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Fashion Design App: Design your clothes on your phone or tablet

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http://fashiondesignapp.com Do you want to design female clothing quickly? Would you like to access to a 1000 graphics library for inspiration? If you're a designer, pattern maker, illustrator, student or passionate about fashion, Fashion Design Flat Sketch is for you. Design flat sketches in seconds on your cellphone or tablet. The only app to create flat fashion sketches professionally in a short time. WHAT YOU CAN DO? * Design female garments as blouses, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets and jumpsuits. * Customize your design by adding details from the library. * Draw your own details with the pencil. * Combines among more than 1,000 graphics available to create your best design. * Finalize your designs with zippers, buttons, belts and pockets. * Export your design as an image and pass it to your pattern maker. * Send your designs by email. * Print your designs or add it to your tech packs. I know you will design awesome garments, so follow us on instagram @FashionDesignApp and upload your designs with the hashtag #FashionDesignApp to be featured. If you have suggestions or want to talk writes [email protected] I'd love to know what you think and how we can improve :) This app was created with love and passion by Laura Páez
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Text Comments (44)
Laura Páez (1 month ago)
✅ Download for Android: http://bit.ly/FashionDesignAppAndroid ✅ Download for iOS: http://bit.ly/FashionDesignAppiOS
Kutie Gal (1 month ago)
does it have color
Laura Páez (1 month ago)
Hi, Kutie, Not yet, we are working on it
Kevin Leal (1 month ago)
Esa app la sigo utilizando y no sabía que era tuya... WOW
Kevin Leal (1 month ago)
+Laura Páez Muy bien, gracias. Quiero contar que tu contenido es muy bueno, y la App de verdad me ayuda a poner en práctica mi creatividad.
Laura Páez (1 month ago)
Hola Kevin, ¿Cómo estás? ¡Que bien!, me alegra saber que la app te ha sido de ayuda 😊 un gran saludo
fify farisha (2 months ago)
What method do you use to create the mannequin, when clicked on the chosen style, it appear on the mannequin? Your apps has everything i need to do my project. Help me! I need the method.
Louisa Agyei (3 months ago)
Is that a si le for window 10
Laura Páez (3 months ago)
Hi Louisa, Thanks for writing 😊 No, for Now is just for mobile devices Regards,
Aastha 000 (7 months ago)
Wow it’s awesome but i can’t buy the real version
DallasHarrison (1 month ago)
+Laura Páez how about fixing the old version first?
Laura Páez (6 months ago)
Hi there. We are working in a new version. We hope release it soon
Xin Yi Gaming (7 months ago)
I have a suggestion, can YoY make it possible for you to Color the outfits
Laura Páez (7 months ago)
Hello Xin, thanks for write We are working in a new version. We hope to launch a new version this year. It comes with many changes ;)
cactus1762 (8 months ago)
Hey, could you make a version that includes Male clothing? Thinks like shirts, suits, jackets etc.
Takitty Love (4 months ago)
Para caballeros y Niños(as) también, por favor :)
Laura Páez (8 months ago)
Hello Cactus, Gracias por tu comentario, estamos trabajando para mejorar la aplicación. Ten seguro que tendremos tu comentario presente en nuevas actualizaciones. Saludos
Iram ahmad (9 months ago)
L like it but I more aprishate it if I can also used different colours
Laura Páez (8 months ago)
Hollo Iram, Thanks for write We are working in an Update and it comes with many changes. 😊 Regards,
maya thilak-mathew (10 months ago)
can u make the app for MacBook
Laura Páez (10 months ago)
Hello Maya, We're working on it ;) For now We just have the app... enjoy it
Cameron Matteoni (1 year ago)
looks like a great app, can you design menswear on it as well? thanks
Laura Páez (1 year ago)
Hey Cameron, Not for now, I'm working on it ;)
WUAN THEBEAST (1 year ago)
What is it called
Day Today (1 year ago)
I think it's the title "Fashion designing"
mitnala vani (1 year ago)
Dear Ms. Laura I have recently come across your app in plays tore and fell instantly in love with it. I am from India and have messaged to find if you would be interested in having a conversation with me regarding including templates from across different cultutes. Please let me know your LinkedIn url if you are interested.
Could you send me an email? I am looking into craftmanship for accessories. [email protected]
Shades Rajouri (10 months ago)
Hi if any Indian template has been added Would love to collaborate and contribute as well...im.a designer based in New Delhi india
Laura Páez (1 year ago)
Hey, please send me an email [email protected] ;)
Fashion Designing (2 years ago)
Fernanda Arroyo Garcia (2 years ago)
hace mucho esperaba una app asi.. muchas gracia!!
Laura Páez (2 years ago)
¡Que bien! Disfrútala
Tommy rg (2 years ago)
hola, quiero ver si me puedes ayudar a diseñar un poleron para 4 medio porfavorrr, gracias.
Laura Páez (2 years ago)
Hola Tommy, ¿a patronarlo? o ¿en la app? si quieres escribeme detalles a [email protected]
Manuel (2 years ago)
Esta genial, justo estaba buscando algo por el estilo, espero y próximamente saquen el formato para ropa de hombres y accesorios
Laura Páez (2 years ago)
¡Claro Manuel! Seguiré trabajando en ello ;)
zarah cortes (2 years ago)
ya la descargue es muy buena, quiero estudiar desño de moda y ya se hacer algunos figuirines y tan solo tengo 14 años gracias por todos los tutoriales
Laura Páez (2 years ago)
Excelente Zarah ;)
Yakelin Arotoma Tineo (2 years ago)
waoooo se ve buenisima *.* gracias por compatir tanto con nosotros :)
Laura Páez (2 years ago)
¡A ti por tu comentario!
Miguel Ricardo (2 years ago)
muy buena y fácil de usar, espero que en un futuro se agregue más variedad y combinaciones en todas las categorías; única en su clase, FELICIDADES y gracias por la app. 👍👍👍👍👍
Laura Páez (2 years ago)
Claro Miguel, así será. Gracias por descargarla ;)
Barbara Kromer (2 years ago)
wooow wooow, ya descargué la aplicación, muchisimas gracias !!!!!!
Laura Páez (2 years ago)
¡Con todo el gusto!

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