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Fun Boy Three - The Telephone Always Rings (1982) (HD)

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The Fun Boy Three - The Telephone Always Rings (1982) (HD) A jaunty little ditty from the happy boys with the video sharpened up and the audio cleaned up... and NO I didn't do any special effects to put a smile on Terry Halls face in this one... :-)
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HIGHT LIGHT SKATES (1 month ago)
nicholas70paul (3 months ago)
Lol.. Excellent :)
jack chan (5 months ago)
What happened to the brass section in this version ?
MadFranko008 (2 months ago)
@ fisk0: "They" !!! What part don;t you get that it was I and I alone whom CHOSE to use this version of the audio as I explained above !!! It was I whom redubbed it with this version...
fisk0 (2 months ago)
Yeah, it's odd that they kept the visuals for that part in the video without the actual sounds of it though.
MadFranko008 (5 months ago)
@ jack chan: There where a few different versions released of this one, which includes this version without the brass section, the one with the brass section and the best version of all which was the 12" version and had a lot more extended brass sections in it... I simply chose to upload this version where the piano takes precedence over the brass section as most of the other videos on YouTube contain the brass section and you can watch/ hear it there... Might get round to remaking the video into the 12" version (if I can) as that really is the best version of them all... :-)
Kris Kronos (6 months ago)
Hello what ya doing ? ..just on the telephone
Kris Kronos (6 months ago)
Hello? Can I speak to speak to Kris....sorry he's not here can I leave a message..?as he's so popular ..?what would the assholes do without fucking smart card phonex?
x.Hollie May Music (8 months ago)
My fave record from Fun Boy Three, bless Terry Halll oh myyyy look so young XXX
ehrichweiss (10 months ago)
Why does the audio suck so badly on this video?
MadFranko008 (10 months ago)
@ ehrichweiss: It must be your ears, cos the audio like all videos round here is better quality than was on the original release of the video...
eagled96 (1 year ago)
great tune! @3.00 & 3.16.....Alexei Sayle!
carl kane (2 years ago)
heard the song liked it...............now I own a copy of it.
vixapphire (3 years ago)
I was 12, my brother brought this record home, and I was a very happy guy for the rest of my life.  Now my 9 year old daughter watches this again and again, loving every silly minute of it.  Timeless class!
max tilly (4 years ago)
another 80s song i had forgot all about . terry hall has been in a few groups over the years still going . doing solo last i heard . top vid .great sound . ty
Paul Sproston (4 years ago)
Between them and The Smiths that really was music to die for....
MadFranko008 (4 years ago)
Their singles were quite good and a few tracks off the second album "Waiting" has a few good uns on it but the first album was rumoured to have even made Morrisey depressed... ;-) One of the better tracks from "Waiting"... :-) Fun Boy Three - The Farm Yard Connection (With Lyrics)
DR.JackobyUK (4 years ago)
it really went down hill with the band after that ghost song by the look of it.
MadFranko008 (4 years ago)
Yeah the ironically named "Fun Boy Three" weren't a patch on "The Specials"... :-/ They had a few good songs but if you ever really want to hear some really depressing "Muzac" then listen to their first album simply titled "The Fun Boy Three"... word of warning you might want to have the phone number for the Samaritans on hand first though... ;-)

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