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Magic Twisty tutorial
questo video spiega qual'è il trucco di magick twisty e vi dice come usarlo.
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Magic Wacky Worm
A demonstration of Wacky - The Magic Worm http://www.magicwacky.com This video is copyrighted by Anders Barris/ Magic Wacky Toys, Inc. www.magicwacky.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wacky-The-Magic-Worm/151264524949611 You can purchase Wacky and more magic tricks at www.azmagicmanila.com Please contact us on [email protected] If you want to buy an original Wacky Worm please visit www.magicwacky.com
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Magic Wacky Worm Looks Alive
This cute Magic Wacky Worm can crawl all around your hands and finger, even around a ballpen. With a bit of magic you can make him move. It is a lot of fun, takes a bit of practice, but surely you can learn how to make Wacky move. See more at http://ww.magicwacky.com
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Magic Secrets: The Fun Magic Twisty Worm
Here is the basic handling for the famous Magic Twisty Worm. Whether you got these in one of the Magic Guy's Loot Bags, or from anywhere else, this basic tutorial will show you how to make the worm come to life. Once you get this basic handling down, play and experiment all you can. You'll discover all kinds of cool things that you can do to make it really come alive! Have fun, and please let us know how you're doing afterwards, and share some videos of your own with the twisty worm in action.
Views: 385489 Magic Secrets
Crazy Jumping Worms for magic tricks
You can buy the crazy Jumping Worms/Snake here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Magic-Wacky-Jumping-Snake-for-magic-tricks-Party-toy-/251711199154? По вопросам оптовых закупок обращайтесь пишите в личку или задавайте вопросы в комментариях. Funny Tricks -it is easy! You need just little practice... Magic Wacky Jumping Twisty Snake The Soft Toy for magic tricks/ Party toy  Assorted Colors   Invisible fishing line holding a snake and don't gives her slip away from you.  If you make a little pre-workout, you can surprise your guests at any party-show  and the children will be ecstatic! Funny Tricks -it is easy! You need just little practice...
Nerd³ Toys - Magic Twisty Worm
Literally Magic. Nerd³ Site: http://nerdcubed.co.uk Nerd³ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nerdcubed End theme by Dan Bull: http://www.youtube.com/user/douglby Main Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Officialnerdcubed Dad³ Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialDadCubed Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/nerdcubed Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dannerdcubed Merch! Things: http://www.gametee.co.uk/category/nerdcubed Other Things: https://store.dftba.com/collections/nerdcubed Junk Things: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/nerdcubed/ Garden Music Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Wacky Worm Looks Alive - Magic Trick worm is fun to play with
Wacky - The Magic Worm looks almost alive. It is amazing! See more at http://www.magicwacky.com How good are you at playing with your Magic Wacky Worm? Upload your videos and share them with us. Copyright 2018 by Magic Wacky Toys, Inc.
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Magic Twisty Worm (Mr. Fuzzy) versus little Maci & Casper!
Little Maci and Casper playing with the Magic Twisty Worm. They really like the Mr. Fuzzy Magic Worm! You can do tricks too. Subscribe to follow Little Maci and Casper! Check us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/little_maci/ #LittleMaci #CatToys #MagicTwistyWorm
Kidzone - Magic Trick Twisty Fuzzy Worm
Get it here: http://kidzoneworld.myshopify.com/products/magic-trick-twisty-fuzzy-worm For more freat Toys check our site : www.kidzoneworld.com
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Magic Wacky Worm at the Mall
Our official website is at http://www.magicwacky.com A super demonstration of Wacky the Magic Worm at a Mall in the Philippines.
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Fun Magic Worms - Prank with disgusting worms in a glass | Demo
SUBSCRIBE for free if you love Toys: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgedE8P8r_1CjTOKjCNaqQ?sub_confirmation=1 THUMBS UP! -- if you like this video SHARE this video with your friends! Here are other great youtube channels: Sing with Lilli and Lars: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8dawCG1_vKVScI11Ob0MRg Learn ABC: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJNFWEwKbXD_ydIXhZRj3A DIY ideas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dOWq08N42eEwfnfYMiZ_g Some cool playlists with many more videos: New & Featured: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW_OkybHWQick7EJbyauT-_4CoaAg51u6 Experiments: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW_OkybHWQif0PDEL9AG4o_Fl9uqGLFzG Toys for girls: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW_OkybHWQidcvDmcwFpHTDj3y6SrgKc5 Here is my channel with many more cool toys: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgedE8P8r_1CjTOKjCNaqQ ----------------- Subscribe to my channel and always be the first to be informed about new videos! Thank you! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmgedE8P8r_1CjTOKjCNaqQ?sub_confirmation=1 Have fun! The music is from the YouTube library ------------- Channel description and disclaimer: here you can find everything about TOYS! Unboxings, demos and reviews of all great toys: z.B. LEGO, PLAMOBIL, Play-Doh, Barbie, Disney Cars, Disney Frozen Princess, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Turtles, Peppa Pig, Surprise Eggs, Hot Wheels ... and much more. SUBSCRIBE now for free if you love Toys! Disclaimer: This YouTube channel is independent. LEGO®, PLAYMOBIL®, PLAY-DOH®, HOTWHEELS®, DISNEY®, TURTLES®, MY LITTLE PONY®, LALALOOPSY®, BARBIE® and all other brands shown in this chanel are brands of the respective Toy manufacturers. This channel is neither authorized nor sponsored by any of These brands.
Wacky The Magic Worm - Sâu ma thuật wacky
Xem Wacky. Demonstration of Wacky - The Magic Worm at Lotte Mart Q7, Ho Chi Minh City. Visit us at www.magicwacky.com or www.saumathuatwacky.com
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Magic Worm AMAZING!!!
The secret is a little string attached from the head of the worm to the belt on my waist.
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Mark Daniel and Company - Norman The Magic Worm Tutorial
Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Magic-Mark-Daniel/111244495558729 Or visit the website http://www.markdaniel.co.uk
Magic Twisty Fuzzy Worm
Don't forget to subscribe : http://bit.ly/1jgDj8E Check out This is a cute magic worm for kids and adults. With an invisible string, you can manipulate the magic worm freely. Amazes your audience as this little magic worm moves and crawls around your hands.It can even dance in a drinking glass and twirl around a pencil. http://www.tinydeal.com/magic-twisty-fuzzy-worm-wiggle-moving-sea-horse-kids-trick-toy-p-157267.html?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=TDDV%2B0034on TinyDeal.com : Enjoy! ---------------- Find us on other social media : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TinydealShop Forum:http://tinydealforum.com/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TinyDeal Google+ : http://bit.ly/T8RH5Y Pinsterest : https://www.pinterest.com/tinydealfashion/
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Blue Novelty Wiggle Worm Toy - The Spinning, Moving And Jumping Pet!
​​​ ​​​Watch our product feature video for a Blue Novelty Wiggle Worm Toy. ▶▶ Follow Us TWITTER http://twitter.com/luckypennyshop FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/LuckyPennyShop INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/LuckyPennyShop GOOGLE+ https://plus.google.com/+luckypennyshop PINTEREST http://www.pinterest.com/luckypennyshop/ LPS WEBSITE http://www.luckypennyshop.com/
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Chesca's wacky magic worm
Views: 18361 28franchesca
Wacky Magic Worm
In the Philippines
Views: 71216 Keith H
MM414 Magic Twisty Wiggly Wigglees Wacky Worm Retro Classic
Views: 2544 MissionMagicTV
The Original Wacky Worm
Can you also make Wacky the Magic Worm come alive?
Views: 13713 abmagicmanilashop
Magic Worm
Magic Worm http://www.officeplayground.com/Magic-Worm-P1340.html Sometimes you might get lonely sitting at your desk, working all day long. Perk up and add a friendly pet to your day like the Magic Worm! This creepy crawly creature can learn special tricks. It will wind around pencils, pull itself out of a cup or move between your fingers. Once it has perfected these amazing stunts, show your co-workers. Only you will know the special action that controls the Magic Worm. Be sure to keep this fun desk pal on your desk for some stress relief any time of the day.
Views: 589607 Office Playground
Magic wriggler or Mr wiggly furry worm
Make the furry creature come alive! A great party bag filler for children providing hours of fun for the kids. They will love making their magic wriggler come to life and play tricks on people.
Views: 3185 Debra Scanlon
Magic Twisty and Wacky Wally
Views: 207900 HKTOYSRUS
Wacky the magic worm amazing trick
Wacky or Wiggly, its name varies in every region. The only thing sure is 'Wacky' is a spectacular worm. It does not fail to amaze an unsuspecting observer given that you pull the right tricks. Whether you are looking for an awesome toy or searching for something cute and magical or even something that suits all kinds of people and ages, then "Wacky" is the "Toy" that will put a smile on your face and your spectators.
Views: 16944 lukesfarm
Magic Twisty worm part 1
Hi I am Olivia I have gotten a magic twisty worm on vacation Enjoy
Views: 100771 Jill Richardson
Magic worm Squirmles Mr Fuzzy Puhnastic Пушистик Байла в Украине
Заказывайте в Украине 067-300-81-61 50 грн. за 1 шт.
Views: 7643 Владимир Ву
Wacky Magic Trick
Views: 367 MT Garchitorena
Magic Worm Toy aka Squirmles the Magical Pet - Mr. Fuzzy - Magic Wigglee - Magic Twisty
http://www.funny-toys-store.com/magic-wigglee-wigglees-squirmles-wonder-worm-toy-fuzzle-squirmels-wiggle-worms-toys.html Magic Worm Toys: also known as Squirmles, Mr Fuzzy, Magic Wigglees or Magic Twisty. Available in 6 different colors. Get yours at one of our websites: http://www.funny-toys-store.com/magic-wigglee-wigglees-squirmles-wonder-worm-toy-fuzzle-squirmels-wiggle-worms-toys.html http://www.mrfuzzyworms.com/ http://www.magicwigglees.com/ http://www.magictwistyworms.com/ http://www.wurli-wurm.de/
Views: 36275 john1823ab
Magic wigglee reveal
Unboxing of little worm and revealed
Views: 8499 Fallingjewel121
magic trick mr fuzzy
Views: 6967 hheadri
Cute Magic Worm Twisty Trick Toy Plush Toy for Kids
Cute Magic Worm Twisty Trick Toy Plush Toy for Kids
Magic Worm
Simple magic trick bought from the Texas State Fair.
Views: 14534 dancefrk77
Tricky Worm Review by  Z-1's Novelty Toy Reviews #4
Z-1's Novelty Toy Review #4 puts Ja-Ru Incorporateds "TRICKY WORM" to the test...does it REALLY CRAWL around your fingers and other things...Or is it better off as Fishing Bait??? See more WACKY TOY REVIEWS at: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1EoJyWOmdhBW-u4oSfLtQIMfOgIsOmFd
Views: 223278 Z1DO4U
Wacky magic trick
Views: 14 Tony Walls
Magic worm Retro Toy review | Odd Pod
Retro Toy review of the classic Magic worm or mr.fuzzy or squigly or any other name it had but I always remember it as Magic worm. A classic retro toy. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddpodretro Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/oddpodshow/ Instagram: oddpodretro Odd Pod is a channel all about nostalgia. Retro toys, games, cartoons, food and so much more! If you love looking back at all the great things from your childhood in the 80's and 90's then Odd Pod is the channel for you. Here are a few of the different shows you can see on this channel: Toy Reviews: I review all the 80's and 90's toys you loved as a kid Retro games: I review retro games and also do gameplay videos sometimes with special guests Oddelicious: I review retro food and drink from my childhood and hopefully yours Temporary blindness: I open things like Pogs, stickers, cards and anything else that you dont know whats inside until you open it. Cartoon Reviews: Lots of great retro cartoons reviewed by Flip and Dan These are just a few of the shows on Odd Pod and they are full of nostalgic retro fun so please subscribe and support Odd Pod as we look back at all the great things from our childhood. Odd Pod is a part of Generation Rad, check out the other members below: Retro Cynical: https://www.youtube.com/user/LordDemoniaque #oddpod #retrotoys #90skids
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Magic Trick - Vanishing Sponge Ball Tutorial
Download the free 52Kards APP - http://52kards.com/app Visit the 52Kards Shop - http://shop.52kards.com Become a student and learn more - http://courses.52kards.com Buy Sponge Balls at our shop: https://shop.52kards.com/products/sponge-ball-set This is a classic sponge ball magic trick. It is dead simple and always amazes people. Links ----------------------------------- ► Website: http://52Kards.com ► Facebook: http://on.fb.me/52Kards ► Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/52Kards ► My Equipment: http://52kards.com/equipment/
Views: 1641823 52Kards
Magic Worm Twisty Trick Toy GearBest
Magic Worm Twisty Trick Toy GearBest
Views: 27 J NN
Magic worm tricks and tips
I had just gotten 2 magic worms and I will show you where you can get them, tricks, and tips.everything in one video
Views: 2091 Nias nowornever Nerds
Посылка из Китая. Magic Tricks для Inspire
Посылка из Китая. Magic Tricks 1 шт. плюшевые магические извилистые и нечеткие червь и покачиваться-в перемещение морской конек и дети нью-игрушки трюк и желчи киска весело интересное самостоятельно детские игрушки Покупал тут: http://ru.aliexpress.com/item/1pcs-pack-Plush-Magic-Twisty-Fuzzy-Worm-Wiggle-Moving-Sea-Horse-Kids-Trick-Toy-Bile-pussy/32375820514.html
Magic Twisty Worm - Magician Anil Kale Making Fun at Home
Magician Anil Kale - Best Birthday Magician for your children's birthday party. In Indore M.P. India http://anilrkale.blogspot.com/ Mob. +91 9977262001, +91 8827602761 He perfomes Many Magic Trick like : Aqua change, Silk Magic, Dove Magic, Silk to Rose, Rose to Silk, Torch to Rose, Card Frame, Billiard Ball, Stiff Rope Magic, Mouth Coil Magic, Production Flower Effect, Appearing Magic Wand, Appearing Cane, Vanishing Cane, Cards Trick, Mind Reading Tricks, Lion to Girl, Appearing Ball, Cards Manipulation, Dice Production, Rope Tricks, Bag to Coat, Hand Chopper Magic, Comedy Lamp, Zig Zag Rope, Diamond Cut and Restore Card, Egg Bag, Fu cane, Colour Chaing Records, Flower Wallet, Mislead Pencil, Ring and Rope, and many cool effects
Views: 1230 Anil Kale
MAGIC TRICK PRANK -- Candies Turn Into Worms!
MAGIC TRICK PRANK -- Candies Turn Into Worms!
Views: 336 Fails Forever
Magic Worm
Views: 97651 magicworms
Magic Twisty - Tricks
Leer te gekke trucjes die je kunt uitvoeren met jouw Magic Twisty! Bestel hem hier: http://www.intertoys.nl/speelgoed/magic-twisty-met-baby-605958.html
Views: 10014 Intertoys
Magic Worm
So Funny
Views: 4364 nelson228
NEW magic worm tricks
Go get your magic worm they are awsome
Views: 41 Olivia Wilkinson

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