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Sci-Fi Cartoon Trailers: Cosmic Fantasy & Weird Worlds

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If you know of other cartoons like these please leave a comment below, thank you! List of Cartoons: 01. He-Man 02. Thundercats 03. Voltron 04. The Visionaries 05. Vytor 06. Wheeled Warriors 07. Blackstar 08. Sectaurs 09. Gandahar 10. Fantastic Planet 11. Galtar For more trailers and episodes of cartoons like these check out my playlist @ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2phyUgRC3SwA-o5EJdwPCJSnudei6vVP
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Justin Fencsak (1 year ago)
he man was the one that started it all
Sahil Rajkoomar (1 year ago)
could you plz help me find a fantasy cartoon , where the wizard cursed a Goat , and it became a giant purple monster. It has horns on the side of its jaw..... thats all i remember PLz help

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