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Hittite Microwave Corporation (HITT) 2010
Hittite Microwave Corporation (HITT) 2010 annual results from operations.
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New This Week at Mouser Electronics – ADI/Hittite Fractional-N PLL
Learn More – http://mou.sr/1D34Anu For more new products, or to become a new product insider, visit: http://mou.sr/NewPro Hittite HMC832 Fractional-N PLL Hittite Microwave Products, from Analog Devices, HMC832 is a high performance phase-locked loop able to generate outputs from 25 MHz to 3 GHz. The HMC832 integrates a voltage controlled oscillator with a fundamental frequency from 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz, and a VCO output divider that enable the device to generate continuous frequencies from 25 MHz to 3 GHz. It also integrates a phase detector and delta-sigma modulator capable of operating at up to 100 MHz which allows for wider loop bandwidths and faster frequency tuning. The HMC832 can be set to low current or high performance modes and features ultra low phase noise, fractional figure of merit, and noise floor, making it ideal for cellular infrastructure, microwave radio, and other communications equipment.
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New Expansion Opportunities in High Speed and RF ET&M
This video looks at the new & expanded opportunities in high speed & RF Electronic Test & Measurement from the Hittite Microwave Corporation acquisition. These new solutions cross the entire frequency spectrum from DC to 100 GHz.
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Mesopotamia · Omar Bashir The Sound of Civilisation ℗ Author's Edition Released on: 2002-01-01 Composer: Omar Bashir Composer: Traditional Auto-generated by YouTube.
Microwave /8 prescaler testing
Testing an up to 12GHz input divide by 8 prescaler with my transverter. Transmit frequency is 10.368GHz. Divided by 8 is 1296MHz (as you can see in the frequency counter). It is based on the HMC363S8G chip by Hittite. Brief description in my blog(in Greek): http://sw1ixp.blogspot.gr/2012/12/12ghz-prescaler.html
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EEVblog #521 - Picoscope 5000 USB Oscilloscope Teardown
An impromptu teardown on the Emona stand at the Electronex trade show, of the Picoscope 5000 flexible resolution USB oscilloscope, with a small crowd of EEVblog viewers watching on. Also uses the Tagarno HD ZIP 40x digital magnifier. http://www.tagarno.dk/en/frontpage/products/inspection/home/product-pages/products/digital-magnification-systems/magnus-hd-zip.aspx https://secure1.bluecentral.com/emona/shop/scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=84 http://www.picotech.com/document/datasheets/PicoScope5000Series.pdf http://www.mouser.com/catalog/specsheets/DataSheetASD5020HS_v2.0.pdf http://www.hittite.com/content/documents/data_sheet/hmc-ad1520.pdf http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/mass-high-tech/2011/01/hittite-microwave-buys-arctic-silicon-devices.html Forum: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-521-picoscope-5000-usb-oscilloscope-teardown/ EEVblog Main Web Site: http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog Amazon Store: http://astore.amazon.com/eevblogstore-20 Donations: http://www.eevblog.com/donations/ Projects: http://www.eevblog.com/projects/ Electronics Info Wiki: http://www.eevblog.com/wiki/
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The Hittite Myth Delusion
Skeptics of the Bible have launched many accusations against Christianity all of which will be disproved. One of these false accusations against the Bible has been that there was no such people as the Hittites which now Archaeologists can confirm really did exist as the Bible claimed. Please subscribe to the Youtube channel of Pastor Jim Cooper for important updates! And don't forget to Like Pastor Jim's work on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pastorjimcooper
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Welcome to RadioVerse:  ADI's Technology and RF Design Ecosystem
Insatiable consumer demand for connectivity and data is outpacing technology's ability to service it. Introducing Radioverse - A transceiver technology and design environment that gives you everything you need to solve the toughest RF challenges.
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借 گاو، 요원이다. 楚
높은 W drodze do domu, zatrzymała przebasenem wodą morską, aby popływać ο πατέρας GHOST DOG Hittite Microwave blossoms babblingvc 曰在肝榆之尸北 학생.
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ODTÜ EE690 Seminerleri - Börteçene Terlemez - 10 Mart 2017
Title: Serial Link: Concepts & IC Design Time: March 10, 2017 13:40 Place: Sevim Tan Auditorium, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, METU, Ankara. Abstract: The talk will be on the basic concepts of Serial Links. Some of the concepts to be introduced are serial data, eye diagram, transmit equalizer, receive equalizer, and clock-data recovery. Two real-life designs will be demonstrated: 3.25Gbps Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link for automotive and 4x25Gbps CDR for 100Gb Ethernet applications. Speaker's Biography: BÖRTEÇENE TERLEMEZ received his B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from Middle East Technical University in 1998, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2000 and 2004, respectively. His research areas were floating-gate sub-threshold MOS devices, on-chip learning real-time neural networks and finally high performance/low-jitter CMOS Phase Locked Loops towards his thesis. He was with Cypress Semiconductor (Santa Clara, CA) working on zero-delay buffers and zero-delay clock generators until mid-2005. He then worked for Maxim Integrated Products (Sunnyvale, CA & Istanbul) designing Serializers/Deserializers for automotive applications until 2011. He was afterwards with Analog Devices Istanbul (former Hittite Microwave) designing 28Gbps Clock & Data Recovery parts with Adaptive Equalization as a project leader/architect/designer and as a chip-lead in various other projects. Besides teaching several workshops & short courses at Georgia Tech and METU, he also taught Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design and Digital MOS Integrated Circuit Design courses at Yeditepe University. He is now teaching "VLSI Design" at Koc University every year. You can run into his designs in your Apple devices, Sony PlayStation, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Honda, and Volkswagen.
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Live From IMS2012: Superior LTE-A Transceiver Performance Featured
Greg Bachmanek, applications engineer with Hittite Microwave, shows us how Hittite can help achieve superior LTE-A transceiver performance through using their wideband PLL + VCO fractional-N synthesizers. He provides details on how the integrated Hittite frequency synthesizer impacts performance like phase noise, and how it compares to the competition. Hittite's line of PLL + VCOs are ideal for applications involving communications test equipment, very high data rate radios, CATV equipment, cellular/4G infrastructure, phased array applications, and more.
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Simplify RF, Microwave, and mmWave Design and Evaluation
Abhishek Kapoor and CEO of X-Microwave, John Richardson discuss the collaboration between ADI and X-Microwave. X-Microwave tools and boards will reduce design cycle time and the use of multiple evalulation boards.
Controlling an HMC624LP4E RF Attenuator Using Arduino
In this video I showed adding an microcontroller interface to the Hittite HMC624LP4E evaluation board using an Arduino. More details and code can be found at: http://www.kerrywong.com/2018/07/15/controlling-an-hmc624lp4e-rf-attenuator-using-arduino/
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Cylinder seal
A cylinder seal is a small round cylinder, typically about one inch in length, engraved with written characters or figurative scenes or both, used in ancient times to roll an impression onto a two-dimensional surface, generally wet clay. Cylinder seals were invented around 3500 BC in the Near East, at the contemporary sites of Susa in south-western Iran and Uruk in southern Mesopotamia. They are linked to the invention of the latter’s cuneiform writing on clay tablets. They were used as an administrative tool, a form of signature, as well as jewelry and as magical amulets; later versions would employ notations with Mesopotamian cuneiform. In later periods, they were used to notarize or attest to multiple impressions of clay documents. Graves and other sites housing precious items such as gold, silver, beads, and gemstones often included one or two cylinder seals, as honorific grave goods. The seals themselves are typically made from hardstones and some are a form of engraved gem, but they may use glass or ceramics such as Egyptian faience. Many varieties of material such as hematite, obsidian, steatite, amethyst, lapis lazuli and carnelian were used to make cylinder seals. As the alluvial country of Mesopotamia lacks good stone for carving, the large stones of early cylinders were imported probably from Iran. Most seals have a hole running through the centre of the body, and they are thought to have typically been worn on a necklace so that they were always available when needed. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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TSP #109 - Teardown, Repair & Upgrade of an Agilent E4405B 13.5GHz ESA-E Spectrum Analyzer
In this episode Shahriar explores the cause of failure of an Agilent E4405B ESA 13.5GHz spectrum analyzer. In a previous episode, an E4407B version of the ESA was repaired and upgraded which is helpful in debugging and analyzing this instrument. The instrument displays LO Unlock which is a familiar problem. After an overview of the system block diagram, the LO signal path is traced and analyzed for problems. After some investigation, the problem appears to be identical to the E4407B model repaired before! The Hittite (Analog Devices) divide-by-4 static divider unit has failed and does not divide correctly at high frequencies. The component is replaced which restores the instrument’s functionality. The LCD screen of the unit is also very dim. The CCFL tube and the inverter are replaced with an LED back light instead. The unit then produces a bright and vibrant graphs and text. The performance of the instrument is verified with a Keysight MXG signal generator. The Signal Path www.TheSignalPath.com www.YouTube.com/TheSignalPath
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Wideband Amplifiers
Wideband Amplifiers
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High Speed and RF Design Considerations
At very high frequencies, every trace and pin is an RF emitter and receiver. If careful design practices are not followed, the unwanted signals can easily mask those a designer is trying to handle. The design choices begin at the architecture level and extend down to submillimeter placement of traces. There are tried and proven techniques for managing this process. The practical issues of real system design are covered in this session, along with ways to minimize signal degradation in the RF environment. Presented by: Zoltan Frasch, Senior Applications Engineer
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IDT 8V97051 Wideband RF Synthesizer/PLL
The 8V97051 is a wideband RF synthesizer/PLL (phase lock loop) with low power consumption and excellent phase noise performance. It generates fewer and lower power spurs than similar competing devices. This combination of characteristics offers a unique competitive advantage for achieving optimal RF transmission and reception. In addition, the 8V97051 offers an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a large tuning range capable of providing multiband local oscillator (LO) frequency synthesis, limiting the need for multiple narrow-band RF synthesizers/PLLs. This reduces the bill of materials and design complexity, lowering the cost of developing radio frequency products. The 8V97051 is offered in a compact 5x5mm 32-VFQFN package and is pin compatible to similar devices from other manufacturers. The device’s low-power consumption is ideal for high-performance applications with limited or no air flow, such as RF cards in base stations. The 8V97051 has a figure of merit of -231 dBc/Hz, which enables superior phase noise performance. In addition to offering low phase noise, the 8V97051 provides 16 bits of frequency resolution that makes it ideal for precise RF instrumentation or radar applications. This device can also be used in microwave transceivers and industrial electronic products. Presented by Steven Gutierrez, Applications at IDT. To learn more about the 8V97051, visit http:www.idt.com/8V97051.
LMX2492: 14 GHz Frac-N PLL with ramp/chirp capabilities
Simon demonstrates the ramping features of the LMX2492, a feature-rich 14 GHz fractional-N PLL with advanced frequency modulation, very low phase noise performance, and a 5 V charge pump.
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Ke$ha - Blow
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TSP #135 - Teardown, Repair & Analysis of an Agilent N5230A 13.5GHz PNA-L Network Analyzer (Part 2)
In this two-part episode Shahriar repairs an Agilent N5230A 13.5GHz PNA-L which suffers from un-leveled output in full frequency sweep range. The instrument is not able to produce any outputs above -25dBm above 10.5GHz and shows below specification output power levels below 10.5GHz. Teardown of the unit reveals various microwave modules with the SSLAM final module responsible for amplitude leveling and frequency multiplication for frequencies above 10.5GHz. Teardown of this module shows a collection of MMIC dies wirebonded together using micro-strip ceramic pieces and interconnects. MMIC include switches, amplifiers, filters, multipliers, power detectors and attenuators. After examining the input/output signals of the module it becomes clear that the input switch IC is damaged. Unfortunately, an attempt to replace the die with a packaged QFN GaAs device fails. However, a lucky eBay find of a used SSLAM module saves the day and the instrument is restored to full functionality. Some measurements of an packaged evaluation board of a GaAs IC is demonstrated using the newly repaired PNA-L. The Signal Path www.TheSignalPath.com www.YouTube.com/TheSignalPath www.Patreon.com/TheSignalPath
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Interview with Bryan Goldstein, GM of A&D at ADI
Microwave Journal technical editor, Gary Lerude, talks with ADI's general manager of Aerospace & Defense business about the A&D markets (1:45), ADI's market strategy (3:22), Hittite acquisition and expanded product portfolio (5:05), GaN technology (6:51) and phased array applications (9:45).
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1 Samuel 26 Daily Bible Reading with Paul Nison
1 Samuel 26 New Living Translation (NLT) David Spares Saul Again 26 Now some men from Ziph came to Saul at Gibeah to tell him, “David is hiding on the hill of Hakilah, which overlooks Jeshimon.” 2 So Saul took 3,000 of Israel’s elite troops and went to hunt him down in the wilderness of Ziph. 3 Saul camped along the road beside the hill of Hakilah, near Jeshimon, where David was hiding. When David learned that Saul had come after him into the wilderness, 4 he sent out spies to verify the report of Saul’s arrival. 5 David slipped over to Saul’s camp one night to look around. Saul and Abner son of Ner, the commander of his army, were sleeping inside a ring formed by the slumbering warriors. 6 “Who will volunteer to go in there with me?” David asked Ahimelech the Hittite and Abishai son of Zeruiah, Joab’s brother. “I’ll go with you,” Abishai replied. 7 So David and Abishai went right into Saul’s camp and found him asleep, with his spear stuck in the ground beside his head. Abner and the soldiers were lying asleep around him. 8 “God has surely handed your enemy over to you this time!” Abishai whispered to David. “Let me pin him to the ground with one thrust of the spear; I won’t need to strike twice!” 9 “No!” David said. “Don’t kill him. For who can remain innocent after attacking the Lord’s anointed one? 10 Surely the Lord will strike Saul down someday, or he will die of old age or in battle. 11 The Lord forbid that I should kill the one he has anointed! But take his spear and that jug of water beside his head, and then let’s get out of here!” 12 So David took the spear and jug of water that were near Saul’s head. Then he and Abishai got away without anyone seeing them or even waking up, because the Lord had put Saul’s men into a deep sleep. 13 David climbed the hill opposite the camp until he was at a safe distance. 14 Then he shouted down to the soldiers and to Abner son of Ner, “Wake up, Abner!” “Who is it?” Abner demanded. 15 “Well, Abner, you’re a great man, aren’t you?” David taunted. “Where in all Israel is there anyone as mighty? So why haven’t you guarded your master the king when someone came to kill him? 16 This isn’t good at all! I swear by the Lord that you and your men deserve to die, because you failed to protect your master, the Lord’s anointed! Look around! Where are the king’s spear and the jug of water that were beside his head?” 17 Saul recognized David’s voice and called out, “Is that you, my son David?” And David replied, “Yes, my lord the king. 18 Why are you chasing me? What have I done? What is my crime? 19 But now let my lord the king listen to his servant. If the Lord has stirred you up against me, then let him accept my offering. But if this is simply a human scheme, then may those involved be cursed by the Lord. For they have driven me from my home, so I can no longer live among the Lord’s people, and they have said, ‘Go, worship pagan gods.’ 20 Must I die on foreign soil, far from the presence of the Lord? Why has the king of Israel come out to search for a single flea? Why does he hunt me down like a partridge on the mountains?” 21 Then Saul confessed, “I have sinned. Come back home, my son, and I will no longer try to harm you, for you valued my life today. I have been a fool and very, very wrong.” 22 “Here is your spear, O king,” David replied. “Let one of your young men come over and get it. 23 The Lord gives his own reward for doing good and for being loyal, and I refused to kill you even when the Lord placed you in my power, for you are the Lord’s anointed one. 24 Now may the Lord value my life, even as I have valued yours today. May he rescue me from all my troubles.” 25 And Saul said to David, “Blessings on you, my son David. You will do many heroic deeds, and you will surely succeed.” Then David went away, and Saul returned home.
TSP #113 - Teardown, Repair & Analysis of an Agilent E4443A 3Hz - 6.7GHz PSA Spectrum Analyzer
In this episode Shahriar repairs an Agilent PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer. The instrument generates many errors during self-alignment and produces no measurements below 3.2GHz. The block diagram of the unit is thoroughly presented and various possible failure points are considered. Based on the observation of the noise floor, the most likely cause is the second LO module. The measurement of the LO power indicates that the second LO power is fall below nominal. The second LO signal (at 3.6GHz) is generated by a DRO PLL module which is locked to 600MHz. The PLL is functional, however the output power is below -20dBm. Teardown of the module reveals a simple design with a doubler and filter. The filter (which is discolored) shows a huge loss likely caused by RF losses due to trace degradation. Thinning the traces provides some improvement and the remaining loss is compensated with a two stage RF amplifier. With this modifications, the instrument’s alignment errors are partially resolved. The next problem is with the input attenuator at the 20dB range. This problem is simply resolved by providing lubrication on the attenuator solenoids after disassembly. The instrument is then used for various measurements to verify its correct operation. The Signal Path www.TheSignalPath.com www.YouTube.com/TheSignalPath www.Patreon.com/TheSignalPath
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TSP #89 - Teardown, Repair and Experiments with a Tektronix RSA 6114A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
In this episode Shahriar attempts a difficult repair of a Tektronix RSA real-time spectrum analyzer. This well-equipped instrument reports several error messages during startup POST including LO Unlock as well as Signal Path failures. The service manual of the instrument does not provide any detailed block diagram and no schematics. Most failures require the instrument to be serviced by the Tektronix factory. The equipment has various advanced options including 110MHz analysis bandwidth, digital modulation analysis, wide-band IF output and deep memory. The teardown of the instrument reveals a multi-board, multi-module design. The top of the instrument contains all digital blocks and boards while the bottom of the instrument houses the RF deck assembly. The RF deck is broken into various stages such as attenuator, RF switches, first converter, second converter, IF block, reference synthesizer and LO generator. For the purposes of addressing the YIG problems the LO board is examined. The problem is traced to two components, both dividers in the complex PLL system of the LO subsystem. The LO board is fully analyzed and described and the defective components re replaced. The repaired instrument is tested for various functionality including DPX, de-modulation and measurement beyond 8GHz CW tones. The instrument passes all self-tests, alignments and detailed diagnostics. The Signal Path www.TheSignalPath.com www.YouTube.com/TheSignalPath www.Patreon.com/TheSignalPath
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The Electromagnetic Spectrum Song ~ Piano Cover
I only know about half the lyrics and playing while singing is not easy. I just learned the song so it might not be as good as you would expect.
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Using Genesys WhatIF Fast Graphical Frequency Planning Tool
Genesys WhatIF instantly calculates all mixing frequencies and amplitudes when user defines the LO, RF and IF and mixer characteristics. The result is presented intuitively on a frequency spectrum with interactive markers to quickly identify spurious free bands and spurious levels. Use it to allocate LO, RF and IF frequencies to avoid spurious intermods. For more information: http://www.keysight.com/find/eesof-genesys For a free evaluation copy of Genesys: http://www.keysight.com/find/eesof-genesys-latest-downloads
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Wii Shop Bling
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What Is This?!? Turkish Delight??
Things wont remain "sweet" forever, Turkey! Did you forget? You're TOGARMAH! And that's just for starters! http://taccenter.org/ http://lastresistance.com/2144/maryland-blessed-with-100-million-turkish-mega-mosque/ http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/harford/aberdeen-havre-de-grace/bs-md-surveillance-blimps-20141226-story.html http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2014/12/18/military-new-surveillance-blimp-takes-to-maryland-skies/ http://www.todayszaman.com/news-269076-obama-names-turkeys-erdogan-among-top-five-international-friends.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel%E2%80%93Turkey_relations#Gaza_Flotilla_incident http://www.muslimlinkpaper.com/community-news/community-news/3358-a-symbol-of-friendship.html http://www.ancient.eu/hittite/ http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-01-21/how-man-pennsylvania-amish-country-causing-chaos-turkey
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Genesys Flow - WhatIF Frequency Planner - Part 1
This is the first in a multi-part series demonstrating the Genesys RF Board Flow. WhatIF is an easy to use synthesis tool that identifies mixer spurs and can identify Spur Free IF's in minutes. For more information: http://www.keysight.com/find/eesof-genesys For a free evaluation copy of Genesys: http://www.keysight.com/find/eesof-genesys-latest-download
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New This Week - March 2, 2015
This week we’ll cover a Hittite Fractional-N PLL, a digital gyroscope from Freescale, and NXP’s NTAG NFC IC.
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NILE sarcophagus Thessaloniki 17-11-12
KREATOR, MORBID ANGEL, NILE & FUELED by FIRE. Tour 2012 Live in Thessaloniki Greece. Front Row Videos in a KREATOR concert so sorry about the non-steady shoot in some parts. Venue: Principal. Date: 17 November 2012. Video setlist: NILE: sarcophagus, MORBID ANGEL: immortal rites, KREATOR: intro-personal Jesus, phantom antichrist, phobia, extreme aggression, people of the lie, coma of souls, endless pain, pleasure to kill, violent revolution, united in hate, betrayer, tormentor and outro.
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John Croteau of MACOM Interview
Microwave Journal interviews John Croteau, president and CEO of MACOM
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美股週一高收 道指標普再創新高
周一美股延續上周漲勢高收。道指與標普500指數再創盤中新高。周一宏觀經濟數據清淡,投資人繼續消化上周行情。美國銀行((BAC))編制的市場風險指數VIX顯示,全球商品,外彙,股票和利率市場波動性下降至曆史低點。芝加哥期權交易所波動性指數在上周也創下了2007年以來的最低水平。黃金價格波動性則在今天觸及14個月低點。在低通脹率的情況下,全球各大央行已向金融市場注入了大量流動性以刺激經濟增長。 在道瓊斯方面,麥當勞公司((MCD))公布5月同店銷售額增長0.9%。亞洲業務的增長抵消了美國業務的持續下滑。標普的板塊方面,消費者非必需品,能源,金融,科技和工業板塊領漲。消費者必需品,醫療保險,原材料和公共事業板塊領跌。紐交所交易量3.695億,納斯達克交易量14.708億。 道瓊斯工業平均指數上漲18.82點,收于16,943.10點,漲幅爲0.11%;標准普爾500指數上漲1.82點,收于1,951.26點,漲幅爲0.09%;納斯達克綜合指數上漲14.84點,收于4,336.24點,漲幅爲0.34%。 公司方面,蘋果((AAPL))拆股後以92.22美元爲新起點進行交易。上市公司回答拆股目的的標准答案是可以降低投資門檻,讓更多的個體投資人可以分享公司成長。而蘋果的拆股的內涵也包括蘋果管理層希望股權分散,盡量避免少數大股東持有絕大部分蘋果的股票。喬布斯曾經都被董事會掃地出門,而庫克也不希望同樣的事情在自己身上重演。 蘋果公司近來宣布的900億美元的股票回購計劃以及120億美元的債券發行也頗引人注意。上市公司管理層是股東的代理人,花費在公司發展之余的錢返還給投資人無可厚非。對庫克來說,上千億美元在 賬上,花和不花進退兩難,拿出900億回購股票,讓股價上漲20%,也不能不說是明智的選擇。 美股市場上對股民最大的回購回報是微軟2003年開始的合計750億美元的分紅和回購。蘋果將以900億打破這個紀錄。 折扣零售商Family Dollar((FDO))上漲,Activist Investor主動投資人Carl Icahn披露已經持有該公司9.4% 的股票。 在收購並購市場上,泰森食品((TSN))證實將以85.5億美元現金收購Hillshire Brands((HSH))。此前參與競購的公司還包括Pilgrim's Price ((PPC))。 芯片生産商Analog Devices((ADI))表示將以78美元/股現金收購Hittite Microwave((HITT))。 默沙東 ((MRK))將以24.50美元/股收購Idenix Pharmaceuticals((IDIX)),總交易價值將達到38.5億美元。 IPO方面,智聯招聘提交了赴美上市的IPO文件,計劃在紐交所挂牌交易,交易代碼准備使用ZPIN,每股定價區間在12.5-14.5美元,准備發行至多560萬股ADS。 Russell 2000小型股指數今年轉漲,這個指數在今年春季一度大幅下跌。 小額股21世紀不動産((CTC))優質服務獲得肯定,今日宣布旗下子公司上古新銳房地産經濟有限公司在2013年斬獲多項行業獎項,表彰其優質服務,以及爲行業發展和創新做出的重要貢獻。這顯示CTC的優質服務已獲得行業認可,反映了該公司在行業中的優勢和競爭力。
Flavor of Love: Beyoncé? Beyoncé?! BEYONCÉ?!
One of the best scenes of Flavor
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Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour - 17 May 2018
Two Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour: click on the chapters below to access the two different talks and the Q&A. Chapter 1: Is Man Just Another Animal? 0:00 Professor Steve Jones, Emeritus Professor of Genetics, UCL Homo sapiens shares much of his DNA with the animals in this zoo; with the chimpanzee sharing around 95% of our genes. In Darwin's day such physical similarity seemed to many to drag us down the level of the apes, which was in part why so many refused to accept the theory of evolution. But when we look in more detail at our similarities and differences we are, in many ways a diminished version of our closest relative, in teeth, in hair, in our guts and in our muscles. We have, however, gained a lot in another organ, the brain. Chapter 2: Gibbonology: Why Study Southeast Asia’s Small Apes? 35:10 Professor Helen Chatterjee, Professor of Biology, UCL Biosciences & Head of Research and Teaching, UCL Culture This talk will offer insights into the past, present and future of some of the world’s rarest primates, the gibbons, small apes from Southeast Asia. Professor Chatterjee will explore the main drivers which have led to the decline of these enigmatic apes and discuss some of her research which uses data from the fossil and historical records to understand the how the distribution of gibbons has changed over time. Chapter 3: Q&A 59:00
Global Millimeter Wave Equipment Market Size, Analysis, Growth Trends, Report, Forecast 2014-2018
Global Millimeter Wave Equipment Market 2014-2018 Read Complete Report with TOC: http://www.researchbeam.com/global-millimeter-wave-equipment-2014-2018-market About Millimeter Wave Equipment Millimeter wave solutions transmit signals over radio waves at wavelengths in the range of 1-10 mm. Such solutions find applications in mobile backhaul around the world. Its applications at high bandwidth have an edge over counterparts in terms of wireless broadband transmission and range. Millimeter solutions offer high data capacity and improved beam width, which enhances communications. TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Millimeter Wave Equipment market will grow at a CAGR of 61.25 percent over the period 2013-2018. Covered in this Report The Global Millimeter Wave Equipment market has been segmented in terms of geography and corresponding market size and forecast have been provided. Get Sample Copy of Report @ http://www.researchbeam.com/global-millimeter-wave-equipment-2014-2018-market/purchase-enquiry TechNavio's report, the Global Millimeter Wave Equipment Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Global Millimeter Wave Equipment market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market. Key Regions - Americas - EMEA - APAC Key Vendors - BridgeWave Communications - E-Band Communications Corp. - Siklu Inc. - Sub10 Systems Ltd. Other Prominent Vendors - Agilent Technologies Inc. - Aviat Networks Inc. - ECI Telecom Ltd. - Farran Technology Ltd. - Fujitsu - GigaBeam Corp. - Hittite Microwave Corp. - Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. - Intracom Telecom - K&G Spectrum Inc. - L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. - Lightpointe Communications Inc. - Loea Corp. - Microsemi Corp. - Millimeter Wave Products Inc. - Millitech Inc. - Millivision Technologies - Northrop Grumman Corp. - Pulse~Link Inc. - SIAE Microelettronica SpA - Smiths Group plc - Tensorcom Inc. - Vubiq Inc. - WASA Millimeter Wave AB - Wireless Excellence Ltd. Key Market Driver - Increasing Demand for Small Cell Backhaul. - For a full, detailed list, view our report. Key Market Challenge - Range Barrier of Millimeter Wave Equipment. - For a full, detailed list, view our report. Key Market Trend - Increasing Demand from Emerging Countries. - For a full, detailed list, view our report. Key Questions Answered in this Report - What will the market size be in 2018 and what will the growth rate be? - What are the key market trends? - What is driving this market? - What are the challenges to market growth? - Who are the key vendors in this market space? - What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors? - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?
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How to Pronounce Corporation
Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140,000 words were already uploaded... Check them out! Visit my homepage: http://www.emmasaying.com
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Tyson Wins Bidding War For Hillshire
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