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Katya shares her experience with toxic masculinity and rape

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Maddi :p (6 days ago)
Or idk watch fucking mulan 😂🙌❤ QUEEN
Maddi :p (6 days ago)
Ok lets be real for a second im a 12 year old and i freaking love drag queens especially katya and i believe in my heart that katya deserves all the happiness and appreciation in the world he is just such an amazing person and if a fucking 12 year old can see and accept a person for who he or she is why cant everyone else
RobynLynn (18 days ago)
I love pickles. I think that was a pickle... you’re very brave.
comefondue (26 days ago)
Thank you for having the courage to share this. It’s really important.
Evonne Wilkins (1 month ago)
Katya u r the best. I loved this video
Hayley Hunter (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry that happened to you x
Mel S (1 month ago)
You are such a genuine, Uber intelligent, beautiful soul. I love listening to your mind!
Magpie Randoms (1 month ago)
This is deep. I am so sorry that happened to you. I wish schools would include education about consent and assault in their sex ed curriculum.
Dash Katz (1 month ago)
GracefulDanny (2 months ago)
I too was raped when meeting a guy from grindr. It took me months to come to terms with why I was so sad, ashamed and why I'm still terrified of sex even today. I think because it was initially consensual I didn't think it could be rape, but no means fucking no: even if you exchange pics, meet up, and even start. I never told anyone because it was a grindr hookup and nothing could be done to prove anything, realistically. I'm glad Katya spoke up about it.
Addy White (2 months ago)
Fuck that dagger dick motherfucker. Katya, Brian, friend, teacher, _Queen_, I'm so sorry you have had to experience this. Many people, including myself, have been raped in what was supposed to be a normal intimate encounter. Thankfully, I haven't been violently raped, per se, but it still hurts. You entrust in that person; you put yourself in the most vulnerable, intimate position and just have to hope for the best. And it fucking sucks. I hope you never have to deal with that again. No one should suffer through that. Love you.
Satu Westerholm (2 months ago)
6:10 A collection of dildos, who has money for that?! Creativity is the key ;)
Rozaline Nelhams (2 months ago)
Poor Brian. Your a great inspiration to me and to others.
Kathryn Valone (3 months ago)
So sad. You seem to be such a sensitive soul and to have that happen is wrong in so many ways.
Vinnie_ Verified (3 months ago)
That fuckin dagger dick
Anuj Basraon (3 months ago)
Evolutionary trait + alcohol , how to stop it u can't an individual must be strong enough to break thay guys dick
Pitapow Wow (3 months ago)
you didn’t deserve to have that happen to you. I hope you’re ok and we all love you ❤️
Sandra DiBiaso (3 months ago)
What he did to you was terrible! 😢 I was raped by two former bosses and two former friends. One of my former bosses raped me twice because he put something in my drink before he raped me the first time. I was at his house to look at his record collection but felt out of it from him putting something in my drink at the restaurant which he did when I went to the ladies room. I realized he put something in my drink because I felt out of it after only two sips. He was my ride home and he insisted on wanting to me his record collection and his house near the beach in Gloucester, MA snd so I said fine. While looking at his record collection on the couch, he picked me up and carried me to his room. He knew I felt out of it from what he put in my drink but I really was so out of it that I couldn't walk without busy so wobbly. He raped me and I somehow fell asleep that night even though I was extremely uncomfortable. He told me to fuck him the next morning. I did as he said because I was afraid of what he would do to me if I didn't. Then he drove me home and I left that job as quickly as I could find a new job after that.
Jeannie Gage (3 months ago)
This is why katya no longer posts videos. People are dicks. He is discussing how he was raped!
JaabaaYup (4 months ago)
I had many flashbacks during this video, it made me feel very sick, but the way Brian talks about it makes me feel better
Lilmisscostumedrama (4 months ago)
Katyaaaaaa! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Catlos 2004 (4 months ago)
I love the way katya eats
Juan Esteves (4 months ago)
thats not rape, your mocking raped people, sorry i love you katya... but thats not it
Annastasia gmomma (4 months ago)
Thank you....some of us are not as strong to come out and speak on things...I have a new respect and love for you now....
Stefan Sarrazin (4 months ago)
I feel you katya #metoo. Get invited to bbq got drugged without knowing , black out and flashback memories of getting fucked by 3other guys that were there and they didn’t used any protection .... today I’m Hiv+ since that event ..l I struggle a lot afterward but today I’m ok Speak out and stand out for yourself when things like that happen and don’t fear to talk about what happened
Ben Pel (4 months ago)
only katya can give me an empowering lecture about sexual assault while also making me laugh
G Nickson (4 months ago)
I bought some Katya merch after watching this.
heckin tasty (4 months ago)
I appreciate the ideas Brian is trying to get across here, but rape isn't solely caused by toxic masculinity. And before I say anything, let me be clear: I don't endorse toxic masculinity and I am fully against it. However, if we want to actually prevent rape, we need to understand the root cause of it. Everyone feels pleasure from sex, whether they're masculine, feminine, men, or women. The rapists are the ones who can't stop that pleasure from causing them to lose their sense of empathy. It's all about the loss of basic human morals. Pointing the finger at some other norm that people seem to hate won't prevent rape, and actually going through with trying to get rid of said other norm for the sake of something entirely different is literally called using a scapegoat. Sure, toxic masculinity may have something to do with sexual violence, and getting rid of it might reduce rape to a certain extent, but it's not the sole cause, and that means it isn't good enough nor all-encompassing enough to fight against to prevent ALL rape that does and will ever exist. You wanna get rid of rape? You gotta dig it out from the roots, not the branches. I think understanding that rape is caused by a loss of empathy, which can happen to anyone at a certain breaking point in their psyche, regardless of their sex, gender, nature, nurture, or whatever is pivotal to the ability to create an all-encompassing education on what rape is so that people don't fucking do it, no matter who they are.
christmastiger (4 months ago)
I can definitely relate to this story. Thousands of women and men can as well. I would hope more guys would be able to learn from this but sadly there are way too many men who value their orgasm over literally the safety of others. That's part of the reason I've been more into women the past years.
literally no one (5 months ago)
16:52 That, honestly. That.
BAAM _-_-_ (5 months ago)
It's a moving story and it's age restricted. YouTube Sucks.
xcyanex (5 months ago)
this is why I love him so much. I will always be a fan of Brian just as equally as a Katya fan.
Luke Attwood (5 months ago)
Shady Pugsley (5 months ago)
Litteraly relate too this 100% similar situation happened to me. Dagger dick too! I don't hook up much because of it.
Kylie Manchu (5 months ago)
Yet another side to the Katya cube. How amazing is this bitch?! I think that the number of not being sexually abused at some point in someones life is actually smaller the number that have been. The world is just starting to see that now Thank you for sharing x x
Miss H's Messages (6 months ago)
Ms Britt (6 months ago)
❤️ so much love to you!
Madeline Jade (6 months ago)
4:52 *ass*
SH00KETH (6 months ago)
Why is this video restricted?
SH00KETH (6 months ago)
RPDR LIVE well that sucks :(
RPDR LIVE (6 months ago)
Some people reported it so Youtube restricted the video :/
dotty roads (6 months ago)
Oh man. This almost made me cry because of situations I've dealt with in the past. I'm glad I came across this video even though I'm late.
DanjA zonE (6 months ago)
I was raped, brutally, by a friend of my family... I'd LOVE to give him in my 43 year old self what I couldn't give him at 14! That's my DREAM! BLESS YOUR HEART, honey... thank you for speaking up.😘
Sam Iyam (7 months ago)
Nobody wants to hear anybody CHEW FOOD, it's disgusting, rude and inconsiderate. It also takes away from your message. How can you expect anyone to take you serious when you are chewing away like an old ravenous sow? I know this is way off topic but as soon as I hear nasty crunching I move on. Whatever story you had to tell you lost me at "deep fried pickles". Sorry.
ARJ 420 (7 months ago)
94 toxic males watched so far XD
Minxi Meow (7 months ago)
Awe Katya... I have been raped on two seperate occasions and I know how terrifying it is. It doesn't feel right. Its not okay. You're loved baby. Thanks for sharing your story.
1 Cruzita (7 months ago)
I survived incest. Boundary crossing first cousin. A narcissistic psychopath
MasaroZilian (7 months ago)
So honest and raw and educational.
Maegan Dean (7 months ago)
You are a such a beautiful person♡
Erick Allen (7 months ago)
I love Katya, but I cant watch/listen to people eating and trying to talk.
Annba Benno (7 months ago)
You're beautiful and inspirational, Katya!
Maria Kowal (7 months ago)
I have had similar experiences with men who would not stop once something had started. Some men will do anything to keep it going. It goes from uncomfortable to scary within moments and is never ok. I can't talk about it without getting angry so thank you for putting this out there in such a calm way.
Layhla Skywalker (7 months ago)
I hope you know how much I needed this. The world needs people like this.
Jason S (7 months ago)
Whether in drag or out of drag, a FASCINATING INDIVIDUAL!!!! I could listen to his stories, nuggets of wisdom (even burps) all day. A BRAVE soul to tell his story.
Beekah (7 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts, I am legitimately curious though. What's your thought on toxic femininity? For example, the idea women are quiet, timid, weak, obident, etc. Or even obvious double standards in favor of women If toxic masculinity is a set of negative rules for men, isn't there a female equivalent?
Abigail Rose (7 months ago)
Well fuck you, to the people who disliked this, for not seeing how much of an inspiration Katya is. Shame
chickenhead80 (7 months ago)
I love you, Katya. You are a truly beautiful human being. Much love, momma.
lil sprout (7 months ago)
A-Fuckin-men ; I've been in this situation, sadly more than once, and it's terrifying and disgusting and WRONG. I want to commend him for speaking on this very important subject. It's so sad that this happens to so many people.
Waldbeer Monster (7 months ago)
I got so sad when Brian talked about being raped. For something so terrible to happen to someone so amazing and special...
Pixietoria (7 months ago)
Thank you for being so open (no pun intended), Katya. You understand the difference between entering and being entered as you have experienced it from both sides. I had a similar experience. I love you. Take care of yourself. xxx
Faith Rafter (7 months ago)
I love that u described a non -stereotypical version of rape rather than the common perception wear we villanise people when that’s not always the reality ,, this is what we need for more awareness it’s not always the dodgy lane late at night scenario, bravo Katya
Apollonia Ashworth (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for that it was right on time xo
Ryzen D. (7 months ago)
it doesn't matter how serious the topic is, katya will always find a way to make a joke.
Joze Rodriguez (7 months ago)
I love it when guys who do drag do little kikis like this speak out about taboo stuff. I just made my coffee and ready for the T,lmao.
Lucy Carter (7 months ago)
I had a similar situation with a guy, and watching this made me feel better about because when I've tried to talk to people about it they don't think he raped me and they tell me that I let it happen. Maybe I've been opening up to the wrong people, but it has really made me doubt whether my feelings towards that experience are justified. Watching this made those feelings seem justified.
Muna Apfelbaum (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing your story. You made a lot of good points and I needed to hear those from a man. I love you in drag and out!
Ethereal Vagabond (7 months ago)
I appreciate this so much. Thank you.
dani cullum (7 months ago)
Preaching the good word. This video is so important.
Leon I (7 months ago)
Very this! Love Katya for sharing. I totally agree, sex should feel good for all parties and you shouldn't have to degrade or inflict pain on others to enjoy it. That is a strange corruption of the mind. I have played with a guy who had a dagger dick too and it is not fun.
JaxieWorld (7 months ago)
Thank you for the education Katya! 🐾🐾🐾
Dandy Andy (7 months ago)
His voice is so magnificent, his lil ole timey train conductor voice murders me
Jimena Torres (7 months ago)
I love Katya for sharing this because A) it needs to be talked about and B) it makes me feel less alone. I can relate to so much of what she's saying because I have had a similar experience. A few years ago I was raped at a party; I was incredibly drunk and passed out on a bed and basically woke up with someone on top of me. Despite my knowledge of rape culture and toxic masculinity I internalized what had happened and chalked it down to a "drunken mistake" even though I didn't give consent. It's crazy how we can almost rationalize when something horrendous happens to us, especially when it comes to sexual assault. My heart goes out to Katya and anyone else who has been through a similar experience, we are not alone and we're more than what has happened to us <3
RogueMarch (7 months ago)
Tori Cormier (7 months ago)
I wish he was my best friend.
Daisy Dimandz (7 months ago)
Thankyou for this I had exactly the same experience sorry you had to go through it because it’s a mind fuck .
Jhon Doe (7 months ago)
Awwŵ bless uuuu
Sam Seleznow (7 months ago)
This is some real fucking tea
KT (7 months ago)
What I find is that men, typically white men, feel that they are entitled to sex- consenting or not.
sofie wild (7 months ago)
I fucking love her
Aníbal Samos (8 months ago)
This is my queen.
sarah thompson (8 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this. That moment at the end with "Let's watch Mulan." I love your message and that in the end your sense of humor kind of shone through. <3
Emjay Ameringen (8 months ago)
Why does it now make me very worried that Katya/Brian's getting loads of tattoos?
Roseface (8 months ago)
How do I send Katya all my pdfs about toxic masculinity and our toxic sexual culture? I think they might help. After finally coming to terms with my experience of 5 years of childhood sexual abuse by a family member and developing severe PTSD about it after memories started resurfacing when i was 18-21, I started reading a lot and I feel like SOOO much better and I have all this knowledge and wowee it helped me a lot. It really helped me to put my thoughts together and to make my feelings about it feel solidified. Mostly about the sexual politics of like... men with women, but there are some that either touch on gay men's particular dynamics briefly or go into an analysis of that pretty deeply. It's interesting when they talk about how like... hetero relationship dynamics and sexism and the patterns those things make are also identifiable within gay men's' relationships, particularly in relation to bottoms. Socialization fucks us up. I hate this shit.
Vanessa Grimston (8 months ago)
I adore you all of the time, but after watching this, I cannot even express the level of respect I have for you. You are so fucking wise and funny and talented. Keep doing you, mama. The world needs you😙
jmek08 (8 months ago)
For those inexperienced bottoms yes even a small dick can obviously hurt. I guess it's like 'popping the cherry'... idk. But him not stopping yes that's wrong... abusive and disrespectful.
Olivia C-G (8 months ago)
I'm so glad I watched this
Yes people it happenes to men 2 ppl
Stefanie Ella (8 months ago)
Love you ❤️
Olivia (8 months ago)
Why does this sound like a podcast yet look like me watching youtube videos at 4:00 am
Briauna Bergland (8 months ago)
I have loved this woman for years and I love her even more now 💜💜💜
Hi Katya! You are a very funny queen and I like your show with Trixie. You are a cute boy!!!! I love your raw chat on this video.
Anilak Reywas (8 months ago)
YES. Crying because I feel your words so deeply. I’ve been processing sexual trauma for years and this video hit home. Cut through allll the bullshit. We really got the idea of sex so twisted, and it’s a problem I see in myself and other women too. We HAVE to stop using each other’s bodies for personal profit. Like you said, “Sex is at its best an amazing meal shared with another person.” Mama. Thank you.
Meraki (8 months ago)
in this society, men were never taught self control, emotional balance, that looks do not make the person, self care (true cleanliness), "no" is not an insult, or the true power of sex (there is a lot of magic involved)
shesmoreglamour (8 months ago)
this is so important, thanks for sharing ❤❤❤
Diony L. (8 months ago)
"i fucked the shit out of him" God i died
Kristine Medina (8 months ago)
This is amazing, Katya! Youre my fave queen much love
kiikat (8 months ago)
Wise, articulate, compassionate, based in personal real life experience; thank you
October Domari (8 months ago)
So sorry this happened to you... but am so proud of you for making this video. Sending a hug...
Raaid Cotman-El (8 months ago)
I could watch, the chewing, drinking sounds, and smacking sounds were too much.
April Hijacked (8 months ago)
I would like you know how important your words are for others. You are adored and this was incredibly brave. Thank you so much B.
CCknows (8 months ago)
I wish this was longer...part 2 please!!

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