through Your Word. Holy Spirit, we ask that You strengthen and renew their innermost being. Let the fiery darts of the enemy not permeate their being. May they always hear Your voice and obey Your will. Father, please help them to overcome their fears. Please strengthen their family members and caretakers and help them to always walk in Your peace and love with their loved one(s). Merciful Father, forgive them for sin. Forgive them for worry and fear. Forgive them for being anxious. Forgive them for not being diligent in fasting and praying. Forgive them for not trusting You at all times. Lord, forgive me for (list any sins that you have committed.) Holy Spirit, remind us all of those we need to forgive and help us to be quick to forgive. As for me, Holy Spirit, bring to my remembrance those I need to forgive. (Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to show you names or faces of people that you may need to forgive. As He shows you, say aloud, “I forgive name of person(s).” Now, trust the Lord to heal any wounds in your soul caused by unforgiveness.) Help them not to yield to temptation; but deliver them from the evil one. Scripture References for the Written Text: Psalm 96:4, Psalm 24:1-2,8, Psalm 40:5, Psalm 34:17, Matthew 11:28, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 138:7, John 14:27, II Corinthians 4:8-9, Proverbs 3:24, Psalm 34:1, John 14:26, Romans 12:2, Matthew 6:13, Isaiah 42:12-13, Revelation 4:11
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Text Comments (187)
Miriam Rosa (8 days ago)
In the name of Jesus breaking the chaines on all good people deliverences on all good people in the name of Jesus deliverences of fears deliverences of lies deliverences of satanic attackers deliverences of metal satanic Candy's of mind readers deliverences of rust deliverences of mole deliverences of Satan attackers deliverences of beast attackers deliverences of rats deliverences of bites deliverences of fairy tails deliverences of beaten apples deliverences of joopy colones deliverences of haunted abandit strange places abandit houses deliverences abandit soul deliverences of evil men's deliverences of evil woman's deliverences of evil foods deliverences of strange people's deliverences strange familiar faces deliverences of satanic robbers deliverences of murders cases deliverences of all fugitives spirits of evil men's and evil men's deliverences of satanic hospitals of satanic activity's deliverences of the devil plan deliverences of the bease plan deliverences from the bease visitations of heaven and Earth killing of all Beasty satanic dioblotic invisible and not invisible deliverences of phone calls of the beast or satanic dioblotic phones calls old chains new chains invisible chaines deliverences of rusted clothes of rusted jelwerys of rusted souls of dirty souls of haunted souls of rusted furnitures of rusted poisons as myself my family my kids and my friends and my whole family in the name of Jesus deliverences and proctection from the Lord and from federal agents in the name of Jesus I pray to the federal law to lock up all Beasty satanic dioblotic demons monsters devilish to bond all and captive those spirit in the name of Jesus thank you so much
Miriam Rosa (8 days ago)
Jesus I pray this prayer for all who it's in heaven and on earth mental that you do a miricle now and heal all in the name of Jesus amen father son Jesus spirit I command that you be heal all with Jesus powerful bless hands woman's teens kids baby infants old woman's old men's youngster and all this prayer it's for all
Jose Hernandez (14 days ago)
Yes olord me and michelle agree in all prayers i pray i pray this prayer for us, our adult children,our family and loved ones in Jesus mighty name amen. Alle allelluja hallelluja yes olord i testify i recieved many many many powerful authorithy loaded deliverances in Jesus mighty name amen. Hallelluja hallelluja hallelluja
Natalie Stephenson (15 days ago)
Thank you, D'Blessing. God will greatly reward your faithfulness.
Jose Hernandez (15 days ago)
Yes olord me znd michelle agree in all prayers i prsy i pray this prayer for us ,our adult children our family and loved ones in Jesus mighty name amen. Alle allelluja hallelluja all glory be to the king dom of God Almighty
Jesus is lord (19 days ago)
I claim my healing amen
Jesus is lord (19 days ago)
Find my life get a life god gives me a life
Jesus is lord (19 days ago)
Please pray god heals digestive diseases after pill overdoses got digestive diseases need healing ...Amen
Jesus is lord (19 days ago)
In Jesus name
DEE DOWN (28 days ago)
I stand in agreement with this prayer for myself, children, bother, future husband and family. I rebuke all hexes, voodoo, blockages, hinderances, anxieties, manipulation, obstacles, distractions, memory loss, migraines and all illnesses. In your name Jesus. Continue to be the head of our lives. Allow us to continue having strong faith. ALLOW US TO walk in your righteous path that you have designed for us. For us to walk in your footsteps and place all worries, problems, debts and stress at your feet Jesus, Amen Amen Amen
K Happy (1 month ago)
If you need help. Remember these prayers ARE effective but you must pursue God's way to stay free. If you continue to abuse your mind by putting garbage in it you wont keep the pure grace God gave in your healing. Stay away from the world's ways. Put good things in your mind. Change your habits and hobbies if they dont honor God. Live purely, live gently and give yourself a chance to 'live' God's grace will set you free.
Nancy Odenyo (2 months ago)
Amen. Hallelujah
Nancy Odenyo (2 months ago)
The sound of late is. low. God bless you
Paula Tristan (2 months ago)
I just said this beautiful prayer to God and I know He heard my voice as I can relate to many of the circumstances in this prayer. If any of my brothers and sisters here want to talk I will talk with you here. Let's chat, sometimes it feels good to talk to someone, God bless you all🙌👑🌟💕
K Happy (2 months ago)
I used to be tornented in my brain after being a healthy gifted social child. 17 yrs of mental issues. Today I am whole-- do not give up. Let the prayers do their work. Be gentle. Clean your life from every sin- trust Gods mercy for you. Get prayer from anointed prayer couples. Also for some check out netburst ministries. You might have DID which can be the reason for delay. Dr Roger Boehm can help. Center for Christian Counseling. Skype too.
Nalathaporn Pitts (3 months ago)
Torrance Davis (3 months ago)
This has bless me if you don't mine can you please have a prayer for self discipline and a prayer for long tension span. Thanks
Mae Coram (3 months ago)
De Cervantes Deccan ccc c
L&R Morr (4 months ago)
I am really suffering with depression and feel like it can’t get any worse and don’t feel God’s presence, please pray for my healing. Thank you
Jose Hernandez (4 months ago)
Yes i agree in prayer for me and michelle our children our family our parents and all gods people in Jesus mighty name amen. Hallelluja
정숙란 (4 months ago)
Victoria C (4 months ago)
I agree, believe, and receive in the Mighty Name of our God Jesus Christ and His Precious Blood, amen!
Roland Mcdonald (5 months ago)
I received it and I believe it in Jesus mighty name amen
M L (5 months ago)
Amen agree receive in jesus name.
Vinti Chaudhary (5 months ago)
In mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ alone. AMEN.
fugue96 (5 months ago)
we need this .I want to find a church where those like this gather..Truth.. power of the Holy Spirit resides
Isaac May (6 months ago)
This is a very good prayer in Jesus' name. Much love!
najaw caraballo (7 months ago)
pray for me and my insurance to find an endodontist to do my root canal so I won't be in pain and to stop the evil and wicked people from tryin to stop me from goin to church this weekend to receive my blessing from GOD.
I am in agreement and standing in the gap for my children , so be it and HalleluYAH ! thanks sis !
izma desauguste (8 months ago)
pray for my womb I need a deliverance from incubus & succubus spirits my daughter have Jezebel spirit
karmacologist (9 months ago)
Wow, the enemy keeps shutting down my browser when ever I leave this to play.
Barbie vohra (10 months ago)
Amen Amen Amen Thank You LORD JESUS 🙏🏻
Allister Andrews (10 months ago)
prayer for me
Allister Andrews (10 months ago)
i need pray for health
lee jenkins (10 months ago)
Thank you Jesus.🙌
Morena Zoub (11 months ago)
Thank You Jesus Christ
christianarchist (11 months ago)
The music is sometimes way too loud and you can't hear the voice
Wilson Shelke (11 months ago)
Please pray for me I beg you.  Keep me continually in your prayer. My name is Wilson Shelke from India, City Mumbai.Please I need mental healing and healing from my medicines. Please do not forget me in your prayers. my email id is [email protected]
debra jenkins (11 months ago)
Bless you.
DivineParticle d (1 year ago)
Thank you for this prayer.. Helped me to forgive my parents for being emotionally unavailable n not expressing their love when I was growing up...Thank you for this prayer!!
Mildred Echevarria (1 year ago)
Pray for joseph mind against anger and anything that keeps him frm having victory in his life
Leea Thomas (1 year ago)
Love your videos!!!
Rebecca Neagle (1 year ago)
Please pray for me. I have a constant reminder of financial attacks and physical problems.
Rebecca Neagle (1 year ago)
Seems to be no mercy. Always being attacked.
Nga Wai Cheng (1 year ago)
Please pray for my son Cheung Yet Ming and Jady Chung and my adopted daughter Wai Yuen
Ana Deau (1 year ago)
Thank you. I'm in agreement with you in this specific prayer. I also call HIM DADDY at times. My dear precious sister. I love you and can hardly wait to see you in The KINGDOM,
Victoria L (1 year ago)
I need prayer for Panic Attacks I need healing ! Thank you Jesus I know he will heal me . Amen! Praise God!
Hùng Kiệt (8 months ago)
Be heal in Jesus name Jesus loves you
hotties3v3n (10 months ago)
I watched this then cried, out to God and the spirit of fear left me. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z2wzai5grQo
Mary S (1 year ago)
Very powerful prayer thankyou. My head moved strongly to the side as i closed my eyes and it felt like something left the top of my head. Blessings to you. Praise be to Jesus Amen!
Cheesy Chella (10 months ago)
Mary S
Rose Pereira (1 year ago)
I believe in God me and my son Patrick our life must change because we are passing in hard life pray for us my son always sick me too every thing going wrong am living lonely life without marriage
KRISTIN TRACEY (1 year ago)
I wish you the best ! ❤️
Apostle Derrek (1 year ago)
Thank you mighty woman of God! God bless you!
Amen father god I give you the Glory in Jesus Christ name Amen.
jinkyung kim (1 year ago)
please pray for me my family treat me as an outcast
TET C (8 months ago)
Jinkyung Kim: you belong to the biggest family on the planet - the Body of Christ - and this family has done no such thing! You are loved by Christ and are totally accepted and loved by all your Christian brothers and sisters. Elohim, in Yeshua HaMashiach's Name I ask that you reunite and smooth the rough waves of this your child's family life because family is Your design, Elohim. Restore and repair this family to Your ultimate design, Father. Do it for Your own glory. Thank You and exalt You, Yahweh Rophe, our Glorious Healer. Bring Your healing here. Amen and Amen.
meda bere (1 year ago)
hello everyone please check spirit from jesus or another oo my God
Morine Barnes (1 year ago)
TISWAS Police 5 Shaw Taylor Credit Reference. I Morine Barnes pray to get healing for myself from Chronic depression and Chronic Schizo Affective Disorder in God's name. I also pray for healing for my son Rommel from Paranoid Schizophrenia Dementia. We need healing and God blessings. Morine Barnes 58. Donald 59, Myola 37 & Rommel Edwards 35. Graham 90. Amen.
F1TTLE ST1CKS10 (1 year ago)
No one wants to commit suicide, they just wanna resume to happiness
F1TTLE ST1CKS10 (1 year ago)
I'm going throw adderall withdraw, I have ADHD and I'm getting off adderall after taking it for 4 years, My body relies on the adderall so when it's not on it for a long period of time my mind starts racing I have negative intrusive thoughts, violent thoughts and thoughts of suicide and depression mind can't stop racing and I'm very scared, I'm 13 going through puberty, the doctor says my body is re-adjusting because I'm quitting adderall because it has laid a number of side affects on me and this has been the worst week of my life, I pray every day and night because I know the lord is here he will help me battle all the negativity in my life, Dear god I submit these negative thoughts and sounds in my head to you please heal me and battle these thoughts in my head please heal me I love you lord Jesus. All I need to get through this is God and the people around me please pray for me, Ask me to pray for you i will. no one should have to go through any pain
H.Anthony Morales (3 months ago)
F1TTLE ST1CKS10 when you feel like that start praying and try to read the Bible. I know it's hard while you have anxiety but just star praising him and you will see
Stephanie Walker (8 months ago)
You can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens you, Amen. Bless you, also speak life and positive words into your life in Jesus name daily , i used to have all your troubles too... Its so hard there but God is our deliverer! Hallelujah Lord...
dalia rivera (1 year ago)
F1TTLE ST1CKS10 oh dear child what your going through is a spiritual warefare. Do not be alarmed because God is with you call onto him in name of Jesus Christ and he will start guiding you! The enemy will fight you as he already has but God is stronger so stay strong and pray and if possible fast. Look for a deliverance ministry and let your family know what is going on. Try to stay home and keep yourself safe surround your self with God. Put psalms on the Bible app to play.
Kesh Laura (1 year ago)
This powerful prayer its working in my life and I want to thank u for this prayer and may the lord continue to use u through prayer for many people to be delivered in His grory in Jesus name,continue to pray for me because its an eveil spirits comes to co cut my skin when I wake up I get this the marks like the sharp nails been stretched deeply and its really painful n also have been dreaming seeing dead people in my dreams I really need more prayers n may God bless u.
TET C (8 months ago)
Kesh Laura, how are you now? Better I hope. 1. make a list of all the things in your life that you are sorry for - a repentance list. 2. sit down and truly tell Jesus that you are sorry for each of those things and break off any soul ties 3. pick some verses from your Bible that you really like and read them praising God 4. keep listening to "casting out demons" aggressive prayers then follow up with healing prayer videos 5. do it all over again...and again....and again. If you can fast and do these all at the same time, there is just no space and no legal right for the enemy to keep attacking you. If you have just come to Christ or if you have stepped up your prayer life, this stuff happens. Also, be careful to include on your list of repentance anything like visiting psychics or perhaps speaking to relatives who are dead thinking that this was ok (which I thought it was and then discovered that we're not supposed to do that). God Bless, darling. You'll be fine.
Pure Revival (1 year ago)
amen thank you soo much for releasing your gift and prayer in Jesus Name. Please pray for deliverence from addiction, feeding my flesh over loving Christ. I want to walk and live in his glory, favor and truth to bring glory to him and healing and deliverence to others.
hotties3v3n (1 year ago)
Try fasting.
Daniel Neubacher (1 year ago)
Thank you Agapekind-sister, your prayers work and you express real solid faith and love for all who listen. This is genuine christianity and transmission of Jesus' love for the many who suffer in the mind.
Karma is a a BITCH (1 year ago)
Keith Faraday (1 year ago)
Could you please pray for me to overcome my name is Lynette and l am having spirit war and Ln need help and prayers
C Ranna (1 year ago)
Thank u JESUS!!
James chan (1 year ago)
Thank You Jesus!!! Thank You Lord! Thank you all prayers warriors worldwide in Jesus NAME
Valerie Odukoya (1 year ago)
Words of this video pls
alyssa Garcia (1 year ago)
i want deliverance from jealousy and greed.. i want to give a first fruit offering. and im really judgemental... i want prayer that i get delivered. i want to be in Gods word more to renew my mind. i
K Happy (1 month ago)
And He will deliver you. Rest in Him as you cant deliver you but He is merciful and wants to set you free:)
Concern Me (1 year ago)
Just believe you can overcome your jealousy and greed. Jesus loves you, and he is not judgmental about the love he has for you. I pray that God gives you the courage to love him more.... Amen.
John Othello (1 year ago)
Stephen Harrison (1 year ago)
“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:19)
Cece D (1 year ago)
This Sister is truly annointed by the Power of HOLY SPIRIT.
Joseph Moseph (6 months ago)
Cece D Yes she is a wonderful sister a great blessing to millions!!
Cece D (1 year ago)
This Sister is truly annointed by the Power of HOLY SPIRIT.
Treasure Brown (1 year ago)
I recieve it & I believe it in the name of the MOST HIGH YAH HaMashiach Yahushua🙌🏿🙋🏿!!!!!!Halleluah!!!💕💕💖
Jordan Meehan (1 year ago)
I receive all this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!!!!
A.2.J. HOLYLOVEAFFAIR (1 year ago)
Keithlou Somar (1 year ago)
sister please for me coz im always afraid i want jesus to heal me love you jesus
Ana Lopez (1 year ago)
Keithlou Somar hi my sister it is written that God has not given you a spirit of fear but of Power of Love and a sound mind. you have to speak the scriptures as Jesus did he said it is written that is your sword the word of God 💖
Lillian Mcennis (1 year ago)
Lillian Mcennis (1 year ago)
brad wellman (1 year ago)
ISAAC KATLEGO (1 year ago)
wow speechless!
Gods Hand (1 year ago)
Gods Hand (1 year ago)
Brad Crampton (1 year ago)
Odd that a group so obviously deluded prays for mental healing. The blood of jesus is so powerful that it washes the brains of those who have faith in it. They are brainwashed.
hotties3v3n (1 year ago)
You should pray this prayer too :) you need it.
I will always see this video and pray along with it
ricki ramkissoon (1 year ago)
My broyhers and sisters please keep me in prayers for i im at my end of giving up i love JESUS
Yolanda Rodriguez (20 days ago)
Prayers for your strength brother God bless you
Paula Tristan (2 months ago)
+TET C + yes I agree with you, does it not make you afraid to know that we all are just steps away from being in glory with GOD soon if not by death for health issues, then possibly by end times ? I understand about end times I really do but I'm sure we're all afraid at some point. Thank you for responding to my comment. God bless you too🙌👑🌟
TET C (2 months ago)
+Paula Tristan any time, darling. And we are now even closer to Jesus coming back than we were then. God bless.
Paula Tristan (2 months ago)
+TET C + you could have not said it better !! I loved what you said here to Ricki thank you it helped me too with all your encouragement❣️ God bless you 🙌👑🌟💕
Paula Tristan (2 months ago)
+ please don't give up, you have "yourself" to live for ❣️👍 Jesus Christ died on the cross so you could live and have a good life for yourself. We all (me included) have things we're going through but giving up is not one of them❣️ #dont give up - don't give in. This quote comes from a very brave and courageous man who passed away recently from cancer that attacked his entire body quickly. He was so brave up until his last breath ! Please don't give up. Talk to someone it feels so good when you can open up and talk to someone. Try it or email a friend👍 God bless you🙌👑🌟💕
Sammy M (2 years ago)
Amen in Jesus Name
Regina Tucker (2 years ago)
i for give my self father
Regina Tucker (2 years ago)
thank u holy spirit powerful i trust u for my healing
N lee (2 years ago)
Praise be to god
Yolanda Wilson (2 years ago)
BOBBY BRUNO (2 years ago)
Izma Desauguste (2 years ago)
the Lord is my Shepard I need the Lord help and my daughter too we need or joy back faith a job a car and healing and blessing the enemy have living under a curse in jesus name amen
Deborah (2 years ago)
4 GIVE (2 years ago)
I have OBD, Social Anxiety and Academic weakness..please pray for me..
F1TTLE ST1CKS10 adhd and anxiety etc are from demons living deep within your body. you need deliverance. Find a good video on YouTube for deliverance from demons (casting out demons) I would try one that goes for a good hour, then listen a few additional times. When you listen, remain in a quiet place and focus. I'd also recommend fasting for a more powerful result! God bless
F1TTLE ST1CKS10 (1 year ago)
White man I'll pray for you, But 1 favor pray for me, I'm going to through adderall withdraw, I'm trying to get off adderall I have ADHD and during the time your trying to get off adderall it's hard your mind races and you have negative intrusive thoughts and depression please pray for me to have this negativity go away, but note I'm praying for you
Bz ISRAEL (1 year ago)
I don't know you but I am a believer,hope you get trough because even I'm struggling and weak.
maimaimaired (2 years ago)
new subbie
Eileen Narvaez (2 years ago)
i thank my mother in law Elba Arzola for sending me this Amazing prayer that went into my heart and soul In the name of the son Jesus Christ and Almighty Father AMEN 😇
LoseBellyFatFast (2 years ago)
awesome clip. Great work. gain a lot of knowledge from this video.
Marr Marr (2 years ago)
I love it in Jesus Name
Tawania Dodd (2 years ago)
Michael Rafter (2 years ago)
This is such a lovely Prayer and video. How will I know it has worked.
Yum Doll (2 years ago)
i'm suffering from schiophrenia
F1TTLE ST1CKS10 (1 year ago)
Yum Doll How to cure it, just pray, Meditiate, Eat healthy and exercise and most of all just know that gods here for you at all times
Lorna Smith (1 year ago)
Yum doll+ increase all B vitamins, especially niacin. Repent of all sin, ask for forgiveness. Claim JESUS is LORD and SAVIOR. Renounce/Denounce all WITCHCRAFT/occult activities and asked JESUS to remove the spirit of schizophrenia/any mental illness demonic presence! Read GOD's WORD, especially Psalms - Ask GOD to cleanse your mind. Instead put on the Mind of CHRIST - ask HOLY SPIRIT for this, and renewal of your mind! Ask for strength from GOD. Always rebuke any bad word, thought, or imagination through JESUS CHRIST our LORD! Stay in the WORD of GOD! SOAK in healing Scripture readings, and PRAISE MUSIC! Run to JESUS for any need. FORGIVE OTHERS, bless others! Forgive yourself! Ask HOLY SPIRIT to lead you daily, and heal all soul wounds! NEVER believe the lies of satan (condemnation, blame, shame, constant guilt, ridicule), lies of deceit or any lies of the enemy. stay close to GOD, stay in Truth! blessings always! You are Loved and Precious to JESUS! HE WILL NEVER leave you nor forsake you- stay in prayer, beloved child!
Ana Lopez (1 year ago)
Yum Doll my Sister you have the mind of Christ sleep with the word on hear it as you sleep . You need to renew your mind daily read the word and meditate on it the chastisment of your peace was upon Jesus and by his stripes you are healed.
DownUnder (2 years ago)
No Your NOT!
love (2 years ago)
fabulous thankyou very much
Ken C (2 years ago)
great stuff....
The Tee Pee Gang (2 years ago)
Karen Daniel (2 years ago)
Thank you for this prayer it covered my mind and saved my Life. Thank you Jesus
Lala324 (1 year ago)
Gods Daughter (1 year ago)
Karen Daniel Amen

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