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Diana Damrau & Mozart - The Queen of the Night Aria

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Encantadora y sofisticada interpretacion a una de las arias con mayor grado de dificultad. la reina de la noche por Diana Damrau en la obra la flauta magica de Mozart.
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Text Comments (1975)
antonio cannella (4 days ago)
che potenza!!
A S (10 days ago)
3:40 and 5:06 - those turns are epic. I'd fall over if she spun around at me like that lol
voulez vous (11 days ago)
Is she human being?
Tommy Valero (21 days ago)
Luz Murillo (2 months ago)
That's perfection. Speechless!
Paco Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Woooooow ❤
Korina (2 months ago)
destravlr (2 months ago)
I like this more each time I hear it!
Riley D. (2 months ago)
I want a mother like her :(
Ramasses D (3 months ago)
This shit better than trap music and all the crap people listen now days..
Bill Carson (3 months ago)
I gotta wonder how did Mozart even know that woman's opera voice could make those high pitch sounds ?
Trax-3 (2 months ago)
He didn't invent this stuff. This vocal ornament had been around for decades by the time he wrote this.
As You Like (3 months ago)
!!!!!!! I have no words, just emotions
Valentina Morea (3 months ago)
Chiamasi perfezione.
Ganie Lotus (3 months ago)
October 2018? Октябрь 2018?
Royers 71 (3 months ago)
La mejor interpretación que e escuchado de la flauta magica
Daniela Salazar (3 months ago)
Amazing!!!! I went to see a local Magic Flute production, it was fun and alright but there's not even ground to compare with this one
MeMyIdea (3 months ago)
Diana Damrau has some vocal problem in this scene. Trying to be drama queen too much on the stage could disturb controlling the voice. You are the vocalist, not 'Sarah Bernhardt' !
terrfomp92 (3 months ago)
God, I wish I knew what they were saying...
xxLOLxxXD RBLX (3 months ago)
my mum when she forces me to clean my room
Michael Motion (3 months ago)
Turn on captions, and see how automatic captions try to generate english and fails
Taesung Harmms (3 months ago)
Mesmerizing performance!
JunguianPhantom (4 months ago)
Holy shit! This is very powerful: the beauty, the voice, everything! I take a knee to this lady.
M.Michael Babu (4 months ago)
wat is the actual concept of this opera
The Fugue (4 months ago)
The auto subtitles are hilarious...
Сергей Буров (4 months ago)
Это так восхитительно, что попросту слов дудки! Крутость итого тут попросту зашкаливает: музыки, голоса, актерской игры, костюмов, декораций!!!
Jane C. Almocera (5 months ago)
The scenery, the costumes, the acting ,and oh my her voice is amazing. :)
Okebaram E (5 months ago)
Who speaks the language? Is it German? How did Diana do speaking the language in the act before the aria and the aria as well (completely honest answer please). That must have been really difficult to learn!
amomusica123 (2 months ago)
Diana Damrau is German and  German is her mother tongue. German was the language of Mozart and Emanuel Schikaneder who wrote the libretto (lyrics) of The Magic Flute ( Die Zauberflöte). Speaking and singing in her native language should not be too difficult for Diana.
John Smith (5 months ago)
Doesn't quite translate into English word for word of course. But amazing just the same!
jay and art (5 months ago)
I would love to be screamed at like this ❣❣❣💝💝💝
Just saying it starts at 2:10
Bonaventura Oliviero (5 months ago)
558 dislike for this amazing performance! I would like to challenge those people to find a better recording or even do better then how she does! There are no words for this performance: amazing voice, behaving and scenography
と と (5 months ago)
Eneida Barreto (5 months ago)
put the speed at 0.25 and then you will see how the anita tries to sing
Alec Phan (6 months ago)
1.25 speed you’ll have a telenovelas :))))
Andrew Saharov (6 months ago)
Немецкая опера прекрасна.Язык я не знаю, однако для меня важнее чувства и энергетика актеров
Johnnnynov (6 months ago)
Warum kann mein Deutsch nicht genug sein um es zu verstehen. -_-' Es hat aber mein like ;)
アマラ (6 months ago)
The acting. The costumes. The VOICE. This is perfect in literally every way.
GABRIEL MANGURIAN (6 months ago)
Ich habe es geliebt, dich singen zu horen.
Ricky Goodwyn (6 months ago)
The Dislike button shouldn't even be there
In-N-Out (6 months ago)
She learned from the great Florence Foster Jenkins.
Rocanten Rocanten (6 months ago)
глас этак для себя без выебонов
Rocanten Rocanten (6 months ago)
какие плечистые пёзды лишь ямы рыть
Outta Bubblegum (6 months ago)
Fuck youtube! I can't give 5 thumbs up!
Aleksey Schitikov (6 months ago)
Bravo Damrau!
Le Maamet (6 months ago)
Can someone write the German conversation ? I couldnt find?
Yumi Nobuta (6 months ago)
I like it when she turns around at 3:38. She looks damn mad but cute.
J No (6 months ago)
Looks like she's taking a shit.
Robert Harper (6 months ago)
The Attredis have developed a new weapon, using sound!
Fanie Buys (6 months ago)
this week on Ru Paul's Drag Race Untucked...
バッハ (6 months ago)
ドイツ語分からんのしんどいけど いつか生で見たい
Matthew Greer (6 months ago)
Bursted out laughing with automatic captions 0:53 MY NAME IS KENT
sochyvonn nora (7 months ago)
Please dominate me
Mauricio Gomez (7 months ago)
Syl (7 months ago)
turn on the captions at 1:36 😂😂😂
Barreethoven (7 months ago)
0:52 *_M Y N A M E I S K E N T_*
Agnieszka Chwastek (7 months ago)
Das ist wundaba
pain is everywhere (7 months ago)
Zeki Durak (7 months ago)
Sertab erener. Do your know. ? She is. This sing. Say. List to sertab erener my suggestion. Thank your
Positron Decay (7 months ago)
Lyrics: Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen, Tod und Verzweiflung flammet um mich her! Fühlt nicht durch dich Sarastro Todesschmerzen, So bist du meine Tochter nimmermehr. Verstossen sei auf ewig, Verlassen sei auf ewig, Zertrümmert sei'n auf ewig Alle Bande der Natur Wenn nicht durch dich! Sarastro wird erblassen! Hört, Rachegötter, Hört der Mutter Schwur!
Heavenly Strike (7 months ago)
For some reason I thought this was related to Queen of the Night Burney Relief of the succubus Inanna (Ishtar), Lilith, or Ereshkigal. I don't speak German, but I'm guessing she's a witch? So basically the same thing. https://www.ancient.eu/article/658/the-queen-of-the-night/
A Wanderer (7 months ago)
I've never enjoyed opera, but this video I accidentally stumbled upon made me change my mind and made me cry. I'm shook to the core at the beauty of this. This is the ART of the Gods.
Andrés Acosta Rossi (7 months ago)
original german dialogue and lyrics pleaaaaseee
Omar Martinez (7 months ago)
Use the captions on the speaking parts because It is absolutely hilarious
Cupid X (8 months ago)
What anime is this?
unknown origen (8 months ago)
This touched my fucken soul
the annoying boi (8 months ago)
If my mom shout like a opera like that i will be shook im gonna said my mom is being posses by a demon😂😂😂😂😂
NightlyThoughts (8 months ago)
I’m working on this song with my voice teacher :) I’ve wanted to be able to sing it ever since I was 12. 5 years later I finally can :D I mean, definitely not as well as her but I’m just so excited!
Kynarion1 (8 months ago)
From jewelmarkess (Thank you for posting earlier!) - Here it is (copied from libretto, you can search "Magic Flute libretto English" - seems a bit abbreviated compared to the German text on the video though but it gives the idea): Pamina: Mother? Queen: Where is the young man I sent you? Pamina: Tamino has withdrawn for ever from the world and people. He has gone over to Sarastro! Queen: What do I hear? Sarastro has triumphed again. Do you see this blade? It has been sharpened for Sarastro, and you will kill him! Pamina: But mother... Queen: not a word. (singing starts) My heart is seething with hellish vengeance, death and despair are blazing around me! Unless Sarastro feels the pangs of death at your hands you are no longer my daughter. Forever disowned, forever abandoned, forever destroyed may all ties of nature be, unless Sarastro dies at your hands! Hear! Gods of vengeance! Hear a mother's vow!
Spock (8 months ago)
enchanting! goosebumps
Fabiola Estradiol (8 months ago)
Es una maravilla ver y escuchar esa fuerza interpretativa. Excelente muestra del tiempo que se vuelve difuso entre el pasado de una composición y la ejecución en el presente para un mayor número de escuchas. Felicidades a la Sra. Damrau.
RAKESH KOPARED (8 months ago)
I love Diana damrau and i love die zauberflot
Lai JheiA (8 months ago)
3:38 *me when i tell me dog to stay but hear his paws clanking on the floor behind me*
Master Of Wisdom (8 months ago)
Every Disney movie in a nutshell
Macarena Hurtado (8 months ago)
Wow... amazing.
vladp (8 months ago)
Ich liebe dich, Diana! What a voice!! The staccatos are like bells.
Emma Goudie (9 months ago)
Haowei Shi (9 months ago)
When you get a B and getting shouted by your Asian mum
Samar Melling (9 months ago)
This is powerfull. I am german so i Unterstand everything .she Tells her daughter after here husbands death she doesnt have any Power anymore and she is telling here daughter she isnt here daughter anymore powerful shit
davlak (9 months ago)
I bet Pamina is REALLY scared.
davlak (9 months ago)
I ADORE this aria and I swear she sings it like no one else in the whole history of Opera
Bloom Wu (9 months ago)
Translation please????
maria orosco (9 months ago)
I love the part where you do the very high pitch sound. That is my favorite part and I love this song.
traor.e (9 months ago)
George Reynolds (9 months ago)
The ultimate challenge for a soprano to master the Queen of the Night Aria.
Der lachende Sägefisch (9 months ago)
Beat that, Maleficent! Ha!
Gabriela Duarte (9 months ago)
Classic, magnific
Nancy L (9 months ago)
Amazing, makes your heart pound!
Hao Qi Liu (9 months ago)
Michael Miller (9 months ago)
The Gold Standard for this aria
Anthony Bret (9 months ago)
Diana Damrau & Mozart???? You mean Mozart's Please
Nicole Li (10 months ago)
SoulTales (10 months ago)
2:58 this always cracks me up so much hahah
Joe Steve (10 months ago)
ah ah ahah ~ AH AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ah~
Elizabeth Williams (10 months ago)
I agree with everybody in saying 5his performance is amazing; however, when she she does her trills and high F's she looks to be in pain. If you take a closer look at her face, it looks like she struggles when she should be more relaxed.
50M380DY R4ND0M (10 months ago)
Is she dead?
Filipe Botelho Mestre (10 months ago)
Gosto disso

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