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6 Maintenance Checks To Make Before Your Next Big Event

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Blaming the bike for getting dropped is no excuse! Subscribe to GCN: http://gcn.eu/SubscribeToGCN Get exclusive GCN gear in the GCN store! http://gcn.eu/BuyGCNKit_ Sign up to the GCN newsletter: http://gcn.eu/gcnnewsletter A quick run-down of the main things that can go wrong on your bike is the best way of avoiding mechanical problems when you really don't need them. It doesn't need to be a full service, especially not the night before your event. But things like your gears, brakes and wheels need to be working smoothly as a bare minimum. Watch more on GCN... Our maintenance playlist ▶︎ http://gcn.eu/25qnhze How to index your gears ▶︎ http://gcn.eu/1SMBU8o Music: Topher Mohr & Alex Elenn - Rubber Necking Buy NEW GCN cycling kit, casual wear and accessories in the GCN Shop: http://gcn.eu/TheGCNShop Photos: © Bettiniphoto / http://www.bettiniphoto.net/ & ©Tim De Waele / http://www.tdwsport.com About GCN: The Global Cycling Network puts you in the centre of the action: from the iconic climbs of Alpe D’Huez and Mont Ventoux to the cobbles of Flanders, everywhere there is road or pavé, world-class racing and pro riders, we will be there bringing you action, analysis and unparalleled access every week, every month, and every year. We show you how to be a better cyclist with our bike maintenance videos, tips for improving your cycling, cycling top tens, and not forgetting the weekly GCN Show. Join us on YouTube’s biggest and best cycling channel to get closer to the action and improve your riding! Welcome to the Global Cycling Network | Inside cycling Thanks to our sponsors: Santini cycling kit: http://gcn.eu/1SFf8PV Kask helmets: http://gcn.eu/1FrbcHK fi’zi:k shoes and saddles: http://gcn.eu/1tsXI7S and http://gcn.eu/1KxBGd5 Topeak tools: http://gcn.eu/1Lc4HAj Canyon bikes: http://gcn.eu/1Oge4gz Muc-Off: http://gcn.eu/1XlT5Og Science in Sport: http://gcn.eu/1GrXo6n Ass Savers: http://gcn.eu/1XlTmkm Orbea bikes: http://gcn.eu/1oks6GH Trek Bicycle: http://gcn.eu/1RUwyGf Vision wheels: http://gcn.eu/1qHTlMu Zipp wheels: http://gcn.eu/1OcMUv5 YouTube Channel - http://gcn.eu/gcnYT Facebook - http://gcn.eu/gcnFb Google+ - http://gcn.eu/gcnGPlus Twitter - http://gcn.eu/gcnTW GCN newsletter - http://gcn.eu/gcnnewsletter Leave us a comment below!
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Text Comments (185)
Michelangelo Davies (1 year ago)
That matte black Aero Canyon is f*****g perfect, damn !!
James Carroll (2 years ago)
Why is Simone's bike dirty in a maintenance video?
zach bell (2 years ago)
i get the cars being one the wrong side but Si, your brakes are the wrong way around..... right lever, back brake. left lever, front brake.
Bruno Kabbaz (2 years ago)
Ed Malmgren (2 years ago)
Hahaha! "Chain stretch", "Chain Wear Indicator "...lol. Chains don't stretch, they wear. The chain indicator tool is a product that inexperienced bike shop people use to sell you a new chain.
Scott Johnson (2 years ago)
That Canyon looks much better with the vision wheels on it!
Greg Loper (2 years ago)
I agree - never change anything the night before an epic ride - including your underwear.
Pietro Castelletti (2 years ago)
0:53 advising to watch the 'How to index gears' video while giggling since he got eTap
LisaPet (2 years ago)
Just quick "Show More" verification supported my suggestion: they like and use Continental tires, bus since Continental does not directly sponsor the channel, we don't see the logo close-up and clear. So, they don't necessary advertise the product that they use and like :), though they claiming that they always do. Nice tires and good video any way.
todd lacey (2 years ago)
Maybe a silly question... But do you have any tips on securing your bike to the repair stand? Are you clamping onto a carbon fibre seat post? How is this done with enough pressure to work on the bike but not damage the frame? Thanks GCN.
Doug Calder (2 years ago)
I used to run like 10km a day , after buying my bike a can not run 4km
Steve Hsu (2 years ago)
"Your motor..." you cheeky punk...
Gregory Patmore (2 years ago)
so are you guys planning a rotor inPower 2 review?
F K (2 years ago)
haha when he said motor!!!!
MH-370 (2 years ago)
Hey GCN, as an athelte I am sponsored by a certain gel company which you MIGHT be aware of. The problem i have is they taste awful as you may know and have an awful consistency. many of the flavours being gloopy and have viscous parts of it. how do i overcome their terribleness, like you MIGHT have. Thanks
Mike Callihan (2 years ago)
So is it good to check your "head unit" everyday before an event?
Zach Berend (2 years ago)
I feel like the whole point of this video was for Si to show off his Etap 😂
Caleb Young (2 years ago)
Does anyone know any cheap good road bikes?? My budget $500-$600.
Mc Earl (2 years ago)
A used one. Trust me, that was my budget and there isn't much new aside from no name stuff from Amazon or bikes direct. For that priced used you can get a really decent bike and it might come with pedals, or other add ons.
Martin Badov (2 years ago)
Nice to see that Simon is checking on my Reynold 48 mm wheels...
John Lyons (2 years ago)
Thanks Si, I'm planning a 260 KM Gran Fondo in July. Im planning on having new Continental 4000s. How many kms should I put on them to break them in?
whfalcon (2 years ago)
So how do you spin the crank and shift the front derailleur with Sram E-tap? Need three hands?
Karma Suhtra (2 years ago)
I am looking for a new bike; I dont want to take part in any races for now, but it should be a fast bike nevertheless, not one of those comfort ones with a comfort seated position. But: I´m pretty tall (1,95m), my last bike was a 63 or 64 I´m not sure (Cube Agree GTC SL 2013). My budget is max. 7000€. Do you have any suggestions? Are there manufacturers that make custom bikes and are they reasonable? Thanks for your advice
Skeptical Frog (2 years ago)
a good site that sells bikes in large sizes that i found some time ago is called bikesdirect.com They do tend to the cheaper end of the spectrum, however.
Thomas Hruschka (2 years ago)
Good video! Just a tip for the presenter: Be careful with that vocal fry register - it's not the best care for your vocal cords and I read it's generally perceived rather negatively, even though it has become an epidemic in the last years!
Alex Fuller (2 years ago)
Maintenance Monday Suggestion: Old bikes. I ride a 1993 steel Bridgestone RB-1. While your maintenance videos are really helpful and most still apply to my bike, what about things like old headsets? Also: kids' bikes. How to work with coaster brakes, etc.
Bikeo Matic (2 years ago)
Looks like Simon is scooping all the prizes from unboxing comps!
Doug Hungerford (2 years ago)
So Si, Is that your personal workshop or is it the team GCN shop? Mine isn't so elaborate
Bungle2010 (2 years ago)
I think someone here has mentioned before that's it's a bike shop workshop that they have access to.
123456bmx (2 years ago)
Judging by the large stash of chainrings,disc brake pads and a headset facing tool this is a professional shop for both the road and mtb show.I wouldn't be surprised if this was in an actual bike shop
Joost de Moor (2 years ago)
This video reveals an interesting downside of SRAM e-tap: it's impossible to check the shifting of your front mech on a work stand when you're alone. Since you need to hands to shift the fron mech, you don't have any left for turning the cranks at the same time... Might seem small, but it is a downside of this system.
david barber (2 years ago)
That is my dream bike.
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
Si, you have a matte black bike, so do I and I was wondering how you clean yours as when I clean mine streaks are left and patches of what looks like grease marks are left all over the frame (particularly the beefed up part around the bottom bracket) have you any advice of how I remove these or stop them from happening in the first place?
Eugene Lawrence (2 years ago)
The Muc off one is a spray and excess water remover. You spray it on and leave for a bit. Then wipe off the excess. Super easy and no polishing
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
+Eugene Lawrence thanks, that's great. Did find a Matt polish earlier today and tried that.
Eugene Lawrence (2 years ago)
Muc Off cleaning kit. I also have a matt black bike and the bike spray for post wash protection works a charm. https://muc-off.com/home/188-bicycle-ultimate-cleaning-kit.html?ref_cat=33
Coke Man (2 years ago)
that canyon looks cool
Sam Dutli (2 years ago)
Do a video on recumbent bikes!?
Raj Patel (2 years ago)
my friend, is it better for cycle on saturday or sunday?
Richard Haselwood (2 years ago)
Yeah, don't try and adjust your indexing the night before a mass start ride. Very good chance it won't end well. Speaking from (bitter) experience.......
Rixter (2 years ago)
Si are you testing out the Renolds 46 wheels that I'm going to win?
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
+Jacob Mantey but seriously, let's leave it there.😊😊😊
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
+Jacob Mantey Agreed, can't stand all these notifications: it's disturbing me from readying my bike for a sweet new pair of Reynolds 46's.
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
+Jacob Mantey well, you thought wrong
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
I think you mean that I'M going to win m8
Dawah Kid (2 years ago)
Does riding a road bike affect my spine/back I am 14
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
+Dawah Kid I wear cycling kit. I'm part of a team so I wear that kit 95% of the time and when racing, my team skinsuit
Raj Patel (2 years ago)
a proper bike fit can fix this problem ok thanks.
Skeptical Frog (2 years ago)
im 17 and been riding a track bike for a while. the main part is to keep the positioning of the handlebars seat and stem comfortable to your height and arm length. my back was a little sore at first just from getting used to the position but it never bothers me now.
Dawah Kid (2 years ago)
+Nathan Edensor When you are riding with friends do you wear a cycling outfit or just normal clothes? I sk planning on getting a road bike this week
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
I'm 13 and have had a setup on my road bike specifically for racing, and although it took a few rides to perfect it's fine now and optimized for sprinting, climbing and racing. I also ride velodrome and as you can imagine the setup on that is pretty agressive: Tiny headtube, Slammed stem etc... Just setup your bike however feels right. I used a bike fit app called "real bike fit" which you can download on google play or the app store for I think about £2 and I'd reccomend that.☺☺
michael douglas (2 years ago)
visual checking chainring is not cool. Just get a cheap chain measurement tool, two teeth on the end of tool and if u can slot in the chain socket that mean ur chain is stretched and shld be changed.
Bruno Kabbaz (2 years ago)
I think you meant visual chain check instead of chainring ?
The Darstadly Dynamite (2 years ago)
+Global Cycling Network I can vouch for that....it's even taught on the cytech courses
Global Cycling Network (2 years ago)
The chainring check works pretty darn well actually.
MRGRUMPY53 (2 years ago)
Those chain tools also measure roller wear. They combine pin wear (pitch elongation) and roller wear. If your chain tool tells you that your chain is worn, check it with an accurate straight metal ruler. You may find that your chain pitch is still acceptable.
Get Me Out of Here (2 years ago)
Si: I get a "Click-Click-Click-Click" noise coming from the lower jockey wheels. Any idea what the problem is or how to fix it. Also, any guidance on how to adjust the B tension screw. Thanks kindly.
Luciano Narno (2 years ago)
it might be the derailleur hitting the spokes
SlowBoyAthlete (2 years ago)
I love and adore those Reynolds wheels. I would love a pair myself!
faster4real (2 years ago)
don't forget tyre pressures to avoid pinch flats.
Casimir Liew (2 years ago)
Which will ware the bearings on our bikes? Washing it often or prevent washing it and just wiping it with a damp cloth?
Bluekid (2 years ago)
bro did you just keep the giveaways? or did anyone actually win?
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
+mercuriallimit And the Reynolds 46's
mercuriallimit (2 years ago)
lol i think that's the e-tap we all were waiting for
J S (2 years ago)
I think that is probably the best bike in the world. How much does it weigh?
harmanhead1 (2 years ago)
Sram Etap and Reynolds wheels had two sets to win for lucky winners, but some went missing...
mattylevo (2 years ago)
Interesting that your bike has all the goodies you are promising to "give away"....hmmmm
mark quigley (2 years ago)
i had a nice little laugh on d couch at that motor joke, the family giving me strange looks after it, nice one Si :)
Martijn klop (2 years ago)
Great video! :) you have really perfected the maintenance-videos!
YM (2 years ago)
Do you ever worry about clamping your carbon aeroad in the stand like that?
mrjt (2 years ago)
+YMTUBECHANNEL I wouldn't worry. Never seen a carbon tube damaged by clamping it in a stand.
YM (2 years ago)
The seat post on an Aeroad is also carbon part, triangular in shape like an aerofoil.
MRGRUMPY53 (2 years ago)
It's clamped on the round part of the seat post (or as you call it in the UK...seat pin)
Doriguzzi Robin (2 years ago)
Dream bike!
ZoryaDanis (2 years ago)
That was MY e-tap!
Alan Galbraith (2 years ago)
GCN - with eTap, how do you change from the large to small chainring (front shift) when in the workstand and needing one hand to rotate the pedals & 2 hands to change the chainring ... 3rd hand needed, or something else?! Demo required I think Simon ....
Rey Niel Morales (2 years ago)
The derailleurs have small buttons that allow shifting without reaching for the shifters.
_ _ (2 years ago)
There's a small push-button on the derailleur itself. Same on the rear shifter (2 buttons instead of one). And no, I'm not lucky enough to own one, I have seen that somewhere on youtube.
Dennis Fargey (2 years ago)
Those look like my un-boxed Reynolds wheels on your bike, Si.
Christoff87 (2 years ago)
Mark the clear position with tipex, new ones go on exactly where the old ones where before. Never had any issues doing it this way.
ThatWolffe (2 years ago)
for some reason I cant get my gears indexed properly, I can get most of the cassette perfectly indexed but there is always one gear that wont index, usually big ring and biggest gear, and if I do index it to where it works it knocks half my other indexing out. not that it matters I dont ride with my bike in that sort of extreme gearing to where it might put stress on my cogs.
ThatWolffe (2 years ago)
+RatzengeliS checked hanger again and its fine, the pulleys are like new, I am going to have my lbs look at it see if they can see whats wrong.
ThatWolffe (2 years ago)
+ThatWolffe I usually do all the maintenance myself though as it's faster and I spent way too much on tools not to :P besides it's fun
ThatWolffe (2 years ago)
+faster4real my bike has free adjustments for lifetime from the store I bought it from, gotta love small name bike stores
faster4real (2 years ago)
changing your hangar is a bit extreme. most reasons for gears not indexing is a bent mech hangar. your lbs will have a tool to fix it and they will also index your gears for around 20 quid all in. they will also advise if the problem lies with a frayed gear cable.
ThatWolffe (2 years ago)
+fiddler on the bike thanks bud!
Carmen Placido (2 years ago)
Si, do you find it difficult keeping a matte black bike clean?? The frame, not the other bits.
Emile Glorieux (2 years ago)
Are those the Reynolds wheels of the competition? So, you're actually given away second-hand wheels :-D :-P... I hope even more now that I'll win them.
The Darstadly Dynamite (2 years ago)
since when did si get rotor cranks?
The Darstadly Dynamite (2 years ago)
+simon A fair
simon A (2 years ago)
since they paid
Richy Coles (2 years ago)
eTap goodness
rondar2 (2 years ago)
Are those my wheels on your bike Si? You said they were for me!
Tim Shears (2 years ago)
"The link is in the description". No it is not for anyone using a tablet or smartphone so that's only most of your viewers then. 😧😧😧😧😧
jon burgess (2 years ago)
Hi guys. Do you have a video on choosing the correct width saddle? I'm having difficulty in getting the correct width saddle. My sit bones are 155mm apart. I'm sure I am on the verge of needing a ladies saddle! I know saddles are a very personal choice and what suits one person won't suit another. Im just fed up of discomfort and feeling my pelvis wants to be split in two. I have just taken up cycling again after 20 years of laziness. Do I try many to find the one, or can measuring help? I've tried Selle, Most and Specialized. I'm tempted to buy what I used to have when I was 18 which was a Rolls.
Karvin Sunny Li (2 years ago)
Si thank you for checking over my bike, so when are you going to send it back to me
Silas gehteuchnixan (2 years ago)
can you please make a video explaining the uci regulations regarding time trial bikes, especially how to set them up so that they fit those rules?
Layton S (2 years ago)
So, are those the Reynolds you are giving away?... I wonder how many kms Si is putting on them before giving them away.
Will Buchanan (2 years ago)
+D.Eldon it was a joke
D.Eldon (2 years ago)
I don't think they are the same wheels. The brake pads in this video had obvious signs of use and the brake pads in the unboxing video did not. So, I think the wheels they are giving away are new.
Ian Cornish (2 years ago)
Video suggestion: Unseizing components? -- I'm aware of one for seatposts but not suspension stanchions or steerer tubes for example.
MRGRUMPY53 (2 years ago)
Good job. I was sure that you'd miss something important, but you covered everything. I would advise changing your chain over a week before a big race. Sometimes a chain won't skip until you put real power to the pedals....One question...What do you guys use to plug up little flint cuts in good tubulars, after you flick out the offending material. I'm always afraid that something will get into the same cut and work it's way down to the tube. I used to have something called tread stop, that worked great, but haven't seen it advertised for years and years.
Mc Earl (2 years ago)
A bit of superglue works great. I'd stick with the better stuff from hobby shops and not the cheap dollar store stuff.
Kristian Sheglova (2 years ago)
Tip for changing cleats effortlessly, providing you are sure they haven't slipped: draw around them with a black Sharpie/felt tip pen before removing them. It makes putting on new ones a doddle. The pen will wear off eventually.
Bruno Kabbaz (2 years ago)
+Bob Fast or you can use simply a chalk stick..much cheaper and you don't risk ruining the tip of your sharpie
Bob Foster (2 years ago)
outline cleat with SILVER sharpie, easier see on a black sole
Rutger Granberg (2 years ago)
Nice wheels...
Growing Young (2 years ago)
Great timing for this video. I got my first bike race on Saturday. :-D
Luciano Narno (2 years ago)
That motor joke... are you hiding something, Si? Are you tired of getting left behind by Dan The Boss?
Nathan Edensor (2 years ago)
+taurus20077 Shots fired!
Moses Jonson (2 years ago)
taurus20077 (2 years ago)
Actually, getting dropped by Dan is not the problem; getting dropped by Lasty is more embarrassing...
David Gibson (2 years ago)
Very useful and timely reminder as in two weeks I am #fundraising for Cancer Research UK. Donate to Airbus UK A350 Toulouse's @JustGiving page justgiving.com/MarionClignet?…
corkhead0 (2 years ago)
Rear brake on the left... raaaaaaaaaaaarg
William Keys (2 years ago)
GCN is based in England. That's how they set them up here. Weird to me too as an American living in the country. The first thing I have to do when I bring a bike home is swap the brakes around.
SmevMev (2 years ago)
+corkhead0 Funnily enough, UK bikers are able to remember which shifter is which without needing the extra help of matching their brakes ;)
fiddler on the bike (2 years ago)
both methods are working fine if you are used to (and I'm used to the continental one) - but the more intuitive way for right handers is main brake to right hand
corkhead0 (2 years ago)
How are your hands so lopsided that it makes a difference? Stop wanking off so much. Left side is for the front brake and derailleur. Right side for the rear brake and derailleur. Makes so much more sense.
fiddler on the bike (2 years ago)
I ride for more than 30 years with the front brake on the left (because everybody does so in Continental Europe) - and since more than 30 years I wonder why, because (in this case) I think the British way is better...
_ _ (2 years ago)
Thumbs up if you want a clipless pedals comparison video :) Look? Shimano? Speedplay? Time? I want to know what the GCN guys think about them :)
_ _ (2 years ago)
+Bruno Kabbaz yep, I've seen that. Although I'm a bit disappointed they didn't mention stack height at all and if it makes a difference while pedalling or it's just marketing gibberish. I know it comes down to personal preferences, but it's unfeasible for the average guy to go and try each and every pedal system. They could have :)
Will Buchanan (2 years ago)
Clipless is the term for the pedals you are talking about
Will Buchanan (2 years ago)
SPD stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics
Bruno Kabbaz (2 years ago)
as you requested the video is out! just check gcn uploads to watch it
Skeptical Frog (2 years ago)
+Will Buchanan yeah
Will T (2 years ago)
Hi, would you be able to recommend a wheel set for no more than £150, I know this is a tight budget but my stock wheels on my bike need replacing.
Will T (2 years ago)
I am thinking about the vision team 30 wheel set. Are these good wheels, what do they compare to roughly?
Rafael Malmegrin (2 years ago)
CRC has a lot of stuff of clearence right now including some wheelsets from Fulcrum and Vision that fit your budget.
fiddler on the bike (2 years ago)
the Fulcrums are the best in this price range (or Campa, are the same)
Will T (2 years ago)
out of interest why? Also I was considering fulcrum racing 7s
Sir Jonathan (2 years ago)
mavic aksium
Thomas Long (2 years ago)
So in summary... Replace everything.... Bike included
Bruno Kabbaz (2 years ago)
probably you can keep your pedals and saddle...
syazani (2 years ago)
the bike component are using the giveaway ones
Yusuf A (2 years ago)
Oh sorry. I thought you meant exactly the giveaway ones. Apologies
syazani (2 years ago)
+Yusuf A. I mean like the same as the giveaways
Yusuf A (2 years ago)
I don't think so. lol
Johannes Goedgebeur (2 years ago)
I thought Simon had Shimano Dura Ace on this bike?
Thomas Bong (2 years ago)
he switched to sram red etap.
//Gravity 1 (2 years ago)
No, he got the Sram Red eTap like 1 1/2 months ago...
christian corpuz (2 years ago)
i hope i could havea bike like that :( but i cant afforrd even an single part of it
Minute Man (2 years ago)
You can get very good older bikes for a very good price. I have a mid range modern Trek road bike that I use for my commute, which is 20 km each way, and I have an old 1970's vintage beater that I bought for 30 dollars that I use for chores around town. The beater looks like a hunk of junk, but I did a complete overhaul of it and it runs as good as it did new. Look on Craigslist/kijiji and you can get a good deal on an older bike, and unless you are a pro racer, it won't make that much difference to you.
panzerveps (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure you can afford the jockey wheels.
MRGRUMPY53 (2 years ago)
This is why I'm still using 10 speed 7800.
Louis Greenleaf (2 years ago)
Cycling is sadly very overpriced
johny Ainsworth (2 years ago)
first time in the sub 100 club!
Marko Pajic (2 years ago)
Great tips

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