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How To Get Vista Theme On xp PC Using Style Xp
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Mac Theme on Vista Tutorial: Part 6 Firefox Mac style
!! I'm not responsible for damage on your machine !! 1. Download this add-on https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/7172 2. Install/activate and restart firefox 3. Subscribe and Rate !! 4. Enjoy your mac styled firefox(Yes I know there is such thing as Safari for Windows, but this is a better solution for me since I don't like safari)
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Style: Black Mozilla Firefox Vista Theme Perfect! Without using Any add-ons!
The Code LINK: http://userstyles.org/styles/8212 This tweak can be Applied to Mozilla Firefox 2,3,3.5 and the beta versions as well. NOTE: I didn't create the codes myself..All the credits of this code will be on its respective [email protected] userstyles.org Please rate and suscribe!This tutorial is for Windows based computers that's using Mozilla Firefox only..If you're a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user,please use an add-on called "Stylish" then paste the code onto it and it will work,This tutorial shows how to do it on Windows XP based computers w/o using any add-ons.
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How To get vista theme on xp pc using style xp
how to get ur pc to look like vista when it runs on xp !!! using skins manager
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Style:Firefox Strata (Vista) Theme on Windows XP
Here's the download link for the classic.manifest file, http://www.howtogeek.com/geekers/Firefox3WindowsThemes.zip For further info w/ text instructions,go to this link: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/internet/firefox/force-firefox-3-to-use-the-vista-theme-in-windows-xp/ Please rate and subscribe! NOTE: For informational purposes only,all credits will be on "howtogeek.com"
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Vista Basic To Vista Premium Aero Style
This should allow you to get the aero theme; but not transparant... =P (But Still Worth it) If you want to get the transparent style DON'T do any of this and get True Transparency. **Keep Reading and I will show you how you can save money and not upgrade to Vista Premium, but still make it feel like you have vista premium. =) ** True Transparency Link: http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.id.5139-truetransparency-lefreut-explorer-tools.htm -This does work on xp Also you don't get the nice flip 3d flip of windows like premium if you do all this still, but all you need to install is is Topdesk. Topdesk Link: http://download.cnet.com/TopDesk/3000-2072_4-10337922.html -This does work on xp too and this does lagg if you changed your window to look like a premium... Also If you want the thumb nail preview when you run across your toolbar you need to get Visual Tool Tip. Visual Tool Tip Link: http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.id.197-visual-tooltip-chsalmon-explorer-tools.htm -This does work on xp too. Please Comment and Rate! =) Enjoy your new look of windows! (I will come up with videos to show you all the links, if you need a visual of all this) ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR COMPUTER... IF YOU FOLLOW THE TUTORIAL AND HAVE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS TO RUN AERO IT SHOULD WORK
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How to download and apply a Windows 7 theme to Windows Vista using Style Selector
This video isnt one of my best, I just quickly put it together for someone who wanted to know how to apply the windows 7 theme using style selector. If you would like any other tutorials like this, please let me know. Link for the theme: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=windows+vista+themes#/d1ovzal
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theme style xp
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How to get custom themes in Windows Vista.
Please rate and write comment this video. watch this video in hq http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw8axrQwfw0&fmt=18 http://www.deviantart.com/#catpath=customization/skins/vistautil/visstyles&order=9 some time they have more themes u just have to make sure that when u open that folder u need to have visual style file in it. for example you download theme and that theme have 3 folder inside if it u have to paste those 3 folder in resources theme folder. so u have 3 different themes. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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TUTORIAL: Safest & Easiest Way to Patch Vista/7 Theme Files to Use 3rd Party Themes
In this tutorial, I show you a program called 'VistaGlazz', in my opinion the safest and easiest way to patch the uxtheme.dll file in Windows 7 & Vista so you can succesfully use third-party (Non-Microsoft) themes and visual styles. DOWNLOAD LINKS: VistaGlazz installer: http://www.codegazer.com/vistaglazz/downloads/ AeroVG Theme(the theme I used in the video) *ALL CREDIT GOES TO VISHAL GUPTA (http://www.askvg.com/), THE CREATOR OF THE THEME* For Vista: http://www.askvg.com/new-aerovg-theme-for-windows-vista/ For Seven: http://www.askvg.com/download-final-version-of-aerovg-se7en-theme-for-windows-7/ Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe if you can and drop me a like! Follow these if you want: My personal Twitter (I follow back): http://www.twitter.com/dxwnshifting © 2012 techDIGGER
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Windows XP, Vista und 7 - Visual Style ändern [German/Deutsch]
Visual Styles downloaden: http://www.deviantart.com/ Mein Visual Style [Dynamic Black]: http://ul.to/lb5x84 UniversalThemePatcher: http://ul.to/7rttkw Hoffe ich konnte euch helfen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Mike
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Simple Desktop - Make Windows Look Better
Thanks for watching, remember to leave a like, comment and subscribe! This works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Links used on the video: http://bit.ly/SD-Wallpaper - Wallpaper http://bit.ly/RainmeterSite - Rainmeter http://bit.ly/limitSkins - L!MIT skins for Rainmeter http://bit.ly/RocketdockSite2 - RocketDock (Updated link since the other one isn't working anymore) http://bit.ly/win10ThemeRocketdock - Win10 Theme for RocketDock For anyone wondering RocketDock&Rainmeter together like in this tutorial use about 20MB of RAM. Music: Tobu - Hope - http://bit.ly/TobuHopeByNCS More Wallpapers - http://imgur.com/gallery/WyvmO
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How To Add Style To Vista Side-Bar on Xp Or Vista(with windows xp rmix beat)
Blue Fantasy Style: http://www.wincustomize.com/explore/sidebar_styler/17/download True Glass: http://www.wincustomize.com/explore/sidebar_styler/10/download If You DO Not Have Vista Side Bar For Vista (Or XP) You Can Download These Awsome Fake (but cool) Vista Side Bars For Xp Or Claick The link In The Video To Download Real Vista Sidebar For Xp-(vista) http://techblissonline.com/vista-sidebar-xp-skins/ SideBar-Styler: http://www.stoyanoff.info/blog/code/styler/ HOW TO USE SIDEBAR-STYLER: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/applying-themes-to-your-windows-vista-sidebar/
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Windows Vista Visual Style
A combo of Vistart and Royale Noir. with Music. if you cant upgrade to vista i reccomend doing this if you like the vista visual style. i do not own the song or any thing that is music!!!!!!
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Vista Style™ V3 Final Edition
Vista Style™ V3 Final Edition Win vista Modificado por wenderhack Donde bajarlo google.com y colocan el nombre
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XyracX moded PSP v. 7.0 Vista style
3.03 OE-C
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windows Vista mit win 7 style  + download link
http://giannisgx89.deviantart.com/art/Windows-7-Style-For-Vista-102269037 das ist der link für die seite wo ich im video drauf war zum downloaden viel spaß damit :)
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Classic Windows Style Logon on Windows Vista
This video will show you how to enable Ctrl+Alt+Del on your Windows Vista's logon screen. It will also show you how to enable your Windows Vista computer to require you to enter a username and password upon logon.
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Visual Style bei Windows XP / Vista / 7 ändern
universal Theme Patcher: http://universal-theme-patcher.softonic.de/ Styles: http://deviantart.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- music by: king7
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Windows VISTA PSP style
Using 3.52 M33 4 custom firmware ive changed my xmb.
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How To Get The Vista Aero Style For Windows XP
1ST SONG: Windows XP Theme Song 2nd song; forgot sorry this shows you how to get the vista aero style for xp windows (windows xp) enjoy comment rate and subscribe peace out RAR EXTRACTOR SITE: www.rarlab.com/download.htm
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Windows XP Vista Style
Windows XP with vistas new capabilities!
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Vagia's G Revolution Vista Visual Style
Coming Soon...
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Modifica Windows Vista BootScreen Personalizzato al 100% Style Parkour e Stile Coldplay
Modifica BootScreen Di Windows Vista Home Premium x32
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Vista or classic style on windows 7
this is a video on how to get the traditional taskbar on you windows 7 pc
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Beautiful Themes for Windows Vista - Vista Glazz
http://quesomanrulz.com - Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out this video tutorial. This one is about how to install custom themes on Windows Vista instead of just using Aero with the orb. With this program you can install custom themes you can download at many different locations. They can make your OS look much more attractive, especially since everyone gets tired of aero eventually. Links: http://download.cnet.com/VistaGlazz/3000-2072_4-10671199.html?part=dl-10671199&subj=dl&tag=button http://browse.deviantart.com/customization/skins/vistautil/visstyles/?order=9 http://twitter.com/quesoman
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Windows 7 etwas im Vista-Style
Windows Vista Wallpaper.jpg: http://vistawallpapers.files.wordpress.com/2007/03/vista-wallpaper-new-aurora.jpg
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[TUT] Windows XP zu Windows Vista und Windows 7 Style machen (Visual Styles)
Ja ma ein kleines TUT Links: UxTender: http://www.chip.de/downloads/UXTender-UXTheme-Service-Patcher-for-XP-SP3_31636544.html Themes: http://browse.deviantart.com/customization/skins/windows/visualstyle/
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Vista style!
Dos this look like vista? you decide!
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Windows Vista - MAC STYLE, FULL BAR!!~@!
This is Tonypker13. Made a Mac theme change, with FULL MAC BAR ON MY VISTA!!! Check it out :)
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Give Windows XP A New Look - Vista Style
Well, here's another video of the classic 'Give Windows XP A New Look'. This time, we are going to make our Windows XP machine, look alot like Vista! So, i've created a package of all the files needed here - http://www.mediafire.com/?n2mknhlmzlh Here's what your getting with it - *Theme *Cursor *Sidebar *Start Menu *Login Screen *Icons *Wallpapers *Aero Flip Effect Hope you enjoy the video!
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Windows Remix ( vista style )
pretty cool hey
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how to convert xp taskbar/startbar into vista style
go to this link http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TC92JLO4 download file,extract it and install zune and you r done.
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Photoshop CS4 - Making a Vista Style logo
Quick video of me making a Microsoft Vista style logo. I used this for my youtube theme, except the color is different. *update: for the lines dividing up the square I don't usually use the warp tool, I make a cleaner shape by using the pen tool. Steps: 1. 3D ball rendering 2. Black square 3. warp square 4. break apart 5. emboss 6. gradient overlay 7. lighting effects on ball + emboss 8.drop shadow. done.
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Vista Visual Style On Windows XP Free - Sub Q
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Firefox an Vista style anpassen
In diesem Tut wird gezeigt wie mit einem Firefox Add-on namens All-Glass der Browser umgestaltet wird. https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/12181/
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my linux style vista desktop -owen
its just nothin
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How to download Windows 7 style for Vista (32 bit) ALL FREE!!
Hi Welcome to another Vdeo of my videos about how to make a better computer ! ok First of all the Links : Windows 7 Style: http://giannisgx89.deviantart.com/art/Windows-7-Style-For-Vista-102269037 ---------------------------------------------- ***LET'S BE FRIENDS*** Twitter:MrRumbleTv FaceBook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MrRumbleTv/ ---------------------------------------------- Update: You must patch using vista glazz look for some vids to see how to do it !!! Like,Rate , And Subscribe .
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Windows 98 commercial Windows Vista Style
Phew, this took a long time to make. With my laptop's slow speed, and Camstudio causing lag during recording, it took so much time that I almost lost intrest (but I do like these kinds of videos and I wanted to make one for myself, and no one has done one for Vista yet so...) I tried my best try and remake what was done in the original in vista (of course I replaced the parts that couldn't be done in vista or didn't show a computer screen at all).
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*NEW* Windows 7 Skin and Rainmeter Install Tutorial V2 | Icons included
Please subscribe & checkout http://artificialanimation.com/ NOTE: ONLY TESTED ON WINDOWS 7! MAKE SURE YOU'RE USING A VISTA THEME IF YOU'RE DOING THIS ON VISTA! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SYSTEM. This is a comprehensive tutorial covering the installation of custom Windows 7 Visual Styles. This should work similar if not the same on Windows Vista. Also covered is how to replace your explorer.exe, which is what's needed to change the start icon, how to change icons on your taskbar, install and configuring Rainmeter along with Essential Bar. I also show you a great website to get custom wallpapers from, wallbase.cc. Version 1 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxjQWpqJ34g it was rendered obsolete but still has some good information inside of it, the reason for VERSION 2 is because of the Author of Chill 3D, he changed the links and removed the integration pack. Now, I present to you - a rebuilt pack, which I've mirrored personally to ensure longevity. ------------------------------------------------------- LINKS: ------------------------------------------------------- Tools: http://artificialanimation.com/downloads/Tools.zip Chill Theme: http://artificialanimation.com/downloads/ChillTheme.zip Steel ORB: http://artificialanimation.com/downloads/steelORB.zip Rainmeter Customization Pack: http://artificialanimation.com/downloads/RCUSTOM.zip Rainmeter: http://rainmeter.net/cms/ Token icons: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=tOKEN+ICON#/d24gow2 Wallpapers: http://wallbase.cc/ ----------------------------------------------------------- OTHER WAYS TO REPLACE EXPLORER.EXE: For the people that need more permission to change explorer to explorer.old. Right click on explorer, Properties, select the Security tab, under Group or user names, select Users ([Your Account Name]\Users), click Edit, then select Users ([Your Account]\Users) again and under Permission for Users check Allow for Full Control (First option), Click apply, then Ok, under the Security tab again, click Advanced, under the Owner tab, click Edit, select [Your Account], click Apply & Ok to everything by: scarfaceoO321 OR: http://windows7themes.net/how-to-replace-explorer-exe-in-windows-7.html My personal skin pack (for use with 1920x1200 resolution): http://artificialanimation.com/downloads/rainmeter-skins.rar Artificial Animation → http://artificialanimation.com/ Facebook → http://facebook.com/artificialanimation Personal Facebook → http://facebook.com/ronaldcgriffin My Portfolio → http://ronaldcgriffin.com/ Got work for me? Shoot me an e-mail! [email protected] Thanks for watching, make sure to subscribe! TAGS: Windows 7 customization rainmeter tutorial configuring rainmeter configuration rainmeter skins how to make windows 7 look amazing windows 7 themes windows 7 mac chill 3d visual style windows vista icon patcher icon pack how to install icons windows 7
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Windows Vista (OS - X style)
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Windows 7 Microsoft Style for Vista (TutorialsForVista)
This review and tutorial is narrated and filmed by Tyler Winters of TfV productions. The links to the program and msstyle used in this video are the following: http://www.codegazer.com/vistaglazz/ http://giannisgx89.deviantart.com/art/Windows-7-Style-For-Vista-102269037 - This film is TfV's property, anyone to copy this video will be harshly flamed by Tyler Winters. Do not copy this video, unless you want to be flamed.
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acer aspire one  window xp style vista
mi "mini" con un theme de windows vista, hamm tiene aparte del theme un programa ke hace ke la barra se haga transparente, y tamb otro para ke salga una ventana miniatura al pasar el mouse como el vista., mmm se ve bonito xD
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how to get vista visual style razor xp
!!!WARNING!!!! you need to patch your system first before downloading the visa style. to do that , see my other videos (slan xp) to see the site or go to google and type uxtheme multipatcher. Link http://zrageburn.deviantart.com/art/Razor-Vista-Updated-55992281
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Leopard style for windows vista
Leopard style for windows vista
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Vista Basic to Ultimate Aero Style
Ok the Video that shows you how to enable Dreamscene on your Vista computer... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4iYm_lTkqk I take no ownership of this video......... Link for Dreamscene Videos: http://VistaDreamScene.googlepages.com/ (Perfect place for HD vids) WATCH THESE VIDEOS TO GET THE OTHER THINGS: Gmote mouse gesture recognizer Vista basic with thumbnail preview Windows Flip 3d for Vista Basic And Xp Vista Basic To Vista Premium Aero Style
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Buena Vista Social Club - Full album
Click here to subscribe to World Circuit - http://smarturl.it/sub2worldcircuit Chan Chan - 0:00 De Camino a La Vereda- 4:17 El Cuarto De Tula- 9:20 Pueblo Nuevo- 16:45 Dos Gardenias- 22:51 ¿Y Tú Qué Has Hecho? - 25:54 Veinte Anos - 29:07 El Carretero - 32:38 Candela - 36:08 Amor De Loca Juventud - 41:37 Orgullecida - 45:00 Murmullo - 48:19 Buena Vista Social Club - 52:10 La Bayamesa -57:02 Buena Vista Social Club 2x LP - released 23rd October 2015. Out now http://bit.ly/1gJS8ii The original Buena Vista Social Club album was recorded for World Circuit Records over seven days at the vintage EGREM studios in Havana. Released in 1997, the album went to on to become a worldwide phenomenon, selling over 8 million copies and helping to introduce Cuba’s rich musical heritage and pre-revolutionary past. Now, almost two decades later, World Circuit Records are delighted to present ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ on double vinyl – released for the very first time in Europe on 23/10/2015. World Circuit Records have established their reputation by producing some of the finest world music albums of the past two decades, specialising in music from Cuba and West Africa. The label is best known for the GRAMMY winning Buena Vista Social Club album, which is the biggest selling world music album of all time, and led to the phenomenal rise in popularity of Cuban music. 10 years after their historic concert in New York, World Circuit release Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall. World Circuit's African artists enjoy equal prestige, including Grammy winning albums from Ali Farka Touré and kora virtuoso Toumani Diabaté, Mali's 'star of stars' Oumou Sangare, afrobeat legend Tony Allen, and the great Orchestra Baobab. http://www.worldcircuit.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/WorldCircuitRecords https://twitter.com/WorldCircuit
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NECA Kenner Style Power Arm Terminator 2 Figure! Hasta La Vista, Baby! Extreme Retro Toy Jawning!
#neca #terminator #justjhernandez Today in the house we've got a modern, revamped version of one of my favorite figures as a kid, we've got NECA's Kenner Style Power Arm Terminator from their Kenner Inspired line! Stoked to have this dude in the collection! Stay frosty, my dudes, and have a great weekend! My Insta - https://www.instagram.com/justjhernandez/
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