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Top 5 Firewall company in the world 2016 / 2017
Top 10 Firewall used in the world. 1. Palo Alto 2. Checkpoint 3. Forti gate 4. ASA 5. Juniper Network All report has been taken as per analysis report of Gartner. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls Published: 25 May 2016 ID: G00277994 Analyst(s): Adam Hils, Jeremy D'Hoinne, Rajpreet Kaur, Greg Young
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FortiWeb - новый WAF (Web Application Firewall) от Fortinet
Рады порадовать подписчиков и зрителей новым видео, посвященным обзору решения FortiWeb. На наш взгляд это решение несправедливо забыто на просторах интернета, поскольку представляет собой зрелый и многофункциональный продукт, который может успешно составить конкуренцию любому другому вендору, играющему на поле WAF (Web Application Firewall) - межсетевых экранов для защиты веб сервисов. Видео получилось емким и информативным: 1) обзор решения и варианты развертывания: - аппаратные модели, - виртуальные устройства, - облачные сервисы; - прозрачный режим работы - transparent mode, - функция "обратного прокси" - reverse proxy; 2) серьезный и самый большой блок сделали про интегрированные функции безопасности и возможности: - особенности фильтрации по сигнатурам (в чем отличие подходов Fortinet); - режим обучения (что это такое и причем, казалось бы, тут консьерж? - смотрите видео); - IP reputation, репутация по адресам, доменам, выявление ботнет сетей; - геолокация и зачем она; - authentication offloading; - балансировка запросов; - особенности встроенного антивируса; - доставка контента до приложений (application delivery): сжатие, маскирование, модификация данных на лету; - SSL offload и его применение - как разгрузить серверы и заглянуть внутрь зашифрованного трафика; - выстроенная интеграция со сканерами уязвимостей; - защита веб сайта от компрометации - web anti-defacement; - интеграция с другими решениями в рамках "фабрики безопасности" - в частности с FortiSandbox; - защита от DDoS атак. 3) кейсы и реализованные проекты; 4) конкуренты и сравнения; 5) заключение - стоит ли отказаться от установки средства безопасности при наличии заключения от pen.test лаборатории? - FortiWeb как самое выгодное решение с точки зрения стоимости защиты одного запроса; - сценарий замены Microsoft TMG; - куда идет рынок WAF и как будет развиваться FortiWeb; - потребность в комплексной безопасности (Security Fabric). Ссылки, которые были в видео: 1) NSS Labs Security Value Map for Web Application Firewall (WAF) 2017 - https://www.fortinet.com/content/dam/fortinet/assets/white-papers/Web-Application-Firewall-Comparative-Analysis-Edition1-SVM.pdf 2) Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for WAF - https://www.fortinet.com/demand/gated/gartner-magic-quadrant-waf.html 3) обзор FortiSandbox - https://youtu.be/VsoXLWBlhgE 4) обзор FortiGate - https://youtu.be/qEcJ8ab6tsQ Оставляйте комментарии, пишите нам на почту - с радостью ответим на все вопросы! #ИБвДуше
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LogRhythm, Fortinet, and RiskSense - Enterprise Security Weekly #72
LogRhythm named leader in Gartner magic quadrant, new report from CA Veracode, Fortinet launches Operational Technology Security platform, things to focus on in 2018, and more enterprise security news! Full Show Notes: https://wiki.securityweekly.com/ES_Episode72 Visit http://securityweekly.com/esw for all the latest episodes!
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Interview with John Maddison, SVP of Products and Solutions Marketing | CyberSecurity Trends
https://www.fortinet.com/solutions/gartner-enterprise-firewalls-mq.html?utm_source=web&utm_medium=home-banner1&utm_campaign=enterprise-firewall-mq Watch as John Maddison discusses Fortinet’s recent recognition as a Leader in the Enterprise Firewall Gartner Magic Quadrant and what security leaders should know about how the Enterprise Firewall fits into their security infrastructure.
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Check Point’s Competitive Leadership 2015
Check Point is the Global Market leader in Internet Security, with award winning security solutions widely recognized throughout the security industry. More information: http://www.checkpoint.com Check Point leads the global market in combined Firewall and UTM appliance revenue share for Q1-Q3 2014 and FY 2013. Check point is named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrants for: Enterprise Network Firewalls – since 1997, Unified Threat Management - 4 years in a row, and Mobile Data Protection – 8 years in a row. Check Point’s solutions stand out in rigorous laboratory testing, attaining the ‘NSS Recommended’ score by NSS labs in IPS, Firewall and Next Generation Firewall 9 times since 2011”. From the beginning, Check Point has demonstrated industry leadership across standards and the most rigid certifications, receiving US Federal and Department of defense certifications, IPV6 Certifications, And ICSA Labs certified. A top notch security solution, Check Point withstood the highest level of penetration testing as performed by the US Government. Check Point – Securing businesses Everywhere. We secure the future.
Cybersecurity Week in Review - 2/3/2017
Predicted growth of the SIEM market, details on Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms and details on SentinelOne's latest funding round., all in this Cybersecurity Week in Review.
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A Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 2nd Year in a Row!
Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation talks about being named as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Computer-Based Security Awareness Training for the 2nd year running.
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Cisco Web Security Animated Demo
See what an administrator would actually use within the Cisco Web Security Graphical User Interface (GUI) to keep an environment secure. Examples include mobile usage and malware blocking, controls for access to productivity limiting sites and reports that show what employees are accessing on the web.
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Palo Alto Networks Receives a Recommended Rating by NSS Labs for Advanced Endpoint Protection
If nearly every successful attack relies on compromising an endpoint, and most organizations have some form of endpoint protection deployed, why are infections still happening? Unfortunately, even “protected” endpoints are still being breached, and far too frequently. We’re changing this. Dramatically. By combining multiple methods of prevention, Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ advanced endpoint protection uniquely protects endpoints from attacks that leverage malware, exploits and ransomware – before those attacks can compromise your endpoints. This has been recognized by NSS Labs® in its 2018 Advanced Endpoint Protection Test Report, and we’re proud to have earned a Recommended rating – the highest NSS Labs offers. In the 2018 AEP test, NSS Labs evaluated a variety of advanced endpoint protection products based on their ability to “detect, prevent, continuously monitor and take action against threats while providing end-to-end visibility through event logs generated by the endpoint product.” NSS Labs tested AEP products against a variety of malware, exploits, blended threats and evasions, as well as whether they generated any false positives during the test. The test validates the power of Traps and the efficacy of its prevention-first approach. Read the full report for details: https://get.info.paloaltonetworks.com/webApp/nss-labs-aep-report-en
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Using Coordinate Data in Degrees (DMS) Format in Tableau
A brief silent clip about how to use geographic data in degree (DMS) format in Tableau by converting the coordinates to decimal format.
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Sangfor Internet Access Management Overview - VISITELECOM
As the leading vendor in Asia and No. 1 brand in China for the Network Management market, Sangfor IAM has been already listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 4 years in a row. It has professional behavior management, application control, traffic control, information control, illegal hotspot control, behavior analysis, wireless network management and many other features, which can truly achieve a Unified Internet Behavior Management of all clients in the entire network. 1. Effectively prevents staff from doing non-work related activities. 2. Maximize the bandwidth usage. 3. Avoids leakage and regulatory risks, protect the intranet data security. 4. Visual management and comprehensive control of wireless APs. Mainly used as an Internet Behavior Management device deployed in the Internet gateway, it can support 10 Gbps environment, provide Unified Wired and Wireless networks and can be used in many other scenarios to secure and maximize your network. Sangfor IAM has already served more than 20,000 customers in every kind of industry. www.visitelecom.asia
HP Voltage Send Encrypted Email
HP VOLTAGE SECUREMAIL SERVICE IS THE WORLDS EASIEST TO USE EMAIL ENCRYPTION SERVICE FOR PROTECTING YOUR EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS. CALL TODAY 1-888-959-2825 HP Voltage Send Encrypted Email. Free trial at https://ironcovesolutions.com/technology/voltage
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Why Digital Guardian?
Get a picture of our data-centric approach to securing sensitive information at the world's most innovative, influential companies. Learn more at https://digitalguardian.com/. The nature of data protection has changed dramatically in the past few years. It used to be that a predictable, IT controlled network contained your organization's sensitive data. You knew exactly where your data was going and who had access. But changes in the security landscape dissolved the network perimeter. And as the security landscape has changed, so have the types of threats your sensitive data faces. Outsiders are increasingly gaining access to and attacking data. It's no longer enough to protect against insider threats alone - you need security that starts at the source, with each piece of data, and travels with it. That's Digital Guardian - security's change agent - the only security solution that protects data against both insider and outsider threats, right at the endpoint. Our proven and patented security technology starts with the agent. Installed in the kernel of the operating system, the agent sits at the endpoint and monitors every single data interaction. The agent can automatically add a security tag to each individual piece of data that dictates customized permissions, taking into account the type, content, and author of the data. And when the agent observes behaviors that pose a threat to your sensitive data, it automatically applies controls. This means your data is protected and context-aware. The agent won’t block benign actions and employees can continue to enjoy a seamless user experience. For example, if an employee needs to download a non-sensitive work document onto a USB to work on at home, he’ll be permitted to do so. If he attempted the same for a sensitive document, it would be automatically encrypted. The tag remains no matter how the file is modified or where the data goes, giving the agent persistent visibility and control. Guarding your sensitive data against insider and outsider threats at the endpoint. We are security's change agent, managing 52 million terabytes of sensitive data protected daily with over 2 million Digital Guardian agents worldwide. In data-rich industries such as manufacturing, financial services, and government agencies. It’s been proven to run silently on millions of endpoints for the world’s top IP holders. In fact, Digital Guardian is the only agent-based technology that covers more than 250,000 employees using a single management server. Start protecting your data inside and out. Sign up for a free trial today.
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11 minute AO demo
11 minute AO demo & Product demonstration
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Gartner TOP 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2017
Gartner TOP 10 Strategic Technology Trends 2017
Strategic Predictions For 2018 and Beyond From Gartner Symposium
A selection of the most relevant insights from the 2017 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, where the world’s top CIOs gain a strategic view of the emerging trends shaping IT and business.
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Aker Security Solutions - English Subtitles
Aker Security Solutions is one of the largest brazilian providers of cybersecurity solutions. It's products and services ensure maximum data protection using cutting-edge technology. Aker offers solutions such as Firewall, Centralized Log Analyzer, Event Monitoring, Anti-spam, VPN, Web Content Filtering and Remote Monitoring. Aker's products are sold through registered and qualified resellers. The company has over 200 partners spread throughout Brazil and serves clients of various sizes in different segments of the public and private spheres. Founded in 1997, Aker has a high-level specialized technical team, and offers high quality services associated with its products, such as trainings, certifications, support to projects and custom development. It's among top IT companies in Brazil and the only brazilian company present in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management. Visit our website: http://www.aker.com.br/en
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SentinelOne’s integrated EPP plus EDR strategy with Raj Rajamani
Raj Rajamani, VP of Product Management at SentinelOne, discusses the history of the company and why the ever-changing threat landscape drove the need for a prevention and response company such as SentinelOne. Read more at http://bit.ly/2nv0BeX See endpoint security with Chris Bates: https://youtu.be/sJeB8U0eczo Watch a demo of the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform: https://youtu.be/vUUq1cJVywI
How the Digital Guardian and Microsoft Partnership Simplifies Enterprise OS Upgrades
Watch Ken Levine, CEO, Mark Stevens SVP of Global Services and Tom Hamilton, SVP of Engineering highlight how the Digital Guardian and Microsoft partnership simplifies enterprise OS upgrades with tested and certified compatibility. Our relationship with Microsoft means we do the work so you can confidently update to the latest version of Windows on your schedule and stay ahead of threats to your business.
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What Type of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is Right for your Organization? Endpoint DLP vs. Network DLP
Choosing between endpoint DLP and network DLP isn't always a simple task. This video breaks down the key differences between each approach to data loss prevention and provides questions to help you choose the best solution for your data protection needs.
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How To Read Off Coordinates From A Coordinate Grid (Finding Coordinates)
Here you will be shown a short video to help you write down coordinates from a coordinate grid which has 4 quadrants (positive and negative x and y coordinates). Make sure you read off the x axis number first and then the y axis number second. Make sure that you get these numbers the correct way around, and also don't forget to leave out any minus signs if the coordinate is negative.
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LogRhythm SIEM Review: Sr. Systems Network Engineer | Non-Profit
A LogRhythm customer who is a Sr. Systems Network Engineering at a non-profit reviews LogRhythm SIEM. “Ease of Administration Means We Don't Need a Full Time Equivalent to Admin the Product; Quality Customer Support; Product Enablement” Read a text version of this review here: https://www.itcentralstation.com/product_reviews/logrhythm-review-47104-by-seniornead2e This review was recorded by IT Central Station at LogRhythm RhythmWorld 2017 in Vail, Colorado. The review is not subject to editing or approval by LogRhythm. www.itcentralstation.com
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Business Case for Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls
In today's universe malicious traffic can evade simple firewalls by hiding in approved traffic and applications. Check out this video to understand the limits of the old approach to network security and how a next-generation firewall can safely enable your business while keeping you secure.
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Adobe Analytics vs Google Analytics - Part 2 | Comparison 2018
Watch a side-by-side comparison of Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst) and Google Analytics 360 (premium) to choose the best analytics tool for your needs. In this video you will get to know how both analytics tools look and what capabilities they provide for data analysis. It will help you understand their differences and benefits. The comparison of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics in this video episode covers: 1. Outliers Detection — Adobe Analytics capabilities include Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning algorithms that simplifies detection of data anomalies. 2. Data Analysis — manual analysis in GA vs. automated contribution analysis in Adobe Workspace. 3. Speed and Accessibility — why is it important to reduce dependency on advanced analysts and data scientists in every organisation? What do the leading analytics solutions offer? 🔥 Adobe Analytics Individual Trainings https://training.osadchuka.com 🎓 Report Suite Configuration Course https://go.osadchuka.com/a1 ⚙️ Adobe Bookmarks Chrome Extension http://go.osadchuka.com/bookmarks 📌 Subscribe to this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq8K5VisTEpzz9aCEHlsz2Q?sub_confirmation=1 - - - - - - - - - - - - WATCH OTHER VIDEOS - - - - - - - - - - - - 🎥 Top 5 Analytics Tools 2018 https://youtu.be/FlWxL3ItQU4 🎥 1st part of Adobe Analytics vs Google Analytics comparison https://youtu.be/QsiuTFsW4e0 🎥 Adobe Analytics Implementation Audits (2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9IR32Y36-Q&list=PLdHxf9so_4czE_NmS9yqyzJQVkZRMrfoT - - - - - - - - - - - - USEFUL LINKS - - - - - - - - - - - - ► Adobe Analytics https://www.adobe.com/data-analytics-cloud/analytics.html ► Google Analytics https://www.google.com/analytics/analytics/ ► Google Analytics 360 suite https://www.google.com/analytics/360-suite/ ► Adobe Analytics on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8I6bqCk7gO6YdoMz6W5fvw 📷 Adobe Analytics PRO on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/adobeanalytics_pro/ 🔗 The Forrester WaveTM: Web Analytics, Q4 2017 http://bit.ly/forrester-web-analytics-2017 🔗 The Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics http://bit.ly/gartner-digital-analytics #AdobeAnalytics #GoogleAnalytics #WebAnalytics #WebAnalyticsTraining
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Webinar - Aumente sua receita através do portofio de produtos Sophos
Neste webinar você saberá como os produtos Sophos podem ajudá-lo a aumentar a receita de seu negócio, através de uma solução completa de segurança que integra antivírus, UTM e access point. A Sophos é uma das líderes no Quadrante Mágico da Gartner, e responsável por grandes avanços no tocante a segurança digital. - Ofereça um portofio consolidado e mais seguro. - Simplifique a gerencia de TI. - Aumente sua receita. - Vendendo uma Solução Completa Sophos
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CensorNet Secure Web Gateway with Cloud Application Control
A new feature has been added to our SWG system that allows you to monitor the rise in the use of cloud applications.
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NetStandards Managed Services Practices
http://www.netstandard.com/managed_services.htm Tom Crimm, Professional Services Manager, discusses the operations framework that NetStandard provides for customers. Health Modeling, Redundancy, and Road Mapping, are all integral parts of what NetStandard supplies to customers. The NetStandard Health Model is a document that provides a virtual picture of a customer's network. It shows what applications are operating on customer servers and evolves as time goes on to address changes in the network. Our technology managers and NOC leverage the health model for day-to-day operational activities performed by customer. The health model provides instructions for guiding monitoring, network oversight, escalation and maintenance. NetStandard provides 7x24x365 staffing focused on monitoring customers environments. A ticketing system provides a portal that customers can use to review issues and service requests that have arisen and even how they were addressed. At the same time, customers gain access to review agreements and documents. NetStandards technology managers work with customers businesses to help in road mapping the future business needs of the customer and provide a window into how technology can enable companies to efficiently address those needs using technology. Managed Services provides a strategic approach to business planning and how information technology can be leveraged to optimize those plans. To talk with a sales representative about our Managed Services product, call (913) 262-3888 or visit us at www.netstandard.com.
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Como hacer ataque DDos o tirar conexion a cualquier IP 1/11/2016 actualizado
si detecta el antivirus lo desactivais Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/04jodu ddos attack ddos online ddos protection ddos attack online ddos city ddos lol ddos guardamar ddos free ddos attack tool ddos meaning ddos ddos que es ddos ataque ddos android ddos attack lol ddos attack ip ddos a una ip ddos a pokemon go ddos apk a ddos attack a ddos attack detection mechanism based on protocol specific traffic features a ddos program ddos a website ddos a minecraft server ddos a server ddosing a minecraft server ddos a router ddos a phone ddos blizzard ddos booter ddos booter free ddos battlenet ddos battlefield 1 ddos botnet dos bros ddos booster ddos battlefield ddos blocker b net ddos b b gupta ddos orbit ddos-b ddos cmd ddos cs go ddos checker ddos coin ddos clash royale ddos cloudflare ddos chile ddos cisco ddos cannon c ddos script c ddos code ddos c'est quoi ddos c quoi ddos c programming ddos c program juno c ddos xbot c ddos attaque ddos c'est quoi dofus ddos c est quoi ddos deflate ddos descargar ddos dns ddos definicion ddos ddos ddos desde android ddos detalles ddos download ddos definition ddos dota 2 d-guard anti-ddos firewall full d guard anti ddos firewall serial crack ddos d-link d.net ddoser d-guard ddos d-link ddos protection d.net ddoser download d-guard anti-ddos firewall d-guard anti-ddos firewall crack d-guard anti-ddos firewall download ddos en lol ddos estudio ddos ea ddos en tiempo real ddos en kali linux ddos en python dedos extendidos ddos español ddos explained ddos.exe dos y ddos ddos e-sim btc-e ddos ce e ddos ddos e crime ddos e-commerce ddos e dos diferença oque e ddos oq e ddos kakvo e ddos ddos firewall ddos free attack ddos fortigate ddos facebook ddos f5 ddos fortinet ddos free online ddos for dummies ddos flood f-secure ddos ddos gratis ddos guard ddos gartner ddos google ddos guardian ddos generator ddos gartner magic quadrant ddos github ddos guide
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2 Min Explanation of Managed Workplace 10
Managed Workplace allows you to increase profits and manage more clients using the industry’s most powerful remote monitoring, management and automation platform
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Palo Alto Networks Breakout session - AddPro seminar 7. March in Copenhagen
Palo Alto Networks has already defined the standard for firewall's and while other manufacturers are trying to follow suit, the next innovative step taken. In this video, which is from a Breakout Session to AddPro's event on March 7, 2013 in Copenhagen, Peter Gustafsson, Sales Engineer, Palo Alto Networks, talk about how Palo Alto Networks can provide Secure virtual environments in the data center. Hear what the future has become the present in firewall technology.
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Palo Alto - Next Generation Firewall
Fragment webinara poświęconego urządzeniom klasy Firewall Nowej Generacji, jakim są routery firmy Palo Alto Networks. Po pełny zapis zapraszamy na: http://netcomplex.pl/blog/materialy-do-pobrania/prezentacje-it
Webinar Accelops Aprile 2013
Accelops. Monitoraggio dell'infrastruttura IT, all in one.
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VIDEO Interview: Mike Regan, LogRhythm CMO, talks security at a recent Gartner event
At the recent Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, I caught up with the company’s CMO, Mike Regan, to talk about LogRhythm’s latest security solutions.
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Which Type Of Projection Is Used In India?
Alber equal area conic a lambert conformal projection (lcc) is map used for aeronautical unlike other projections, no true secant form of the exists because using national spatial framework india uses datum wgs84 with lcc and recommended nnrms standard jan 18, 2017 this commonly two parallels (lines latitudes in mercator robinson projections they irregularly sized. First angle projection is used in europe and most of kolkata. Projection for a map of india and adjacent countries google books result. Why in industry 2nd angle projection is not used for engineering drawings? Interview question. Generally, we view a body as if it is in the first quadrant. Basic engineering drawing projection education portal. As i mentioned before, it is assumed that the hp rotated clockwise. First angle projection engineering wave enggwave first url? Q webcache. Which one is used in what the projection system for survey of india maps? How orthographic. Regarding your type of projections, including india majority countries jan 14, 2015 need to digitize mineral and geological state maps india, where the standard projection used by national remote sensing centre (nrsc) so far we have only covered one method orthographic projection, this is known as first angle. Why do we prefer to use 1st angle projection rather than 3rd quora why similar in india, generally first. Engineer trainee interview kolkata (india) sep 19, 2013 you shouldn't use a utm zone, since india is covered by several zones, and big states like ap & mp themselves are technically they were based on everest datum polyconic projection. Choosing geographical coordinate system and projected publications survey of india. Why in industry 2nd angle projection is not used for glassdoor. General wall maps in this category following types of are printed residential buildings india energy use projections and savings figure 24 epi (kwh m2) for all climate building issue is complicated (for instance, distortion equally important? ) also you should a conformal projection when the map's main purpose involves measuring federal indian land u. India's changing innovation system achievements, challenges, and google books result. Symbols for 1st & 3rd angle projection. What is first angle,third angle projections. As i mentioned before, it is assumed that the hp rotated clockwise first angle projection commonly used in all countries other than united states. Different in engineering drawing following four methods of projection are commonly used, these isometric india, first angle is widely used all sorts industries. Scales for the use of defence forces india supporting national security requirements. In india, we generally use first angle projection. So, just for the simplicity of drawing orthographic views, we prefer first angle projection. Uarterly projection model for india key elements and properties google books result. Googleusercontent search. The indian standard institution (isi) recommend the use of first angle factors on which type projection depends. Use 1st angle projection rather than 3rd why do we prefer to use first engineering wave. Use 1st angle projection rather than 3rd.
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Edge Is Not The Death Of Cloud
Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and Stu Miniman (@stu) analyze the impact of Edge Computing on Cloud Computing. IoT is a huge opportunity, and will have an impact on IaaS - the nuance is often missed in the headlines. Dave and Stu discuss the position of cloud giants including AWS and Google, plus the role of infrastructure providers, and more in this CUBE Conversation.
Cyber Security Market Forecasts to 2019
Complete report is available @ http://www.reportsnreports.com/reports/279932-cyber-security-market-iam-encryption-dlp-risk-and-compliance-management-ids-ips-utm-firewall-antivirus-antimalware-svm-siem-disaster-recovery-ddos-mitigation-web-filtering-security-services-global-advancements-forecasts-analysis-2014-2019-.html. In the report, cyber security market is defined as a combination of market for security types and services. The security types segment of cyber security includes sub-segments such as network security, endpoint security, application security, content security, wireless security and cloud security while consulting services, design and integration, risk and threat assessment, managed security services, and training and education are the sub-segments under services segment. The playing fields of the market are aerospace, defense, intelligence, government, public utilities, healthcare, telecom and IT, manufacturing, retail and others. With change in business environment due to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, cloud-based services and wireless communication, the security requirements are also showing signs of evolution. Cyber security market comprises innovative and sophisticated cyber solutions. The technologies are showing continuous growth patterns. Antivirus and antimalware solution is expected to acquire the highest market share during the forecast period among all major technologies owing to increase in adoption of such solutions by organizations of multiple sizes as well as consumers. Increase in number of sophisticated threats along with the rapid adoption of cloud-based services is expected to keep the market growing for such solutions in the coming years.
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Inteligencia de Negocios para Pymes, sus retos / Juan Carlos Mena
¿Se puede aplicar técnicas de Business Intelligence en Pymes? en otras palabras ¿Las pymes generan datos que se pueden traducir en datos y esos datos en información relevante para la toma de desiciones? ¡Por supuesto! el reto es romper el paradigma o la falta de conocimiento en las pymes que a través del analisis de sus negocios pueden mejorar su capacidad de producción, respuesta, ventas, etc. Explicaremos casos de uso con herramientas gratuitas como Power BI y los beneficios para las Pymes, casos de éxito, etc. Por: Juan Carlos Mena Sr. Data Analyst en Softtek, México. Actualmente se desempeña como data analyst en big data, tiene experiencia en Enterprise datawarehouse como ETL developer, Data Modeler , BI developer y Project Manager. Se inició en el mundo de los datos como “Secretario de administración de la base de datos”. Chileno con corazón tapatio (Jalisco), radicado junto a su esposa y sus dos hijos en Guadalajara, Jalisco. - - - - - - - - - - - Síguenos en nuestra redes: 🐦 - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Oja_la 🤖 - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OjalaLatam - - - - - - - - - - - - 📌 - Ojalá te guste esta presentación, dale "me gusta" y compártelo con tus amigos por Facebook y/o twitter, de verdad que ayudaría muucho :'D y no olvides suscribirte, tenemos sesiones en vivo TODOS los Sábados!
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