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Archefluxx & Kesean Beat - Kill Them! [FREEFORM HARDCORE] [NEON FM] [PUMP IT UP]

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Happy Christmas Everyone! Now available with the Kill EP! Catch it in all major stores and via Spotify! Follow Archefluxx: https://www.facebook.com/Archefluxx https://soundcloud.com/archefluxx This is a brand new track from myself and Kesean Beat! Combining his remarkable ability to write and produce with my experience, we've conjured up a real upfront tune :) Hopefully you'll enjoy this freebie amongst your Christmas Pressies! Big thanks to Sean for letting me have another go at another amazing piece of music, and I hope he hangs around in hardcore so we can collaborate more. The results have been and always will be spectacular. As for this, big blend of melodies and various little technical bits. Sample is from an old Gamera movie dubbed in English. Honestly, such a good source for samples - are dubbed movies :) I hope you enjoy this and see you at new years when I plan to release my Re-Sauce remix :) Archefluxx out! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Can you handle it?: "ARCHEFLUXX - REDLINE (Short Mix)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qURdw-ECUTg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (27)
Kedrik Pallasco (1 year ago)
Love this music <3
Welcome to Prime 2
Archefluxx Music (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Personally, I like this the most among the songs you've made. (use translator)
Felixor (1 year ago)
Also on the 1.09 update of Pump it Up Prime 2 this month <3
Ryszard Sound (1 year ago)
Cool <3
Ethan Lane (1 year ago)
Was there ever a remix pack that was released? If so, where can I find it?
Ethan Lane (1 year ago)
Archefluxx Music Will do man!
Archefluxx Music (1 year ago)
Hi Ethan, could you send a private message to my Facebook page (/Archefluxx) so I can send you the link? :)
Noir LeSable (1 year ago)
Found y'all through NeonFM. Sweet game, sweet tunes!
Little Wolf Taima (2 years ago)
Still can't get enough of this track. I play the Tap Studio 3 track I made for it almost every trip on the bus or train and people start filming me lol
Archefluxx Music (2 years ago)
Haha that was so much fun! I think there's an instagram video somewhere of my hopelessness that day! I'll have to check out Tap Studio 3!
Little Wolf Taima (2 years ago)
I feel privileged to have watched the creator play his own track on our PIU Infinity
Brandon Benne (1 year ago)
Archefluxx Music have you made any improvements on piu??
Ethan Lane (3 years ago)
+Archefluxx Returns I first heard this song in a arcade. I was in a drumming game. I won! :D
Archefluxx Music (3 years ago)
+Ethan Lane I don't like to put labels on them, but stylistically, this is closer to Hardcore :)
Ethan Lane (3 years ago)
+Archefluxx Returns Is this Hardcore, or Hardstyle?
Archefluxx Music (3 years ago)
I'm not sure 'play' is the right word! We failed that track so much xD It was great meeting you! I'll have to come back to try and improve next time I'm in London! :)
Mrwutevah (3 years ago)
First and only track to show up as suggestion when typing in your name. Well deserved to have that spot!
PaxPorfa (4 years ago)
Welcome to Pump It Up Infinity! ^^
StraightShooterGaming (6 years ago)
Archefluxx Music (6 years ago)
@chaosbringer1 If I remember it was the English dub of Gamera: Attack of Zigra or something like that.
Merel (6 years ago)
zombieunderworld (6 years ago)
kentino577 (7 years ago)
great track ! and thanks for free download link
Zane Pepper (7 years ago)
Nice one man, I love the samples :)
D-tor (7 years ago)

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