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Funny Games - Redband Trailer

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Hy2929 _31 (3 months ago)
Michel pitt is great in this 🎥
mria621 (1 year ago)
They did NOT kill the dog!!
MrYopbabyjoe (2 years ago)
Worst fucking trailer I've ever seen, that was basically the entire movie in 2 minutes
JonasTheMovieGuy (2 years ago)
0:46-0:48 Funny Part
przemek1ni (2 years ago)
This trailer shows too much
johnnynny94 (4 years ago)
Wow, now I would really like to see an extended cut of this movie.
Walter King (3 years ago)
In one of the interviews with the two american cast members who played 'Paul & Peter', one of them was asked why they thought the remake was done frame-by-frame, and responded with something along the lines of "Haneke was saying there was no other way to tell the story without changing it. Since it was shot one way for the original, to tell this story the exact same way, it'd have to be shot the same way for the remake." So if he didn't have scenes cut from the 1997 version, that he would have wanted to keep. He would not have bothered shooting those scenes for the 2007 version. Both would need to have a possible Unrated Edition, or neither would.
Shane Free (3 years ago)
+Walter King what do you mean?
Walter King (3 years ago)
If there wasn't one for the '97 version, there wouldn't be for the '07.

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