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ENDING WILLOW PAPE *Proof* (Special Bel Air & Thanksgiving Update)
Hey dolls! This is my first ever video with me talking! Hope you dont mind... I talk about heaps like my hack and other exiting things! I cant belive i ended Willow Pape... :) My next videos wont be this long i promise lol xx
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MUSE People's Choice Awards on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
GisidXenon Phoenix & Kidd Kayos - Say Nothing Ship Wrek & Essy - Fools Gold on soundcloud.com/AmeliaKKH or https://soundcloud.com/xenonphoenix/saynothing https://soundcloud.com/theshipwrek/ship-wrek-essy-fools-gold
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WILLOW PAPE IS SIMON'S NEW CLIENT!? | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 138
Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Quests Completed In This Episode | "Classio Celebration", "Mr. Manager's Manager", "The Client", "The Pride Fight Shoot", "Lessons Promo Shoot", "Jean's Movie Shoot" Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | I Kissed a Willow [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! My voice is back YEY! So I'm late with the valentine event, nonetheless... here it is! Subtitles coming up soon. Soundtrack: Paul Point & Lizdek - Pointless https://soundcloud.com/wearetyde/paul-point-lizdek-pointless
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - How Deal with Willow Pape Wisely
Want to learn more Kim Kardashian: Hollywood tips and tricks? Come check out http://gameru.com and watch all our tips videos! Subscribe to our channel so you're the first one to learn more tips and tricks from GamerU: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gamerutips Follow us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/gamerutips Welcome to another Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game tip by GamerU. One of the interesting twists in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game is that you actually have to deal with a little bit of drama on your rise to fame. The bulk of that drama comes from your arch nemesis, wanna-be, super annoying Willow Pape. This chic is always trying to cramp your style by starting rumors about you and competing for the same gigs. While reacting to her shenanigans in an aggressive way gets you attention with the media, you will actually gain more points and fans if you simply just take the high road. A valuable lesson to be learned in this game! So next time you run into this broad, don’t let her get to you and always be the bigger person. It’ll pay off in the end! That’s it for this tip! Check out GamerU for more Kim Kardashian video tips!
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Kim kardashian hollywood|Drunk Willow|[St.Patrick's Weekend]
Hey guys!!!!Happy St.Patrick's Day!!!!!Hope u enjoy this video. Soundtrack: Diffrent Heaven-OMG [NCS Release]
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WILLOW IS DRUNK.. | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 36
Quests Completed In This Episode | "M.M.A.A. Commercial", "BFFs", "Casino Celebration", "The Other Bestie", "Misty's Question" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Hey guys, I cant belive Willow showed up like this... Find out what happens next OMG! Have a great weekend dolls xx
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | The Billboard Saga [Gameplay]
Soundtrack: Mire x Karnaboy - Chains https://soundcloud.com/musicbymire/chains
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Kim kardashian Hollywood (s1) part 2 dating willow pape and tired.
Hey guys its me joshua3oh3 and welcome to my kardashian lp it's been a long time.
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WILLOW PAPE IS CLAIMING I STOLE HER LOOK | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 25
Quests Completed In This Episode | "Hair Done", "Upfront Glam", "Hot Pix!", "Kim Knows Best", "Talk About It", "Picture It" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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The Royal (drama) Wedding on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Soundtrack: KRAYT - SANITY FEAT. MAE https://soundcloud.com/iamkrayt/krayt-sanity-feat-mae-1
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Kim kardashian hollywood|Fooling Willow Pape|[April Fool's Weekend]
Hey guys!!!We have our weekend event.Hope u enjoy. Soundtrack: Disfigure-Blank Vip (ft.Tara Louise) [NCS Release]
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What's Miranda up to this week? Watch to find out... xx (This is part 1, the next part is coming out next week!)
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Here is part 2 for "Don't Snake Willow Pape" and I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend XOXO - Miranda Valentine
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - F**K U, WILLOW! #1 (Let's Play)
Enjoy? Subscribe! ♥♥♥ http://bit.ly/SubKPopp Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSOAmzrtm_hZ5ASM_rS-TqmqoMdoJio9W ♥Follow me on Social Media!♥ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/poppkell TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/poppkell INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/Poppkell Livestreams on Twitch! Follow on Twitch to be notified: http://www.twitch.tv/POPPKELL Video Schedule Calendar: http://bit.ly/Ou0Xzq T-Shirts, Vlogs, & Website! VLOG CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/poppkell T-SHIRTS: http://www.kpopp.spreadshirt.com WEBSITE: http://www.KellyKPopp.com (In-Progress/Not Finished)
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Opening VIP Weekend Boxes on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood [English]
Sorry for the delay, dolls! My computer blacked out.
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Kim Kardashian Hollywood|couples reality show|chad clue!
Thank you for watchin subscribe for more!
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SKYLAR IS THE NEW WILLOW PAPE | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 133
Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Quests Completed In This Episode | "Aliens Again", "Meet Kourt and Khlo", "Swan Hollywood Party", "Swan Photo Shoot", "Kris's Talk", "Swan Fashion Show", "Duet Party", "Epik Dj Gig" Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Hey there!! This weekend we got a KTCR!! I looovvvee the GB items! For the earnables, I don’t really like the dress😂 but it’s pretty good!! How about you? Tell me in the comments down below💖 Hope you enjoy the video!! instagram.com/kkhcleo —————————- AUDIO: Fluex - Daylight (Airbeat One Anthem 2018) Link: https://youtu.be/FEE6aYr3nrM
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KRIS JENNER GOT US DOUBLE BOOKED | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 22
Quests Completed In This Episode | "Brunch With Kim", "Coast to Coast", "Smart Photo's!", "Smart Plans!", "The Kings Speech", "Speak Easy!", "Tokyo GoGo", "Me, Mario!", "A Smart Gala", "Over-Booked!", "One Celeb, Two Gigs!" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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SAVING CHEVIER | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 15
Quests Completed In This Episode | "PopGlam Partnership Shoot", "Allons-y!!", "Model Employee", "A House Divided", "Return To The Fold!", "Femme Fatale!", Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Kim kardashian hollywood[Having a Baby With Your Partner]New Latest And Updated Version
Hey guys!!!We have our first baby with our partner after crossing 12k points.So hope u enjoy.
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kim Kardashian Hollywood | Comeback Story | Vlog #1
READ ALL! The cheat unfortunately does not work on ios 8 devices. Link to the Hack: https://youtu.be/B1Ay3yy_MoI So the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game has a Valentines update and it brings to the table a chance to start all over with no fans and create a comeback story. I'm going to be vlogging my comeback and i hope you guys enjoy.
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REPLACING WILLOW | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 45
Quests Completed In This Episode | "Meet Up with Hilary", "GLAMMedTV Intro", "GLAMMedTV Promos", "Star Home Designs", "Cover with Kourtney" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Bel Air House & Thanksgiving with KIM KARDASHIAN | Kim Kardashian Hollywood Gameplay
Do 1 hour reality show at Kim Kardashian Beverly Hills house with Willow Pape Get 5 star rating for a chance to DESIGN Bel Air House inside and outside Get a call from Kim Kardashian about hosting thanksgiving at Bel Air House Money & K-star hack https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i67KFBYE-fc
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WILLOW PAPE IS THE ANONYMOUS | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 73
Quests Completed In This Episode | "Girls BF", "Party Time", "Re-Launch", "Hack", "Meet Anonymous" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - Cómo Tratar con Willow Pape
Bienvenido a otro vídeo del juego Kim Kardashian: Hollywood de GamerU. Un twist interesante en el juego Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Uno de los twists interasantes en el juego Kim Kardashian: Hollywood es que puedes lidear con un poco de drama que crece con tu fama. Una gran parte del drama viene de tu archienemiga, wanna-be, súper molestona Willow Pape. Esta chica siempre esta intentando arruinar tu estilo soltando rumores sobre ti, y compitiendo para las mismas propuestas de trabajo que tu. Aunque reaccionar a sus engaños de manera agresiva atrae la atención de los medios a ti, pero ganarás más puntos y más fans si tomas una actitud madura y te compratas a la altura. ¡Una lección valiosa que aprender de este juego! Asi que la próxima vez que te cruces con esta tipa, no dejes que se lleve lo mejor de ti y te aleje de ser una mejor persona. ¡Al final, valdrá la pena! ¡Eso es todo sobre esté consejo! Visita más vídeos de GamerU para más consejos sobre Kim Kardashian!
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood How to get Married Tutorial NO CHEATS NO STARS NO JAILBREAK #KlulessKlan
Hey Guys!!! OK this is a HUGE tutorial on DATING...I have had so many requests for this I decided to do some really unthinkable stuff in order to make these next couple dating videos really helpful and detailed for my #klulessklan. In the first part of this video I restart in a brand new KKH game at Level 5 to show you a first time ever date arranged by Kim K herself! Then in my normal Level 31 account that I use here for KKH Gameplay, I BREAK UP WITH MY HUSBAND! I start a new relationship, take it to the next level, get engaged AND GET MARRIED! ALLLL of that is in this super informative dating tutorial for you. PLUS!!! A super crazy top secret bonus!...Actual GLU sketches of new outfits that are not yet released in KKH! Including Kim's Met Gala Gown! PLUS!!! A sneak peek at the upcoming CONTEST on Kluless Kardashian where I will be GIVING AWAY A PLANE!!! What?! Yes Girlfriend a PLANE!!! xx, Kluless K
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Rico Feature with Willow Pape [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! A short version of the Rico saga with our archenemy Willow Pape. Hope you enjoy it. P.S. 1003 SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME, GUYS!! The AWESOME songs were provided by NCS: 1. Kontinuum - Aware https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWdZjZV6bEk 2. Tobu & Marcus Mouya - Running Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQT_2XS45Uk
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WILLOW PAPE B****! -Kim Kardashian Hollywood- #1
my links~ instagram~ @turnt_tris snapchat~ @bubblychameleon beauty channel~ http://youtube.com/beautybelle9178 main channel~ http://youtube.com/RockerChic9178 music channel~ http://youtube.com/ilychacecrawford daily vlog channel~ https://www.youtube.com/nelena9178 blog~ http://trismcmann.wordpress.com writing~ https://www.fictionpress.com/u/844973/Kristin-Fizzy
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ME VS. WILLOW 🔥 (Kim Kardashian Hollywood [Gameplay])
New video, hope you guys enjoy 💕 My favorite item of this event would definitely have to be the boots. There are so gorgeous 😍. I usually don't go for knee-length boots, but these have won my heart 💕 I hope you guys enjoy this weekend event and have great weekend 😊 -Music provided by Frequency -Lumian - You https://youtu.be/GkQcJsDjWrA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angel.kkh/
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Kim Kardashian : Hollywood Gameplay Tutorial Vow Renewal in Hawaii
New updates . Bridesmaid dresses , new wedding dresses , pick out hubby tuxedo or wifey dress , new locations and new adventures . Waikiki, Hawaii Vow Renewal didn't show up until after I completed 5 dates, went through a storyline of my spouse trying to surprise me with a wedding planner. Once you figure out your spouse is trying to surprise you they ask you to meet the top wedding planner in Waikiki to finish planning the vow renewal. Hold on, it's coming lol. Lots of "fun" things happen. Even a Willow sighting. You will need money for decorations and kstars for hairstyles and outfits for you and your partner . I recommend that for your Bridesmaid you gift them instead of buying bridesmaid dresses( too expensive). Also , do a couple of gigs before going to see your wedding planner (to save up coins).
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BUYING SO CHIC | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 17
Quests Completed In This Episode | "DJ Duriel's Video", "Lif's Summer Bash", "XXV World Tour", "So Cheap", "Seal the Deal", "Piece of the Pie" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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WILLOW IS DRUNK.. AGAIN | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 44
Quests Completed In This Episode | "La Interview", "Cover of Femme", "The Lord's Business", "Immaculat Premium", "Premium Photography" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Kim Kardashian Hollywood - Rivalry Fight
In this video, we have a battle with our rival, Willow Pape!
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Willow Pape fragrance billboard is gone!!!! | Kim Kardashian Hollywood Gameplay
♡ Willow Pape fragrance billboard is gone
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - Wie man mit Willow Pape umgeht
Sie möchten mehr Tipps und Tricks zu Kim Kardashian: Hollywood erfahren? Besuchen Sie uns auf http://gameru.com und schalten Sie ein in unsere Videotipps! Abonnieren Sie unseren Kanal und erfahren Sie weitere Tipps und Tricks von GamerU: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gamerutips Folgen Sie uns auf Facebook: http://facebook.com/gamerutips Willkommen zu einem weiteren Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Tip von GamerU. Eine der interessanten Wendungen im Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game ist dass Sie auf dem Weg zum Ruhm ein wenig Drama bewältigen müssen. Der Grossteil dieses Dramas kommt von Ihrer Erzfeindin, möchtegern, super nervigen Willow Pape. Dieses Luder versucht Ihnen immer ein Hindernis zu sein indem Sie Gerüchte in die Welt setzt und für die gleichen Auftritte konkurriert. Obwohl Ihnen eine aggressive Reaktion darauf ein grosses Mediainteresse garantiert, erhalten Sie deutlich mehr Punkte und Fans wenn Sie in diesem Fall einen kühlen Kopf bewahren. Das ist eine wertvolle Lektion in diesem Spiel! Lassen Sie sich von diesem Luder also nicht herunterziehen wenn Sie ihr dass nächste Mal begegnen und seien Sie immer die Klügere! Letztendlich lohnt es sich! Dass war’s nun mit unserem Tipp! Bleiben Sie bei GamerU für weitere Kim Kardashian Videotipps! Source: http://www.gameru.com/tip/Kim-Kardashian-Hollywood-Deal-with-Willow-Pape
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👻 Trick or Treating in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood [Gameplay]
Music: Daisy Musician: Philip E Morris
Views: 1590 Amelia KKH
WILLOW STEALING MY IDEAS AGAIN | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 111
Quests Completed In This Episode | "French Fashion", "Real Friends", "Location Scounting", "On Location Shoot", "Asadaux Shoot", "Devilli Fashion Show!", "Jimmy in Vegas" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ ‪For iOS with jailbreak: https://iosgods.com/topic/52013-kim-kardashian-v660-6-cheats-infite-cash-energy-etc/‬ ‪For Andriod: https://www.alphagamers.net/threads/kim-kardashian-hollywood-ver-7-0-0.287006/‬ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack/Cheats – Easy Tutorial for Free Cash & Stars on iOS and Android 💲
Hello boys and girls! We all know this game is so addictive and today I want to present you new Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack which will make your gaming more interesting because in only a few steps you will get free cash and stars! Isn’t that great? Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats are very easy to use: First, you have to watch the video above and after that you can start a process that will last no longer than 3 minutes. I know it works because I use it for almost month now. As you can see on the website, this tool is available on iOS and Android devices. I made video tutorial using iOS SE and works perfectly. So, if you are interested in unlimited resources, don’t wait to much! If you want to support my channel please subscribe! Have fun! What will you get if you Hack Kim Kardashian Hollywood game? • You can get max 175k Free Cash and 3250 Stars per one generating; • Easy to use; • Remove ads from any app on your gadget; • Anti-ban protection; • 24/7 support ( if you can’t finish the process, type your username/email and country in comment section below and I will generate for you) Music by: Explore by Ikson https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/U5fIxTlB8LI
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WILLOW HIRED A SPY TO FOLLOW ME | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walkthrough Part 78
Quests Completed In This Episode | "The Tokyo Feature", "Smilebrite Banquet", "Tulip Trance Night", "The Tulip Trap", "Spy vs Spy" Thanks for watching! Like, comment & subscribe please and thank you ♡ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/princesssdory
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MIRANDA VS WILLOW (Easter Edition)
Hey Dolls! Welcome to my first Youtube video! You might know me from Instagram at @kkhmiranda :) Today I went on a date with a special someone and had an encounter with Miss Willow Pape! Subscribe and like for more xoxo
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⚠️ New 9.6 Items + VIP Storyline on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
NCS song called With Me I will link it soon
Views: 791 Amelia KKH
🛍 First 9.6 Professional Event Overview • Meh • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Music: Remember Musician: @iksonofficial
Views: 1072 Amelia KKH
Coming to theatres before Willow Pape tries to destroy this tape.
Views: 182 Clorox Bleach
[Narrated] Fully Furnished Bel-Air Home Tour | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Soundtrack: Wet Paint - Silhouettes https://soundcloud.com/otodayo/wet-paint-silhouettes
Views: 3817 Amelia KKH
Hey guys! Here is a bonus video for you! Today I show all of my tips and tricks to the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game! Some of you might already know some of these, but this is for the people who dont know or forgotten! I also hope this helped some of you non-hacked players out there! See you next week for the May update! Instagram: @kkhmiranda
Views: 103845 KKH MIRANDA
KKH Oscars: SYS Award Ceremony | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
You can listen to all previous soundtracks on my soundcloud.com/AmeliaKKH Maff Boothroyd - Still Believe (ft. Taylor William) https://soundcloud.com/strangefruitsmusic/sf030
Views: 17527 Amelia KKH
❄️ Cold November • Final 9.5 Weekend Storyline • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 🌬
📲 Connect with me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/AmeliaKKH 🖥 My KKH Fanpage: www.facebook.com/kkhamelia 🗞My news page about the game and other players: www.instagram.com/KeepingUpWithTheKKHDolls 🎨 My news page about editors of KKH: www.instagram.com/KeepingUpWithTheKKHEditors 👗 My Monthly Fashion Show Page: www.instagram.com/AmeliaKKHFashionShow 🇧🇷 Página em Português sobre o jogo e jogadores: www.instagram.com/KeepingUpWithKKHBrasil 🎶 Soundtrack Track: Prismo - Stronger [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/IIwiM777OzQ Track: Raven & Kreyn - So Happy [NCS Official Video] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/cmVdgWL5548 Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/SoHappyYO Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. https://youtu.be/p7ZsBPK656s Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/blank
Views: 1514 Amelia KKH

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