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CGI 3D Animated Short Film "BIG BUCK BUNNY" - Cute Animation Kids Cartoon by Blender Foundation

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A giant rabbit with a heart bigger than himself. When one sunny day three rodents rudely harass him, something snaps... and the rabbit ain't no bunny anymore! In the typical cartoon tradition he prepares the nasty rodents a comical revenge. Big Buck Bunny (2008) Animation, Comedy Produced by Blender Foundation (http://www.blender.org) For more film info visit http://bigbuckbunny.org CREDITS: Director: Sacha Goedegebure, Arti Director: Andy Goralczyk, Lead Artist: Enrico Valenza, Rigger and Animator Nathan Vegdahl, Animator: William Reynish, Technical Director: Brecht Van Lommel & Campbell Barton, Music and Sound Design by Jan Morgenstern. Produced by Ton Roosendaal. ------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE to our channel for even more great content. If you're an artist or animator and would like to get featured on our channel Submit your Video or portfolio links to [email protected], or message us at Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. If you would like to be part of Mad Artist Group and earn money from all your artwork by licensing it to Advertising Agencies and concept studios, visit http://madartistgroup.com/application ------------------------------------------------------------- http://madartistgroup.com http://madartistpublishing.com http://sketchoholic.com http://instagram.com/madartistpublishing http://facebook.com/madartistpublishing http://facebook.com/sketchoholic http://thecompleteartistbook.com For licensing of films, videos and price quotes relating to creative services, video production or other representation inquiries contact [email protected] We have permission to screen the current video and or it is part of Creative Commons the http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
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Text Comments (22)
Jenni Ann (4 months ago)
NAH we all know this is big chungus #2019
Anonymous User (4 months ago)
2018-19 big chungus
Jenni Ann (4 months ago)
My-Uh Animations (1 year ago)
The end tho
IAmPectres (5 years ago)
Animations software they used to make this is called Blender
Nicholas Williamson (5 years ago)
Starring Boris Johnson.
Elusive Legend (6 years ago)
This came with my old mp3 player but my mp3 player gave up so i used cpr on it but i have an ipod touch now so screw archos mp3 players
HatsuneMiku (6 years ago)
"That's a funny ass looking bunny" ikr?
freddy goulet (6 years ago)
thank you very much, my son loves this animation, you would know more by chance??
MartianStories (6 years ago)
MartianStories (6 years ago)
There are MANY MANY great video tutorials about Blender on YouTube. Many channels specialize in making video tutorials for Blender. You can learn from tutorials how to do ANYTHING in Blender you can possibly imagine, and lots of things you never imagined possible. If you want some incredible tutorials, visit my channel and look for the "Blender" playlists, where I've stockpiled hundreds of incredible Blender Tutorials. There's some priceless info there...
gamefreak10 (6 years ago)
Cool. I've seen this on Nintendo Video on 3DS :)
Saw this in an Airplane :D Looked it up (Playing on the airplane monitor)
YNation7 (6 years ago)
Ton Tin (7 years ago)
Great!!!! Giving this video thumbs up.
sensur1 (7 years ago)
Makes you wonder why the big hollywood animated movies have such huge crews and huge expenses.
piggytailgirl (7 years ago)
Hello bunny Horton
Nate fletcher (7 years ago)
fucking astonishing honstly btter than any pixar ive seen
Peter4101 (7 years ago)
Squerl, "Be wevy wevy quiwte i'm hunting wabbits...." And choas insues. XD
Fawkes Fawex (7 years ago)
Blender 3D for the WIN!
MartianStories (7 years ago)
AWWWWW YEAH! This film, and the film "Sintel", are two Blender Foundation films that convinced me to learn computer animation, and to do it with Blender. I've never regretted that decision since. One of the most interesting things about this film, and about Blender itself, is that the film was made FOR FREE, and Blender is also FREE. You can download it and start making animated films right now. All it takes is imagination and determination. Enjoy this film, and then go watch "Sintel." BLEND ON!
GRaVITY2DX (7 years ago)
I coulda swore that this channel uploaded this already. But then i realized that it was soo good i assumed it was from this channel already but it wasnt. its either that or im having a wicked case of déjà vu.

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