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Prayer For My Dog - Prayer For Dogs Healing, Well Being (Cancer, Sickness, Etc)

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http://rtrgtr.co/r/depyt/ Prayer For My Dog - Prayer For Dogs Healing, Well Being (Cancer, Sickness, Etc) Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to catch all the latest prayers uploaded to the channel! :) http://ow.ly/21na30iNCKC You can SUPPORT and PARTNER with the ministry here: http://ow.ly/uDhX30kjdKy You can SHOP for ministry merch here: http://ow.ly/RS6s30mzUJw SOCIAL TWITTER: http://ow.ly/uy4N305sjNH FACEBOOK: http://ow.ly/ysyj305sjMH INSTAGRAM: http://ow.ly/dH7g305sjJV WEBSITE: http://www.dailyeffectiveprayer.com Prayer For My Dog - Prayer For Dogs Healing, Well Being (Cancer, Sickness, Etc) This is simply a video I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice. All I ask you to do is to agree with me as I pray and we seek our Heavenly Father regarding prayers for dogs with cancer. Please continue to meditate on this prayer for yourself. Speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow the Word of God concerning this prayer for dogs to get better and stay well to reach deep into your spirit. Scriptures: Mark 11:20-25, Proverbs 12:10, Psalm 147:9, Matthew 8:17, 1 Pet 2:24, John 10:10 Watch More Prayers Below: I Am a Christian Declaration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg3coAxA-cQ Prayer For Trauma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8SmHYKavic Prayer For Board Exam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1j-Un601qrg Jesus Protection Prayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGHa-g1Hj5I Prayer For Musicians and Artists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLstIaA2z4U Prayer For Doubt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKLJHOIoKFg Prayer For Neighborhood and Neighbors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh_hyfCg8Lk Prayer For Ears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrxdKDo7V1c Prayer For Family Salvation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTs5zQfqbLw Prayer To Pass Driving Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVdIu8ZL9T0 Prayer For Maturity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJvVaroLr4c Prayer For Weight Gain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrE4Oy9UzOU Prayer For Narcissist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIT5hQNja58 Prayer For Change Of Heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mj5z25QkSo Prayer For Spiritual Gifts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyWA-RqiSN4 Prayer For Disaster and Calamity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeGTVvuy8R0 Prayer For God’s Will https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3B2xXDN-J8 Prayer For Productivity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8uwZL-MOnw Prayer For Godly, Good Friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVrtVa4X-w8 Prayer For Healing Skin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYtIcurkC3c Prayer For High Blood Pressure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9SinDcyRBU © Copyright DailyEffectivePrayer.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w20GDiFxQM #prayerfordog #prayerfordogshealing
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Text Comments (168)
BugsBunny 313 (2 days ago)
azamudio128 (6 days ago)
Thank you Father God...for this prayer is answered..in the name of my Lord jesus christ.Amen.
John56 (8 days ago)
Up date, three days after Koda was poisoned by a lily plant he retuned home from vets office healed and happy, Thank you dear father in Heaven for answering my prayer and blessing Koda . And I thank you dear brother or sister for putting this prayer up I believe it made all the difference in the world for Koda. May God bless you. John
Ella Warren (10 days ago)
Im back again Listening and Asking for Prayer for My Dog Sargent he's been Sick He was healed from The dog Bite Now I guess its Compilations from A Heart murmur didnt have the 300.00 the Vet wanted for Treatment I know God is A Healer he gas healed Sargent So many times he's 11yrs.old Now he been through A lot Thank God and you for These Much needed Prayers for our Pets.
John56 (11 days ago)
Dear father in Heaven ,please heal Koda from being poisoned from a Lilly plant . In the name of Jesus I ask this of you Father please. John
Moya Morris (13 days ago)
Amen, Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah 🙌🏾🙏🏾🎊🎉
Moya Morris (18 days ago)
Amen, Thank you Jesus for Everything 🙏🏾🎊🎉
Michelle Cobb (20 days ago)
My dog is getting much better. Thank you Jesus 🙏 😊. My dog was almost dead with a 103 temp her blood CBDs was the lowest only 3 % going up to 20 %. She is alert and awake. Her mouth is not white.
azamudio128 (19 days ago)
Praise God!..in Jesus name.... my prayers are with you also in spirit for God's strength for you and your dog.for complete healing..in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen.
Moya Morris (20 days ago)
Amen 🙏🏾
milevaindia (21 days ago)
Thank you for this! <3
fortunatelyfortunate (21 days ago)
Pray for my precious dog Reese. She was sent to me during my darkest hours. May god heal her of all her illness. In Jesus name Amen.
Glittersp (21 days ago)
Thank you ❤️ my dogs name is Billy. I am so grateful and thank God so much for your channel.
Michelle Cobb (23 days ago)
Amen much better . Still not out of the woods . Love seeing my dog doing better . Praising Jesus thank you 🙏 .
Aj Jingco (23 days ago)
Lord Jesus Christ please heal my pet dog Jaggy, HEAL her from all sickness I thank you Lord Jesus Christ.
Mickey Brittingham (25 days ago)
My beloved dog is getting X-rays right now, I pray that there is nothing seriously wrong! I believed everything you said!
Michelle Cobb (25 days ago)
My dog has anemia getting blood transfusions. She is 12 year old rat terrier. Pray Jesus heals her in Jesus’s name.
Aj Jingco (23 days ago)
Michelle Cobb WOW your dog is old such a wonderful life she has.
Ernesto Valenzuela (28 days ago)
My dog is dying from parvo... please pray for my "YELLER"....thxs
Ernesto Valenzuela (26 days ago)
+cereta mcdougall ...thxs for advise but a passed Monday ....maybe one day I'll see him again
cereta mcdougall (27 days ago)
Give him black seed oil... please
Moya Morris (1 month ago)
I am In Agreement In the name of Jesus !! Over Easter weekend she almost lost her life but as Jesus rose on the third day so did she Praise Jesus for the Amazing Miracle of healing and Beating Death as Jesus also did there are just no words of what you have done thank you thank you Mighty Yahweh Praise Jesus!!
John Manlapaz (1 month ago)
Please pray for our dog Kuma, he is suffering from parvo virus :(
Carol Beukes (1 month ago)
Amen 🙏 ❤️
beyou 45 (1 month ago)
I believe and come into agreement with this prayer for my dog Nabisco. I believe he is healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!
AYJ Squad (1 month ago)
Can you all pls pray for my dog Hershey he is sick and we cannot take her to the vet cause we are poor so pls pray for my dog
dvdman49 (1 month ago)
Please prayers for my little mexican dog Chico. he been bad sick throwing up and vomit. and sleeping a lot. then become very alert. when i play this over and over i know it help him Praise God for him for i love and need him
AYJ Squad (1 month ago)
My dog vommits and sleeps a lot too but after i play this she i sslowly recovering can you pray for my dog Hershey too
Sharon Tarantino (1 month ago)
Thank you so much , my dog is 18 years old, he has bad arthritis.
Dianne Dizon (1 month ago)
Please help me to pray with my puppy. She have a parvo and now she is so weak.
I pray for Ace boogie Malone 6 year old American pit bull terrier I come in agreement in Yahusha's name
Kent Lee (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Louise Owen (1 month ago)
Dogs know God , its amazing to see him grateful as I pray .
Louise Owen (1 month ago)
Every time I pray for my dog , every night. He is on my bed as I pray . As I pray he sticks his leg out for me to touch and hold it , completely calms down and closes his eyes. Thank you for this wonderful prayer . God Bless you and your family. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray, amen
Fiona Smart (1 month ago)
Amen. I believe and receive, through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and decree and declare that this Prayer For My Dog - Prayer For Dogs Healing, Well Being ( Cancer, Sickness Etc. ) is immediately effective. Amen. Thank you Daily Effective Prayer.
Monique Campbell (1 month ago)
Praying for juice, his legs are limp and weak but we don’t know why, the vet doesn’t know either heal him lord! 🙏🏽
Cat Enriquez (1 month ago)
In Jesus name ...amen!
MissQwertyPie (2 months ago)
Thank you Jesus for my dog. He is having surgery in a few hours. Please watch over and take care of him. Help the vet and staff to give him the best care. May his displaced organs be restored and any dead tissues be made brand new and for the surgery to go excellent. I ask for complete healing and recovery, with no complications, so he will have a new lease on life. Thank you for his life, and the joy and comfort he gave us.
MissQwertyPie (2 months ago)
Update: God is so good. The surgery went well. My dog is home now recovering. The vet said it was the worst he had even seen, but praise God!!! There was no nerve damage or anything!! Everything is back in its place. Now we just have to make sure he is taken care of postop. Right now he's in my lap dozing so sweetly. Praise God. Thank you Lord.
Jones (2 months ago)
I AGREE FULLY in this prayer for my dogs Esta, Django and Chanel for fully protection and guidance so They are no langer feeling unloved or scared or lonely...(rescued dogs) PLEASE Holy Spirit be with them at all times and protection them please..Hallelujah and Amen. PLEASE Lord my Father please here my prayer!! And for all dogs in need at the world....PLEASE HELP them Sweet and Joly LORD and Mighty Father.... PLEASE do something for them and all animals especially THOSE in need !!! PLEASE GIVE THEM GUIDAMCE PROTECTION AND LOVE PROTECT THEM FROM EVIL!!! Amen...Thank you Lord....Amen Hallelujah
Marie Cyrille (2 months ago)
Thank you for a lovely prayer. My dog was diagnosed with a skin cancer mast cell tumor . I know she is fighter and she will be okay just need to stay strong for her !
Teddy Rondinelli (3 months ago)
Thank you I am praying for my dog buddy who is blind n deaf very smart and kind ...renal failure ..that this infirmity leave and his strength and appetite be restored in Jesus mighty name. Thank you for agreeing with me and God bless you...
Rosie Allan (3 months ago)
I agree in Jesus mighty name Amen
Wendy McFadyen-Allerby (4 months ago)
Thank you Father I agree with this prayer for my dog and all dogs in the world. I ask humbly Father for you to stop people abusing animals and all kinds of cruelty. Thank you In JESUS name Amen
Manoj Goud (4 months ago)
Amen I want new puppies plz pray for dog
Mustard Seed (4 months ago)
Prayers for a pittbull thats owner is having trouble financially and can't find a home for the both of them. Prayer for a good job,housing,and for dog to be fixed, a calm temperament for dog, no separation anxiety, well behaved to not destroy new home he and owner get or any temporary home he gets
Carol Beukes (4 months ago)
Amen ♥️
Fiona Smart (4 months ago)
Amen. I believe and receive, through the blood shed by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and decree and declare that this prayer is effective immediately. Amen.
Mono Sefatsa (4 months ago)
Dear Lord, I pray for my dog Brownie. The sweetest soul I know. I pray that you release the pain he currenly endures and may you give him the strength to live and fight for his life❤
Cherie Smith (4 months ago)
Sharing wonderful blessings and great news ...eye surgery has been a success...prayers answered...a long journey and at times a tough journey but each day with this beautiful prayer of hope and such strong belief in the Almighty God who in Jesus name stands firm with us all...everything is possible. Thank you x
DailyEffectivePrayer (4 months ago)
Praise the Lord! :) God is good!
SCOOBYDOO youtube (4 months ago)
Thank you juses amen and amen son of god
Diane Brrhh (4 months ago)
I agree with you in Jesus name.
Blanca Ramirez (4 months ago)
Dedicating this prayer for my dog Biggy he is going trough surgery I know he will be healed with this prayer in Jesus precious name , Amen 🙏🏻
Cherie Smith (5 months ago)
So update on my little pugs eye surgery..As always asking for our Fathers help daily with this prayer and as always he hears in Jesus name ...he is healing my boy and giving me and my family and my Vet blessings comfort and support..thank you blessed be the name of Our Almighty God x
Kristin Dukes (5 months ago)
gots2BmoCareful (5 months ago)
Cara Lawrence (5 months ago)
Thanks, it’s so nice to hear a prayer for dogs, I hope my dogs feels my love & gratitude for their company & I pray that dogs I own who have passed are safe & loved until I see them again. Amen
Gio XRP (5 months ago)
This video was amazing. I am so grateful I found this video. Thank you for taki g the time to make this video!!! Thank you Jesus for your word...and healing..Amen!!!
TheGalacticNightmare (5 months ago)
I pray for my friends dog that's sick so she can be better and happy
Stephanie VC (6 months ago)
Please I need all prayers for my cats. They were exposed to feline distemper. Thank you in advance and God Bless 💗😇
Nuala Murphy (6 months ago)
Cherie Smith (6 months ago)
Praying this beautiful and uplifting prayer daily for my wonderful dog who has undergone eye surgery...thanking God for his blessings in Jesus name x
Ella Warren (10 days ago)
Update God Bless me to get Sargent to the Vet in my Mail was A Check that I didn't know was coming from my Insurance Company some type of refund Praise God! It was just enough to take him to the Vet. The Vet examined him said it wasn't Gingivitis even though he has bad teeth that need treating,She said it was A Dog bite that was Swollen and Bursted making a hole in his jaw, and he has A Heart murmur, But She couldn't treat heart murmur until this wound heal so she prescribed some medication,cut his toenails that's , All was done Really Nothing and Charged $65.00 the Check was for $75.00 Thank God, Now I'm Praying God will heal the wound with out Surgery sound like the sedation will be taking a chance with his heart murmur, plus they want $300.00 ,Why Vets Charge so much If they Care about Animals. This Prayer is A Blessing, Thank you
Ella Warren (6 months ago)
Thank God For This Prayer, I agree with you Man of God Please Pray for my dog Sargent he has A large Lump or Mass on his left jaw I think it's Gingivitis or Preridonis In his Gums A infection, he had it on his left side last year the Lump went down he got better,but Now Its on the Right side I don't have the Vet Money Starting at $200.00 up. Thank you .Be Blessed
Kenny Heredia (6 months ago)
My dog was hit two nights ago by a car and is in the ICU if I can get some prayers for him , his name is Saigon , thank you Amen.
DailyEffectivePrayer (6 months ago)
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that:( Praying for Saigon.
Deirdre Combrink-Potter (6 months ago)
Thank you for this beautiful prayer💙Thank you Jesus for comforting all dogs especially those who are sick and abandoned. Thank you Jesus👐🌈
I found this prayer when searching in distress for a dog that was going to be put down due to cancer.. I prayed with faith and asked for a healing and it worked.. a few days after her lungs which were filled with lesions came in clear and the biopsy of the leg that was amputated was malignant! I praise God over and over for his wonderful world miracle.. I will proclaim his Mercy and be grateful everyday of the rest of my life 🙏🙏
Deirdre Combrink-Potter (6 months ago)
Praise God🌈👐💙
DailyEffectivePrayer (7 months ago)
Praise God!!
mimax bigbuck (7 months ago)
My baby max bought me so so much happiness ND pray it continues on for I adore ND love him so much. I suffered panic attacks everyday till I got him. Last night be puked out so much blood ND his eye balls were twitching ND his right eye was rolling to the back. He's ok right now 9 hours later although he's breathing is heavy. I'm broke destitute ND to me this is one of the worst that can ND is happening. I wish I could take him to the vet. His name is Max Buck and we meea miricle we had him five years. He's my baby and we're together 24/7..... Please please pray for I'm desperate!
mimax bigbuck (7 months ago)
Update- he had obstruction and we had to put him down. I held him in !y arms with my common law partner by his side. I sang him his song I sang to him about how I need him ND love him and told him where he's going ND how loved he will be ND that the next time we meet we will never be apart again. Our home is so empty and keep expecting him to be sleeping when I wake up. Something good has to come as he saved us from a house fire last May, we only had moments to get out. Thanks so much for the prayer. Please pray for our broken hearts.
DailyEffectivePrayer (7 months ago)
Praying for Max.
Veronica Secerts (7 months ago)
My puppy has been really sick hate to see him that way I call the humane society and they offered to put him down. I can't take him to the vet they will be over charging a lot of money. So I been trying everything to make him feel better this is like day 4 sick. I also been praying for him and thank you for the prayer I will believe God will do
DailyEffectivePrayer (7 months ago)
Praying for your puppy.
LoveAllHateNone (7 months ago)
Pray for all dogs in Jesus name.
raquel weaver (7 months ago)
Amen lord I love my dogs so much. Thank you Lord amen
Jeanette McMullen (7 months ago)
Thankyou 💖 for this prayer my dog is so ill... Please pray for all dogs suffering in jesus name xxx thankyou for your prayers you are an angel for writing these prayers and God bless you for your prayers in hard time x thankyou 💖
Brenda O (7 months ago)
Rodney Duran (7 months ago)
Like your prayer; please pray for my bull dog Luly's tumor to dissolved.
Rodney Duran (7 months ago)
Thank You...
DailyEffectivePrayer (7 months ago)
Praying for Luly:)
Ann Bellis (7 months ago)
My little dog Isaac 13 years old , is going for another eye check today after having cataract surgery 15 months ago, please pray for a good report. LI would like to thank the gentleman responsible for the the prayers they make me feel closer to Jesus thank you and thank you Father in Jesus name!.
DAMONS WORLD (7 months ago)
I need a miracle Please please pray for my dog Bruno I am fighting a battle for his life we have spent thousands of dollars since he was diagnosed with Cushing's this March despite everything we have done he is not responding to treatment and now he was crashing rushed him in and he has diabetes so we are trying to also treat this but the vet told me today she is very scared because he continues to decline I have been praying so hard please help and say a prayer for my loyal friend Bruno, he waa 30lbs and is now down to 16lbs barely able to stand yet I see a will to live in his eyes my heart is breaking and tears are flowing as I write this please pray
DailyEffectivePrayer (7 months ago)
Praying for Bruno.
Raul Maldonado (8 months ago)
Incredibly prayer may god bless you and your channel and everyone who views this comment. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Chris Resecker (8 months ago)
Please pray for our dog diamond, she is going through so much pain. Thank You Lord and thank you for this prayer. Amen.
Hayward Theriot (8 months ago)
My sweet girl is in surgery right now for bloat. Please Lord watch over my precious girl and the kind people trying to save her.
Hayward Theriot (8 months ago)
She made it through! Recovering slowly but making progress. God is good and I thank you for praying with me.
DailyEffectivePrayer (8 months ago)
Praying the surgery went well and for a quick recovery.
Ian Benedict Lazaro (8 months ago)
I have a prayer request for my dog bastie again to heal bastie for poop in blood stool I have so worried, I pray again to heal my dog back to normal poop.
DailyEffectivePrayer (8 months ago)
Praying for you dog. What did the veterinarian say is wrong with Bastie?
Ned Curtis (8 months ago)
May Scout find peace & happiness in his next life. His is a Grand soul and all who have met him love him. He has been my best friend for 15 years.
DailyEffectivePrayer (8 months ago)
Praying for comfort for you.
blessed Tina (8 months ago)
Please pray that my dog Teddy will be healed
Kara-Ryan Fitzgerald (9 months ago)
I love your prayers they are so compassionate and I am so thankful that they are here. I love my animals.
Ian Benedict Lazaro (9 months ago)
I have a prayer request for my dog bastie he has a blood poop , but he is active to drink and eat, please pray for my dog's to stop pooping blood
DailyEffectivePrayer (9 months ago)
Praying for your dog.
Meghan Beggs (9 months ago)
Please pray for our 2 year old greater swiss mountain dog Cooper who has had epilepsy since he was 1 years old and has had about 22 seizures now... he also has trouble with balance. We adore our pets and take as much care for them as we can. I am praying for a healing miralce on Cooper and to live a long and satsified life... My parents are already talking about what is best for him... but God is stronger than any disease in this world.... thank you so much.
Allie Loukas (5 months ago)
Sorry about Cooper :( my dog is going through the same. She had liver disease which we now believe to be entering into liver failure. I said a prayer just now for Cooper.+Meghan Beggs
Meghan Beggs (6 months ago)
Hello, no he did not. He had 2 seizures Saturday night and last week Monday.... he has liver failure because of the pills he is taking to stop seizures and has a big lump in his leg that he will be getting it looked at tomorrow... still trusting God to heal him.
DailyEffectivePrayer (9 months ago)
Praying for Cooper.
LIghting Star48 (9 months ago)
I have a 6 year old chinese sharp pei his name is Blacky and hes the most greatest thing i had in my life but saldy he suffers from seizures and last night he accidentally ate a rat posion block with a poison called bromethalin that can stop him from moving and makes his seizurs able to kill him. I don't want to lose him. The vets don't have treatment for bromethalin because they don't know how to cure it. And it been hours since he ate so it's in his system, I want god to make his suffering to stop but I don't want him to take him away I want him to heal his pain and help Blacky become healthy and strong dog. I will be depressed if my dog die he like a little brother to me 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
DailyEffectivePrayer (9 months ago)
Praying for your dog Blacky.
clorox beach (9 months ago)
Pray for my dog her name is miracle and she had a seizure to day and i cried and cried because what if she has something wron with her PRAY FOR MIRACLE👀🙏
DailyEffectivePrayer (9 months ago)
Praying for Miracle.
Diane Beland (10 months ago)
Lord hear the prayers of your people here. You have given themafriend for life now that friend needs your help. Please look upon the prayers of the people here and make their dogs well in the mighty name of Jesus. There is NO God other than you.
Diane Beland (10 months ago)
Brought my 2 yr old dog to hospital last Friday. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis a stroke happened while undercare. She is now diabetic and her body temp went low. All of this is being treated but the thing that is concerning them now is her electrolyte levels keep dropping . This little girl needs a miracle. She is the most critical case they have. I am retiring soon a decision I made to stay home with her now this has happened.
DailyEffectivePrayer (10 months ago)
Praying for your dog.
Laura Arnette (10 months ago)
Please pray for my dog Eddie he was diagnosed with end stage renal failure he's only 5yrs of age and I'm not sure why but he's not been able to walk on his back legs he drags them behind him and most times runs into things. I'm not sure if that has to do with the diagnosis but the vet pretty much gave up on him so Im going to the great physician. I've been so upset. The Bible says in Matthew 18:20 Where two or three gather together in my name there I am with them. I very much believe that! Thank you In advance
Laura Arnette (10 months ago)
DailyEffectivePrayer (10 months ago)
Praying for for dog:)
Clark Jayson De Leon (10 months ago)
pray for my dog for safe delivery
Tania Rodrz (10 months ago)
My Oriana has palvovirus. She is fighting for her life. I rescued her 2 weeks ago and now this 😭😭😭
DailyEffectivePrayer (10 months ago)
Praying for your dog:)
Lily Jameson (11 months ago)
I agree in prayer for complete healing of every sick dog mentioned here, as well as those who are not. Lord, please bless and protect all dogs, as they are the most noble creatures on the planet. In Jesus' mighty name I pray, AMEN!I agree in p
Rhonda McGuire (11 months ago)
Praying for healing of my pup Leeann. Thank you for this powerful prayer. Precious Father, you are the great healer. Nothing for you is impossible. I humbly ask now for your healing of Leeann and all the other pets who are in need of your powerful healing touch. Remove the sickness and restore their health. Send your angels to watch over them and to comfort them. I pray this in Jesus most precious name, Amen.
gladys 5 (11 months ago)
God please heal all my dogs who have health issues. We ran off finances i cant take them to the vet simultaneously. In Jesus name i pray Amen
B (11 months ago)
Update - I have prayed this prayer for one week - Drake's results came back benign - Praise God ! Thank you for this prayer - I will continue to pray it daily - Beth
Gio XRP (3 months ago)
Beautiful..thank you Lord !!! Amen!!!
DailyEffectivePrayer (11 months ago)
Praise the Lord!!
Jerusha Rumba (11 months ago)
My dog Karnu is very serious the vets have given up hope and suggesting for Euthansia but i trust my God and been listening this prayer whole night and till now..thank u for praying for my dog.
Chel Garcia (1 month ago)
I pray for a complete healing for your precious Karnu!!! In Jesus name amen!!!
DailyEffectivePrayer (11 months ago)
I'm sorry to hear that:(-Praying for Karnu
D33 Mayne (11 months ago)
My friend Twister is currently in the ER. This prayer was beautiful. Thank you for your prayer.
B (11 months ago)
Thank you for this prayer. Please pray for my dog Drake that the tumor they removed is benign
Ella Warren (6 months ago)
What A Blessing I know you are Happy, may God Continue to keep Drake healthy. I'm Praying for my Sargent he has a Bad case of Ginjivitis or Preridonis The Vet Charges so much but I need to take him ,and see if I can pay it out, Anyway God will Provide Happy for your Good News take Care.
Lily Jameson (11 months ago)
So happy to hear the great news! Praise Jesus! Amen.
B (11 months ago)
Thank you - for your prayers - Drake's tumor was Benign - Amen
DailyEffectivePrayer (11 months ago)
Praying for Drake.
Ryan Chicko (11 months ago)
THANK you so much for all your videos and for taking the time to make these video prayers. it's much appreciated brother thankyou and God bless
DailyEffectivePrayer (11 months ago)
So happy to hear they have been blessing you. Thanks for listening and subscribing:)
Yng_GetRekt (11 months ago)
I saw a dog (pit bull) get hit 2 times in the street and me and my brother helped it move to the side walk. It was still moving but slowly bleeding from his mouth 😩😢. After my brother helped me move it, it tried to follow him while we were getting back in the car with his 2 front legs. It was sad I still don’t know why we didn’t call animal service 😔. I believe in god a lot and hope he helps it live... 🙏🏽🙏🏽 I’ll do anything god wants me to do
DailyEffectivePrayer (11 months ago)
Oh my! That must have been very hard to witness. Praying for peace over you and your brother. I'm sure someone called the animal service.
Maribeth Burgess (1 year ago)
Thank u
KingFlight23 (1 year ago)
When does the prayer begin at what time
Kallista Metro (1 year ago)
This is such a wonderful prayer. I hope that in God's name my dog will be healed. She has some issues with her legs and weight issues. She didn't want to eat much other than her food and a few treats. Please make your creation (Shelby) well and in full health. I love you God. I love you Jesus. I love you angels and Holy spirit. The saints, everyone. The homeless man who sits on a curb, the stray cat, my mother. I love you. Only time and the will of God will make my dog better. This is such a relief to go through with this prayer, doing the cross, and doing the cross on my dog and touching her. Through me and my heart and soul, I pray she becomes healthy again. Thank you.
silkie coop (1 year ago)
Dear Jesus....please heal little Sassy from her episodes of seizures and coughing that have taken over, and not responding well to the medicines.... She's a sweetheart, please heal her.... and everyone else's pet here... Thank you Jesus...Amen
cereta mcdougall (27 days ago)
My dog has no more seizures cause I give him black seed oil
Renu Tupper (1 year ago)
Amen. Thanku so much..my dog is going through some demonic attacks.. please pray for him.. Thanku
April Estrada (1 month ago)
In the name of Jesus, cast those demons out of this dog. Amen
INTERNETWORK (10 months ago)
You probably do not know for certain that these attacks are "demonic." Take him/her to the vet. Have love and compassion for your dog. They are part of us.

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