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Little kittens meowing and talking - Cute cat compilation

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Watch this funny cat video and you will never leave your cat home alone again :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5PHvKvOUJk Warning: do not watch if you are allergic to cuteness :P Looks like some kittens really like to talk and scream. It's sooo cute but it can become really annoying I guess ;) Would you like to have such loud kitten? Hope you enjoyed watching this compilation. If so, please SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Check out also our other videos and channels. Original video at 0:50: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU2EtLHVoiI WANT TO SEE YOUR PET IN OUR COMPILATIONS? Send your clips or links to: [email protected] For more funny videos & pictures visit and like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tigerstudiosfun For more fun please check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiger-Productions/218697918329530 Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for «fair use» for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of «fair use». The recent amendments to the Copyright Act of 1976 pertain to music. «Fair use» remains in force for film and video. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair Use copyright law. Copyright issue? Send us a message and we'll get it resolved.
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Text Comments (25514)
Tiger Productions (2 days ago)
RAT on a RESCUE MISSION through AWESOME MAZE HOUSE, AMAZING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djeNM_QfQKc
maskmee E (9 hours ago)
My cat appeared behind me *"mEoW?!?!?"*
Hailey Caisse (10 hours ago)
Aww so cute!!😍💖
yeet yeet (10 hours ago)
I'm tryna get my cat to come to me.. It works
Riley Miller (14 hours ago)
I'm loving these kitties
David Duchuper (17 hours ago)
Allemaal cute
Border Jumper (18 hours ago)
Why so many dislikes?
aryanna ferrer (18 hours ago)
my cat is looking everywhere for a kitten
Sera canel (18 hours ago)
Alex Le Blanc (20 hours ago)
ooh look chinese food yum 😈😈
Robert Arya (23 hours ago)
so much cute
Animehott _lit (1 day ago)
My cats ears are moving-never mind her head just shot up
cringy cat (1 day ago)
The 3rd one sounds like a sheep lol
Yassen_ B (1 day ago)
My heart was melting
Chris L (1 day ago)
How can 30K people 👎 this? 😶
Stephen Curry (2 days ago)
U little tweety tooty toony tiny patooty loopy kittinsss
Mario’s Twin (2 days ago)
My cat put her paw on my finger where the opening of her paw is above the big part and squeezed it
Cailin Kimberly (2 days ago)
So cute
Trishita saha (3 days ago)
Awwww cutie
Zoe Richardson (3 days ago)
냥튜브 (4 days ago)
Wow so much cute!!
Mary Anaculate Roy (4 days ago)
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sidra inam (4 days ago)
wolfyzeegirl gachas (4 days ago)
My cat is like ARE THOSE MY BABIES!
badoo bad (4 days ago)
Sooooooooòoooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I'm gonna die
my little pony fan (4 days ago)
0:52 that's a big cat not a kitten
Lily shanon Jack (5 days ago)
Why cats are cute
Rose Brownyee (5 days ago)
awwwwwww this kitten is so cute.
Meow Kitty kat (5 days ago)
Marian. M (5 days ago)
Leava a like for this comment 'cause you are... Amazing! :D
Mango Leigh (5 days ago)
30k Dislikes were all from dogs.... Also Anybody 2018 *Read More*
Rabbit Snare (5 days ago)
They think they're lions and their roars make the jungles tremble.
Yassin Hani (5 days ago)
It’s impossible to not touch you’re cats fur for longer than a day
Sarah M (4 days ago)
I haven't In almost 4 months. I had to have her put down and I miss her so very much.
2ne2 Generation (5 days ago)
*The cat in the thumbnail made a hentai face-*
I have 2 kittens I found in my backyard,there adorable af
LittleBlueNerd (6 days ago)
I play this when i want my cat to come to me. Works everytime, she comes running.
Bitchmania x (6 days ago)
Its toooooo fucking cute😍😂 my cat went nuts when she heard this😂❤❤
Artiexx360 (6 days ago)
he atacc too
A Darihunter (6 days ago)
MUST *_P E T_*
Bill Cipher (6 days ago)
30K people who disliked is going to the my dimension
TONY STARK (6 days ago)
Cat lovers watch this https://youtu.be/jPrCwHs8Sew
Pastella W a i f u (7 days ago)
Fierce bois
Nelson Ramos (7 days ago)
Meow got any milk?
Topaz fire (7 days ago)
Ssweet and cute
Relly deguzman (7 days ago)
Who better cutest Dog or Cats If dog like if cat comment
edward kenway (7 days ago)
These kittens and cats is so adorable and cute. I love them all.🐱🐈. Cute ! Cute! Cute!
Gretels Story (7 days ago)
The sad story behind one of those kittens is that it got run over by a car. I remember watching the video of the cat who talks back ("You wanna sleep in") on the channel of her owner and the video description was saying that she got run over by a car :'(
Mufnpuff Flora (7 days ago)
Kittens & Cats = Happiness
Pradeep Ghadge (8 days ago)
Tumchya aichi gaand. Translate
Klance Trash Lord. (8 days ago)
Abood Takruri (3 days ago)
Klance Trash Lord. نخخ
foxica fan (8 days ago)
if you love cats like my comment
Niah Shanne Laxa (8 days ago)
Aww so cute
Mirgz Entertainment (8 days ago)
You is cute and my kitten is cute too.
r o s e (8 days ago)
everyone who disliked this doesnt deserve to live
tiffany boersma (8 hours ago)
I love cats so i like this video
Mia Horn (8 days ago)
LOL this made my dogs FREAK OUT LOLOLOLOL
Jan Moriarty (8 days ago)
This is such a cute and sweet video. The kittens are so adorable They're real TALKERS!
Kendall Tapp (8 days ago)
Only way I get my cats into my bedroom....they hate me 😂
Danish Jamil (8 days ago)
*suicide rate drops to 0%*
Jennifer Bannister (9 days ago)
PREM KUMAR M (9 days ago)
Oh my JESUS CHRIST sweet little kitty
Eli Lor (9 days ago)
So cute
Akatsuki Overlord (9 days ago)
Obviously the dislikes are dog people or the elitist dog people who think cats are terrible pets
Almighty Yak (9 days ago)
2:13 Little black kitty is bloodthirsty!
Kitten Fan (9 days ago)
0:17 hello so what should we do today
Kitten Fan (9 days ago)
/ + _ + \ =∆ /_\
Kitten Fan (9 days ago)
______________________|_-_____ ______ ___
Sagir32 (9 days ago)
My dog was trying to find the kitten. 😂
Kookie Kitten (9 days ago)
1:07 omg I'm dying of cuteness!!😻
Yoshi _boy (9 days ago)
😍Sooooooo cuuuuuutttteee
Darmi Games (9 days ago)
try not to say *Cute*
LoganStudios (9 days ago)
IDC cute
chaminda gunaratne (10 days ago)
chaminda gunaratne (10 days ago)
So so so cute 💖💜💙💖💜💙💖💜💙💖💜💙💖💜💙💖💜💙💖💜💙💖💖💜💙💖💜💙
izzy izz (10 days ago)
immortal9922 (10 days ago)
It's a pet not food get that nazi Japanese
Raging Raichu (10 days ago)
Puppies are adorable, but there's just something more adorable about kittens, you know?
Amy rose Fan (10 days ago)
Cute pies😭
frisk the dog (10 days ago)
So many cuteness 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈
Mohamad Amirul (10 days ago)
Awwh *put phone at my face*
I don't know what this cat talking about but this is cute think
WOLFIK192PL (11 days ago)
Tyler's gaming (11 days ago)
The ones that disliked this are dogs
Ruby Polata (11 days ago)
kittypaw1011 aj (11 days ago)
Omg im dying this is so cute
They're so cute ❤️🐈
pi pinik (11 days ago)
cat number 4 was so cute
Kawaii Kitty (10 days ago)
Omg soo cute ahhhh so cute🐱🐱🐱meow
Awww. I want them
irz16 (12 days ago)
0:51 Women:wake up :cat NO I WANNA SLEEP women:u wanna sleep? Cat: yes go away
Katie Victorino (12 days ago)
infinite Power (12 days ago)
72M views people
S C R E E C H (12 days ago)
This made me so happy (been having a rly rough day.)
Wicked Ultimate (13 days ago)
Why is this demonitized?
David Lee (13 days ago)
72 million views. I watched a cat 1 year old or less give birth and was trying to provide. She brings a baby lizard over the fence for them. Slim pickens and i helped out with food. 1 of her kittens was raped at 1 year old or less. I tried to intervene. Too late. She had kittens too. And theyre gone to the town cat org. To hopefully get a home. People please realize how tuff life is for some young females. kitties
angela walker (13 days ago)
thx so much
Ram Gupta (13 days ago)
It seems like Taylor swift is working way too hard all she needs to do is upload her cat while meowing
Jordan Diment (13 days ago)
What am I seeing why is this SO CUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTEEEEEE
Jonathan Mashingaidze (13 days ago)
who agrees some dogs and cats are cute
Sydney Tayong (13 days ago)
piece a poop too much my weakness nooooooo!

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