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All you need to know to do your own powerful candle magick spells alone or with a partner... SHOP THE APOTHECARY/BOOK A READING: http://behatilife.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/behatilife IG/SNAP/TWITTER: @BEHATILIFE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PO BOX INFO: 2037 Chestnut St #2034 Philadelphia, PA 19103 Attn: Jessica
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Candle Magic - Cast a Love Spell - Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita
Make your life more magical! Get a free copy of my eBook "Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork": http://sevensecretsebook.com A beautiful simple candle spell that almost anyone can do but is highly effective. All you need is a candle, some appropriate dressing oil, a piece of paper to write your petition and something to inscribe the candle with. This candle work can also be done for prosperity, luck, protection, healing.. the list is endless. Gorgeous candles like these and powerful rootwork oils are available at my shop Madame Pamita's Parlour of Wonders. If you want to learn more about Candle Magic, please read my article on Candles on my website: ParlourOfWonders.com under Magical Instruction - How To Guides - Candle How To I do my best to answer as many questions as I can, but I am unable to get to all of them. If you would like your questions about rootwork answered or recommendations for your particular case, I am happy to do that - Simply book a one-on-one session with me on my website ParlourOfWonders.com under Magical Instruction.
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Love and attraction Dressing Mixture for Candles and Spells
My kids wanted to help me this time guys and I could not say no to them! This mixture is to attract love and other things to your working and yourself, i will list the ingredients below coconut oil or coco butter cinnamon brown sugar nail or somthing sharp inscribe your candle with later on attraction oil ( you can use any type of love or attraction oil you like) and a container to store it in. red working candle ( candle you burn while making this mixture) you can use coco butter for a thicker mixture and herbs will stick easier to your workings or candles . if you want a lighter mixture use coconut oil instead! put your intention into the mixture and charge it on your altar and burn a red candle while making it as well as while charging it on the altar. If you need to book a reading or a consultation you can email me at : [email protected] Website: http://asherastargoddess.wix.com/hello
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Love Spell to Manifest Your Soulmate/ Twin Flame | Candle Magic | Step by Step Spell
Love Spell to Manifest Your Soulmate/ Twin Flame | Candle Magic | Step by Step Spell In this vlog I demonstrate a love spell to manifest your husband, wife, twin flame, or soulmate. This is a step by step tutorial. For services including: Counseling ~ Readings ~ Magic Consultations ~ Spell Work ~ Virtual Counseling for Children & Youth email me at [email protected] or visit my Wordpress https://ladydaydream478150534.wordpress.com/ ***Services are available via video chat, video, and phone, etc. Welcome Witches, Wizards, The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine, Goddesses, Mermaids, Soulmates, Twin Flames, Empaths, and Healers! Thank you for sharing my love and passion for Crystal Healing, Magic (Magick), Twin Flame Union, Coping with depression and anxiety naturally, The Law of Attraction, dating advice, manifesting love, tarot readings, oracle readings, Goddess, Love spells, Abundance and financial prosperity spells, etc.
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Black Candle Magick
Simple yet effective way to cleans away any negativity which may be causing problems in your home or social life
😍 LOVE SPELL WITH RED CANDLE ❤ ADVANCED MAGIC Copyright © Arziana EverDark 04-03-2019 and onward. 200+ SPELLS PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzKTiQz7XbhQxBbkYVTbbxBGzFY2Bmj9Z my books: 📓🕯Financial Witchcraft: https://tinyurl.com/yao8y95e 📓🕯Candle Magic: Beginner's Guide To Simple Spells: https://tinyurl.com/ycty9a28 📓🕯Samhain Witchcraft: Halloween Magic Spells, Rituals, Potions, Ways To Celebrate And Much More: https://tinyurl.com/yda3fru5 📓🕯Menstrual Blood Love Spells: https://tinyurl.com/y76sq5t2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #ArzianaEverDark #LoveSpellWithRedCandle #LoveSpell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright © Arziana EverDark All rights over this video and content reserved to Arziana EverDark YouTube channel. Reproducing this video and its content fully or partially is a violation of the copyright law. The author, publisher, and copyright holder assume no responsibility for any injury or damage caused or sustained while using the information in this video or in the comment section. We do not make any guarantees about getting any results with our content, videos, information, comments, products. This video and comments are for entertainment purposes only. Any advice or information given should be taken as entertainment. Before you use any ingredients mentioned in this video or comments, please be aware of any allergies liable to cause a reaction. Please follow the fire safety regulations and protocols from your country when using fire. We assume no responsibility for the way you use fire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for watching! Subscribe and check out my other videos! 😀 👍 200+ SPELLS IN THIS PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzKTiQz7XbhQxBbkYVTbbxBGzFY2Bmj9Z
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Black candle separation spell - Love Black Magick
Black candle separation spell - traditional witchcraft UPDATE FROM CLIENT: Hi Black Witch S, That must have been a powerful spell that you cast. Holy crap! (TARGET - withheld) and I and now seeing each other. Not only that- he told me he loves me and that he is sorry for how he treated me when we were together. He apologised for denying our connection for so long. I have stayed at his house, been around his friends again. He's not denying me to anybody and seems comfortable and happy with the arrangement. (Private - Other woman) ended up dumping him the night they were celebrating their joint birthdays at a big party. She's really angry at him because she discovered from somebody that night that he had lied to her many times about seeing other women. It all came to light a couple of weekends after you cast the spell. It's over. Thank you for your help. I'll continue to do what I can to make sure I don't lose him again! Blessings, (Withheld here) Additional Notes: Take a sheet of paper and write your lovers name on one end & the 3rd persons name on the other. Light a black candle and incense. Tear the paper in half and burn the half with the lovers name on it, chanting while you do so: As this paper burns So to did their love As the paper dissolves So moto it be Where to get some of these products: Separation Oil - https://blackmagicwitch.com/1oz-separation-anna-ag-oa1sep Asafoetida Powder - 1oz envelope - https://blackmagicwitch.com/asafoetida-pwd-1oz-envelope-rpasa1 Sulphur - http://amzn.to/2bZrQHB _______________________ FIND US AT BLACK WITCH COVEN HERE: https://www.blackwitchcoven.com https://www.facebook.com/blackwitchcoven https://twitter.com/blackwitchcoven
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Love Magic with Rose Quartz Gemstones - Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita
Make your life more magical! Get a free copy of my eBook "Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork": http://sevensecretsebook.com In this episode I show you some of the many ways to work with gemstones: - Cleansing your gemstone - Charging your gemstone with moonlight - Using gems to amplify the benefits of meditation and spellcasting - Making a gem elixir - Using gems in candle spells - Carrying gems for empowerment Tools that I use in this episode can be found on my website - ParlourofWonders.com Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst Spring Water Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt Pink Beeswax candle
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Candle Magick: Interpreting Flames and Spell Outcomes
Learn how to interpret the outcomes of your spells by studying the candle flames. www.divinemagick22.com/book-online https://www.facebook.com/groups/236668326779648/
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Return to Me Candle Spell
A quick and easy candle spell that will help bring a lover back into your life. This is our first video in a series of how-to witchcraft spell videos, so it's a little rough. I'm still learning the ropes of video editing.
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Candle Magick - Meanings Of Colors In Candles and Magical Oils Uses
Candle magick with Symbolism of colors of candles meanings of what they represents and uses with magickal oils and anointing oils in spiritual, hoodoo and witchcraft practices. Go to: http://realgiftedspells.com How To Dress A Candle For Love Spell: https://youtu.be/2y7yszB7r8g
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Dress a Hoodoo Vigil Candle for a Love Spell - Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita
Make your life more magical! Get a free copy of my eBook "Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork": http://sevensecretsebook.com This is a traditional hoodoo vigil candle dressing for a reconciliation spell. What you will need (all products are available on my website - parlourofwonders.com): - A glass-encased 7 day vigil candle - "Reconciliation" Spiritual Oil (or any other Rootwork oil) - Custom herb blend - Glitter - Matches - Candle snuffer - A chopstick, screwdriver, awl or other long pointed device able to poke holes in the wax If you want to learn more about doing candle spells, please read my How To Guide for Candles on my website: ParlourOfWonders.com under Magical Instruction - How To Guides - Candle How To If you would like questions about rootwork answered or recommendations for your particular case, I am happy to do that - Simply book a one-on-one session with me on my website ParlourOfWonders.com under Magical Instruction.
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Love Oil For Candle Magick & Spells || EASY SPELLS FOR A WITCH
Create your own ESSENTIAL candle anointing oil for all your forthcoming LOVE SPELLS. Quick and easy! Super powerful. www.renaissancewellness.co.uk Contact: [email protected] WEBSITE: https://www.renaissancewellness.co.uk/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/renaissancetarot/
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Candle flame meaning & Candle fire interpretation for Magic Spells
The significance of candle flame behavior during casting spells - The magic of candles. When casting any spells, carefully monitor the behavior of the candle flame. It is important. The candle is easily lit, its flame is calm and confident - this means you have chosen the right place for the ritual, and everything will contribute to your magic. Problem lighting candles - the interpretation of this behavior candle flame is the weakening of your magic by external forces, which will by any means interfere with your work and the result you want to achieve. If during the ritual the candle flame was weak and small, like about to go out, then there are different obstacles and obstacles for the favorable development of the situation. Candle fire meaning - A swaying or dancing flame is interpreted as a tense situation with which you are working. You will not be able to influence factors or things that will continue to inflame passions and heat up the situation. Candle fire interpretation In a love spell for two candles, symbolizing two people, one candle can burn much stronger and brighter than the other, which is the flame of a candle which means a stronger impact and the power of one person over another. If both candles have a flame jumping, then people are very indifferent to each other - this implies it can be like passion and love, and hatred with anger. More on the significance of the flame of #candles in magic #candle #candleflame #candlefire #magicspells https://redmercuri.com/blog/986725_candle_magic_candle_magic_colors_candle_making_candle_magic_spells.html Candles flame meaning and interpretation / / / / Music: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
How to Do a Simple Candle Spell
A candle spell is one of the simplest and most effective forms of magic you can do. This quick tutorial will give you everything you need to know to cast your own candle spell for nearly any purpose. P.S. My Magic For Absolute Beginners Video Series is totally FREE! Learn more and subscribe here: https://tesswhitehurst.com/landing-pages/your-magical-life-is-waiting/
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The Power Of The Red Candle. Red Candle Spell Magick for Motivation, Drive and Passion ( Story Time)
Intro Music by Majorino Majorino Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/majorino760 Instagram: Spiritual_Initiate SnapChat:earl_a3 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/earl.anderson.16752 PayPal Donate: paypal.me/spiritualinitiate I did a red candle spell to bring in motivation, passion and drive for my business and that came allll the way through. What I did was sleep with the candle and raised up passionate energy and charged the candle with that. I also made a quick and simple oil to dress the candle. Olive oil for the base, cinnamon and rosemary. I said my prayer to the candle based around bringing a new passion along and thanked the candle for its work, and that's it! Red Candle protection spell:https://youtu.be/bkMhZops0QI Green candle spell magick:https://youtu.be/hEP9D__zWlo https://youtu.be/-8UEaOzpYlo
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Simple Candle love Spells that work 10 Times Fastest
Here candle love spells u can do to make your lover do as you say! To make your lover obey you. Ingredients: White candle, Red candle, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, turmeric powder, natural honey, bay leaf, blue/ red/ white tread/ ribbon Carved the both candles with your lover name & some petitions Rub the candles with the ingredients then wrapped the bottom candles with bay leaf thigh um up 7 times read your petitions then burn the candles before you sleep
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Simple Candle Spell For Self-Love!
Merry Meet, everyone! Wow! Is Maja really publishing two spell videos in a row? YOU BET! Also... I'm planning on doing another spell soon... AND I WANT YOU TO BE INVOLVED IN IT! It's similar to My Pagan Life's Yule Celebration (soon-to-be) Tradition, but this will only be a one-time thing. I'll explain more later, but for now, do the following if you wish to participate: Write ONE word in the comments that means a lot to you in some way! Or something that you're striving towards. Just remember: Only ONE word! :D Music used in this video: - "Witch's Rune" by S. J. Tucker My Gmail: [email protected] ~•~•~•~•~ UPCOMING VIDEOS ~•~•~•~•~ - Reasons Why I (As A Wiccan) Won't Go Vegan - How I Meditate - Guide To: Crystals In Magick - CONCRETE Tips For Beginners In Wicca - My Necklaces For Magick And Empowerment! ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ ~ Thanks for watching, everyone! ~ Blessed Be! )O( - KittyMoon (Maja) | From My Pagan Life |
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Candle magick and its flame
Every candle flame has a meaning so go through this video to know what the flame in your candle prayer means The following are my page and group links in Face book An exclusive group which will cover my spells, tips and rituals for all situations and will help you in overcoming your obstacles https://www.facebook.com/groups/11506... This group will have Tarot tips, my weekly predictions, Meditation with tarot cards, tarot spells and anything and everything to do with all types of tarot, oracle and angel cards https://www.facebook.com/groups/12779... This group is exclusively for reiki healers and we will discuss reiki modalities here and also case studies on various reiki healing techniques, so if you want to join this group you must be a reiki healer. Reiki Tips and everything related to purely reiki will be posted here https://www.facebook.com/groups/17287... This group will have information on all the workshops, tips and videos posted by Magick of healing https://www.facebook.com/groups/42104... My youtube channel where you will find my videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW1c... My page https://www.facebook.com/pinky.punjabi/ Love and Light
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The love spell candle
You can learn how to charge up a candle and make your own love spell, on Fridays the day Venus. For readings or candles: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMagicJunkDrawer
Planetary Spirits & Candle Spells & Magick: Ceremonial Ritual Magic, Hoodoo, Wicca - Love Money etc
Please support my work: https://www.patreon.com/taliesinmcknight In this video, i give a simple method for combining candle magick and spells with the traditional ceremonial or ritual magic practices of planetary spirit magic. This is an easy way to introduce oneself into this type of magick, bridging the gap between the practices. The method is very simple, and based upon the Principle of Correspondence. New videos come out every Saturday morning! The topics Taliesin McKnight covers include the simple magick spell techniques, Hoodoo, candle spells, Key of Solomon, Goetia, talismans, love spells, money spells, curses, Qabalah, Hermetic philosophy, alchemy, tarot, astrology, mysticism, and much more!
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A "Come to Me" Moving Candle Spell to Bring Your True Love to You - Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita
Make your life more magical! Get a free copy of my eBook "Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork": http://sevensecretsebook.com This is a basic moving candle spell to invite a love to come into your life. What you will need (all items are available at my shop parlourofwonders.com) - Two beeswax figural candles - "Come to Me" Spiritual Oil (or another Love-type oil) - Catnip, Damiana or another love herb, cut and sifted. - A tray, cookie sheet or platter. - Matches - Candle snuffer - Pencil, athame, knife, nail or other pointed object to scratch into the wax If you want to learn more about magic, please visit my Magical Instruction where I offer guides, videos, blogs, a podcast and more to answer your questions - https://www.parlourofwonders.com/magical-instruction/ I do my best to answer as many questions as I can, but I am unable to get to all of them. If you would like your questions about rootwork answered or recommendations for your particular case, I am happy to do that - Simply book a one-on-one session with me - https://www.parlourofwonders.com/individual-magical-instruction
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Do your candle magic ❤️ LOVE, 💰 MONEY ,🛡 PROTECTION
Emailme: 🔮🔮🔮 [email protected] Here are my rates: PayPal Readings:  15mins/40$  30mins/55$ 45/85$ and  1hr/150$ https://www.paypal.me/popculturepsyck Leave telephone nu mber in "NOTE & than “TEXT ME” for an appointment or Emailme. 🌹LOVE OIL KIT🌹 purchase price:25$ Hi 👋🏾 You must be 18 or over! Tracey Brown
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Come to Me Candle - Quick Easy Fast Results
http://emilyhalifax.com/youtube/ For spell consultations, readings: http://www.bookeo.com/Healingwoods http://emilyhalifax.com/rootwork-testimonials/ I offer this Setting of Lights service to all my clients and most have witnessed Ahhhmazzing results whether it be for prosperity, love, protection, luck, empowerment - you name it!! I have tons of different types of candles. You can order this service above or a spell consult for other work. http://piramideproducts.com/Shop/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=8 Here is the link to the Botanica where you can find the pheremones that I use!
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How to cast Candle Love Spell – Most effective and used by many spell casters
Website- http://www.vashikaranspecialistbabaji.org/ Mobile Number- +91 7696 775 664 Wats App- +91 7696 775 664 E mail - [email protected] How to cast Candle Love Spell – Most effective and used by many spell casters || How to cast Candle Love Spell – Most effective and used by many spell casters || Video Description:- 0.01- How to cast Candle Love Spell 0.05-These spells are very strong and very easy to caste and these spells deliver their 0.12-results very fast. These spells can be casted for the following purposes: 0.19-To get your lost boyfriend or girlfriend back. -To attain love of any particular boy or a girl. 0.27-To remove differences from married life. -To marry the desired person. 0.35-Materials required to caste candle love spells: 0.41-One red Candle. -Red Ribbon. 0.47-One paper. -Pen. -Some honey. 0.53- Method to do Candle love spells: 0.59-First of all write your name and the name of the person whom you want back. 1.06-Make five folds of the paper. -Now put the paper in the honey. 1.14-Tie red ribbon on the bottle. -Cover the honey bottle with lid. 1.21-Now place the bottle on the ground. 1.27-Then light red candle in front of the honey bottle. -Now recite the given spells for 51 times. 1.34-Spells: “HimbajPedukNamoj (name of the person) Himbaj” 1.43-Then blow on the Candle. -Now burry the Honey bottle at some lonely place. -Very soon you will be able to see results. 1.53-Precautions for the casting Candle love spell: 1.58-Caste Candle love spells on Saturday night. 2.03-Use new material for the casting spells not used one. 2.10-Girls cannot use these spells during their mensuration. 2.16-Don’t apply these spells twice on the same person. Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012989164501 https://twitter.com/miaashfaqkhan1 https://www.linkedin.com/in/maulana-ashfaq-khan-b43872125?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/miaashfaqkhan https://vk.com/id378190269 Keyword how to cast candle love spell,love spells,love spells that work,free love spells,free spells,spells that work,love spells that really work,real magic spells,magic spells,black magic spells,real spells,witchcraft spells,voodoo spells,powerful love spells,spells for love,money spells,free love spells that work immediately,free love spells that work fast,love spell candle,real love spells,spell to make someone love you,love spell that works immediately,love spells that work fast,how to cast a love spell,do love spells work,easy love spells,free magic spells,spells that work instantly,magic spells that really work,lost love spells,cast a love spell,simple love spells,red candle love spell,black magic for love,love spell chant,spells and magic,voodoo love spells,spells that really work,real witch spells,real spells that work,candle love spells,true love spell,love spells with candles,magic spells that work,how to make a love spell,bring back lost lover,free spells that work instantly,candle spells,break up spells,revenge spells,do love spells really work,white magic spells,black magic love spells,magic love spells,good luck spells,make him love me spell,money spells that really work,white magic love spells,love spells that work instantly for free,love spell caster,witchcraft spells that really work,spells that work fast,free love spells that work for real,love spells that actually work,red candle spells,real black magic,spells to make him love you,how to do a love spell,spell caster,love spells to say,strong love spells,pink candle love spell,simple love spells that work,black magic love spells that work fast,free spells that work instantly for beginners,effective love spells,free spell casters,instant love spell,powerful love spells that work fast free,
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In this video I show you how to work with the proper herbs and oils for drawing and that perfect love relationship Love come to me oil. http://www.oneritualaway.com/store/p7/Love_Come_To_Me_Oil-_For_Her.html Hi John the conqueror oil. http://www.oneritualaway.com/store/p55/Hi_John_the_conqueror_oil.html Come to me Candle : https://www.amazon.com/7-Day-Candle-Come-Me/dp/B0041T1F96 To contact me : http://www.oneritualaway.com/new--returning-client-consultation.html Herbs used in this candle spell : Dried roses Red clover Hi John the conqueror and chewing John root Powdered cinnamon Red and gold glitter Follow me on social media IG http://instagram.com/oneritualaway FB Jasmine Aten (mystic at the crossroads)
RED CANDLE LOVE SPELL - The greatest White Magic Ex Back Love spell
-Are you facing break up with your partner?? -Is your partner annoyed with you?? -Do you want to get your lost love back?? -Are you in need of a very powerful spells that can help you in getting your love back very soon?? Red candle love spells are the most powerful spells that can heal the broken hearts. These spells can bring your partner back to you and can remove all the misunderstanding that are present among you and your partner. Material required for casting Red candle love spells: -Photo of the person. -Coconut shell bowl. -One red candle. -Rose oil. -One pinch of salt. Complete method for casting Red candle love spells: -First if all sprinkle some rose oil on the ground. -Put Photo of the person on it. -Now place coconut shell bowl on the photo. -Then light Red candle. -Take candle in your hands. -Recite the given spells for 51 times. Spells: -Then pour five drops of wax from the red candle in the Coconut shell. -Take pinch of salt and kiss it. -Then put the salt in the coconut shell. -Now burry all the material at lonely place under a tree. You have to follow the given precautions while casting these spells: -Use dry coconut shell for casting spells. -Red candle should not have any fragrance. -Caste these spells on Waxing moon night. -Do not caste these spells twice on the same person. The Views and Information Provided In this video is for General entertainment only. People are advised to use their discretion while using the service. It is nor warrants that the use of this information is free of any claim. People using this service may get the result or not, astrological result depends upon lot of factor. We don’t promote any superstition or any blind belief.
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Love Spells WON"T WORK IF! (Positive Energy) Warning I ADDED A Ring of Coral Love Spell
Rose's "Ring Of Coral" Love Spell This spell allows you to "wish" for anything love-related... and releases the energy into the universe. What you'll need: * 1 gold candle * 1 red candle (or better yet, a heart-shaped candle) * A few pieces of coral * 4 small pink candles STEP 1: Setup the gold candle in the center of your altar...in your favorite candle holder. STEP 2: Lay out the pieces of coral around the gold candle. STEP 3: Setup the smaller candles in a circle around the coral pieces. STEP 4: Sit down, close your eyes and visualize (in as much detail) the type of love you desire. What does the person look like? What will your daily interactions be like with them? Let your imagination run wild. STEP 5: When you "snap out" of your visualization, light the gold candle. STEP 6: Next, light all of the smaller pink candles. STEP 7: Let all the candles burn for 5 minutes, and clear your mind in mediation. STEP 8: Finally, "snuff" (never blow) the candles out. The spell is done.
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Candle Magick Series: What Each Color Represents and the Crystals and Oils Associated with the Color
One of the simplest forms of magick is candle burning. It is simple because it employ’s little ritual and few ceremonial artefacts. The items required can be purchased in many shops and it’s ritual’s can be practiced in the comfort of your own home. The candles you use for any type of magick should be virginal (new and unused). Candle's which have already been used may have picked up vibrations which will distract from your purposes. White - Purity, Spirituality, Truth and Peace Yellow - Intellectualism, Memory and Creativity Orange - Ambition, Career and Matters involving the Law Red - Energy, Strength, Courage, Lust & Sexual Potency Dusky Pink - Romance & Sensuality Pink - Love, Affection and Romance Lilac - Inner Healling, Calmness & Tranquility Purple - Spiritual Power, Psychic ability and third eye Magic Blue - Inspiration, Occult Wisdom and devotion Light Blue - Intuition, Meditation, Peace & Harmony Light Green - Good Luck, Social Delights and Fertility Green - Prosperity, Abundance, Money Brown - Protection of Animals, Earth Magick, Stability, Nurturing & Grounding. Beige - Contacting Animal Totems, Vision Quest Silver/Grey- Clairvoyance, Astral energy and Intuition Black - Protection, Binding, Reversing hexes Magenta - Quick Change - use this candle with other candles to initiate a quick response or fast changes. Magickalladyduchess.com
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Candle Magic To Attract New Love
When I work for bringing new love, I dont focus so much to passion and lust - but sweet love, respect and care. The medicines are: chicken heart, apple wood, cinnamon, magnet sand, basil, red roses, damiana, myrtle
COMPLETE Candle Dressing Tutorial in Beauty Spell **Candle Magick**
In this video, I share how I dress candles as I prepare candle for a Beauty and attraction spell. For more videos and techniques for spiritual growth & development and to join our membership group for access to exclusive member only content, (such as videos, member only groups, member only discounts, giveaways and more), visit http://www.patreon.com/prettybosstv To purchase Pretty God Apparel visit: https://bit.ly/2uIUJCm One-on-one consultations: http://www.prettybosstv.com/contact or send an email with CONSULTATION as the subject, to [email protected] To Give a Donation go to: http://www.paypal.me/prettybosstv ::OTHER CHANNELS:: Back to Natural Hair: http://www.youtube.com/user/iamkendrajustine Acrylic Nail Tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/augdiamond ::WEBSITE:: http://www.prettybosstv.com http://www.kendrajustine.com ::INSTAGRAM:: http://www.instagram.com/iamkendrajustine http://www.instagram.com/prettybosstv ::FACEBOOK:: http://www.facebook.com/prettybosstv https://www.facebook.com/iamprettyboss (personal)
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You can use red candles to attract love! It's so easy, and you can use tall red jar candles, red votive candles, red tealight candles or any red candle! Burning red candles is is a powerful tool in attracting love. It allows you to manifest love - self love, attract a partner, attract your soulmate, manifest your twin flame and even strengthen the love you already have! It invokes the energy of love in the self, as well as relationships! Visit my store to purchase my special cleansing sprays, readings, and my MANIFESTING LOVE SET :: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SheetalsShop Red Tealight Candles :: https://amzn.to/2T7xaP1 Red Votive Candles :: https://amzn.to/2RQzCb3 Red Jar Candles :: https://amzn.to/2RSz44I Red Chime Candles :: https://amzn.to/2FikF0b Ground Cinnamon :: https://amzn.to/2T7JleK Dried Rose Petals :: https://amzn.to/2RRsVWu Share your candle pics with me on Instagram @Seamonster3 SUBSCRIBE for new videos weekly!! Click the Bell so you don't miss another incense video! Shop My Closet on Poshmark :: https://poshmark.com/closet/sheetalc How to Use Black Candles To Remove Negative Energy :: https://youtu.be/BsnAOguF8cY 3 Incense to Burn To Get Rid Of Negative Energy :: https://youtu.be/So4Qtq4bQQo 3 Incense To Burn To Attract Money :: https://youtu.be/KGUhwoTwuYs 55 x 5 Law of Attraction Manifestation Method STEP BY STEP :: https://youtu.be/sUR82r9c79Q 55 x 5 Manifestation Method MOST ASKED QUESTIONS ANSWERED :: https://youtu.be/REtj7ThWVHk How To Use 55 x 5 Manifesting Method To Attract Money :: https://youtu.be/0oJxBZhDG64 How To Match The Frequency Of Money :: https://youtu.be/ESY_O8WnOTs TWO CUP METHOD to Manifest! :: https://youtu.be/rJnTm91mWL0 Treat Depression, Anxiety & Stress with St. John's Wort :: https://youtu.be/p0YRojST2xk Attract LOVE, A relationship or a Person :: https://youtu.be/i3WkP5uhlJk Attract Luck with Peacock Feathers :: https://youtu.be/5bTAwESVhFQ Powerful Way To Raise Your Vibration with Smells :: https://youtu.be/2852znXwraw How to Attract What You Want Using WATER :: https://youtu.be/UNaA0vP_bos DIY Cleansing Spray to Remove Negative Energy :: https://youtu.be/davuk2RkB1g Manifestation Journaling - How to use Scripting to Attract What You Want :: https://youtu.be/mnTJPMPBnlE Spiritual Uses for Sage :: https://youtu.be/a7AloNfUcxM Crystals + Their Meanings :: https://youtu.be/lWbJef0H624 Incense Haul + Why I Light Incense Every Day :: https://youtu.be/OcxrjFcUP3s How I Dye and Lighten My Hair at Home :: https://youtu.be/aDWwnY4AP4c How I Cut My Hair At Home TUTORIAL :: https://youtu.be/byjEXpYNRNk DIY Layers for Long Hair :: https://youtu.be/ElVnFDtfkcA 10 Indian Hair Growth Secrets :: https://youtu.be/TTvupRauBvg How To Apply Aloe Vera For Hair Growth & Shine :: https://youtu.be/Rpw_VFuT1JM How To Apply Coconut Oil for Hair Growth :: https://youtu.be/m6yasWYDZmM 6 Beauty Uses of Turmeric :: https://youtu.be/2ta3ckYzzv0?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8pZMWRJ6DdrYceMRqYA2_7K 10 Beauty Benefits of Rose Oil :: https://youtu.be/XfjSfsNQU4g?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8pZMWRJ6DdrYceMRqYA2_7K 10 Beauty Benefits of Neem Oil :: https://youtu.be/Cliz9qei-W0?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8pZMWRJ6DdrYceMRqYA2_7K 10 Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil :: https://youtu.be/L6nqNsoC67A?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8pZMWRJ6DdrYceMRqYA2_7K 5 Beauty Uses of Olive Oil :: https://youtu.be/cI866I_aVR8?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8pZMWRJ6DdrYceMRqYA2_7K 10 Beauty Uses of Almond Oil :: https://youtu.be/uDyOzLPw2fU?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8pZMWRJ6DdrYceMRqYA2_7K OIL Series :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8p2CnQwFJbvc6sGkRphVVMm HERB Series :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8qTwIxaBrlHvvXSMxcqzki9 HAIR CUTTING Series :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8o8Flz0mNBXYB6WZcu3FdgF HOW I COLOR MY HAIR Series :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8o-Dz_QfwR3NpyEArfsNqQ- 10 BEAUTY BENEFITS OF... Series :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8pZMWRJ6DdrYceMRqYA2_7K LAW OF ATTRACTION Series :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8qEBNOrqL6c0rLA6rjqfd3p PICK A CARD Readings :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8qWgCgohzo5VO6t38JgmnPs CRYSTAL Series :: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_7SQt05Kc8qv10nXWwTuV9BJd_6sMZCW My Favorite Books :: The Secret :: http://amzn.to/2BUVgqM Women Who Run With The Wolves :: http://amzn.to/2Gb0iOd The Complete Idiot's Guide To Alchemy :: http://amzn.to/2EE8aKF I am not a health professional, or counselor, I just love sharing what works for me with you all in hopes that it might help you too! Music :: Kevin MacLeod "Dreamy Flashback" 💸 EBATES💸 Earn Cash Back for shopping online when you shop through the Ebates website! Sign up here: EoewtrDokdE Get $10 when you sign up with my link above and spend $25+ through Ebates ✉ ATTENTION BRANDS/COMPANIES ✉ If you are a company interested in collaborating with me, feel free to email me @ [email protected]
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Candle Magic Spell Candles
Candle Magic | Spell Candles: powerful, simple candle spells using 7 day glass-encased candles how to. You will need: - a 7 day glass encased candle in either white or a color that corresponds to the intended spell goal. - a Petition paper (see video how to here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=_-5g1t7Fimg ) and/or a Name Paper. Optional items: herbs, oils, gemstones that match the intention of the spell. Candle Color Symbolism: Red–passion, victory, vigor, sexual spells Pink–love, reconciliation, romance, clean/healthy living Orange–open roads, remove blockages, marriage, change Yellow–success, attraction, money (gold) Green–luck, money magic, gambling spells, business, employment, good crops Blue–protection, healing, harmony, peace White–spiritual blessings, peace, purity Purple–mastery, rulership, ambition, power, control, command, victory Brown–court case spells, paper color for magic Black–jinxes, mourning, removing hexes and crossed conditions What can you light/set candles for? Here are the types of candles offered: * Attraction Spells = candle spells to attract either your soulmate, many people, or a specific person you name. * Beauty Spells = candle spells to enhance your sexual magnetism and draw people to you (works for any sex/gender). * Blessing Spells = to bless a new venture, a new business, a new home (etc.) that you want to go well, succeed, etc. * Break up / Divorce Spells = to separate either your own relationship or someone else's. * Business/Job/Career Spells = to be successful in business, job or career. * Court Case Spells = for favor in court-cases, law suits, divorce, etc. * Finances / Money Spells = to increase the opportunities for prosperity. * Good Luck / Gambling Spells = to increase the likelihood of winning in games of chance. (Remember to play responsibly!) * Health Prayer = this is a prayer for the person to be healed. It is not so much of a spell as it is prayer lights set for them/you. * Love Spells = candle spells to increase the love a person has for you, to increase the love between a couple. * Desire Spells = candle spells to increase the desires and passion in a couple's relationship, or one person towards another. * Marriage Spells & Commitment Spells = candle spells to cause a proposal, to save a marriage and/or increase the commitment in a relationship. * Obsession Spells = spells to cause someone to constantly think of you, miss you, contact you, etc... * Real Estate Spells = candle spells to help find a house and/or sell a home quicker. * Stop Gossip Spells = candle  spells to stop people gossiping or hurting you through their gossip. * Stop Cheating Spells = candle spells to stop your partner from cheating on you. Important: each candle lit is for a specific goal as above. So 1 candle per goal. How To Request Candle Spell Service? LearnSpellCasting.com/candle-ministry.html Thank you for watching! Bella Isis LearnSpellCasting
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How To Dress a Candle for a Love Spell To Attract A Lover
Dressing a candle for love with Come To Me Spell oil or Attraction Oil or Love oil. For a consultation or spell services: http://realgiftedspells.com/
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Menstrual Blood Love Candle Spell
Menstrual Blood Love Candle Spell Copyright © Arziana EverDark 24-06-2018 and onward All rights over this video and content reserved to EverDark Arziana YouTube channel. Reproducing this video and its content fully or partially is a violation of copyright law. Ingredients: rose geranium essential oil, catnip, coriander Love Oil: https://youtu.be/WuG2_HE-vSI Thanks for watching! Subscribe and check out my other videos! 😀 👍 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ my books: 📓🕯Financial Witchcraft: https://tinyurl.com/yao8y95e 📓🕯Candle Magic: Beginner's Guide To Simple Spells: https://tinyurl.com/ycty9a28 📓🕯Samhain Witchcraft: Halloween Magic Spells, Rituals, Potions, Ways To Celebrate And Much More: https://tinyurl.com/yda3fru5 📓🕯Menstrual Blood Love Spells: https://tinyurl.com/y76sq5t2
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Candle 🕯Magic 101
SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE COMMENT! Press the bell 🛎 🔥CHECK BOX: GOODS&SERVICES🔥 Emailme: [email protected] Here are my rates: https://www.paypal.me/popculturepsyck 📖Book Club: $20 🔸15mins/40$ FIRST TIME CLIENT OPTION. 🔸 30mins/55$ 🔸 1hr/150$ Love❤️-25$ / Money💰KITS-25$ Venmo Cashapp Zelle options available You must be 18 or over!
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How To Read Glass 7 Day Candles
Glass candles are used for many different types of work. Also called seven day candles, they provide a very easy way to do work that doesn’t have to be supervised around the clock. These candles are read differently than freestanding candles. In this video I go over some of the different shapes and signs that show up in glass candles. In this video I cover; - clean burns – rings – broken rings – white smoke – clouding – black smoke – remaining wax – herbs in the center There are many other signs that can show up in seven days/glass candles and I would love to hear from you about how you read some of them. Feel free to post in the comments below! If you like this video please comment, share, subscribe, and click that bill so you get notifications when I post a video. :-) If you would like to see more of my work you can find me: Facebook: www.facebook.com/hoodoodelish Website: www.hoodoodelish.com Email: [email protected] Please feel free to send me any questions, comments, or inquiries. I love to hear from you guys! Much love, Ms Avi
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Magic with tealight candles!
Tealight candles for witchcraft.
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Hoodoo Unleashed: Magical theory, Candle Magic, and a Cuffin Season practical Love Spell
Contact Info: Text/Business: (770) 648-4171 Email: [email protected] Instagram: the_broken_prophet Twitter/Periscope: @PapaLouWWTS In this very off the cuff (rough and unedited) video I'll talk about magical theory and the mindset needed for success with spiritual work. I'll also address why your works may not be giving you the desired outcomes. We'll also do a practical love work with candles to help you get that winter boo for this upcoming "Cuffing Season".
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Candle Magick Series Part Two: Dressing a Candle - Days of the Week and Lunar Magick
Love Consults are $50 Please go to my website and check my online store: https://www.magickalladyduchess.com/ https://youtu.be/rM4RR8n0t0Y Candle Magick Series Part One https://youtu.be/LmnKeT6BdII How to Write a Petition
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How to dress a candle with herbs and oils.
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hey pretty gang, This video is about candles and what you can use candles for. Follow @larichmerangel spiritualist or spiritual consultant thof different readings, energy cleansing, manifestations and also is a wholistic functional health specialist. CURLY PONYTAIL TUTORIAL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIsTgoJ7Zeo&t=130s Manifest (Law of attraction) video https://youtu.be/f5bmLXFFYTM Florida water video https://youtu.be/EDQXlvjcCNc DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL http://bit.ly/29igE8n FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Wt7Fpx Twitter: http://bit.ly/1RCQrhA Snapchat: @Anayal8terr Business Inquires Only [email protected] xx Anaya R
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Candle Magick: Love Spell in Action
Watch the candle wax flow with these two love candles made by Hoodoo Goddess. Have you done a love candle spell like this before? Visit: www.hoodoogoddess.com Use Promo Code: HOODOOGODDESS for $5.00 off!
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Hoodoo money spell(candle magic).
To book me for a paid consultation and we can go over everything. I can help you. You can pay via my website. Here is my link to my website https://spiritualsuppliesandcandles.myshopify.com/products/consultations-and-readings Or here is my info, if you want to go another route... To set up a phone, text, or chat session with me so I can help you more about your situation and see what would be best to do. My rates are $70 for an hour or $40 for thirty minutes. I do paypal here and my cash app is $Katherineceesay My paypal email is [email protected] if you don't do paypal I will send you an invoice here, just let me know which time you want. After you hire me send me your phone number if you want a phone session and we can book a good time. Spirit Readings or consultations are $70 for an hour, $40 for thirty minutes. Can be by text, email or phone. Root work or spell work for protection and other things please contact me via inbox. Serious inquires only please. Just ask me if you want to see some of my reviews from other satisfied clients before hire. Beginners hoodoo money spell, it's also for the experts. Simple easy and to the point. I am a seasoned witch in all types of magic. Specializing in dark and black arts. I can also do light work when needed. I can use both hands like many other practitioners. **********List of services and products********** *Readings and consultations/70 for and hour or 40 for 30 minutes(doing readings most of my life but professionally way over 15 years). *Drunk in love kit. That contains love oil(smells so good), spiritual bath for healing relationships or bringing in new love, and a blessed candle, or candles. are 67 dollars with shipping included. *Hoodoo prosperity green rice kit. That contains money drawing oil, a bag of hoodoo green rice to sprinkle around your home outside to draw in money. anoint your family with it. You will also get green or white blessed candles. The cost is 67 dollars as well covering shipping and handling. *Rootwork or spellwork services open. Covering most all cases, court, love, hexing, protection, break up spells, reconciliation for relationships. *Protection kit includes spiritual bath and potion to put in the bath, also protection oil along with blessed white or black candles. To remove witchcraft, bad juju and to ward off psychic attacks! Also 67 dollars. *Baneful magic kit includes the oil, protection oil, candles and also a mixture of graveyard dirt and black salt. Also 67 dollars just for the kit alone. contact me for serious inquires only or questions, @[email protected] or @[email protected] SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE. Check out my new online store! I have everything you need. Candles, incense, oils, herbs, and much much more! www.candlesandmagicalsupplies.com The intro to my video was created by J.M. my creative specialist from Black Dragon House blackdragonhouse.com and the music is by David Murray called "Muerte" his new website - new classicmusicgroup.com Also soundcloud.com/theblackmozart Please contact me here if you would like any of their services so that you don't have copyright issues with your videos.
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How to Use Crystals in Your Candle Magic | How to Make Crystal Grids
How to Use Crystals in Your Candle Magic | How to Make Crystal Grids For services including: Counseling ~ Readings ~ Magic Consultations ~ Spell Work ~ Virtual Counseling for Children & Youth email me at [email protected] or visit my Wordpress https://ladydaydream478150534.wordpress.com/ ***Services are available via video chat, video, and phone, etc. Welcome Witches, Wizards, The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine, Goddesses, Mermaids, Soulmates, Twin Flames, Empaths, and Healers! Thank you for sharing my love and passion for Crystal Healing, Magic (Magick), Twin Flame Union, Coping with depression and anxiety naturally, The Law of Attraction, dating advice, manifesting love, tarot readings, oracle readings, Goddess, Love spells, Abundance and financial prosperity spells, etc.
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Candle Magick & Spells 101
Candle magick is a very simple form of spell work. Here I discuss all the basic essentials. This form of magick practice is found within many different forms of Witchcraft--from Hoodoo to Wicca, to various other traditions. These can be used for lucl, love, money, protection, or virtually any other purpose. Please Like & SHARE if you enjoy my videos! Taliesin McKnight makes videos on Hoodoo, Qabalah, tarot, astrology, magick, paganism, wicca, wiccan traditions, spells, grimoires, ritual magick, etc. New videos come out every Saturday morning.
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Witchy tips on white candles
via YouTube Capture
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