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Fritz Wunderlich: Tamino's Portrait Aria (The Magic Flute)

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Video not viewable in Germany. Fritz is seen here in 1959. The audio track is his phenomenal recording in 1964 with Karl Boehm.
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Text Comments (32)
Tom Hall (5 days ago)
It's hard to believe that this is the voice of a mere human. A thousand thanks for having posted.
Richard Sanchez (14 days ago)
Where can I get the tenor sheet music for this?
hugo pickpacker (4 months ago)
Warum kann man das schlecht finden?
Ernesto Salazar (4 months ago)
Insuperable !!!
Ernesto Salazar (4 months ago)
Extraordinaria interpretación !!!
Kay Young (4 months ago)
the perfect lyricaland mozart tenor. so sad he died in his mid thirties in that falling accident. but
elia lacasa (5 months ago)
Ruben Almazan (6 months ago)
Rena Williams (6 months ago)
thank you, never hear too much of this. spellbinding always
S. Berkel (6 months ago)
Best adaptation I have heard thus far. ♥
Helena Vikstedt (7 months ago)
Er war jung, aber wirklich phantastiche. Mein Idol.
LM (11 months ago)
That one dislike was the Queen of the Night
axel morand (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for posting this. Fritz is simply wonderful.
Leonardo Cardenas (2 years ago)
This is pure beauty.
Pathy1 (3 years ago)
Brings tears into my eyes. Words cannot explain how beautiful this is.
chromeguy65 (4 years ago)
To me, the 1964 recording directed by Karl Böhm is the best. Always a pleasure to listen to it. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!
Peter Slater (4 years ago)
Sings all Mozart arias the bestest ever.
Mark Bred (4 years ago)
Esta é a melhor interpretação dessa ária. Bravo Fritz Wunderlich !! 
SHICOFF1 (4 years ago)
magnificent! The greatest German lyric Tenor IMO.   One of the greatest voices of them all. Sorry I never got to see him in house sadly.
Peter Oliver (5 years ago)
Incomparable!! RIP Fritz Wunderlich.
ywn3 (5 years ago)
The greatest rendition of Tamino's Portrait Aria. The very Best of Fritz Wunderlich.
Der großer Schauspieler!!!
LAZARUSREX1 (6 years ago)
Genial Tenor, el mejor Tamino sin discusión. Gloria de Alemania. RIP.
Douglas Rice (6 years ago)
Mein Idol! Er war wirklich phantastiche!
Fernflote (6 years ago)
Mao Wong Big Bob (6 years ago)
haha, Kim Jong il is singing in hell for food. he starved his people while building his dream.
Massimo Onraed (6 years ago)
Thought it was Kim Jong Il singing.
Simplemente es el mejor de todos los tiempos. Lástima que fue el tiempo el que le fallo.
Herur22 (7 years ago)
Wonderful Fritz! Surely one of the best interpretations of this aria.
victorkievUA1 (7 years ago)
The Best ever! And will always be!
phoenix4165 (7 years ago)
Ah, civilisation!! Just back from Glasgow having had a tooth removed so feeling sorry for myself. Fritz beautifully soothing!!!
InBoccaChiusa (7 years ago)
In my opinion, the greatest lyric tenor of all time. A tragic irony that he and Mozart died at the same age (35). Bravo!

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