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Huawei Mate 20 Review After 1 Month - Better than the Mate 20 Pro?

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Huawei Mate 20 Review After 1 Month - Better than the Mate 20 Pro? BUY Mate 20: http://bit.ly/20Mate20 Huawei Mate 20 at Gearbest: http://bit.ly/GBMate20 Best Black Friday tech deals: https://youtu.be/XMn7fLE4Yss GET $50 OFF with a COUPON: 11BG2064 Buy 128GB Mate 20 model: http://bit.ly/20Mate128 GET $50 OFF with a COUPON: 11BG20128 Huawei Mate 20 at Gearbest: http://bit.ly/GBMate20 Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review - The Most Innovative Smartphone of 2018?: https://youtu.be/UVa3w4zEwDU Video tests: http://bit.ly/Mate20VideoTests ---------- Learn more about AnyTrans - All-Powerful Android Manager: https://www.imobie.com/anytrans/android-manager.htm?ref=teli Download AnyTrans for free:https://www.imobie.com/anytrans/download.htm?ref=teli ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100% RELIABLE websites to buy tech from China: Gearbest: http://bit.ly/techlineGearbest Banggood: http://bit.ly/techlineBanggood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAMERA GEAR used to make this video: ESSENTIALS: 1. Main Camera: http://geni.us/FpaECvB Lens: http://geni.us/ThFz 2. Secondary camera: http://geni.us/XAtIC Lens: http://geni.us/U4V6k You need this adapter to use this lens: http://geni.us/EWQA Another lens I use: http://geni.us/1eDRMf ALL OF MY CAMERA GEAR: https://kit.com/techline ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join TechLineHD Deals and Discounts Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TechLineHD/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support my channel by shopping on Amazon using my link: http://geni.us/4rDzKC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEST VALUE SMARTPHONES 2018: 1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: http://bit.ly/2s00v0Z 2. Xiaomi Mi A2: http://bit.ly/2vslWcX 3. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus: http://bit.ly/2KwqHIX 4. Meizu Pro 6 Plus: http://bit.ly/2MPo6uS 5. Nubia Z17 Lite: http://bit.ly/Nubiaz17lite 6. Nubia M2: http://bit.ly/2nkFhZA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out these videos: 1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Review - AMAZING $200 Smartphone!: https://youtu.be/suublw52PNk 2. Meizu Pro 6 Plus Review - Insane Value Smartphone 2018!: https://youtu.be/FOFUunZKM2g 3. Asus Zenfone 5 Review - A Premium Midrange Flagship!: https://youtu.be/MgNr4hihNDo 4. Nubia Z17 Lite Review - AMAZING $170 Smartphone!: https://youtu.be/7G0F10RDEFE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on social networks: Twitter: @TechlineHD Instagram: techlinehd Facebook: www.facebook.com/TechlineHD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Samsung Galaxy Watch Review After 3 Months - The Best Smartwatch 2018?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiBNnvliU2s -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (297)
techline - Linus (25 days ago)
Black Friday tech deals at Gearbest are now live! Check out my video to get the best deals and coupon codes! https://youtu.be/XMn7fLE4Yss
Derrick DeeReal (22 days ago)
Whats the difference between LYA-L09 & LYA-L29 models?
jemppy yustiawan (1 day ago)
do you think which camera is the best between mate 20.mate 20 pro and p20 pro?
Jack Baker (4 days ago)
Huawei is an evil company. This company helped China government (CPC)built the largest surveillance network for watching on Chinese people. Many innocent people in China were persecuted by the China government(CPC),including Christians and democratic progressive fighters. As a mainlander,request you guys please do not buy products from Huawei!Also,if you bought Huawei already?Please be careful that Huawei will collect your privacy and send it to the China government. Do not put yourself in a pathetic situation like the innocent Chinese people!
80goal (5 days ago)
How the speaker loudness is compared to LG G5 or G7 Thinq?
Dolores Chidi (6 days ago)
a very good and fair review. As I have also used the Mate 20 for about a month, I can just confirm all you mentioned. What attracted me to this phone is the form factor 6.53 inches and the flat screeen. The screen is edge to edge minus the tiny tear drop notch which one does not notice. The performance is silky smooth and the gestures really help with this and the camera is great. The battery, wow! is amazing. The phone is great if you travel a lot or are out a lot and don't want to worry about the battery running down.
techline - Linus (1 day ago)
Thank you!
Crissi V (6 days ago)
Congrats for your very detailed review 👍! I'm trying to win this phone with my carrier (TIM Italy), but I'm skeptical, since I've never won anything in my life... Merry Christmas 😊
techline - Linus (1 day ago)
Thanks a lot! Well, good luck!
keksek (7 days ago)
I will buy huawei mate 20 pro definetly
Who wants use a phone that is spying on you?
trg7843 (7 days ago)
We don't care those conspiracy talks. The phone with right features and right price, that's what all matters
23 Sor (7 days ago)
I don't know man it's quite hard to pick cause I really like apple. But same time I wanted the productivity and agility of the smartphone. Apple not really offer so
judo 101 (8 days ago)
This phone works on trouble?
Huawei Mate 20 Pro can be used with only one Type c to HDMI cable, it can use Huawei Mate 20 Pro in PC style.
Wireless Projecting HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro changes the traditional display format. Allows you to present video or presentation presentations to the large screen and also allow you to send messages or make calls in person.
Unlock your machine with 3D Face 3D Depth Sensing Camera Raises Security and Precision Limits With a face recognition you have covered over 30000 points. HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro, unlock your smartphone quickly in seconds. You can also use the Face ID to access your personal screen instantly.
Fast limitless HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro 1.4 Gbps3 LTE Cat.21 is the world's first smartphone to support download speeds of up to 1733 Mbps3 Wi-Fi, so you never miss a fast and smooth connection. Every step on this planet.
Audri Lilly (9 days ago)
can you hide the tear drop notch?
Mick3y (11 hours ago)
Mr. (9 days ago)
Design ZERO
Ministry of propaganda (11 days ago)
Mate20 vs p20 pro ?
Depressed Demons (11 days ago)
U got scammed. 1:07 fake phone.. fingerprint is on screen
Red Tiger (11 days ago)
Depressed Demons what do you mean
Karim Fares (12 days ago)
what about the notification led on the mate 20?
nonnagenia (12 days ago)
great review. does it have the ai video features like on the pro?
jimmy florian (13 days ago)
Definitely might chose this over apple more features
marco tapang (14 days ago)
Great review! Proud user of Huawei Mate20 ❤️
Red Tiger (21 hours ago)
marco tapang stfu idiot
Red Tiger (12 days ago)
marco tapang how's the camera
Diego Rosembergh (14 days ago)
Is the screen much worse than the Galaxy s9+?
Red Tiger (12 days ago)
Diego Rosembergh of course
Xiaowei Tan (15 days ago)
the AI also can take away photo background color but keeping human color and also can identify food calories
kornikof (17 days ago)
Can you tell if the huawei mate 20 like the big brother mate 20pro has the selfie camera video feature where it can record a person in color and all the background in black and white? thank you and good video...
Paola Dapueto (17 days ago)
Hello. Congratulations! Great video. Between mate 20 and mate 10 pro which is better in front camera and audio recording. Help me please, I am Argentina, Thank you.
Red Tiger (15 days ago)
Mate 20
Matias Villar (17 days ago)
Mate 20 vs S9 ?
Omar Jabak (18 days ago)
I think this is one of the best professional reviews I have come across quite in a while. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Hats off to you.
ElimRem (19 days ago)
I just tried this in the store the Note 9 feels better in the hand and has a better screen.
Kristian benz (20 days ago)
The mate 20 pro is for geeks the mate 20 is for normal people
hany gebril (21 days ago)
Thank u for this great review.. Can i ask u is there is always on display in this phone same as galaxy?
Juan Valdez (21 days ago)
I'll never buy a phone with a notch because it's a shitty fad. We're already getting bezeless phones so if you even think of buying a phone with a notch this year...well..let's just say you're going to regret it next year.
DeadlySkullz (11 days ago)
Highly doubtful about bezeless phone debuting next year.
abdulrahman tantawi (21 days ago)
Liked the device Thank you
Victor Alejandre (21 days ago)
Both are exceptional. But AMOLED really makes the difference.
No originality brand. Copy cat to samsung and apple
Skizo336 (23 days ago)
I can't find in my country the 6gb ram version, should I buy the 4gb version?
Eid Kashif (23 days ago)
Is it have dark mode same like pro version???
zett blau ok? (9 days ago)
I would buy this device
Sr. D (23 days ago)
In some ways i like it more than the pro model, flat screen it's much better for me, but the 16/9 aspect ratio looks outdated and very wide, i like 18/9 better, but again the 20 pro it's too much stretched for my taste, being 19'5/9 or something like that...nano sd cards it's a fail, i rather have micro sd card support, and just the 4 gb ram model for the majority of countries it's another bad decision. Gpu performance it's disappointing again with the kirin chipset, below current adreno gpu, and will be very far from the top gpus of 2019 in the new snapdragon soc, and the new exynos will get a better and more powerful model of the same gpu...bad again Huawei.
Red Tiger (21 days ago)
Sr. D are you blind ,the Kirin 980 is slightly better than the snapdragon 845
Thiago Perito (23 days ago)
Which is the best in camera, Oneplus 6T or Mate 20 (not a PRO)? THANKS.
zett blau ok? (9 days ago)
zett blau ok? (9 days ago)
DeRun Ren (23 days ago)
This works on Tmobile USA?
Dabbing Penguin (23 days ago)
I used to be an apple sheep and didnt mind the overly priced phones but i drew the line when the XS came out, apple’s features are not as far ahead as they were back then, but the price gap remains as wide Now that ive seen the light i have finally made my first step towards android and I am starting with the Mate20 :) Goodbye Apple
Sheepy. (11 days ago)
Dabbing Penguin I’m on the EXACT same boat
iNeedHelp in (16 days ago)
Same here! Apple price doesnt compensate the phone’s performance. Laaah
RC4LIFE (21 days ago)
Dabbing Penguin wooooow it’s like I’ve written this comment. I also didn’t mind the insane prices, but when the XS came out I switched to the Mate 20. Apple is running behind on phones.
Mr. Max (24 days ago)
Thanks a lot for helping me to pick out my next smartphone!
Ibraheem Al hadede (24 days ago)
Are you from Bulgaria?
techline - Linus (22 days ago)
accidentvictim (25 days ago)
Does the mate 20 have an always on display?
Md Mahmudul Hasan (25 days ago)
Hey mate, great review , can you use pro mode with all camera as well as with full 40 MP resolution
Piotr Majka (25 days ago)
Are you living in poland?
techline - Linus (22 days ago)
future fun (26 days ago)
hello good work
future fun (22 days ago)
+techline - Linus you are wellcome And keep it on i like your videos
techline - Linus (22 days ago)
m syahreza (26 days ago)
In this price range, absolutely this phone is my first option. PS: Seems like the youtube silver button will be arrive in your home soon. Happy for you, man!
techline - Linus (26 days ago)
It's a great option indeed! Thank you very much!
Eric (27 days ago)
I want something with LCD and decent camera. The only options left for me is iPhone xr or mate20
Luchon20082010 (27 days ago)
Great review dude. First time here
techline - Linus (26 days ago)
Thank you very much!
figaro mash (27 days ago)
The AI camera is still progressing aggressive on the image making it unrealistic and weird.
Alex1989m (27 days ago)
Does it have an always on display or just the pro?
Penninckx Corentin (27 days ago)
I can get the mate 20 for 99€ with my operator and i receive with it a free Watch gt... Should I go for it ?
Red Tiger (24 days ago)
Yeah man
TaoBao lLanza (27 days ago)
for its the way better than any phone with oled/amoled screen FUCK OLED!!!
craig dunn (28 days ago)
I love it
craig dunn (28 days ago)
I want at new Huawei phone
craig dunn (28 days ago)
I have at Huawei ps
Bora Markovic (28 days ago)
Is this one with CHINESE rom? If so how well is the english translated? Do google services work well? Thank you
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
This is an official international model with Google Services etc.
MSi GS70 6QE (28 days ago)
already a month? maan time flies ...
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Sakibur Rahman (28 days ago)
How about mate 20pro scean bleeding issue?
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Neither my Mate 20 Pro nor Mate 20 are affected by I've heard about this issue
Sakibur Rahman (28 days ago)
How about mate 20pro scean bleeding issue?
zett blau ok? (9 days ago)
It is amoled
Nikola Nikolov (28 days ago)
With this Spot on the Back NO THANKS ✌️ I LIKE MY P20 PRO 👌
Chris Sandy (29 days ago)
Does anyone know how to make YouTube do picture in picture when you have the gestures enabled on the mate 20 pro??
Jack Luo (29 days ago)
went with the mate 20. So happy with the battery life, last me a day and half since I dont game.
Bora Markovic (19 days ago)
+Jack Luo Just got the international version, should have it in few days. I was between mate 20 and oneplus 6T and Mate 20 camera setup and few other features won me over
Jack Luo (19 days ago)
+Marlon Capuno for me its a bit big for one hand use. I was going to get the pro but it is out of stock in my area.
Marlon Capuno (19 days ago)
Hey Jack! How’s your experience so far? Is it easy to handle with the hand or is it too big to hold at times? I’ll be getting mine soon but I still have an option to get the pro version just in case
Jack Luo (28 days ago)
+Bora Markovic I believe mine comes with the international rom since I bought it in NZ. It comes with google play and I dont see anything wrong with the english.
Bora Markovic (28 days ago)
Is it the one with CHINESE rom??? If so how well is the english translated? Do google services work well? Thank you
mikldude (29 days ago)
Does the mate 20 have the green screen problem or is the problem only on the mate 20 pro ???
Md Rahman (28 days ago)
mikldude only the mate 20 pro because of the lg oled screens which some of them have thta problem.
Great Video MATE your a PRO lol. But seriously a great video, thanks
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Haha, thanks!
ozzy B (29 days ago)
Is gizmochina aka giztop legit?????? To get the phone? ??
ci v (29 days ago)
Why they don't make it oled than lcd. I want to make 20 but lcd stopping me
Md Rahman (28 days ago)
ci v the oled may cause burn in(imo) and it's cheaper.
WaterZ (29 days ago)
Really love the content. Keeping it real, not too hyped up like some vlogger sh*t. Information and calm videos. Keep it up! 💪💪
techline - Linus (29 days ago)
Thank you so much! Really appreciate your comment!
alfred Manning (29 days ago)
Great review! Due to the bigger screen, smaller notch and lower price I would buy this over the Pro version! Unfortunately not officially sold in the US so would have to be imported!
alfred Manning (27 days ago)
+techline - Linus Do you have a link for purchasing the international model?
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
This is the official International model
alfred Manning (28 days ago)
+Md Rahman Yes, but is it the international model or the Chinese model? Too many issues with the Chinese rom, I would not buy unless it had the international rom with play store and Google installed!
Md Rahman (28 days ago)
alfred Manning I saw that you can buy the mate 20(not pro) from a top seller in ebay for like $600. Ur welcome.
: : (29 days ago)
20X > 20 > 20 pro
Beng OEY (29 days ago)
Has this phone Optical Image Stabilisation ? Thanks for the excellent video.
Beng OEY (29 days ago)
+WaterZ Thank you, much appreciated
WaterZ (29 days ago)
No it does not, well only the telephoto lens, but don't worry too much because it has great EIS (electrical image stabilization) + huawei's own AIS (AI stabilization). Even though not quite as good as OIS, it's not a deal breaker. Trust me I've used the phone for nearly a month now. 😁
Franco Luna (29 days ago)
3:32 is that a nubia phone??
Franco Luna (27 days ago)
+techline - Linus wooo!!! I have a nubia z11 mini! The day i saw the trailer for the z11 i fell in love but was out of my budget soo... I got the mini version and Iv had it for 2 years and still works like the day i got it out of the box👍👌
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Yep! I have a few older phones too!
Cat Guy (29 days ago)
You are so handsome ❤
Cat Guy (26 days ago)
+techline - Linus 😘😘😘😊❤❤
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Thank you!
Sean Lee (29 days ago)
How did that guy not dodge the vehicle in PUBG 5:10
ChokingKite (2 days ago)
DaSpood (29 days ago)
LCD screen though. This should just not be a thing above 500€. The Mate 20 costs 100-200€ less than the 20 pro, but just because of the LCD screen it isnt worth it. If it had an OLED panel it would be an amazing choice. But it is a real dealbreaker as it is.
Cool Guy (1 month ago)
I think note 9 is the complete smartphone cause it has S Pen..
Cool Guy (24 days ago)
Junzi Feng that is still not complete..
Cool Guy (24 days ago)
M. S. Hidayat I said complete not better.. You Idiot..
Junzi Feng (24 days ago)
Maybe I should remind you that mate20x also has its own pen, but it needs to be purchased separately
Swapnil Pandit (25 days ago)
+M. S. Hidayat what about samsung one ui it got positive response from d audience
M. S. Hidayat (28 days ago)
Complete package doesn't mean it's better. Lacks of software optimization, hiccup here and there makes Samsung experience less pleasant to use. I admit EMUI 8.1 was the same, but since they launch EMUI 9.0, it was totally different level from Samsung. You should use both phone, then you know how good was the EMUI 9.0.
maddada (1 month ago)
Only thing i hate about the mate 20 (non pro) is that they removed the dark interface setting and there are no dark themes for emui 9 =_= such a dumb decision
juSt sMiLe (27 days ago)
+maddada its cool thx👍
maddada (28 days ago)
Hey I made a simple theme and uploaded it here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3868805 It's 99% perfect, couple of small issues, but completely daily driver usability wise.
juSt sMiLe (29 days ago)
+maddada ya you are right.. i really love the mate 20.. large display and better battery life.. do you think its will be dark interface in next software updates?
maddada (29 days ago)
​+juSt sMiLe If you can stand the notch and higher price then it's better! Keep in mind that there are things in favor of the mate 20 too: - Better looking and smaller notch - Faster Finger print sensor - Display is a bit bigger (and not curved, which I prefer) - Speaker is louder - Battery life is much better (3 hours extra of extensive use), this is due to the screen being much less power hungry. - Amoled screens are known to suffer from burn in after some usage time (Had it on all my galaxy phones) - Mate 20 has a headphone jack, Mate 20 pro doesn't. - Much Cheaper Those are the reasons I got the Mate 20 and not the Mate 20 Pro.
juSt sMiLe (29 days ago)
+maddada for me its a big problem.. I will buy mate 20 pro i think it better 🙂
Victor B (1 month ago)
Which does the best [email protected] video and 960fps video? I was going to get a Oneplus 6 for the video but the Mate 20 seems like a better overall package, but I have doubts about the video quality. Also does the Mate 20 have stereo speakers? Lots of conflicting info online about that.
Victor B (28 days ago)
+Md Rahman I decided on the mate 20, much better battery, stereo speakers (YES!) and it only cost a little more than the OP6. Upgrading from an OnePlus 3T so should be a big change for me.
Md Rahman (28 days ago)
Victor B both seem good but the mate 20(not pro) has video camera versatility and it also has dual speakers which the one plus doesn't have and it has a bigger battery. Get one plus for amoled screen, oxygen os, 4k 60fps, in display scanner(but optical though). I would personally get the mate 20 since I can get it on ebay from a good seller new for like 600 dollars which isn't much more expensive than the one plus 6t.
Lin jun wei (29 days ago)
If u want wide angle camera and a bigger battery get the mate 20.
Lin jun wei (29 days ago)
+8055lg iphone doesnt have 960fps
8055lg (1 month ago)
Both not so well. Iphone is best for recording
Idir MAKHLOUF (1 month ago)
would by this just for the jack and the flat screen, thanks for the video !
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Stefan (1 month ago)
If you like Mate20, you should check out Mate20X first. It's like a driect upgrade of Mate20 in almost any ways and priced between 20 and 20Pro (actually not much higher than 20). The only catch is 20X is a 7.2" gigantic phone. The biggest buzzkill for mate20 is the LCD display. IMO, just buy the 20pro instead if you want a phone for photo and social media, dont save the USD200. And if you want a big phone for gaming and video, 20X is the right choice.
ROV games run to 62 Fps when played with the Mate 20X smartphone.
Huawei Mate 20 /20 Pro/20X can be used with only one Type c to HDMI cable, it can use Huawei Mate 20 /20 Pro/20X in PC style.
Junzi Feng (24 days ago)
I'm using mate20x, and you're absolutely right
WaterZ (29 days ago)
There is just one problem. The mate 20X only sells in china and other parts of asia and will be hard and prpbably pricey to import. I first saw this and went this is better, but then realized I will probably never be able to get it. I am happy with my Mate 20 and even though it's an LCD, it's one of the best ones out there with support for HDR 10.
bedroom rockstar (1 month ago)
great review.. can you do a review regarding mate 20 pro and the #gluegate
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Thanks! I've already made the Mate 20 Pro review. Fortunately, my Mate 20 Pro is not affected by that!
Miw Chalan (1 month ago)
Love your channel. Keep it up !
crysisownz (1 month ago)
Perfect phone albeit its not snapdragon..great thermals,camera,performance and so on..im gonna buy it once its discounted
Md Rahman (28 days ago)
crysisownz you can already get it in ebay from top sellers for $600.
techline - Linus (29 days ago)
What do you think about the Mate 20? Mate 20 Pro review: https://youtu.be/UVa3w4zEwDU . Black Friday Deals at Gearbest: http://bit.ly/1GBBlackFriday
krishna sai (27 days ago)
You are the best 👌👌👌👌👌
Viktor Norgren (1 month ago)
Nice review!!! can you please make a short comparison video/pictures with Mate 10 and Mate 20?
techline - Linus (27 days ago)
Thanks! Sorry, I don't have the Mate 10 anymore
Michael Liberman (1 month ago)
liked your review thanks, and also liked the way its presented, prefer calm reviews without unnecessary excitement and ra ra hype
Hey It's Me! (28 days ago)
techline - Linus (1 month ago)
Thank you, Michael! Appreciate your support!
MaaKSii Knife (1 month ago)
What city is it?
Rustam Bogdanov (28 days ago)
Looks like Vilnius
Carsten Pohl (1 month ago)
Wann wirds billiger das Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Trubyd44 (1 month ago)
I went with the Mate20 X. I'm glad I did, but I do wish it was IP68 like the PRO.
Keith Sherwin (5 days ago)
How do you find the size to big ??
Moks22 (10 days ago)
+lilmisskimjoon some say they will release it after few month to other countries. Im also waiting for it to release here.
John Manders (22 days ago)
+lilmisskimjoon you can order mate 20X on AliExpress
Trubyd44 (29 days ago)
+Sgt. Lagger LP I do not see any problem with the display it looks wonderful I see no little dots or anything you cannot see the individual pixels the only thing that I notice is when you do double screen on it you can't fit as much content as the note 9 because of the lower resolution
Sgt. Lagger LP (29 days ago)
How good is the Display on the Mate X ? Iam scared about the ppi because of the pentile Matrix
Angel Hadjidonchev (1 month ago)
techline - Linus (1 month ago)
Now it's in 4K, you can check it out . It was a major Youtube issue but it is now fixed. Thanks for your patience and watching my videos!
Kaelan (1 month ago)
this or the s9 or s9 plus? Currently the s9 is cheaper and the mate 20 costs the same as the s9 in my country, idk which one to buy, help is appreciated.
Kaelan (12 days ago)
+Gregory Izotov thanks for the help people. The pro was 400 dollars more than the s9 and the regular mate 20 was 100 bucks more. I got the s9 in the end because of the price.
Gregory Izotov (12 days ago)
50/50 - both are not ideal smart phones. Huawei mate 20 X - worth attention...
César Pedraza (1 month ago)
I think the S9 Plus is a better choice than the Mate 20. But Mate 20 Pro is better than S9 Plus.
lilmisskimjoon (1 month ago)
Better to buy the Mate 20 if you're into gaming
Recoo Recoo (1 month ago)
The audio quality it's the same of the 20 pro or higher or lower ??
Marlon Capuno (19 days ago)
Do you still recommend this phone? I’m planning to get one soon
WaterZ (29 days ago)
Pretty much the same. Have had the mate 20 for a while now and I have a friend with the pro version. The difference is minimal. In some cases the 20 is better in some the 20 pro is better! 😋
P//MBECH (1 month ago)
The 4k resolution never came.... it never came!!!
techline - Linus (1 month ago)
Hey! Really sorry for that! The video is now in 4K. There was a major Youtube video processing issue but it is now fixed.
Lany Tuts (1 month ago)
Nice...& cool...
Porky Pie (1 month ago)
Great video man. Awesome work, seen some other reviews of this phone and they have been tragic. 🤓 subscribed!
techline - Linus (1 month ago)
Thank you very much! Really appreciate that!
Daniel Esimu (1 month ago)
Huawei is just flying. Presented by the best reviewer as always.
techline - Linus (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot, Daniel! Yeah, they've been improving their phones every year
Great and such a dope style of review bro. right to the points eh! would have liked it a lot if you'd reviewed a mate 20x it offers more true value for money nonetheless this one is also a good phone but can't top the mate 20x! keep up the good work!
Decscomputer (1 month ago)
+techline - Linus I have the mate 20 X it has the best of the others two models but for daily driver really is too big.😁😁😁. My pixel 3 XL is 6.3 and it look tiny beside Mate 20 X.
techline - Linus (1 month ago)
Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I won't get the Mate 20x for a review.
Ian Aguilar (1 month ago)
i have found a problem on my mate 20 when i play a video on my mate 20 at full volume at first it is loud but after a few seconds it automatically reduce the volume. does anybody experience this problem? its annoying every time i watch youtube this always happen.
bsuper63 (15 days ago)
U r hurting the Chinese Gov. employee ears, so they turn the volume down....shhhhh.
Ian Aguilar (17 days ago)
I have solved the problems guys. All i did was restart my fckng phone.
kornikof (17 days ago)
check auto volume level in sounds options or/and music settings app equalizer and so on. if you have toggled the stereo sound feature may be the case (portrait landscape sound change) try it with different apps to see if is the phone or the app.
Biochem Wang (21 days ago)
I am sure that you can fix it by changing the audio setting somewhere.
WaterZ (29 days ago)
I don't have this problem, weird. Maybe try contacting huawei support. Just trying to help! 🙂

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