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Text Comments (4390)
Ayueno Kuoll (1 month ago)
bro I actually love daequan
Nathalie Veeckman (1 month ago)
Ba ba
pulsa (2 months ago)
Frank Kang (3 months ago)
The white girl in the intro sucks this negros dick for insta followers.
BTB channel (3 months ago)
you are talking so cute like : wha do yo mean brother : )
Sensation (4 months ago)
your the worst freestyle ever and you need to stop now
Richard Saad (4 months ago)
whos the very odd sounding person at the beginning of all these videos ?
Jacob Mehler (4 months ago)
When Dae missed the Gold Scar and kept the Drum
Rachel Martinez (4 months ago)
Bap bap
ZL1 Jae (4 months ago)
What country is he using for his soccer skin?
Malina Harris (4 months ago)
Good video
King Meer (4 months ago)
What daequan hairline says to his forehead My *highground* now
LevanteHitemup95 (4 months ago)
What country is he using for the skin
RaiderNation_FL The god (4 months ago)
Best song ever
Malena Portillo (4 months ago)
I like how he skips every single gold scar yet at the end he picks up an epic one 👎🏽😂
Ismael Ahmed (4 months ago)
that doep rap
Eden Tesfay (4 months ago)
alle cahtter
LozAngelesLegend (4 months ago)
Bars terrible
Night Shift (4 months ago)
BBC fellow ship (4 months ago)
Best rap I ever herd
Brandon Drake (4 months ago)
Sometimes when dae talks he sounds white as fuck like a 13 year old lol and @2.16 how the fuck you gonna hit a 57 with that double barrel shotgun at that range come on fortnite.....
Jessica Adams (4 months ago)
Sreamer is always in my level and I thank you for killing him 😂 that’s what you get sreamer
Jessica Adams (4 months ago)
Steamer is always in My level and icould kit
My finger slipped (4 months ago)
Kalpiaisteam Rekt (4 months ago)
Double shotgun is not back😭😭😭
TPG_IrfanDaLegend Vlogs (4 months ago)
High distortion was in the game
H B K 2 (4 months ago)
Mitch Fletcher (4 months ago)
Cmon cuhh😂
The Legends (5 months ago)
MagnumLifeGaming (5 months ago)
Nice 17 bomb Brother
victor cabral (5 months ago)
Like si te gustan los rap de daequan
Dark_Killer (5 months ago)
ElecTrO_ Cheese (5 months ago)
I thought the drum gun was out of the game??🤔
A Very Young Lad (5 months ago)
come here bwah
Marcel Hayes (5 months ago)
It was two gold scars
Marcel Hayes (5 months ago)
He completely missed that scar
Hyp3r_ Ghost (5 months ago)
Can you please not sware
Rahul Sinha (5 months ago)
imagine what would happen if epic released the double barrel in season 4
xb.7a s (5 months ago)
Gawdii (5 months ago)
😡 👕 👖 This is Trump. He has 350 health. 1 like = 1 punch to the face which will take 1 health. Can we kill Trump?
ALEX FIGUEROA (5 months ago)
ALEX FIGUEROA (5 months ago)
Your a god
clxy ashtxn (5 months ago)
one grappler shot>bolt action sniper
iKarma-J (5 months ago)
Yo he was in a game with high distortion
Cole Thomson (5 months ago)
This is NA East during the day, absolute trash cans
kaitie torres (5 months ago)
who tf is that little kid in he beginning kf every single video? is this just someone who puts a bunch of clips together of him streaming ?
JamaicA Roots (5 months ago)
Do pala com seus vídeos man kkkk
Sherm High (5 months ago)
The end of the video is hilarious 😂😂
Ultra Gamer (5 months ago)
Look At 3:44 Bottom Left Highdistortion Was In The Game With Him?
tryhard boi (5 months ago)
You are the best😃
ZayTM (5 months ago)
A deaquan my name is theboss23jeremia
Blake Gardner (5 months ago)
He low key went off at the end with that free style
Y. Rich (5 months ago)
RIP drum gun
TyrantSR (5 months ago)
U the goat Fortnite player, no cap brah
King Of Gaming (5 months ago)
Time for a vote: Double Barrel? Or Double Heavy?
CommanderBly 70001 (4 months ago)
Double heavy. But if it’s a single DB shotgun then yeah. It really depends
xCrxptic (5 months ago)
Christopher Donovan (5 months ago)
Who else clicked on this thanking he was gonna be black knight
skeetbowl (5 months ago)
Sajedah Datoo (5 months ago)
Pls sub to my friend
FIJIDRIP VEVO (5 months ago)
That's a new effect @ 1:33 her body flew after that shot gun shot
SikeyBeast (5 months ago)
DelayEdits (5 months ago)
wow, that guy really didnt die from that head shot
Omar Hussein (5 months ago)
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
llkayla ll (5 months ago)
The roach skin!!!!
Gain Her (5 months ago)
12:12. Dae yous susss
Communist Pug (5 months ago)
🎩 ☺ This is Kevin 👕 He is 0 Help him get old 👖 👟 the amount of likes is how old he is
CommanderBly 70001 (4 months ago)
He is 2
xCrxptic (5 months ago)
I won't like this comment cuz you beg
SquidTheMaster (5 months ago)
funniest content :)
AEP (5 months ago)
What skin is that?
Hussam Mahmmoud (5 months ago)
😘😘like daequans video if the rap was good😂
Hussam Mahmmoud (5 months ago)
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 iam dying from that rap
Pascal Lteif (5 months ago)
rip drum gun
CannibalShadow (5 months ago)
I'm dead the man had triple rockets LOL, and I struggle to find one.
Μαρκος Θανος (5 months ago)
My balls are back dae :( double shotty is dead
Liel Milhofer (5 months ago)
Who loves Daequan's freestyle rap at the end :) like if u want it in every video
Mewcat (5 months ago)
Like = daquan gets a win Dislike = daquan loses cause his double barrel does 2 damage
pete leslie (5 months ago)
he cannot rap
DEVX (5 months ago)
These brothers these days r getting bop bop
detroitfalla Fj (5 months ago)
Watched this gameplay on twitch while working 😂😂
joa zeo15 (5 months ago)
Alguien acá sabe español argentino no se bóludo o son todos yankees
Jber Banwan (5 months ago)
Daequan Daequan Yes papa Eating booties ? No papa Telling lies? No papa Open your mouth ! Aeiaaaaaaaaaaiiaaaaeia !!! 😂😂
Marion Jazson (5 months ago)
Thought you meant double pump but a brother can dream
Otis Reed (5 months ago)
It's crazy how many dislikes my boy gets fucking haters lol
Loko *
EFX EXOTIC (5 months ago)
At 10:18 did anyone notice the other guy?
Francisco (5 months ago)
Who’s the girl in the beginning of his videos?
Neenee Ross (5 months ago)
5:42 hes got it lol 😂😂
mylotics (5 months ago)
Please duo with your girlfriend
snoop dogg dank kush (5 months ago)
like comment and you'll win the first game on your next stream
Bobby Harold (5 months ago)
Dang my man daes out here with them BARSS, whdoyoumeen
Koisey Dahn (5 months ago)
Bop goes the double barrel
Trap God3000 (5 months ago)
Drop Button (5 months ago)
Double shotty is back! clickbaited
Im Marksman (5 months ago)
Is double shotgun back
BanannaBob1 (5 months ago)
Gotta use them IQ points
big glocc horizontal (5 months ago)
**double barrel gets vaulted**
Swagger fromjosh (5 months ago)
Can you play with me I play on Xbox one
Shadowgamermc (5 months ago)
Yendor (5 months ago)
Dae stop making everything look op before they nerf it, like double pump
robby g (5 months ago)
alex rami looks like a fucking cow

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