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Oracle DBA Justin - How to install Statspack in an Oracle database
How to install Statspack in an Oracle database
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Using Oracle Statspack | Kiran Tailor
Making his second appearance in a 2 Minute Tech Tip, Oracle ACE Associate Kiran Tailor, Senior DBA and Solutions Architect with CIMA, demonstrates how to use Statspack, the performance diagnostic tool included in Oracle Database.
Oracle statspack explanation
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How to install and use Oracle Statspack
This video shows how to install and use Oracle Statspack.
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Oracle Performance Tuning - Oracle Enterprise Manager - Reading AWR Reports
Connect with me or follow me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/durga0gadiraju https://www.facebook.com/itversity https://github.com/dgadiraju https://www.youtube.com/c/TechnologyMentor https://twitter.com/itversity
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How to Collect STATSPACK
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Oracle Performance Monitoring in less than 12 minutes 20 part 2/2
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - Part 2 - How to install the (free) statspack utility and how some web resources can help you generate the reports you need for proactive monitoring.
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Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report - Seminar Intro
Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report teaches Oracle DBAs how to make Oracle Database systems fast using standard Oracle reports and performance data. This seminar will lead you through the entire process turning you into a respected performance analyst. Your solutions will be spot-on and everyone will know it. When users call about a performance problem, you will know what to do, do it fast, and be able to explain the situation with clarity and confidence. For details to go http://www.orapub.com/video-seminar-tuning-oracle-using-an-awr-report PART ONE of this seminar builds your strong foundation. You will learn how an Oracle Time Based Analysis combined with OraPub's 3-Circle Analysis are used to methodically expose problems and develop solutions. You will understand the larger performance picture that escapes most DBAs. It is foundational and it sets you up for success! PART TWO of this seminar focuses on constructing a time based diagnostic framework, developing targeted tuning solutions fast, and turning this all into a compelling story. Your solutions will make sense and your analysis will be clear. Your peers and management will trust and respect your work. Do NOT watch this seminar if you are looking for training about all the AWR report sections or how to work through an AWR report from top to bottom desperately searching for problems and solutions. If this is you, then I recommend you purchase one of the many available AWR books and also my Oracle Performance Firefighting book. BUT, if you are looking to solve any performance problem that comes your way based on an AWR report, then this seminar is exactly what you want. Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report - Part 1 1. The Big Picture: How The Pieces Fit Together 2. Why A Time Based Analysis Is Awesome 3. Oracle Processes Are CPU Suckers! 4. Oracle Processes Hate To Wait! - Part 1 5. Oracle Processes Hate To Wait! - Part 2 Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report - Part 2 1. Building A Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Framework - Part 1 2. Building A Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Framework - Part 2 3. Finding Multiple Performance Solutions Fast! - Part 1 4. Finding Multiple Performance Solutions Fast! - Part 2 5. How To Create A Great Performance Story - Part 1 6. How To Create A Great Performance Story - Part 2 7. Resources: The Learning Never Stops! For more information go to www.orapub.com
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Demostración uso y configuración Oracle Statspack 11g
Demostración uso y configuración Oracle Statspack 11g
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dbTrends for Oracle AWR and Statspack Download
dbTrends for Oracle AWR and Statspack Download Download link: http://bit.ly/1DS4z4a Tune and monitor Oracle database performance. Download and install easily, with detailed instructions in readme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4AHUQgwzC0
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Curso de Oracle (Tuning) 03 - STATSPACK, UTLBSTAT e UTLESTAT
Curso Oracle PL/SQL Essentials http://bit.ly/1N3upVn Curso Oracle SQL Expert - Certificação 1Z0-047 http://bit.ly/1G4rKWG Curso Oracle Aprendendo SQL - Preparatório exames 1Z0-051/1Z0-061 http://bit.ly/1eqDlsr Curso de Administração de Redes de Computadores http://goo.gl/nXjaXS Neste curso de Tuning no Oracle você irá aprender os principais conceitos de tuning no oracle melhorando consideravelmente as aplicações em ambientes de produção. No Curso de Tuning no Oracle você será direcionado passo a passo durante o aprendizado com ótima qualidade do conteúdo disponibilizado. Este curso é oferecido gratuitamente aqui porém caso tenha interesse em se aprofundar e aprender o oracle a fundo praparando para certificação acesse os links acima. Também acesse o link de administração de redes de computadores para mais conhecimento nesta área tornando-se um profissional completo. http://youtu.be/PERjxUGhRUA Tags: Oracle Curso de Oracle Curso de banco de dados Tuning Cursos gratuitos
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Query Tuning with tkprof
Demonstration of generating Oracle trace files and then turning these into tuning reports with the tkprof utility.
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STATSPACK SQL report をスタイル整形する 秀丸エディタ + SqlFmt
SqlFmt は STATSPACK SQL report に含まれる 64 バイト毎に分断された読み下しにくいSQLやPL/SQLを診断に適したスタイルへ整形できます。軽快でカスタマイズ性の良さで高評価の「秀丸エディタ」へマクロから呼出すDLLとして組込んで使用する例を紹介する動画です。(注):秀丸エディタは有限会社サイトー企画の製品です。
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Walkthrough of Release 7.0 Analysis Report
Overview: OSWatcher Black Box Analyzer Overview (23:00) [Trouble seeing this video?] Installation: How to resolve error no java found (03:36) [Trouble seeing this video?] Usage: How to resolve java out of memory error (03:50) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to generate graphs using oswbba (06:38) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to generate system html profile using oswbba (04:10) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to run OSWBBA from menu (11:20) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to run OSWBBA from command line (04:10) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to run oswbba analysis on very specific time window (04:05) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to run the analyzer on only some files in the archive (02:41) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to run oswbba on windows platform (04:00) [Trouble seeing this video?] How to generate an analysis report using oswbba (01:37) [Trouble seeing this video?] Walkthrough of Release 7.0 Analysis Report (8:29) [Trouble seeing this video?]
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Buffer Busy Waits - Oracle
Oracle buffer Busy wait explained
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Performance Tuning with ASH and AWR Data
Presented by Kellyn Pot'Vin 30 August 2012 Summary: Since their introduction with Oracle 10g, AWR and ASH data has offered the Database professional enhanced performance reporting capabilities that previously were only gleamed via statspack and reporting queries. In this webinar, Kellyn Pot'Vin, Senior Technical Consultant at Enkitec, will take you through the requirements, reporting basics and differences of AWR and ASH. You will learn: - Reasons to use both reports. - A firm understanding of each report and its format. - Knowledge of the differing versions of the AWR report and when best utilized. - The power of ASH Reporting in real-time trouble-shooting. - Ability to utilize the reports at the command line and from Enterprise Manager. A live Q&A session with Kellyn Pot'Vin follows the presentation. For our complete archive, and to sign up for upcoming webinars please go to http://www.red-gate.com/oracle-webinars
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Como analisar um AWR Report
Aprenda de uma vez por todas a analisar um AWR Report do Oracle Database. Este webinário foi apresentado dia 27/9/16, às 21h, no Terça de Dados do Grupo DBA Brasil. Aqui você verá um report de um ex-aluno da última turma do treinamento "Database Performance Tuning" FABIOPRADO.NET, que foi gerado em um período em que o Banco de Dados de uma empresa da área financeira, estava com desempenho ruim. Comentarei sobre as principais características do banco de dados e os principais problemas que ocorreram nele no período do report. Para aprender mais inscreva-se em uma turma do treinamento "Database Performance Tuning": http://www.fabioprado.net/p/treinamentos.html
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Generate ASH (Active session history) report in Oracle Manually in 11g
Why and How we generate ASH Report in Oracle 11g
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Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report - Class Introduction
Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report teaches DBAs how to make Oracle database systems fast using an AWR or Statspack report. Craig will lead you through the entire process turning you into a respected performance analyst. No more flipping through an entire AWR report top-to-bottom desperately searching for answers! You will learn how to develop solutions that are spot-on and everyone will know it. You will know what to do, do it fast, and be able to explain the situation with 100% clarity and confidence. For information on how to join OraPub's class, go to https://www.orapub.com/training-tuning-oracle-using-an-awr-report
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tkprof for trace analysis
tkprof for trace analysis watch more videos at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/videotutorials/index.htm Lecture By: Mr. Parth Panjab, Tutorials Point India Private Limited
Oracle DBA Justin - How to drop/delete Statspack from an Oracle database
How to drop/delete Statspack from an Oracle database
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Instalação Statspack
Se você não tem a edição Enterprise Edition e a Feature Diagnostics Pack do Oracle Database, você não pode utilizar o Relatório AWR. A melhor saída para olhar o passado então, é utilizar o Statspack.
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Interopmix 2016 - Análise de relatórios AWR/Statspack
Nesta palestra ministrada pelo Ricardo Portilho Proni no evento Interopmix 2016 foi abordado o método utilizado para analisar relatórios do AWR e do Statspack. Excelente conteúdo para quem ainda se perde na análise destes relatórios.
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Oracle Performance Monitoring in less than 12 minutes 20  part 1/2
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - Part 1 - The basics of Oracle Performance Monitoring, and how you can get fancy (and even useful) reports without spending a fortune.
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Oracle Midlands #13: Interpreting AWR Reports - Franck Pachot
Timestamps: 2:30 - Database load 10:30 - Top 10 Foreground Events 16:30 - db file sequential read 23:39 - DB CPU 32:30 - log file sync 37:16 - enq: TX - row lock contention 39:47 - Findings summary & recommendations 42:38 - Quantifying the gain 47:15 - Q&A Franck walks his way through an AWR report, explaining his observations and thought process as he goes. The slides are available at: Google: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0DLaAfeW6uKZmJ3TXE0WGtLYlE Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9koxoemak8ts7j6/AADozVVYLoK_FdDZbQGC6TYta This event was sponsored by Red Stack Technology (http://redstacktechnology.com/). See more events at http://OracleMidlands.com/ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. "Fair Dealing" under UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
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How To Deal With Oracle AWR SP Report Analysis Challenges - Introduction
Tuning Oracle systems using data from an AWR or Statspack report is powerful. However, there are some challenges that make this typicallly straightforward analysis very problematic. In this webinar I will discuss some of these challenges including how to properly deal with them. The specific challenges are when to use on demand or non-standard snapshot durations, when DB CPU is suspect, when the top event is db file sequential reads but there is NOT an IO bottleneck, why multi-block and async read wait times are typically much longer than single block reads, when backups are run during key batch processes and finally how using ASH data we can help get around some of these problems. You will see all of these challenges come into play while I do an Oracle Time-Based Analysis (OTBA) from a single real-life production Statspack report. For more information on how you can watch the full webinar or for more great OraPub webinars, go to www.orapub.com
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Getting AWR Report from SQLPlus
Getting AWR Report from SQLPlus
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09 06 Monitoring Index Usage
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to kill a user session connected to an Oracle database
How to kill a user session connected to an Oracle database
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STATSPACK SQL report をスタイル整形する EmEditor + SqlFmt
SqlFmt は STATSPACK SQL report に含まれる 64 バイト毎に分断された読み下しにくいSQLやPL/SQLを診断に適したスタイルへ整形できます。高速・軽量・高機能で高い評価の「EmEditor」へプラグインとして­組込んで使用する例を紹介する動画です。(注): EmEditor は株式会社エムソフトの製品です。
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How To Use OraPub's Unit Of Work Time Based Analysis (UOWTBA) web application.
In this short video Craig Shallahamer will demonstrate how to use a free web application related to Unit Of Work Time Based Analysis (UOWTBA). The data being used is from a standard AWR/Statspack report. UOWTBA unites classic performance analysis with Oracle performance analysis providing the analyst with the benefits of both. For more details, including training courses and presentations, go to www.orapub.com.
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Using Skewed Oracle Performance Data To Your Advantage - Seminar Intro
Using Skewed Performance Data To Your Advantage is an important seminar for all DBAs because EVERY Oracle DBA has experienced the effects of skewed performance data, but most don't know how to use that knowledge to their advantage. Have you ever had different groups of users experience different response times from the same exact SQL? Has your IO Admin said the IO response time is fine, but you know single block IOs are taking around 25ms? If you have experienced something like this, then you have likely experienced skewed performance data. I designed this seminar so you will know exactly how to avoid this situation of skewed Oracle wait times and SQL elapsed times. I will teach you how to gather the appropriate data, understand the data and visually demonstrate the situation. This seminar is going to have a deep impact on your Oracle performance work. The skills I teach you will help you devise a sensible solution. Join me for a practical and entertaining journey as we explore the truth about elapsed times and wait events times, turning a potential disaster into your advantage. For details go to http://www.orapub.com/video-seminar-skewed-performance-data This contains eight modules: 1. Introduction: Revealing deception (this video) 2. Understanding your data 3. Common histograms in Oracle performance analysis 4. The problem: Skewed wait times 5. My advantage: Using the skewed wait times 6. The problem: Skewed elapsed times 7. My advantage: Using the skewed elapsed times 8. Resources and seminar close What you will learn: * Know what skewed data is * Be able to communicate why skewed data is a serious problem * Be able to recognize skewed data * Know how to gather individual wait event occurrence times, not average * Know six ways to gather individual SQL execution times, not average * Understand, demonstrate and communicate if skewed data is a problem * Recognize the five common statistical distributions * Be able to describe data using one picture and two statistics * Know histogram construction details * Know how to use the difference between the mean and median * Be able to install and use the free stats package, R * Be able to use the difference between the mean and median * Know how a histogram can cause faulty thinking * Understand why v$event_histogram deceives * Be able to use an AWR and Statspack report to recognize skewed data problems * Know how to create a proper SQL execution time histogram * Know how to create a proper wait event occurrence histogram For more information: http://www.orapub.com
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Database Architechs' Performance and Tuning tools
Database Architechs is presenting unique database performance and tuning tools for SQL Shot for MS SQL Server, SQL Supervision for Sybase and Database Tuning for Oracle. These database-focused tools allows you to isolate, diagnose and fix any database performance issue in seconds. Using a monitor, graphical, drill-down approach.
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Oracle write acceleration with Mike Ault
Mike Ault explains how to improve Oracle database performance using the Texas Memory Systems (http://www.ramsan.com) Write Accelerator. Call TMS at (713) 587-1000 for more information on the Write Accelerator, Statspack Analyzer, and RamSan SSDs - the World's Fastest Storage®.
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AWR Text Report HOWTO
How to create a text based AWR report
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Oracle Performance Tuning onlineTraining
Feel free to contact Call : +91-8870903864 Or E-mail [email protected] ORACLE PERFORMANCE TUNNING 1 – 1: Introduction to Oracle tuning - The top-down approach to tuning - The history of Oracle tuning - A review of the Oracle architecture - The goals of Oracle tuning - Overview of SQL tuning - Oracle network bottlenecks - Oracle RAM usage and bottlenecks - Oracle CPU usage and bottlenecks - Oracle disk I/O overview - Monitoring server (sat, vmstat, top, glance) - Movement toward server consolidation 1 – 2: Oracle disk I/O tuning - History of DASD - Understanding disk I/O - Monitoring disk I/O (AWR, dba_hist_filestatxs) - Sorted hash cluster tables - Disk I/O waits - Oracle data buffer internals (db_cache_size) - Caching data blocks in the PGA (parallel full-table scans) - Blocksize and I/O performance 1 – 3: Oracle CPU Tuning - Finding your cpu_count - Measuring CPU usage with vmstat - Oracle CPU usage - Using processor affinity - _optimizer_cost_model=cpu - Parallel query and CPU 1 – 4: Oracle RAM tuning - all_rows and first_rows optimization and RAM - Multiple data buffers - Multiple blocksizes - Measuring RAM paging - Oracle SGA RAM - Oracle PGA RAM - Using the KEEP pool - Automatic Memory Management (AMM) 1 – 5: Oracle Instance Tuning - Global tuning techniques - Display possible unnecessary large-table full-table scans - Library cache tuning - Finding missing indexes - Tuning the database writer - instance parameter tuning 1 – 6: Oracle SQL Tuning Introduction - SQL tuning hierarchy - SQL tuning goals - optimizer modes - query re-write - cursor_sharing - viewing execution plans (autotrace) - verifying optimal join techniques - parallelizing SQL execution - dynamic statistics - Exercise – count times when a table is invoked - 12c new SQL features - function-based virtual column - adaptive execution plans - 12c new optimizer metadata collection features 2 – 1: AWR and ASH - AWR vs STATSPACK - Reading an AWR report - AWR report analyzer - Basics of predictive modeling for performance - Finding repeating signatures of data 2 - 2: Oracle RAC Tuning - RAC architecture tuning - Tuning disk I/O on RAC - Tuning the cache fusion layer on RAC 2 – 3: Oracle Tuning Pack - creating SQL Profiles - Recommending new indexes - “automatic” SQL Tuning - SQL Performance Advisor (SPA) - recommending object reorganization 2 – 5: Oracle Diagnostic pack - AWR and ASH - real time SQL monitoring - comparing performance periods - Oracle monitoring & alert notifications (setting thresholds) 2 – 6: Oracle Tracing - 10046 tracing - TKPROF tracing - Trace analyzer - Autotrace 3 – 1: Introduction to SQL tuning - Pre-SQL database communications - The evolution of SQL - Declarative languages 3 –2: Optimizing Oracle SQL - Parsing a SQL statement - Semantic parsing - Hard parse vs. soft parse - Decision tree generation - Making SQL reentrant 3 –3: Optimizer statistics - Types of metadata - Index metadata - Segment metadata - Server metadata - System stats 3 – 4: Exposing & Reading Execution Plans - autotrace - SQL*Trace - Determine the steps of an execution plan 3 – 5: altering execution plans - Changing CBO statistics - Changing init.ora SGA parameters - Changing optimizer parameters - Using hints - Using the opt_param hint 3 – 6: Oracle indexing - Overview of Oracle indexing - bitmap indexes - bitmap join indexes - guidelines for creating indexes - function-based indexes (FBI) - index usage monitoring - fishing in the library cache - optimizing indexes - The transient nature of indexing - database modality of workloads - SQL Workload analysis - Identifying EOW, EOM and EOY SQL. - Creating on-demand indexing - oracle text indexes Oracle Performance Tuning training online, Oracle Performance Tuning training material, IBM Websphere Application Server training cost, Oracle Performance Tuning training pdf, Websphere Application Server training in USA uae India, Oracle Performance Tuning training, online Corporate training malaysia Singapore, Oracle Performance Tuning software, Oracle Performance Tuning training in bangalore, Oracle Performance Tuning training institutes in hyderabad, Oracle Performance Tuning training in chennai, Oracle Performance Tuning training in hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Oracle Performance Tuning, IBM Websphere ApplicationServer webinar, online training singapore, Oracle Performance Tuning eam, Oracle Performance Tuning as a service,Oracle Performance Tuning online Training Oracle Performance Tuning online Training Oracle Performance Tuning online Training Oracle Performance Tuning online Training maximo scheduler, Oracle Performance Tuning (consumer product) Oracle Performance Tuning online Training Oracle Performance Tuning online Training Oracle Performance Tuning online Training Oracle Performance Tuning online Training Oracle Performance Tuning online Training , Post Training Support
The Real Value of Oracle Health Checks
There's no such thing as a self-driving database. If you expect your Oracle databases to perform consistently at high levels, you need to have a maintenance program. The first part of that program is an assessment.
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Two Queue Or Not To Queue, That Is The Question - Seminar Intro
Two Queue Or Not To Queue, That Is The Question will help you tune Oracle systems faster and with a greater depth of understanding. The insights you gain provide both a tactical and strategic performance tuning advantage. From driving in traffic to being served at a restaurant, every person feels the impact of queuing theory. Queuing theory beautifully relates time and work into experiences we can feel; like utilization, workload intensity, response time, elapsed time, user experience and systems architecture design. Queuing theory can be well...theoretical! But Oracle ACE Director Craig Shallahamer turns this topic upside down making it a fantastic learning experience. For details go to http://www.orapub.com/video-seminar-to-queue-or-not For details on OraPub go to www.orapub.com Modules 1. Setting The Stage 2. You Can't Escape A Queuing Theory World 3. The Work And Time Relationship 4. Craig's Hamburger Stand - Definitions 5. Utilization Explored 6. Response Time Explored 7. Going Deeper Part 1 - CPU and IO Subsystems 8. Going Deeper Part 2 - Changing Parameter Values 9. How Queuing Theory Is Used By DBAs 10. Seminar Close What You Will Learn - How to tune Oracle systems faster by understanding queuing theory - How to merge queuing theory into Oracle database performance tuning - What truly is response time - How response time relates to workload intensity, utilization... user experience - How to explain a performance incident from a practical queuing theory perspective - How every person is immersed in a queuing theory world - How an Oracle time-based analysis intimately relates to queuing theory - Why increasing an Oracle workload can hurt performance - How to understand the classic response time curve - How the response time curve relates directly to SQL elapsed time - What are the key queuing theory parameters - Why performance slows when CPUs and IO devices get busy - How to get the busyness for your CPU and IO subsystem - How to calculate the CPU subsystem utilization from v$osstat - Why CPU and IO subsystems are different queuing systems - What happens when we tweak queueing theory input parameters - How is utilization and response time are affected by more or faster CPUs - How does adding more IO devices affect SQL statement elapsed time - How does queuing theory relate to a SQL statement's elapsed time - Why pushing more work through your Oracle system consumes more CPU and potentially more wait time - How can I determine the response time for a SQL statement - How queuing queuing theory relates to performance tuning - How queuing theory parameters relate to my Oracle database activity - How applying queuing theory focuses my performance tuning solutions - How queuing theory can be used in forecasting and predictive analysis - How can I tell if a performance solution is bogus using queuing theory - How can I pick better tuning solutions using queuing theory - How I can use my AWR or Statspack report from a queuing theory perspective
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Oracle Tuning - Diagnosticando lentidão - VIEWs e ORATOP
Oracle Tuning - Diagnosticando lentidão - VIEWs e ORATOP
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Visual AWR Overview
How to use the Visual AWR tool for charting Oracle Database AWR metrics. You can download the latest version from: http://visualawr.blogspot.com
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How to Generate "buffer busy waits" Wait Events
Video designed for my March 2016 blog post. See https://community.oracle.com/blogs/dearDBA/
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Oracle Sessions Monitoring and Tuning Fundamentals 4 of 4
In this tutorial you will learn how to monitor locks, latches, wait events in oracle.
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Oracle Tuning - Interpretando o TOP do Linux
Oracle Tuning - Interpretando o TOP do Linux
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Generate HTML Report using SQL Developer Command Line
With SQL Developer 4.0, you can generate a HTML Report using the Command Line. Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Oracle Tuning - Identificando e corrigindo lentidão - LATCH
Oracle Tuning - Identificando e corrigindo lentidão - LATCH
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