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Android Spin Kit | 12 Custom Progress Bar in Single GitHub Library.
Hello Friends Today we are going to create a some custom progress bar by a using a GitHub library that is "Android Spin Kit". Link to that Library:- https://goo.gl/4JyUVs Previous Videos :- 1. https://youtu.be/IrnIP1asNRo 2. https://youtu.be/Afkzq7lomYc 3. https://youtu.be/CKCrZgTsmZg 4. https://youtu.be/srBcyZ3louo 5. https://youtu.be/7KY0AnIrfMY Like If You Learned Anything. Helped Me by purchasing your stuff with this link:- http://amzn.to/2luW237 Thank you for watching this video.
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Android themes & styles demystified - Google I/O 2016
Themes and styles are the bedrock of styling your Android UI, but do you know how they work? This talk will dive deeper into everything you have ever wanted to know about how styles and themes work together, what attributes really are, and how you can use them to make your styles more manageable. Watch more Android talks at I/O 2016 here: https://goo.gl/Uv3jls See all the talks from Google I/O 2016 here: https://goo.gl/olw6kV Subscribe to the Android Developers channel at http://goo.gl/GEh1ds #io16 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2016
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How to solve android project can't load library appcompat
error: Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name 'Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar'. styles.xml That cause of can't load library of appcompat in android project
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Material Design 2 Overview (Design Support Library 28) - Android Kotlin Tutorial
Material design has been with us since 2014. It is a time for a refresh! Design support library version 28 comes with new views like bottom app bar, chips, material button and a new material card. Let's take a look at each of these new views by writing a simple android app in Kotlin. Bottom app bar is just an extension of toolbar so we can use it in ways that we're already familiar with. Get updated Android Studio: https://developer.android.com/studio Updated versions of support libraries: https://developer.android.com/topic/libraries/support-library/revisions More about chips: https://material.io/develop/android/components/chip Get the code from this tutorial: https://wp.me/p8jOJP-98 Go to my website for more information, code examples and articles: ● http://resocoder.com Follow me on social media: ● https://www.facebook.com/resocoder ● https://twitter.com/resocoder
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Using Fonts in Android
Android O and Support Library 26 introduce new ways of working with fonts. You can now bundle fonts as resources by adding the font file in the res/font folder and use it like any other asset in XML layouts, styles or programmatically via the Typeface. Instead of bundling your font files in the APK, you can now let the APK download them. Your app’s size is decreased and overall system health is improved, since multiple APKs can use the same font. For more info, check out: Working with Fonts guide: https://goo.gl/BH43G7 Downloadable Fonts guide: https://goo.gl/1qot1v Downloadable Fonts sample: https://goo.gl/xJ5O3C Google I/O 2017 talk on “What’s new in Support Library”: https://goo.gl/Ukf4Mz Subscribe to the Android Developers channel here: https://goo.gl/vLYDU
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Using MaterialSettings library in Android Studio
Video shows you how to add nice looking material style settings window in your Android app using MaterialSettings library. If you learn something press the Like button! If you want to see more tutorials like this press the Subscribe button! It's FREE!
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5 Android Library You Should Try Out - Android Development Tutorial
Hi everyone, welcome back to Angga Risky, and in this video, I am gonna show you 5 Android Library that helps you to work on your app faster and better and more beautiful than before. Get your own library now: http://garudapixel.com/en/5-android-library-you-should-try-out-for-better-app/ Have a nice day. Join the Notification Soldier: Click the bell on 🔔 Thank you for coming and subscribe for more updates. #design #coding #tutorial #anggarisky 🎓Take My Online Courses: https://www.udemy.com/user/angga-risky/ 💻Software that I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_CTow88_Ds 👨🏻‍🎨My Works: dribbble.com/anggarisky behance.net/anggarisky 🙌🏼Connect Me: fb.com/anggariskycom instagram.com/pandaugust 🕹My Gear Set: Sony A6500 Sigma 16mm MacBook Pro 2018
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ColorSeekBar Library - Android Studio Tutorial
In this video we will learn how to use the ColorSeekBar library, to implement a color seekbar into our app, which we can drag and slide to choose a color. In the onColorChangeListener callback we can fetch the selected color as an integer, and for example use it as a text color or background color. Example code, GitHub link, instructions etc: https://codinginflow.com/tutorials/android/colorseekbar ____________________ Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/codinginflow?sub_confirmation=1 Want more Android tutorials? Check my playlist section: https://www.youtube.com/c/codinginflow/playlists Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/codinginflow Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/codinginflow Twitter: https://twitter.com/codinginflow Blog: https://codinginflow.com/
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Android Support Library: Consistent Design with AppCompat
Getting a great looking app doesn't have to be hard: AppCompat, part of the Android Support Library, gives you a consistent design baseline that works on all Android 2.1 or higher devices. Find out what AppCompat provides and how to integrate it into your Android app. Learn more on the developer site: http://developer.android.com/tools/support-library/features.html Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at: http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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Android Tutorial 08 :: Android Application Style and Custom Font Using Library
This video contain Android Application Style change customize and Custom Font Using Library etc. Source code on github :: https://github.com/anwarseu/CustomFonts Find me on fb :: https://www.facebook.com/anwarseu
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Android Studio Tutorials : How to Add a Library in Android Studio Project
How to Add a Library in Android Studio Project
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Android Beginner Tutorial #25 - DatePicker Dialog [Choosing a Date from a Dialog Pop-Up]
➤Updated for 2019: ↻ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdTzD96AhE0 Android Beginner Tutorial #25 - DatePicker Dialog [Choosing a Date from a Dialog Pop-Up] ➤Source Code: ↻ https://github.com/mitchtabian/DatePickerDialog ➤Subscribe to my mailing list on my blog: ↻My Blog: http://www.CodingWithMitch.com
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How to build Android App with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
How to build Android App with HTML5/CSS/JavaScript
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Using ArcSeekBar library in Android Studio
Video shows you how to create nice looking SeekBar in your Android app using ArcSeekBar library. If you learn something press the Like button! If you want to see more tutorials like this press the Subscribe button! It's FREE!
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Librarian, a real school project for the library management. Android
Available on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de... A real school project for the library management, easy to use for anyone. Librarian is a tool for managing the library and it was structured by primary school teachers. The application allows children and adults to manage the collection of books through a professional database, the ability to add books with pictures taken from the Gallery/Camera and manage loans by setting a time limit for returns. Consultation of the library is very agreeable thanks to simple graphics and the presence of pictures, with the ability to search by author, title or any keyword. Detailed information of the books consists of the following fields: Title, Author, Genre, Description, Shelf Location and Availability. Some features can be protected to be made available to adults only. You can also use Librarian at home to catalog your own library! You should now backup the database with import/export functionalities!
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Customize Material Components for your product (Google I/O '18)
Take advantage of Material’s new expressiveness and adaptability by learning how to customize Material Design Components and quickly build beautiful products for Android, iOS, web, and Flutter. Rate this session by signing-in on the I/O website here → https://goo.gl/vXryzA Watch more Design sessions from I/O '18 here → https://goo.gl/61w1Nk See all the sessions from Google I/O '18 here → https://goo.gl/q1Tr8x Subscribe to the Google Developers channel → http://goo.gl/mQyv5L #io18 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2018
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Crouton::Download and Setup [Android Library]
Crouton Library::Download and Setup [Android Library] Android Crouton Library Tutorial Please leave feedbacks! ----------------------------------------------------------- https://github.com/keyboardsurfer/Crouton Crouton is a class that can be used by Android developers that feel the need for an alternative to the Context insensitive Toast. A Crouton will be displayed at the position the developer decides. Standard will be the of an application window. You can line up multiple Croutons for display, that will be shown one after another. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.keyboardsurfer.app.demo.crouton https://speakerdeck.com/keyboardsurfer/crouton-devfest-berlin-2012 ------------------------------------ Simple Usage Crouton.makeText(Activity, CharSequence, [Style]).show(); Where Activity is your .class name, CharSequence is your text and Style is any style you like [CONFIRM, ALERT,INFO] You can use one of the styles Crouton ships with: Style.ALERT, Style.CONFIRM and Style.INFO. Or you can create your own Style. ------------------------------------- In your Activity.onDestroy() make sure to call Crouton.cancelAllCroutons(); to cancel cancel all scheduled Croutons. ------------------------------------- TAGS: How to use Crouton in Android Crouton Android Crouton Eclipse Crouton tutorial Crouton Library:: Download and Setup [Android Tutorial] Crouton Library::Download and Setup [Android Tutorial]
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Howto build an Android application based on the CRC FM-RDS Library
Step by step tutorial that shows how to build an FM-RDS enabled Android application based on the CRC FM-RDS Library.
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How Many Different Unlock Patterns Could You Create?
The Android pattern lock screen consists of 9 contact points arranged in a 3 x 3 matrix. Acceptable patterns are conditioned by three main rules: 1. A minimum of four contact points must be connected, and the maximum number is obviously 9. 2. A contact point can only be used once! 3. An intermediate point between two connected points, must be included in the pattern order, unless it was previously used! So how many different combinations are possible on the pattern lock screen? Under the conditions created by these rules you can create a total of 389,112 different patterns! Sources and references: - Quora: ‘’ Android (operating system): How many combinations does Android 9 point unlock have?’’ https://www.quora.com/Android-operating-system-How-many-combinations-does-Android-9-point-unlock-have - Department of Computer and Information Science – University of Pennsylvania: '' Smudge Attacks on Smartphone Touch Screens'' https://www.usenix.org/legacy/events/woot10/tech/full_papers/Aviv.pdf - Marte Løge: '' Tell me who you are and I will tell you your lock pattern'' https://media.defcon.org/DEF%20CON%2023/DEF%20CON%2023%20presentations/DEFCON-23-Marte-L0ge-I-will-Tell-you-your-Lock-Pattern-UPDATED.pdf - ArsTechnica: ‘’ New data uncovers the surprising predictability of Android lock patterns’’ https://arstechnica.com/security/2015/08/new-data-uncovers-the-surprising-predictability-of-android-lock-patterns/ - Sinustrom.info: ‘’ Android Unlock Pattern Security Analysis’’ https://sinustrom.info/2012/05/21/android-unlock-pattern-security-analysis/ - Adrián S (YouTube): ‘’ All combination of the android pattern.’’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyCAialVM2M _____________________________________ ► SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/channelhotmonkey ► FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chmtech ► GOOGLE +: https://plus.google.com/+ChannelHotmonkey/posts ______________________________________ Music: ''Floor Plan'', ‘’In The Hall Of The Mountain King’’, ‘’Ether’’, '’Moth’’(YouTube Audio Library)
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Material Design Tabs Scroll Animation with Android Design Support Library
Adding a Tab layout strip to your apps. Material Design style with on scroll hide/ reveal animation. Made using Android Design Support Library. Quick tutorial here: http://blog.grafixartist.com/material-design-tabs-with-android-design-support-library/ Find the code on GitHub: https://github.com/Suleiman19/Android-Material-Design-for-pre-Lollipop/blob/master/MaterialSample/app/src/main/java/com/suleiman/material/activities/TabAnimationActivity.java
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Styleable Toast Library - Android Tutorials
In this video we will take a look at the StyleableToast library, with which we can easily create toasts with customized attributes like background color, text color, borders, icons and more. Library Link : https://github.com/Muddz/StyleableToast Android Kotlin Material Design Cource : http://combostruct.com/5npj Android Kotlin Room Database Tutorials : http://turboagram.com/5Elo Android Kotlin Tutorials : http://stratoplot.com/pue Android Kotlin Laptop Review App Full Cource Free : http://combostruct.com/6C4W Pokemon Go Game Using Android Kotlin Full Cource Free : http://combostruct.com/5nqV Java Swing UI Design Tutorials : http://combostruct.com/5nrF Java Projects : http://combostruct.com/5nsC If u have any problem or questions.please comment in comment box or Contact us [email protected] if u Like : Share and important SUBSCRIBE our channel for more amazing videos. Follow Us Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/me.AKTDev Google+ http://combostruct.com/5nno Twitter https://twitter.com/AKTDev2 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/akt_dev/
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Using Spark library in Android Studio
Video show you how to add beautiful dynamic background to your Android app using Spark library. If you learn something press the Like button! If you want to see more tutorials like this press the Subscribe button! It's FREE!
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Huddersfield University Library Android App Overview
An overview of the Huddersfield University Library Android app. Shows some of the main features of the app. It's available on the Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=io.h4l.huddersfield.library I created the app for my final year dissertation project.
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An in-depth look at the Leanback Library - Google I/O 2016
Building apps for Android TV has never been easier. You can download source code for the sample app based on the Leanback library, plug in your own data and get off to a flying start. If you want to customize your app and build a unique experience, join us for a technical deep dive into Leanback components. We’ll walk you through the components of the Leanback library and inspire you to build amazing apps for TV. Watch more Android talks at I/O 2016 here: https://goo.gl/Uv3jls See all the talks from Google I/O 2016 here: https://goo.gl/olw6kV #io16 #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2016 #tv
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how to use Picasso library in android
This video will explain to you how to use picasso java library to load image from internet first you need to download this library using gridle compile 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2' or you can download it for official website : http://square.github.io/picasso/ next step you need to give permission to your app form manaifest and use ImageView to put your image from internet. #codeforiraq #sajjadiq You can contact me at : [email protected]
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Android Support Library 23.2
Read the full blog post: http://goo.gl/HVyTAf The 23.2 release of the Android Support Library brings brand new libraries in the form of support-vector-drawable and animated-vector-drawable as well as important updates to existing libraries such as extended support for VectorDrawableCompat throughout AppCompat, a new Theme.AppCompat.DayNight, a bottom sheet behavior in the Design Library, MediaBrowserServiceCompat and MediaBrowserCompat for media apps using Support v4, and improvements to the GuidedStepFragment in the Android TV Leanback library. Not to mention important updates to RecyclerView and new features to Custom Tabs - read the blog post for all the details: http://goo.gl/HVyTAf Subscribe to the Android Developers channel at http://goo.gl/GEh1ds
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How to use the New Adobe XD UI Kits
Written tutorial: https://goo.gl/MClRPw http://coursetro.com for more awesomeness. A few days ago, Adobe updated XD to include 3 UI kits for the most popular mobile platforms. Today, I show you how to use them. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Subscribe for NEW VIDEOS weekly! My site: https://coursetro.com My personal FB account: http://fb.com/logodesigner Coursetro FB: http://fb.com/coursetro Coursetro's Twitter: http://twitter.com/designcoursecom Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/a27CKAF ^-Chat with me and others - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Who is Gary Simon? Well, I'm a full stack developer with 2+ decades experience and I teach people how to design and code. I've created around 100+ courses for big brands like LinkedIn, Lynda.com, Pluralsight and Envato Network. Now, I focus all of my time and energy on this channel and my website Coursetro.com. Come to my discord server or add me on social media and say Hi!
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Cara Custom Font pada Android dengan Library Calligraphy
Pada tutorial kali ini kita akan belajar bagaimana mencostum font pada aplikasi Android, nah biar mudah disini kita menggunakan library yaitu Calligraphy. Mengapa Anda perlu langganan kanal saya (Subscribe Chanel) 1. Gratis 2. Selalu Update 3. Membantu saya dalam membangun kanal / chanel 4. Semakin banyak langganan = Semakin banyak tutorial 5. Yuk langganan kanal saya Ayo belajar Design di kanal teman saya : https://www.youtube.com/anggariskysetiawan Music : http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music Ikutin kami : Website : http://bagicode.com/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/bagi_code Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bagikode/ Dukung Youtube Creator Indonesia dengan cara LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, DAN SUBSCRIBE! Download Project : https://github.com/bagi-code/BagiFontLib
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Easy Build Custom Dialog Without Library | Android Studio 3.0.1
Today we will play and learn about how to Easy Build Custom Dialog Without Library in Android Studio and to know how its work and the concept as well. hope u can understand all and also the concept,. ^^ please support this chanel for next video and for better video ^^ thanks ^^ for support : PayPal : https://goo.gl/RiA1ET
Using DiscreteSeekBar library in Android Studio
Video shows you how to implement more beautiful SeekBar in your Android app using DiscreteSeekBar library. If you learn something press the Like button! If you want to see more tutorials like this press the Subscribe button! It's FREE!
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Whatsapp Type Text in different Style | info Edge Library
#whatsapp #textstyle #infoedgelibrary Subscribe My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbPYq0IxJLnA8eweiWqQsA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this video I have covered the below topics in English: infoedgelibrary, whatsapp send text style massages, text style,how to change text style, whatsapp new trick, latest trick whatsapp, change text style, mobile ka likhne ka style kaise badle, hidden setting for android phone, top android mobile trick, text style change, whatsapp latest new tricks, whatsapp txt style how to, underline text, font color, font size, monospace whatsapp, bold text, on android, color code text, text art, whatsapp, info edge library ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay Connected with ME: ================================================================= ++ Stay tuned with me YouTube :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbPYq0IxJLnA8eweiWqQsA ++ Stay tuned with me Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/infoedgelibrary/ ++ Stay tuned with me Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/InfoEdgeLibrary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Using the Cupertino Library to Add iOS Themed Widgets to the App in Dart's Flutter Framework
In this tutorial, we take a look at some of the cupertino themed based widgets in Flutter. Source Code: https://github.com/tensor-programming/cupertino_flutter_example Feel free to donate: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tensor_programming BTC: 1ExBSiaEa3pceW98eptJwzR9QHrYZ71Xit ETH: 0xD210Ea51F1615794A16080A108d2BC5471F60166 ADA: DdzFFzCqrhsqPcLbpt3C9nkSW2HvMJJCER5c9ijxKwXDet3GT5KchnUp458zN9uVmCzRjzwyy8usFUEhwBQ63h2ZjvyAXHYnHRG8MZpv Check out our Blog: http://www.tensor-programming.com/ Check out our Twitter: https://twitter.com/TensorProgram Check out our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tensor-Programming-1197847143611799/ Check out our Steemit: https://steemit.com/@tensor
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Harlem Shake Library Style
Made with Harlem Shake Creator for Android for your Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.boomfox.harlemshakecreator.lite for iPhone/iPad: http://appstore.com/HarlemShakeCreatorHD *** This is the harlem shake outside of the library
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Using Long Shadows library in Android Studio
Video shows you how to create nice looking long shadow on image or text in your Android app using Long Shadows library. If you learn something press the Like button! If you want to see more tutorials like this press the Subscribe button! It's FREE!
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Android Tabs with Navigation Drawer using Android “design” library
There is major issue with implementing Tabs with Navigation Drawer in Android. But here is the solution http://androidsole.com/home/android-tabs-with-navigation-drawer/
Escape Library VR - A challenge VR adventure + puzzle. Can you escape? (Android & iOS)
Escape Library VR is a escape room game style in VR experience. The game is fun and challenge. You will love it This game supported English with 2 display mode VR and full screen. Subscribe to Pop2Review: https://goo.gl/k7zYXL =Description from developer= Solve the mystery hidden in the library, simple game only to escape! Surely you should be able to clear if you! Because anyone we feel free to become a form that can be played, please try to play by all means once. ※ You can play normal even mode (non-VR). 図書館に隠された謎を解き、脱出するだけの簡単ゲーム! あなたならきっとクリアできるはず! 誰でも気軽にプレイできる形になっていますので、是非一度プレイしてみてください。 ※通常モード(非VR)でもプレイ可能です。 Get it free at Apple Store and Google Play store. =Games Details= Escape Library VR - Free By Mighty Craft Co. / マイティークラフト Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mcraft.EscapeLibraryVR iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/escape-library-vr/id1126616805?mt=8 Compatible VR Cardboards and VR Headsets/VR Goggle • Google Cardboard (2014 Edition) • Google Cardboard 2.0 (2015 Edition) • 2VR • 3DHolic • 3D Private Cinema • 3D VR Pasonomi • 3DWorld 3D VR • Altergaze • Archos VR • AmanStino 3D VR 3D • AmanStino 3D Virtual Reality Glasses • Andoer 3D VR • ANTVR • Baofeng Mojing XD 3D • Beenoculus • BoboVR • BoboVR Z4 • Butterfly Love VR • Cando VR Woody 1 • Cardboard Owl • Cobra VR Viewer • ColorCross • Corxx VR1 • Dragonfly VRV • Dlodlo V-One • Dodocase P2 • DSCVR Headset • Cmor Vr • Deepoon V3 • Dlodlo • Dlodlo Glass H1 • Domo Nhance VR5 • DreamNext • Durovis Dive 5 • Durovis Dive VR • Elegant 3D • EVA Vr v2 • Evomade Viewbox • EVR01 VR • EYEKOP VR • Excelvan 3D VR • Fibrum Lite • Fibrum Nippers • Fibrum Pro • Figment VR • Freefly VR • FOVE VR • GLAXXES M2 • Goblin VR • GP 3DVR • Godhead VR Neo • GoGo Glasses 3D VR • Google Tech C1-Glass • Google Tech Go4D Vr • HeadPlay HD FPV Headset • HSTC • Horus Lite VR • Homido Mini • Homido VR • Hours Lite VR Glasses • I AM Cardboard V2.0 • iHarbot • IMAX 3D Intelligent • I-mmersive GO • ImmersION Vrelia GO • Intel RealSense VR HMD • ION VR • JiDome-1 • Jobe Vr • KARAI 3D VR • Knoxlabs Knox v2 • Lenovo VR Goggles • LT! Virtual Reality • Lakento MVR • Leap HD • LeEco • Le-Vision 3D VR • LEVR Cool 1 • LG 360 VR • Luxebell 3D VR • Maxbox VR • Magicsee G • McDonald Happy Meal VR • Merge VR • ME2STAR VR • Mizo • Moggles • MoreFit ViVi.cool VR • Mr Cardboard POP! 2.5 • Neppt Magic Glasses • Nibiru VR • Noon Vr • Noton 3D VR • Octogon VR Luna • Oho vr • OneTouch Idol 4S VR • OPTO • Phenomec VR • Pico 1 3D VR • Pinc • Pockeyes • Powis ViewR 2.0 • Razer OSVR • Refugio 3D • Red Streak • Ritech 3D • Ritech iPhone 6s/Plus • Riversong 3D Virtual Reality • Samsung Gear VR • SmartVR Pocket Viewer • Snail VR • Sofwar 3D VR Glasses • Soyan Virtual Reality VR 3D • Speck Pocket VR • Stooksy VR-spektiv XL • Storm • Storm Android • Storm iPhone 6s/Plus • Storm 2 • Storm 4 • SVR Glass • Tera VR Box • Tendak • UGP VR • Universal2Go • Visor De Realdad • VG Virtual Reality • Vethien • VR Case • VR Cat • VR Cups • VRizzmo Volt • VR Box / VR Box 2.0 / VR Box V3 • VR Max • VRoid • VR Smartview • VR Seen • VR Shinecon • VR Start Pro • VR Storm • VR Storm 4 • VRtrid 3D VR • VRUK • ViewMaster VR • ViewMaster VR 2.0 • View-Master® Virtual Reality Starter Pack • VRToto • VRTRIA • VR View-Master • VRTX One • VR World V2 • Wearality • WeareVR ET1 • XG VR Headset Lite • Yehua • Yingnurst 3D VR • Zaak Dark Shader • Zeiss VR One • Zeiss VR One GX • Zoetrope VR Headset #VRGamesReview
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tutorialwing android form validation saripaar library tutorial output
This is demo application to show how to use saripaar library for form validation in android. Please go to this website http://tutorialwing.com to know more about this library.
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#6.1 Android Floating Label for Edit Text | TextInputLayout |Material Design Support Library
Access 7000+ courses for 15 days FREE: https://pluralsight.pxf.io/c/1291657/431340/7490 In this video we will be learning how to implement floating label for the edit text widget. Edit text is usually provided with hint, which disappears when the user starts entering the text. We will see, how we get through this issue and make our android application user friendly. Next Video : https://youtu.be/vumAKPsSH-c Previous Video : https://youtu.be/h2YLJUanh84 You can get the source code here in the given link: https://github.com/smartherd/Mod5FloatingLabel Check out my website: ➤ https://bit.ly/smartherd Donate and support us [Only if you think our courses are better than Udemy or Udacity] ➤ Patreon: https://bit.ly/patreon-donate ➤ Paypal/Payoneer: [email protected] ➤ UPI (only for India): [email protected] Programming courses: ➤ Ruby Programming: https://bit.ly/smyt-r ➤ Dart Programming: https://bit.ly/smyt-d ➤ Kotlin Programming: https://bit.ly/smyt-k ➤ Java Programming: https://bit.ly/smyt-j Flutter course: ➤ Flutter App Development: https://bit.ly/2Rg7EFR Android courses: ➤ Android using Kotlin: https://bit.ly/smyt-ka ➤ Android using Java: https://bit.ly/smyt-ja ➤ Android Material Design: https://bit.ly/2SMJqU6 ➤ Android Jetpack Architecture: https://bit.ly/yt-j ➤ Android Multiple Screen Support: https://bit.ly/smyt-mss ➤ Android Retrofit: https://bit.ly/2Ee6GHn More programming courses: ➤ https://bit.ly/smy-list Follow us on Facebook: https://bit.ly/smartherd-facebook Twitter: https://bit.ly/smartherd-twitter Github: https://bit.ly/smartherd-github ---- Thank you for your love and support ----
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Material design Navigation drawer-using Android support library
Get complete source code here http://d-codepages.com/material-design-navigation-drawer/ Try this for Styling Android apps with Material Design http://d-codepages.com/index.php/android/android-beginners/30-create-material-design-for-older-versions-of-android TAGS:: material design android material design android tutorial material design android apps material design android example material design android sample material design android tutorial material design android apps material design android l material design android example material design android sample material design android apk material design android animation material design android backward compatibility material design android colors material design android developer material design android download material design android dialog material design android example material design android example code material design android eclipse material design android github material design android library material design android l youtube material design android lollipop material design android l apps material design android l apk material design android library github material design android music player material design android meaning material design android navigation material design android police material design android pdf material design android resources material design android review material design android release material design android sample material design android sample code material design android studio material design android stack overflow material design android support material design android support library material design android ui material design android youtube material design android 2.3 material design android 4.0 material design android 4.4 material design android 4 material design android 4.3 material design android 4.1 material design android 5.0 material design android 5 material design material design apps material design android material design wallpapers material design android tutorial material design apps material design android material design android material design android tutorial material design apps android material design android example material design apk a material design model in esp material design by google material design bootstrap theme material design backward compatibility material design button css material design blog material design colors material design css material design chrome material design clock material design cards material design demo material design dialer material design developer material design dialog material design download material design desktop material design examples material design elements material design example in android cultura material e design material design for web material design for kitkat material design framework material design file manager material design font material design for android material design for whatsapp material design google material design in android material design ios material design icon pack hd material design inspiration material design in website material design library material design library android material design l pro cm11 apk material design lollipop material design l pro cm11 material design logo material design l pro
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Android Q - A developers thought
Android Q is out. Most of us know that in Andoird Q, there is a system-wide dark mode, some privacy updates, and new icons. In this video, instead of talking about them, I would like to talk about developers concern for Android Q. On one hand, only 0.1% of devices are running Android P, still, we got Android Q. There is definitely something wrong with the release cycle. For more watch video. Link to my programming Video Library: https://courses.LearnCodeOnline.in Pick best UI color for your projects: https://UIColorPicker.com Desktop: https://amzn.to/2GZ0C46 Laptop that I use: https://amzn.to/2Goui9Q Wallpaper: https://imgur.com/a/FYHfk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HiteshChoudharyPage Instagram: https://instagram.com/hitesh0141 homepage: http://www.hiteshChoudhary.com Download LearnCodeOnline.in app from Google play store and Apple App store Disclaimer: It doesn't feel good to have a disclaimer in every video but this is how the world is right now. All videos are for educational purpose and use them wisely. Any video may have a slight mistake, please take decisions based on your research. This video is not forcing anything on you. All Amazon links are affiliate links (If any).
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Android Bottomsheet-Support Design library Demo
This video shows the demo of tutorial for #Android support library bottomsheet (Modal & persistence )View #androiddevelopers The Code and tutorial can be found at :http://www.androidxu.com/2016/06/working-with-android-support-design-bottomsheet.html
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Using ZigzagView library in Android Studio
Video shows you how to create nice looking zigzag banner in your Android app using ZigzagView library. If you learn something press the Like button! If you want to see more tutorials like this press the Subscribe button! It's FREE!
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Using ShadowImageView library in Android Studio
Video shows you how to create nice little shadow behind images in your Android app. If you learn something press the Like button! If you want to see more tutorials like this press the Subscribe button! It's FREE!
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DraggablePanel library demo project Android
DraggableLibrary demo project
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FullScreenAnimations - Open Source Library For Creating A Doorway Style Transition
FullScreenAnimations is an open source control for the iOS platform inspired by the opening effect in the Path 2.0 app. There's also a falling star animation. You can find the library on Github here: https://github.com/jgale/FullScreenAnimations Mentioned on ManiacDev.Com here: http://maniacdev.com/2012/06/open-source-control-for-easily-creating-a-path-2-0-app-style-doorway-effect/
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Load Images to Internet on Android Use Picasso Library
Các bạn tải source code tại đây: https://goo.gl/sBAf2i
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Deep diving into Android BottomSheet API ( Support Library 23.2 )
Simple Tutorial on how to use BottomSheet design pattern introduced in android support library 23.2.
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Xamarin Android Tutorial 85 Design Library Pt 7
In this video, we wrap up the Design Library sample app by implementing a Persistent Bottom Sheet in a separate Activity. Full Project Here - http://cforbeginners.com/xamarinprojects.html GitHub - https://github.com/JoeRock11/Xamarin_DesignLibrary Help support the channel - https://www.patreon.com/joerock?ty=h
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Navigation Drawer + Fragments - NavigationView - Android Design Support Library
Tutorial: http://desarrollador-android.com/material-design/desarrollo-material-design/pautas-desarrollo/navigation-drawer-con-fragments/ Tutorial anterior: http://desarrollador-android.com/material-design/desarrollo-material-design/pautas-desarrollo/navigation-drawer-android-design-support-library-desarrollo/ ------------------------------------------------------------------- Web: http://desarrollador-android.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/desarrolandroid Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesarrolladorAndroid Google+: https://www.google.com/+DesarrolladorAndroidVideum GitHub: https://github.com/Dahnark/
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PIN Screen Android Library
Easy to use library for implementing 4-digit pin lock for your apps
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