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DERS 4 - Wpf - Button, Style, Triggers, IsMouseOver
Wpf ile uygulama yapıyoruz style,trigger
Views: 10063 MilcanX Developer
C# WPF Material Design UI: Navigation Drawer & PopUp Menu
C# WPF UI: Navigation Drawer and PopUp Menu ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Material Design XAML http://materialdesigninxaml.net/ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ GitHub https://github.com/Abel13/NavigationDrawer
Views: 49022 Design com WPF
WPF: Expander
How to use the "Expander" Control Element in WPF
Views: 852 Rabie Hammoud
WPF Tutorial 18 - The Expander
For today's WPF Tutorial we are going to be talking about the Expander control in WPF!
Views: 31983 Continuously Building
Expander Control in WPF (Part 1 of 2 Videos)
In this WPF video, the developer, will demonstrate and talk about the various problems, encountered while styling the EXPANDER control in WPF (.NET).
Views: 1076 Ketan Dubey
Creating ControlTemplates In WPF
This video shows you how to use a control template in WPF to change the visual tree of a button element. Snoop Download link: http://snoopwpf.codeplex.com/
Views: 19541 Brad Cunningham
WPF: GridSplitter
How to use the "GridSplitter" layout element in WPF
Views: 953 Rabie Hammoud
Kurs 15 - Expander
Data dodania: 11.09.2017 Dzisiaj porozmawiamy o ekspanderze, czyli kontrolce, która umożliwi rozwinięcie jej zawartości. Zakres: • Expander • TextBlock • Button • ToolTip Aqua 2018: http://kurso-center.pl/strony/projekty.html Link do działu na forum: http://kurso-center.pl/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=604 Forum: http://www.kurso-center.pl/forum/index.php Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tajemniczyyStronkaGraUnity/
Views: 286 Tajemniczy
C# Dynamically Expanding Form
This video is a tutorial that will demonstrate how to create a form that can have elements dynamically added to it during run time. Source code for the content and form1 classes (does not contain GUI draw code, only the events and such). Just create the forms and controls as shown in the video and then be sure you name your buttons and main panel the same as I have: http://pastebin.com/bdS7UUKE panel_main button_add button_remove
Views: 4656 Joe McEntire
WPF Tutorial 20 - The Viewbox
Today we are going to be talking about the Viewbox in WPF!
Views: 25175 Continuously Building
StackPanel and Dockpanel in WPF(Nesting Container)
Introduction of Nesting Container in WPF
Views: 1085 ToolTech
WPF: Use of ToolBar, add buttons in it
In this WPF video tutorial we will learn: --How to use ToolBar control in WPF --How to add Header attribute in WPF --How to add controls in ToolBar
Views: 7564 WPF
Expander Control in WPF (Part 2 of 2 Videos)
In this video, the developer will demonstrate, how to evade the expander control, and place them one below the other and also adjacent. Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajKPYZ1KZc4
Views: 587 Ketan Dubey
Tutorial: Fade animation for WPF controls. (C#/WPF)
How to add fade animation to WPF controls using C# Programs used: -Visual Studio professional 2010 (2008 should work as well) -Visual Studio Express C# 2008/2010 should work. Sorry for the small text as well, watch in at-least 420p or you will have a hard time reading. Visit my blog at: http://zahidakbar.wordpress.com
Views: 19698 TheZaza101
Lesson05: WPF Styles Templates
Lesson05 WPF Styles Templates
Views: 529 Nguyen Ba Quang
Wpf - Slider Menu Yapımı
Wpf ile c# kodları kullanmadan Slider Menu ( Kayan Menu ) Yapımı. Üye olmayı unutmayın arkadaşlar. Proje Dosyası : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5a5B7ehAHzTRENOTUEtZVVSNjg
Views: 29481 MilcanX Developer
How to use WPF Controls in WinForms
Windows Forms XAML, C# Content Controls Visual Studio Community Edition 2016 Suche freiberufliche Projekte Stuttgart Nürtingen Tel:07022/9319004: C#, Net, ASP.net, Ajax, WPF, WinForms, Android, Java, UWP, SQL-Server, Office, Access Excel Word
Views: 7737 CodeDocu_com
WPF Tutorial 9 - DockPanels
Today we are going to talk about DockPanels in WPF!!
Views: 44683 Continuously Building
Facebook Style Video Url Expander
Facebook Style Video Url Expander Supports 1. Youtube 2. Vimeo 3. Metacafe 4. Dailymotion 5. Soundcloud http://w3lessons.info/demo/facebook-style-url-expander
Views: 630 Karthikeyan K
[C# WPF Tutorial] How to Make a Functional Custom Window Chrome - EASIEST METHOD!
Welcome to my first YouTube C# tutorial. This tutorial explains how to get a borderless window (WindowStyle.None) working with proper maximization and dragging functionality, as well as how add custom window control buttons. Here is the link to the pastebin featured in the video: http://pastebin.com/WDZpDKRN Here is a link to the code to put in the MainWindow() constructor for SourceInitialized: http://pastebin.com/PW7hN8ms Here is a download link to the full project for use as a template: https://mega.nz/#!Ct0QwRKa!60z5iEpHmBc8O6bUfMkS_uC92WvDD5RZsHlNOVXXgRc Note that you need 7-Zip to open the file. Here is a link to my post that describes the steps in the video in detail: http://stackoverflow.com/a/42806834/5557486
Views: 4383 TheFanatr
WPF Tutorial 17 - GroupBox and TabItem
For today's WPF Tutorial we are going to be talking about the GroupBox and TabItem HeaderedContentControl
Views: 26555 Continuously Building
WPF - Property Triggers
WPF - Property Triggers Watch more Videos at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/index.htm Lecture By: Mr. Anadi Sharma, Tutorials Point India Private Limited.
Animated Panels in WPF
Examples of my attempt to provide animation support of existing WPF layouts. Project available at http://www.codeproject.com/KB/WPF/AnimatedWPFPanels.aspx
Views: 17654 Fredrik Bornander
WPF Tutorial 16 - The ScrollViewer
For today's WPF Tutorial we are going to be talking about the ScrollViewer in WPF!
Views: 44770 Continuously Building
DERS 3 - wpf - Border ve Yerleşim
DERS 3 - Border ve Yerleşim - Wpf ile uygulama yapıyoruz
Views: 5822 MilcanX Developer
WPF Grid Panel
Views: 97 ! Doval
WPF and PowerShell Ep4 Enable Disable Hide and Collapse
How to Manipulate parts of a WPF GUI using Powershell. https://github.com/JimMoyle/GUIDemo
Views: 1254 Jim Moyle
Simple Converter WPF:Bool To Visibility
How to create converter in WPF.
Views: 2148 Mike
Part  16 ScrollViewer Control in WPF
In this video we will learn to use the ScrollViwer Control in WPF. This video shows the types of scrollling which ScrollViewer Supports. These are 1. Physical Scrolling 2. Logical Scrolling
Views: 4013 myTutorialsCorner
Windows 7 in 7: Using the Windows 7 Ribbon in WPF
This video shows how to create a simple ribbon in a Windows Presentation Foundation application.
Views: 11056 realmsdev
Tutorial 10. Menu Control WPF.
Te mostramos como hacer un menú en WPF. Sigue nuestro canal, comparte y comenta. ★Canal Yotube★ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZetLaXSoft ★Twitter★ Twiter: uzielmercado11 ★Facebooko★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uziel.mercadoperez ★Blogger★ Blog: http://tintelligence.blogspot.mx/2016/04/tutorial-10-creando-menu-en-wpf.html
WPF Scrolling Content with Flicks and Gestures
C# application that uses WPF ScrollViewer control to scroll content using touch without scroll bars. The application is running on an HP TouchSmart tx2 tablet PC. I also use tablet flicks and gestures to control the content. I've included code for animating the scrolling of the content. Read the article and get the source code at http://www.therobotgeek.net/downloads/wpf_scrolling_content/wpf_scrolling_content.zip
Views: 17072 Travis Feirtag
V11 Grid Component - Row Expander - Animation
M29 You can now set animation options for when a row expander in the Grid is opened or closed. To turn animation on, check the "Animate" property in the Row Expander section of the Grid Builder.
Views: 1117 Alpha Software
DERS 9  - Wpf - Header düzenleme
Wpf İle Uygulama Yapıyoruz
Views: 3083 MilcanX Developer
WPF Tutorial 11  - GridSplitter
Today we are going to talk about the GridSplitter in WPF!
Views: 36796 Continuously Building
Accordion style menu built with WPF. https://sourceforge.net/projects/wpfaccordionmen/
Views: 5504 Dylan Turnbull
C# WPF Tutorial In Urdu - C# WPF Menu Control
In this tutorial, we will discuss how to use Menu control in C# WPF in Urdu language.
Views: 1098 ProgramInUrdu
C# - [DEMO] Minidesk (WPF)
Minidesk Sidebar, hecho con C# y WPF.
Views: 143 Leodev
Kurs 13 - DocumentViewer
Data dodania: 09.09.2017 Kontrolka pozwalająca wyświetlać pliki w formacie *.XPS. Można je uzyskać poprzez zapisanie pliku worda (*.docx) w takim formacie. Zakres: • DocumentViewer • Button • Zapis *.docx na *.xps (w Wordzie) • ReachFramework • Path.Combine Aqua 2018: http://kurso-center.pl/strony/projekty.html Link do działu na forum: http://kurso-center.pl/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=602 Forum: http://www.kurso-center.pl/forum/index.php Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tajemniczyyStronkaGraUnity/
Views: 599 Tajemniczy
XAML контроли
Лекция: XAML контроли Училищна академия, март 2013 - http://academy.telerik.com/school-academy/meetings/details/2013/03/07/xaml-applications-for-windows-desktop-and-store Лектор: Дончо Минков Дата: 29 март 2013 Съдържание: - XAML контроли - Текстови контроли - Бутони - Списъчни контроли - GroupBox и Expander - Менюта - Ленти с инструменти - Други контроли ... Slider и Scroll контроли ... ProgressBar ... ToolTip - Custom контроли Вижте всички уроци от срещите на Училищната академия на Телерик: http://academy.telerik.com/school-academy/meetings Следете срещите на Училищната академия на Телерик във Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TelerikSchoolAcademy. Уебсайт на Академията на Телерик: http://academy.telerik.com Следете за предстоящи безплатни обучения на Академията на Телерик във Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TelerikAcademy.
Views: 1187 Telerik Academy
Cápsula ItemsControl
Video de enseñanza sobre el uso del control ItemsControl
Views: 727 ingecaam
WPF Tutorial 8 - WrapPanel
Hey guys welcome to WPF Tutorials! Today we are going to talk about WrapPanels in WPF!
Views: 35093 Continuously Building
Developing for Windows 7: Task Dialog #7: Details expander
Add a Details expander In Your Task Dialog. For the code used in this tutorial see: http://zahidakbar.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/using-the-taskdialog-windowsapicodepack/ Visit my blog at: http://zahidakbar.wordpress.com
Views: 332 TheZaza101
Wpf | Naby | 4 | TabItem | Chap. 4/8
Le control TabItem en WPF est un control de type ItemsControl. Il n'est utilisable qu'une fois associé à un autre control qu'est le TabControl. Dans cette vidéo, Ibrahima présente les notions de base pour une bonne compréhension de ce control.
Views: 1129 Ibrahima Toure
Collapsible Tree Demo [yFiles WPF]
This video presents the Collapsible Tree demo of our Windows Presentation Foundation-based diagramming solution yFiles WPF. The demo application loads a tree with many nodes, whose branches can be expanded and collapsed. The nodes are rendered with custom icons that indicate their current state. After an expand or collapse operation, the graph is redrawn using a configurable layout algorithm. The yFiles diagramming software components (http://www.yworks.com/products/yfiles) enable you to add high-quality diagramming functionality to your own software applications: turn your data into clear diagrams with the help of unequaled automatic diagram layout, use rich visualizations for your diagram elements, and give your users an intuitive interface for smooth interaction. yFiles is available for a wide range of platforms and technologies: from web applications to cross-platform Java(FX) to the Microsoft .NET environment. The yFiles family of software components is made by yWorks GmbH: http://www.yworks.com
Views: 2760 yWorksTube
StackPanel in WPF
WPF, Stack Panel
Views: 212 Veera Kondalu

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