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Tutorial: How to RTL (right-to-left) a website

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Follow along as RTL wizard Ahmed Nefzaoui uses state of the art CSS to apply Right-to-Left best practices to the good old Mozilla Hacks blog.
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Super Khaled (5 months ago)
GeneralA6 (6 months ago)
thanks mate
Elad Shechter (8 months ago)
THere an easy way to RTL Websites with SASS - https://medium.com/@elad/the-best-way-to-rtl-your-website-with-sass-105e34a4298a
Semir Zeynu (1 year ago)
great video
Šime Vidas (3 years ago)
This is a good demo, but I don’t think it’s feasible to perform this task manually. It’s tedious and error prone (see 2:30), but even if it weren’t, tools are still superior to manual work. In this case, a PostCSS plugin should be able to do the bulk of the work, leaving us with the fine tuning at the end.
R T (3 years ago)
+Šime Vidas Automation would be good, but RTL is not just "flip ALL the things", as Ahmed says in Part 1. It would be best to if the original styles were appropriately agnostic to text direction, it is a shame CSS Logical Properties have poor browser support so far.

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