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Old Sea Brigade - Tidal Wave
Song "Tidal Wave" by Old Sea Brigade Album : Cover My Own, 2017 Join SleepMusic on https://www.instagram.com/sleepmusic_channel/ https://twitter.com/SleepMusicYT https://www.tumblr.com/blog/sleepmusicchannel https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107661872742635530980/+SleepMusicaccount/videos?pageId=107661872742635530980 Join Old Sea Brigade on http://www.oldseabrigade.com/ https://www.instagram.com/oldseabrigade/ https://twitter.com/OldSeaBrigade https://www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade https://open.spotify.com/artist/6vUNwmljZAcn7tNtUoxG45 Lyrics for me ?
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Old Sea Brigade - Tidal Waves (Acoustic Version) | SleepMusic
Song "Tidal Waves" by Old Sea Brigade Album : Cover My Own, Acoustic EP 2018 ▼ Join SleepMusic ▼ ► https://www.instagram.com/sleepmusic_channel/ ► https://twitter.com/SleepMusicYT ►https://www.facebook.com/SleepMusicYoutube ►https://www.tumblr.com/blog/sleepmusicchannel ▼ Join Old Sea Brigade ▼ https://www.oldseabrigade.com/ https://www.instagram.com/oldseabrigade/ https://twitter.com/OldSeaBrigade https://www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade https://open.spotify.com/artist/6vUNwmljZAcn7tNtUoxG45 ▼ Lyrics ▼ It's heavy now and we don't change Come back down, keep it safe Spinning room, lost my mind Keep it up, killing time Don't wait up it'll be okay Though it's coming at me like a tidal wave Pick it up, as if you found Peace of mind, in shattered sound Extra days to sit around Wonder why you can't be found Don't wait up it'll be okay Left alone to face the day Don't wait up it'll be okay Though it's coming at me like a tidal wave Heaven starts when you're by my side Hurry up, leave it behind Fickle love, I'll call you out If we don't, change it now A holiday is on my mind You still take me by surprise Truth it breaks by the night If we don't change we're stuck in time
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Passenger | Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea (Summer Series 2015)
Passenger's new album ‘Runaway’ is out now. Stream, Download or Buy – https://Passenger.lnk.to/RunawayID Tour Tickets on sale now - https://Passenger.lnk.to/TicketsID 'Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea' Directed and Produced by Jarrad Seng (www.jarradseng.com) Recorded at Linear Studios and mixed by Chris Vallejo Special thanks to @discovertasmania, Mem Rynne and Chelsea Lowik. Follow Passenger Online: https://passengermusic.com Facebook: https://Passenger.lnk.to/FacebookID Twitter: https://Passenger.lnk.to/TwitterID Instagram: https://Passenger.lnk.to/InstaID Spotify: https://Passenger.lnk.to/SpotifyID Apple Music: https://Passenger.lnk.to/AppleMusicID YouTube: https://Passenger.lnk.to/YouTubeID Deezer: https://Passenger.lnk.to/DeezerID
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Passenger - Young As The Morning Old As The Sea (Curtis Alto Remix)
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Fantasy Music - Ancient Sea Ruins
Fantasy music about mysterious dark ruins under the ocean where sirens swim about and where deep sea creatures and other fantasy sea creatures lurk. This music is called Ancient Sea Ruins. We hope you enjoy it! *** This beautiful picture is done by Regissercom. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/ancient-town-ruins-underwater-background-59134924?src=MWUuDe_SIViaTmsyb9szBg-1-0 ~ Music by Brandon Fiechter ~
A Collection of Sea Shanties (vocal only)
A collection of shanties with no instruments. There are far too many videos with cheesy and otherwise childish sea shanties, so I compiled some real shanties that only have vocals. Track List 0:00 - David Coffin - Roll the Old Chariot 2:32 - The Dreadnoughts - Sally Brown 4:08 - Jerry Bryant and Starboard Mess - Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate 7:21 - The Dreadnoughts - Eliza Lee 9:19 - Johnny Collins - Leave Her Johnny 14:28 - The Revels - Rolling Down to Old Maui 16:49 - The Dreadnoughts - Randy Dandy-Oh 18:48 - Stan Rogers - Barrett's Privateers 23:09 - Shanty Crew - Where Am I To Go M'Johnnies 25:16 - Johnny Collins - Old Billy Riley 26:55 - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - Paddy Doyle's Boots 28:17 - Johnny Collins - South Australia Please consider supporting the artists.
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Passenger - Young As The Morning Old As The Sea (Bess Remix)
Subscribe Channel: my Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/NatoGogichashvili1 my Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/Natogogicha/ my Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/natogogichashvili/ Follow Passenger: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PassengerOfficial/ twitter:https://twitter.com/passengermusic soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/passengerofficial Follow Bess: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/besmir.bajgora Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/bess1 ✖ TO OWNERS & COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: This channel is created to promote magnificent songs, and as well, producers. Absolutely, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. This CHANNEL CLAIMS NO RIGHTS OR OWNERSHIP over the contents posted. If you wish for a track to be removed, please let us know so we can remove it from our feed immediately) [email protected]
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Bobby Darin - Beyond the sea
Bobby Darin
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Wadanohara OST #46 - "Blood and Rust" (Deeper Old Sea)
I do not own ANY of the music used in this game. All credit goes to Amor Kana, CAMeLIA, Cnoc, Hagall, MaouDamashii, MusicEgg, MusMus/MuzMuz, On-Jin, and Senses Circuit. Image Source: http://akimiyajun.tumblr.com/post/94558660025/akimiya-fanart-of-wadanohara-and-the-great-blue
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Dozens of ancient shipwrecks spotted deep beneath the Black Sea
​Some of these vessels sank when the Byzantine Empire was in its heyday 1000 years ago, and some during more recent Ottoman times. Others sank in the 13th century, when Marco Polo was plying his trade across the globe. Read here: http://helenastales.weebly.com/blogue/dozens-of-ancient-shipwrecks-spotted-deep-beneath-the-black-sea Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ufo.maniaII/
Old Sea Brigade - Tidal Wave [Audio]
"Tidal Wave" included in the 'Cover My Own' EP. Stream/Download the 'Cover My Own' EP here: http://smarturl.it/OSB_CoverMyOwnEP iTunes: http://smarturl.it/OSB_CoverMyOwnEP/itunes Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/CoverMyOwnEP/applemusic Spotify: http://smarturl.it/CoverMyOwnEP/spotify Google Play: http://smarturl.it/CoverMyOwnEP/googleplay Amazon: http://smarturl.it/CoverMyOwnEP/amazon Visit Old Sea Brigade online here: https://www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade https://twitter.com/oldseabrigade https://www.instagram.com/oldseabrigade/ http://youtube.com/oldseabrigade http://www.oldseabrigade.com http://www.nettwerk.com *** Subscribe! www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=NettwerkMusic Follow Nettwerk: Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/nettwerkmusicgroup Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/nettwerkmusic Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/nettwerkmusic Tumblr - https://www.tumblr.com/blog/nettwerk Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/user/nettwerkmusic
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Old Sea Brigade  - Sleep In The Park
Lyrics: It's 8pm I walk home from a hit that I never really felt within Go home go to sleep Be a dreamer Don't be a thief And I act surprised I met a blind man Who probably could have seen her eyes And I don't know where he came from Or where she goes Nobody knows Now I sleep in the park Out there in the cold You won't need my jacket In another mans home And I'll get used to the feel What it is to live She won't need my jacket Cause she's staying in with him Turn the night into day Let the sun hit the freeze And I wish it'd all melt away City life of a drinker And battle scars for a thinker Now I sleep in the park Out there in the cold You won't need my jacket In another mans home And I'll get used to the feel What it is to live She won't need my jacket Cause she's staying in with him There were times when it was broken There were times when it was saved There were times when we were holy When we were different When we behaved Now I sleep in the park Out there in the cold You won't need my jacket In another mans home And I'll get used to the feel What it is to live She won't need my jacket Cause she's staying in with him Music: http://www.oldseabrigade.com/home/
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This Incredible Animation Shows How Deep The Ocean Really Is
Just how deep does the ocean go? Way further than you think. This animation puts the actual distance into perspective, showing a vast distance between the waves we see and the mysterious point we call Challenger Deep. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techinsider INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/businessinsider/ TUMBLR: http://businessinsider.tumblr.com/
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Old Sea Brigade - Cover My Own
Song "Cover My Own" by Old Sea Brigade Album : Cover My Own, 2017 Join SleepMusic on https://www.instagram.com/sleepmusic_channel/ https://twitter.com/SleepMusicYT https://www.tumblr.com/blog/sleepmusicchannel https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/107661872742635530980/+SleepMusicaccount/videos?pageId=107661872742635530980 Join Old Sea Brigade on http://www.oldseabrigade.com/ https://www.instagram.com/oldseabrigade/ https://twitter.com/OldSeaBrigade https://www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade https://open.spotify.com/artist/6vUNwmljZAcn7tNtUoxG45 Lyrics ???
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Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea OST - Deeper Old Sea
Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is a pseudo- RPG with a heavy story focus, made by Deep-Sea Prisoner in RPG Maker 2000. You can download the game here: http://vgperson.com/games/wadanohara.htm I do not own this game nor do I own the music. I merely am uploading it for other's enjoyment. The sources for the music used in the game can be found in the link above. This song's source is Cnoc. Though this game looks really adorable, it is actually rated ages 18 and up. Viewer discretion is HIGHLY advised. There is a more detailed list of content warnings on the link above. I hope you enjoy!
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The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think
The Ocean is a deep and scary world that is completely removed from most of our lives. In this video I explore just how deep the ocean actually is while discussing some of the strange life down there... and other just plain weird and odd things about the ocean. Feel free to leave any comments and share what you found interesting, or anything else you think that I should have added! Music is by Ross Bugden, seriously, his channel is great. Song used is called "Something Wicked" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuw_O5MU5CE Link to Ross's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ Please Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2dB7VTO Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealLifeLore/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealLifeLore1 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RealLifeLore/ Videos explaining things. Mostly over topics like history, geography, economics and science. We believe that the world is a wonderfully fascinating place, and you can find wonder anywhere you look. That is what our videos attempt to convey. Currently, we try our best to release one video every two weeks. Bear with us :) Business Email: [email protected]
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Old Sea Brigade - Feel You
lyrics: You know I, I feel you You know I, I feel you Feel you in the morning Feel you in the evening Feel you when I'm sleeping Feel you when I'm dreaming And I, I see you Standing in the moonlight You look so nice I'm over in the bar light By the neon sign And all the words we say Won't last all day, anyways And all the drinks we take Won't take our love away, no they won't And I, I hear you I hear you in the city I hear you when I'm empty I hear you going over To the home of another And all the words we say Won't last all day, anyways And all the drinks we take Won't take our love away, no they won't music: Old Sea Brigade https://www.oldseabrigade.com/ https://www.instagram.com/oldseabrigade/ https://www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade https://open.spotify.com/album/7528QJZhub522CRsnL1rLV#_=_ photo: Edie Sunday http://www.ediesunday.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ediesunday/
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Monster Of The Deep Sea: Action Fiction Movie 2014 Full HD Best Movie
Action - Fiction movie 2014 : Monster Of The Deep Sea full movie action movie, horror movie, movie 2014, new movie, best movie, full movie, best film, new fi. Action - Fiction movie 2014 : Monster Of The Deep Sea full movie action movie, horror movie, movie 2014, new movie, best movie, full movie, best film, new film, action film, movie 2014, action. Chinese Martial Art - Action movie : Shadowless Blade full movie action movie, horror movie, movie 2014, new movie, best movie, full movie, best film, new fi.
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The Old Man and The Sea
This is one of the greatest Animated film I have ever seen. A wonderful and inspiring adaptation of Earnest Hemingway's story of the same title. Aleksandr Petrov, the one man Army behind this classic adaptation, has achieved so many well deserved prestigious awards for this once in a life time movie that can be made. The film won many awards, including the Academy Award for Animated Short Film. Work on the film took place in Montreal over a period of two and a half years and was funded by an assortment of Canadian, Russian and Japanese companies. Source: Wiki Director Aleksandr Petrov Scenario Aleksandr Petrov Animators Aleksandr Petrov Dmitri Petrov Video operator Thierry Fargeau Producer Bernard Lajoie Tatsuo Shimamura Executive producers Jean-Yves Martel Shizuo Ohashi Composers Denis L. Chartrand Normand Roger Voice actors Gordon Pinsent (English) Kevin Delaye (English) DISCLAIMER: I don't own any rights to any of these videos featured in this playlist. The rights of these videos belongs to respected authorities/persons that holds the legal rights. My intention is only to share the greatness of this masterpiece.
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Old Sea Brigade - Wash Me Away
WOGN - A daily wave of indie music Support the artist www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade @oldseabrigade (Twitter & Instagram) www.oldseabrigade.com Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1n9pY3R iTunes: http://apple.co/2hZ3UJB Picture © gabriela rosell https://goo.gl/B7b2te Lyrics When I wake up Will I find that the diggings of this excavation Have come to haunt me We'll hurry on down the line Where our minds won't get caught Some love that came And fucked my piece of mind 20 years down the road we'll grow old and see That the light of the day was so ordinary Then my ship set sail from a storm ridden bay Holy water come and wash, wash me away Will you wait up Can you carry my mind as far as you can Maybe for the weekend It's sitting on a lot of dust Waiting on a good reason To come back home I'm beside myself again Wave Of Good Noise https://www.facebook.com/waveofgoodnoise We do not own the rights of the music. If any producer or label has an issue with this song, please get in contact with us and we will delete it immediately.
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Old Sea Brigade - Cigarette
🍬 Old Sea Brigade - Cigarette Subscribe.// 🍬 Download this track https://open.spotify.com/track/3VLEFC1ZZhTbJYeqxBfjfU?si=u4a-EZTFQNuRm36YcIPvxw ©️ COPYRIGHT / LICENSING If any producer or label has an issue with this song or picture, please get in contact with us and we will delete it immediately. 🍬 - I D ont own this track all credit goes to the makers of it please show your support for them down bellow : 🍬 - Support .... : Old Sea Brigade http://www.oldseabrigade.com/ https://www.instagram.com/oldseabrigade/ https://twitter.com/OldSeaBrigade 🍬 Please show us ur love by subscribing to candyx we try to share the best music we can find for you guys to enjoy it we dont make any profits from sharing music on our channel we just do it for fun and because we are passionate about music 🍬 If you like the background you can download it down here 🍬https://unsplash.com/photos/nxPG6ESGFdk tags : #oldseabrigade #cigarette #friday Ex tags Trap Music 2017, Trap Music, Trap, Trap Nation, TrapNation, AllTrapNation, All Trap Nation, Electronic Music, Dance Music, EDM, Electronic Dance Music, Trap Nation 2018 Mix, trap nation mix, trap nation 2018, best trap music, trap music 2018, remix, magic music, trap mix, cloudkid, mix, new year mix, trap music mix, future bass, music, dubstep, edm, edm music, dubstep 2018, edm 2018, edm remix, дабстеп, music 2018, dubstep remix, dupstep, dubstep music, dubstep mix, edm mix, edm trap, edm radio, edm drops, dubstep dance, musica, music mix, music online, electro house, electro music, electro house 2018, electro dance, electro house dance, best music, best music mix, best of edm, best gaming music, best remixes, best music 2018, party music, party mix, trap, trap music, trap 2018 trap beats 8d audio 3d audio deep mix dimitri vegas like mike kygo hardwell martin garrix rnb rnb mix soul
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Top 10 Incredible Prehistoric Sea Monsters
Top 10 Incredible Prehistoric Sea Monsters // Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! There were many deadly predators beneath the waves during prehistoric times. Between a razor-toothed monster called Predator X, a prehistoric shark called Cretoxyrhina and the giant Shastasaurus, these were deadly sea creatures from the time of the dinosaurs. WatchMojo counts down ten sea monsters so scary you won’t BELIEVE they once existed. If you want more weird water lists, be sure to check out our list of the Top 10 Scariest Fish: https://youtu.be/jBEaHLDc-ow, Top 10 Weirdest Prehistoric Creatures: https://youtu.be/c9mL5Ram7dU and Top 10 Coolest Prehistoric Animals: https://youtu.be/6JziC3sHaZ4. 00:34 #10: Elasmosaurus 01:21 #9: Dakosaurus 01:56 #8: Cretoxyrhina 02:47 #7: Shastasaurus 03:27 #6: Basilosaurus 04:15 #5: Tylosaurus 05:08 #4: Pliosaurus Funkei [aka Predator X] 06:16 #3, #2 & #1 ??? Special thanks to our users ibriers 1, MikeMJPMUNCH and Joao S for suggesting this idea! Check out the voting page at http://www.watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Terrifying%20Prehistoric%20Sea%20Monsters Our Magazine!! Learn the inner workings of WatchMojo and meet the voices behind the videos, articles by our specialists from gaming, film, tv, anime and more. VIEW INSTANTLY: http://goo.gl/SivjcX WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Top 10 Scariest Mythological SEA MONSTERS
Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Our oceans are among the oldest features of Earth and tend to play a vital role in the antiquated mythologies of various cultures. Within these ancient and expansive bodies of water, civilizations tell tales of abominations that once ruled the seas, impossible Gods and monsters of yesteryear that helped compile this list of the ten scariest mythological sea monsters. Support us by shopping on Amazon! http://tinyurl.com/njwyzzn 10. The Kraken 9. Umibozu 8. Tiamat 7. Jormungandr 6. Iku-Turso 5. Qalupalik 4. Hydra 3. Charybdis 2. Leviathan 1. sScylla Voice Over Talent: https://www.youtube.com/user/thought2/
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Most Amazing Cities Found UNDERWATER!
Here is the top list of mysterious sunken underwater cities in the world found underwater! These strange and mindblowing but also amazing forgotten ancient underwater ruins are located deep into the ocean. Check out Alexandria, City of Cuba, Yonaguni, Lake Titicaca, Pavlopetri, Lion City, Heracleion and more underwater cities! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "6 LOST Cities Around The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/0Jx6OToOXos Watch our "World's Most Dangerous And Beautiful Sinkholes!" video here: https://youtu.be/Cp5S6WWZsWc Watch our "Top AMAZING Facts About Planet Earth!" video here: https://youtu.be/2bo0p7ndMZY 1. Yonaguni Pyramids In the mid 80s, Divers found underwater rock terraces and pyramids off the coast of Yonaguni Jima. Yonaguni Jima is an island that lies near the southern tip of Japan's Ryukyu archipelago, About 75 miles off the eastern coast of Taiwan. At first scientists believed they might be natural formations, but There are quarry marks and some writing on the stones and animal statues that have also been found underwater. Now some experts believe that The structures Could be what is left of the mythical city of Mu, a fabled Pacific civilization rumored to have vanished beneath the waves. Masaki Kimura, a marine geologist from the University of Japan, Has been studying the underwater pyramids for over 15 years. The underwater structures include castle ruins, a triumphal arch, five temples and at least one large stadium, all of which are Connected by roads and water channels and are partly shielded by what could be huge retaining walls. Kimura believes the ruins date back to at least 5,000 years, based on the dates of stalactites found inside underwater caves that he says sank with the city. The theory is that the ancient underwater city Might have been sunk by an earthquake or tsunami around 2,000 years ago. Yonaguni invites tourists and researchers to dive freely around the site. 2. Sunken City of Cuba In 2001, A company called Advanced Digital Communications (ADC) was working with Fidel Castro's government to explore Cuban waters looking for sunken Spanish ships loaded with treasure. Their Sonar equipment picked up a series of geometrical structures lying on the bottom of the ocean. Here's a computer generated image of the pyramids and other structures found underwater. The structures and design made it look like there was A gigantic underwater city at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. The media went crazy claiming that Atlantis had been discovered in Cuba. There are local legends of the Maya and native Yucatecos that tell of an Island inhabited by their ancestors that vanished beneath the waves. If it's true the structures were made by an ancient civilization, they would have been the Most technologically advanced structures on the planet at that time. Scientists estimate that they would have been built about 50,000 years ago which doesn't seem very likely. The numerous structures and cities that have been discovered underwater around the world Lie less than 120 meters (or 395 feet) below sea level, which comes as no surprise since the sea level never fell below this mark during the time Homo sapiens walked the earth. This Cuban city, if we can call it that, is the Only exception since It is submerged over 700 meters (2300 feet) underwater. If the large structures are actually pyramids, 2 of them are Even larger than the pyramids of Giza and Cheops in Egypt. As of yet there is no plausible explanation for the existence of this city and ADC is still trying to investigate the site. 3. Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca is Located in the Andes between Bolivia and Peru. It is the largest freshwater lake in South America and was the cradle of Peru's ancient civilizations, including the Inca. Their presence can be seen on Lake Titicaca by the ruins they left behind, including A mysterious underwater temple thought to be between 1,000 and 1,500 years old. In the Incan creation myth, The god Con Tiqui Viracocha emerged from Lake Titicaca. After commanding the sun, moon, and the stars to rise, Viracocha created more human beings from stone. After bringing them to life, Viracocha Commanded them to go and populate the world. The Incas therefore believed that Lake Titicaca was their place of origin, and that upon death, Their spirits would return to this lake. Archeologists located a huge temple in 2000 after following a submerged road (and I'm sure following advice from locals). After 18 days of diving below the clear waters of Titicaca, scientists said they had Discovered a 660-foot long, 160-foot wide temple, a terrace for crops, and a 2,600-foot containing wall along with gold and statues. It is said the lost city was Covered with sediment during a great flood of biblical proportions and local people had passed down the stories of the underwater temple and flood from generation to generation.
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SCARIEST Ancient Sea MONSTERS That Ever Lived!
Check out the most scary ancient sea monsters that ever lived! From the leviathan to the megalodon, this top 10 list of largest prehistoric sea creatures that roamed the oceans is terrifying! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "STRANGEST Artifacts Ever Discovered!" video here: https://youtu.be/gG0XGt3jFZA Watch our "SECRETS Casinos DON'T Want You To Find Out!" video here: https://youtu.be/hAoABuvzOZM Watch our "RAREST And Most EXPENSIVE Cars In The World!" video here: https://youtu.be/MtCnWSqqilg 10. Liopleurodon Just imagine what it’s like to swim alongside a creature that’s many times your size!! Pretty intimidating but still nothing like these guys. The Liopleurodon was one of the largest sea monsters that ever lived. At about 80 feet long, it was the alpha predator in the shallow waters during the late Jurassic period, where it hunted crocodiles and giant fish. 9. Kerygmachela Kierkegaardi The K Kierkegaardi is a strange creature that lived about 540 million years ago, and recent discoveries of their fossils have led to a completely new understanding of how animals’ brains have developed!! 8. Dakosaurus Dakosaurus lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras about 145 million years ago. The species is often referred to as ‘Godzilla’ because of the deep shape of its skull, but it was more like a large crocodile that lived in the saltwater of the oceans. Growing up to 16 feet long, it had paddle shaped flippers to help propel itself through the water, as well as a fluke at the end of its tail to provide extra power. 7. Ichthyosaur Ichthyosaurs lived during the Triassic period until around 90 million years ago, when they mysteriously became extinct- about 25 million years before the event that wiped out the dinosaurs. Meaning ‘fish lizards’, Ichthyosaurs are actually thought to have evolved from a land reptile that moved back into the water, but it’s not yet clear what its precise ancestry is. 6. The Tully Monster If you were asked to design the strangest animal you could, then I bet you wouldn’t come up with something as weird as this odd looking creature, called the Tully Monster. Fossil findings suggest that it lived in the shallow waters of the Eastern United States about 300 million years ago, with remains having been found in the Mazon Creek fossil beds in Illinois. 5. Kronosaurus The Kronosaurus was a short necked pliosaur that lived during the Cretaceous era, just over 100 million years ago. They grew to around 32 feet long, 9 feet of which was its huge head- big enough that it could fit an entire human inside it! Remains have been found in Australia and Colombia, where it would have been the alpha predator of its time. 4. Anomalocaridids If you’re squeamish about creepy crawlies, then this next ancient sea monster is probably going to be your least favourite of all. Anomalocaridids were shrimp-like creatures that, for millions of years, were the largest predators in the oceans. They had soft jointed bodies, and spiny limbs to allow them to catch small prey like worms. 3. Tylosaurus The Tylosaurus- a name which means “knob lizard”, was one of the largest mosasaurs to ever live. They swam in the oceans during the Cretaceous era, about 70 million years ago, and grew to up to 50 feet long. They were different to earlier species of mosasaur that propelled themselves through the water with flippers and, instead, had giant tails that would do all of the work. 2. Luskhan Itilensis The Luskhan Itilensis is a new species of Pliosaur that was only recently identified in 2017 from fossils found 15 years earlier in the Volga river in Russia. Rather than being dinosaurs, they were actually distant relatives of turtles- with 4 large flippers, big heads, powerful jaws, and very sharp teeth. 1. Leedsichthys Growing up to 55 feet long, the Leedsichthys is thought to be the largest fish that has ever lived. (So this answer was actually pretty tricky!!) It’s difficult to know much about it, though, because only fragments of this giant creature have ever been found. At one point is was believed to be twice the size, but even the recent reduction in estimates based on new finds makes it bigger than today’s whale sharks, and by far the biggest bony fish that’s ever been discovered. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!
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Deep Sea Fishing with Dude Perfect
In this episode of BlacktipH, I go Deep Sea Fishing in the Bahamas with Dude Perfect at Old Bahama Bay. The goal was to catch as many different species of fish as possible. We tried four different deep sea fishing techniques: trolling, chunking (tuna fishing), bottom fishing and kite fishing. While we were filming our show, Dude Perfect was filming their battle "Deep Sea Fishing Battle". ○ Subscribe to Dude Perfect → http://bit.ly/dude-perfect-subscribe ○ Subscribe to Didier Noirot → http://bit.ly/didier-subscribe ▼ Old Bahama Bay: • Website → http://bit.ly/old-bahama-bay • Follow on Instagram → @oldbahamabay • Follow on Twitter → http://bit.ly/OBB-twitter • Like on Facebook → http://bit.ly/OBB-facebook ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ABOUT BLACKTIPH ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ BlacktipH Fishing brings you some of the most exciting fishing videos on the web. Our host, Josh Jorgensen, is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline seeking appetite for monster fish! Whether it's catching monster fish from the beach, from a kayak or from a boat, Josh pushes the limits of big game fishing. Our content has been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, Today Show and many more! ► NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY!! ► Click Here to Subscribe → http://bit.ly/blacktiph-subscribe ► Website → http://blacktiph.com ▼ BlacktipH social media: • Snapchat → @BlacktipH • Instagram → @BlacktipH • Facebook → http://bit.ly/blacktiph-fb • Twitter → http://bit.ly/blacktiph-twitter ▼ FAN MAIL: BlacktipH P.O. Box 31721 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ BLACKTIPH PRODUCTS ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▼ APPAREL: ○ Hats → http://bit.ly/blacktiph-hat ○ Performance Shirts → http://bit.ly/blacktiph-apparel-ft ▼ FISHING RIGS / LEADERS: ○ BlacktipH Surf Fishing Shark Rigs → http://bit.ly/surf-fishing-shark-rig ○ BlacktipH Monster Shark Rigs → http://bit.ly/monster-shark-rig ○ BlacktipH Live Bait Rigs → http://bit.ly/blacktiph-live-bait-rigs ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ PROMOTIONS ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ • Frogg Toggs → http://bit.ly/frogg-toggs Use promo code "BlacktipH" • Ceuticore → http://bit.ly/ceuticore Use promo code "BlacktipH" ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ BRANDS WE USE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ • Frogg Toggs • Ceuticore • Balloon Fisher King ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ BLACKTIPH FISHING TRIPS ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Go on a BlacktipH Approved fishing trip → http://bit.ly/blacktiph-fishing-trips ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ OUR CAMERA EQUIPMENT ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ○ MAIN CAMERA SETUP: • Sony → http://amzn.to/2jEDcUD • Lens → http://amzn.to/2jfcPby • Microphone → http://amzn.to/29RHMvH • Sony battery → http://amzn.to/2jEC0kb • Memory card → http://amzn.to/2azZDJG • Case → http://amzn.to/2jEFumK • Tripod → http://amzn.to/2a9AL7Y • Tripod ballhead → http://amzn.to/2aizz1v • Wireless Microphone → http://amzn.to/2cmKFoQ ○ DRONE: • DJI → http://amzn.to/2jfieiI • Drone case → http://amzn.to/2ikP7e5 • Drone battery → http://amzn.to/2jEMfoN ○ OTHER GEAR: • Computer → http://amzn.to/2jfv4xC • Editing software → http://amzn.to/2jfFkpr • Lens cleaning wipes → http://amzn.to/2jfuYGb • USB hub → http://amzn.to/2jfxtrT • Portable hard drive → http://amzn.to/2ikTQfT *The above links are from Amazon Associates* ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ MUSIC SOURCES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ • Pond5 • Audio Jungle • PremiumBeat ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ PREVIOUS EPISODE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ EPIC Day of Beach Fishing for Sharks and Pompano | Fan Episode: http://bit.ly/sharks-and-pompano
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The Deepest Dive in Antarctica Reveals a Sea Floor Teeming With Life
Follow us for more ocean exploration: http://www.oceanx.org http://www.instagram.com/oceanx http://www.Facebook.com/oceanxorg http://www.twitter.com/oceanx No one really knows what’s in the deep ocean in Antarctica. Now we have the technology to reach into the ocean depths, we accompanied scientist and deep-sea explorer Jon Copley and became the first to descend to 1000 meters underwater in Antarctica for Blue Planet II. The exotic creatures we found there will astonish you. This video is a part of Our Blue Planet, a joint venture between Alucia Productions and BBC Earth to get people talking about the ocean. Join the conversation on Twitter: @OurBluePlanet. Director: Mark Dalio Director of Photography (AP): Janssen Powers Director of Photography (BBC): Ted Giffords 2nd Camera/Drone Op: James DuBourdieu Field Audio: Mike Kasic Production Manager: Samantha Loshiavo Associate Producer: Marjorie Crowley Editors: Ryan Quinn, Brian Golding, Janssen Powers Colorist: James DuBourdieu Sound Re-recording Mixer: Ryan Quinn Assistant Editor: Jorge Alvarez Post Production Supervisor: Brian Golding Executive Producer: Jennifer Hile
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Passenger | Young As The Morning, Old As The Sea (Official Album Audio)
Passenger's new album ‘Runaway’ is out now. Stream, Download or Buy – https://Passenger.lnk.to/RunawayID Tour Tickets on sale now - https://Passenger.lnk.to/TicketsID Follow Passenger Online: https://passengermusic.com Facebook: https://Passenger.lnk.to/FacebookID Twitter: https://Passenger.lnk.to/TwitterID Instagram: https://Passenger.lnk.to/InstaID Spotify: https://Passenger.lnk.to/SpotifyID Apple Music: https://Passenger.lnk.to/AppleMusicID YouTube: https://Passenger.lnk.to/YouTubeID Deezer: https://Passenger.lnk.to/DeezerID
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12 Bizarre Things Found in the Deep Sea
From strange-looking sea creatures that look like funnels to underwater plane wrecks that serve as a playground for the fishes. Subscribe for new videos weekly! 7. A New Pufferfish Researchers have managed to recently figure out the answer to a 20-year-old mystery under the ocean while discovering a new fish. There were these intricate circles with geometric designs that were being created and no one had any logical reason as to how these designs were being made. These “underwater” crop circles are located on the seafloor by the coast of Amami-Ōshima Island. Turns out the circles aren’t actually circles, but really they’re nests with double edges that are made by this new species of pufferfish as a way to protect their eggs from harsh ocean currents and maybe even predators as well. The males are the ones who construct the nest by swimming and wriggling back and forth in the sand in order to attract a female during mating season. Yoji Okata was the first to witness this and soon after a team of ichthyologists went out on an expedition along with a tv crew to capture the whole thing on film. 6. A New Sea Slug This new species of sea slug was discovered last year near the Japanese Islands and measures in at about an inch long, give or take. The slug is considered as a “missing link” between sea slugs that feast on hydroids and those that happen to feed on corals. The photogenic gastropod’s elegant lines and beautifully bright coloration make them wondrous beauties of the deep. The newly identified slug which when photographed is captured in shades of blue, red and gold, also helps in having a better knowledge of the dawning of an unusual symbiosis in other species in the same genus. Relatives of the sea slugs have multi-branched guts in which algae called zooxanthellae reside. The algae have a symbiotic relationship with the coral that the sea slug eats and once ingested, the algae then begin to create essential nutrients for its host, the sea slug. 5. An Underwater Playground What was once a transporter airplane that flew the skies during the second World War, now lies at the bottom of the ocean as a relic. But that is just how we see it. The skeleton of the airplane has merged with the ocean’s delicate ecosystem and now serves as a home to tropical fish, shrimps, and other types of sea creatures. The Douglas Dakota DC-3 was once used by the Turkish and was deliberately sent to the bottom of the ocean at 21 meters way back in July of 2009 in order to create a sort of “underwater playground” for divers from all over. An underwater photographer named Andrey Nekrasov dived down to the wreckage with a group of other divers and stated that the plane was “unusual and beautiful” and “being in great condition”. Many of the divers had trouble reaching the airplane and it took them various tries to reach it. They needed to resurface for air every 2 minutes. 3. A Deep Sea “Graveyard” Between the years of 2008 and 2010, there were four large carcasses of marine creatures discovered on the ocean floor. These large animals were later identified as being the bodies of 1 whale shark and three rays. Footage recorded from ROVs or remotely operated vehicles were able to show the interesting inner workings of how these decaying corpses of fallen animals can serve as complex ecosystems towards populations of smaller creatures and maybe even able to sustain them. They reported around 50 scavenging fish near each of the carcasses while also witnessing eelpouts waiting for smaller scavengers to come by and then consume them. 2. An Alien-like Jellyfish This other-worldly looking creature was discovered back in April of this year just near the Mariana Trench, that is located in between Japan and the Philippines deep within the Pacific Ocean, on the Enigma Seamount. The jellyfish was seen 2.3 miles just below the surface of the ocean by the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. It can be seen as having two sets of tentacles, one being much larger and the other being shorter. 1. The Ghost Octopus This interesting little octopod was discovered earlier this year back in March. The ghost octopus is believed to be the deepest dwelling octopod that doesn’t have any fins, unlike other species of deep dwelling octopods such as the “dumbo” octopus. The discovery of this new creature took place not too far off from where the Hawaiian archipelago is located. Pale in color due to the lack of pigment because it lives in the dark depths, the ghost octopus doesn’t show much muscle definition like other octopi, instead, it appears rather gelatinous in form. Not much else is known about these creatures as they’re still relatively new.
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5 Most Disturbing DEEP SEA DIVER Videos Caught On Camera
Hey guys! these are the 5 Most Disturbing Scariest DEEP SEA DIVER Videos Caught On Camera, i hope you all enjoy this video and let me know if you want to see more like it!! cheers for watching guys :) patreon -- https://www.patreon.com/TCPG?ty=h This video is protected under fair use and does not breach copyright, everything has been changed, altered and added upon and i have only used what is needed too get my point across, however if you have any questions please message me first as it can be sorted out very easily :) cheers original links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF4iF... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF4iFJ-G74o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKL11BavG0U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ1YYA6nIws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhPdB5fxKA0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ut7wK9l9mk (lemme know if any of the links are not working! :) ) outro by zixer outro music by myuuji https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiSKnkKCKAQVxMUWpZQobuQ Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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15 Terrifying Prehistoric Creatures That Actually Existed
For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Click Here To Subscribe: http://bit.ly/FactsVerse Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FactsVerse Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactsVerse Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/factsverse/ Website : http://factsverse.com Narrated by : Darren Marlar www.MarlarHouse.com Music: Ossuary 2 - Turn Kevin MacLeod Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Thanks for watching! Facts Verse
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(OLD) Deep Sea Kog'Maw League of Legends Skin Spotlight
League of Legends Deep Sea Kog'Maw Skin. Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv Shows of Animations and Ability Effects of Kog'Maw on his Deep Sea Skin All footage was taken in game.
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MYSTERIOUS 'Sea People' And Their Unknown Origins
Who were these mysterious sea people? Check out the Beyond Science Magazine: http://www.beyondscience.net/magazine Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! http://bit.ly/2skdZ9n ►Subscribe for more videos! http://bit.ly/1Mo6FxX ►Check out my food channel! http://bit.ly/1hsxh41 ★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Show Page: https://www.facebook.com/beyondsciencetv Facebook Mike Fan Page: http://on.fb.me/1En9Lue Instagram: http://instagr.am/Mikexingchen http://instagr.am/beyondsciencetv Twitter: http://twitter.com/Mikexingchen Snapchat: Mikeychenx Periscope: Mikexingchen ~Send stuff at our PO Box! Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940 ------------------------ SOURCES: http://www.history.com/news/ask-history/who-were-the-sea-peoples http://www.ancient.eu/Sea_Peoples/ https://www.newscientist.com/article/2087924-world-war-zero-brought-down-mystery-civilisation-of-sea-people/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Peoples http://listverse.com/2016/06/06/10-theories-regarding-the-sea-peoples/
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The Old Man and the Sea - Narrated by Charlton Heston full audio book
Written by Ernest Hemingway in 1951, I uploaded this version as I especially like it, Listened to it one night in Australia on my friends ipod while sleeping on the couch and it is a somewhat torturous yet exciting and beautiful story, this reading I think is very special..made me think of my dad...and his dad.. the picture is of grandad barry who passed away recently. Hope you will enjoy it,.
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2000 Year Old Treasure Discovered in Black Sea Fortress
http://www.rbdetectors.com - 702-987-1332 Sponsors: http://www.highplainsprospectors.com http://www.bigboyshobbies.net (Tell them Russ sent you) http://rnb-innovations.com (Minelab & Whites Batt Packs) http://www.gold-scoop.com http://www.fisherlab.com "A man and his Fisher Dominate their environment" -Russ Balbirona More than 200 coins, mainly bronze, were found along with "various items of gold, silver and bronze jewelry and glass vessels" inside an ancient fortress within the Artezian settlement in the Crimea (in Ukraine) The fortress city of Artezian, covered an area of at least 3 acres. At the time, the kingdom's fate was torn between two brothers —Mithridates VIII, who sought independence from Rome, and his younger brother, Cotys I, who was in favor of keeping the kingdom a client state of the growing empire. The besieging Roman army was sent to support Cotys, and was busy torching settlements controlled by Mithridates, including Artezian. "We can say that these hoards were funeral sacrifices. It was obvious for the people that they were going to die shortly," stated Nikolaï Vinokurov, a professor at Moscow State Pedagogical University. Oddly, each hoard included exactly 55 coins minted by Mithridates VIII. "This is possibly just a simple coincidence, or perhaps these were equal sums received by the owners of these caskets from the supporters of Mithridates," the team wrote in its report. The city was torched by the Romans, but later rebuilt by Cotys, who was successfully enthroned by Rome, though the treasures hidden by the previous residents was never discovered.
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Weekly Update - January 11, 2019 (Luke Sital-Singh, Simen Mitlid, Old Sea Brigade & Sunny Pache)
You’re listening to Indie Folk Central’s Weekly Update, don’t forget to subscribe to discover the best new Indie Folk: https://goo.gl/58cjHJ ⬇️ more info in description ⬇️ January 11, 2019, featured artists: Luke Sital-Singh, Simen Mitlid, Old Sea Brigade & Sunny Pache. 🎧 Enjoy more of our music ╎SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/indiefolkcentral ╎Spotify: https://indiefolkcentral.com/spotify ✏️ Feel free to contact me: ╎Mail: [email protected] ╎Song Submissions: www.submithub.com/blog/indiefolkcentral ❤️ Follow Indie Folk Central: ╎ https://facebook.com/indiefolkcentral ╎ https://soundcloud.com/indiefolkcentral ╎ https://www.instagram.com/indiefolkcentral 📖 About Indie Folk Central: Indie Folk Central was founded by Rufus, an avid music fan who wants to see indie folk artists get the attention and airtime they deserve. He started working with artists back in 2012, creating and sharing playlists that resonated with other music lovers. In February 2016 his love for music has switched platforms to YouTube and SoundCloud under the name Indie Feed. In January 2018 Indie Feed became known as Indie Folk Central and through this channel he hopes to provide people like you with the best, hand-picked, indie folk music. The main genre of this channel is indie folk, but you'll hear other genres as well: acoustic, alternative, americana, folk, folk rock, singer-songwriter and indie pop. 📷 Photographer: Alessandro Capuzzi ╎DOWNLOAD original here: https://bit.ly/2H6I8SY 🎶 TRACKLIST ~ Support the artists 0:10 Luke Sital-Singh - Los Angeles ╎Featured on SoundCloud (with lyrics) https://bit.ly/2QDktJp Released January 10, 2019 http://www.lukesitalsingh.com https://www.facebook.com/lukesitalsinghmusic https://www.instagram.com/lukesitalsingh Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Fl4SwH 3:43 Simen Mitlid - Saturdays Released January 11, 2019 https://www.facebook.com/simenmitlidofficial https://www.instagram.com/simenmitlid Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2AEx2Pu 7:12 Old Sea Brigade - Western Eyes Released January 4, 2019 https://www.oldseabrigade.com https://www.facebook.com/oldseabrigade https://www.instagram.com/oldseabrigade Listen on Spotify: https://goo.gl/5mBrS9 11:10 Sunny Pache - Patagonia ╎Featured on SoundCloud (with lyrics) https://bit.ly/2FmpAw6 Released January 11, 2019 https://www.sunnypache.com https://www.facebook.com/SunnyPache https://www.instagram.com/sunnypache Listen on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2M2JEUN 13:58 Outro track; Dave Thomas Junior - Little Piece Of Nothing You liked the 20 seconds preview? The full version is featured in the December compilation: https://youtu.be/MJ8OXn-wb0Q 📽️ Enjoy some more of our music videos: Best Indie Folk of 2018: ╎ https://youtu.be/V4lBq_d5THM New Indie Folk; December 2018 ╎ https://youtu.be/MJ8OXn-wb0Q New Indie Folk; November 2018 ╎ https://youtu.be/FwiWR0O6-S8 Much love from The Netherlands! ✌
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Over The Deep Blue Sea | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs
Learn all about the weather (sunny, windy, rainy, snowy, stormy) with this super fun song for kids. 🎶We’re going this way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.🎶 PARENTS AND TEACHERS: Thank you so much for watching Super Simple Songs with your families and/or students. If your young ones are watching without supervision, we recommend some of the following viewing options: ► YOUTUBE KIDS -- http://bit.ly/You-Tube-Kids Designed to make it safer and simpler for young ones to watch online video, YouTube Kids includes a suite of parental controls so you can tailor the experience to suit your family’s needs. ► DOWNLOAD -- http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleShop Videos from all Super Simple channels are available for purchase at the Super Simple online shop. You can also find some DVDs there. ► AMAZON VIDEO Are you an Amazon Prime member? Watch Super Simple videos ad-free on Amazon Prime Video. Just search for “Super Simple.” ► KHAN ACADEMY KIDS -- http://bit.ly/KhanKids-App Super Simple has partnered with Khan Academy on their latest app designed for preschoolers. You’ll find Super Simple Songs worked into the curriculum throughout the app. ► PLAYKIDS -- http://bit.ly/Play-Kids Do you have the PlayKids app? You can find many of our Super Simple Songs and programs in the app! FREE SUPER SIMPLE TEACHING RESOURCES: http://bit.ly/SSFree-Resources SOCIAL MEDIA: Super Simple Newsletter Sign Up: http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleSignUp Facebook: http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleFacebook Instagram: http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleInsta Twitter: http://bit.ly/SuperSimpleTwitter Pinterest: http://bit.ly/SuperSimplePinterest LYRICS: ‘Twas a sunny day when I went to play down by the sea. I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me, “We’re going this way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.” ‘Twas a windy day when I went to play down by the sea. I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me, “We’re going this way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.” ‘Twas a rainy day when I went to play down by the sea. I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me, “We’re going this way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.” ‘Twas a snowy day when I went to play down by the sea. I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me, “We’re going this way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.” ‘Twas a stormy day when I went to play down by the sea. I climbed aboard a pirate ship and the Captain said to me, “We’re going this way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.” “This way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.” “This way, that way. Forwards, backwards. Up and down, up and down. Over the deep blue sea.” ***** Super Simple Songs® and Super Simple Learning® are registered trademarks of Skyship Entertainment Company. #nurseryrhymes #kidssongs #childrensmusic #supersimplesongs #pirates #pirateday #talklikeapirateday #talklikeapirate
HOW IT WORKS: Old Diving Suit
The parts and function are demonstrated.
Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect
Time to catch some big fish! Special thanks to Old Bahama Bay for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to check out their resort and yacht harbor: http://dudeperfect.com/OldBahamaBay ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! http://bit.ly/SubDudePerfect ► Click HERE to watch our most recent videos! http://bit.ly/NewestDudePerfectVideos http://bit.ly/NewestDPVideos Music by Zayde Wølf: "Rule The World" Click HERE to download: http://smarturl.it/ZWRuleTheWorld Amazing underwater cameraman Didier! ► http://subimageryprod.com ► SHOP our NEW Merchandise! - http://bit.ly/DPStore ►Click HERE to join the exclusive Dude Perfect T-Shirt Club! http://bit.ly/DPTShirtClub Play our NEW iPhone game! ► PLAY Endless Ducker on iPhone -- http://smarturl.it/EndlessDucker ► PLAY Endless Ducker on Android -- http://smarturl.it/EndlessDucker ► VISIT our NEW STORE - http://bit.ly/DPStore ► JOIN our NEWSLETTER - http://bit.ly/DPNewsletterEndCard ► WATCH our STEREOTYPES - http://bit.ly/StereotypesPlaylist In between videos we hang out with you guys on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook so pick your favorite one and hang with us there too! http://Instagram.com/DudePerfect http://bit.ly/DudePerfectSnapchat http://Twitter.com/DudePerfect http://Facebook.com/DudePerfect Do you have a GO BIG mindset? See for yourself in our book "Go Big." ►http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s A special thanks to those of you who play our iPhone Games and read our book. You guys are amazing and all the great things you tell us about the game and the book make those projects so worthwhile for us! Dude Perfect GAME - http://smarturl.it/DPGameiPhone Dude Perfect BOOK - "Go Big" - http://amzn.to/OYdZ2s Click here if you want to learn more about Dude Perfect: http://www.dudeperfect.com/blog-2/ Bonus points if you're still reading this! Comment: Haha nice one Timbits! As always...Go Big and God Bless! - Your friends at Dude Perfect Business or Media, please contact us at: [email protected] ------------ 5 Best Friends and a Panda. If you like Sports + Comedy, come join the Dude Perfect team! Best known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all around competitive fun, Dude Perfect prides ourselves in making the absolute best family-friendly entertainment possible! Welcome to the crew! Pound it. Noggin. - Dude Perfect
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FULL OST/SOUNDTRACK - Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
**this is a reupload from my secondary channel Full OST (of songs used in game) of the RPG made by Mogeko Music made by Amor Kana, *CAMeLIA*,Cnoc, Hagall, Maou Damashii, Music Egg, MusMus, On-Jin, and Senses Circuit. -- 0:00:00 - Cherry's Secret 0:01:29 - Path to Deepsea Town 0:02:29 - Path to the Castle 0:06:24 - A Father's Sacrifice 0:08:46 - Moonstones 0:10:42 - Never Feeling Lonely 0:12:48 - The Right to Choose 0:14:16 - Thoughtful Tatsumiya 0:15:47 - It's Not Your Fault 0:17:20 - Sea Kingdom Gate 0:18:49 - Because I Want To 0:20:02 - Music Box 0:22:44 - Delivered Back 0:25:24 - Deep-Sea Drive 0:27:48 - Sea God Castle 0:30:03 - Star Isle at Night 0:32:14 - Sea of Stars 0:33:58 - ...No Treasure? 0:36:40 - To My Daughter 0:37:39 - Wadanohara's Ocarina 0:40:31 - Under the Crescent Moon 0:41:58 - My Dear Girl 0:44:01 - Like Your Father 0:45:01 - You Made It Back 0:46:34 - I Got It Just For You 0:48:29 - Princess's Seat 0:51:02 - Umi and Satsu 0:53:02 - Deep Sea of Stars 0:52:01 - Sea of Death Denizens 0:54:51 - Ambassador of the Sea of Death 0:57:07 - Opening, Samekichi's Resolve 0:58:54 - Sorrowful Remembrance 1:00:10 - Just A Dream...? 1:02:04 - Tosatsu Kingdom 1:03:22 - JuS t a DrEA m 1:04:37 - Wonderland Teaser 1:06:14 - Drifting into Dreams 1:07:17 - Princess Mikotsu 1:08:37 - The Two Princesses 1:10:03 - Normal End 1:11:15 - Laurentia Encounter 1:12:11 - Versus Hofuru 1:15:47 - Hydrangea Isle 1:18:50 - Sea of Death Prison 1:19:31 - Enter Princess Tosatsu 1:20:51 - Deeper Old Sea 1:22:48 - Sal Chase 1:24:25 - Tarako 1:26:09 - Versus Orca 1:28:53 - Violent Orca 1:32:07 - Eroded Path to Castle 1:33:40 - Sal, You Can't... 1:36:27 - Sea of Death Enemy 1:37:51 - Underwater Cave 1:39:14 - Emergency Shortcut 1:41:27 - Island Cave 1:43:09 - Versus Tsuribari & Stella 1:46:41 - Lonely Isle 1:48:33 - where i belo ng 1:50:42 - Coral Path 1:54:22 - On the Offense 1:56:49 - Ver Million 1:57:54 - Eroded Sea God Castle 1:58:59 - Versus Squid 2:00:09 - Eroded Path 2 2:01:07 - Versus Bunny Soldiers 2:03:57 - Versus Old 2:05:10 - Versus Sheep 2:06:42 - Wadanohara's Piano 2:08:37 - Deepsea Town 2:10:02 - Successful Plan 2:11:49 - Coral Sea 2:15:56 - Eroded Sea Castle 2 2:18:04 - Bunny Soldiers 2:20:58 - What Am I Forgetting 2:24:26 - Deep Trouble 2:24:58 - Versus Ver 2:27:26 - Run from the Rabbits 2:29:26 - Eroded Path 2:31:34 - Versus Samekichi 2:34:06 - Hired Mercenary 2:35:50 - Old Sea 2:37:42 - Rainbow Isle 2:40:38 - Windmill Isle 2:42:51 - Chlomaki 2:43:50 - Star Isle 2:46:11 - It Was Meee! 2:47:11 - The Sea Witch 2:49:11 - This Blue Sea 2:50:33 - Versus Vendetto 2:51:56 - Versus Merc Trio 2:53:52 - Versus Artamos 2:56:06 - Versus Tosatsu 2:57:30 - Battle 2 2:59:42 - Octokiss! 3:00:03 - That's Not the King! 3:00:27 - Game Over 3:01:04 - Versus Flippin' Birds 3:01:28 - Wadanohara's Piano 3:03:44 - The Holy Radio Studio 3:05:05 - Bloody Radio 3:05:28 - Nekoyama 3:06:08 - Miyura 3:07:49 - Album 3:09:56 - Banquet 3:11:48 - The Great Witch 3:13:37 - Rainbow! 3:14:39 - New Clothes 3:16:35 - Preparing for Tonight 3:18:17 - Samekichi and the Apples 3:20:30 - Artamos the Lame 3:22:20 - I Love to Stroll 3:24:22 - Versus Helica 3:25:40 - A Strolling Orca 3:27:03 - Apple Isle 3:29:06 - Wadanohara's Piano 3:31:22 - Title, Reunion 3:33:06 - Ride on Samekichi 3:35:08 - Normal Battle 3:36:38 - Mercenary Aftermath 3:40:24 - Versus Laurentia 3:42:05 - Suspense 3:42:19 - Carnival Teaser 3:44:25 - Bonus Room 3:44:33 - Socerer's Familiar 3:45:53 - Wadanohara's Piano 3:47:49 - Make You Mine 3:48:47 - Star Tree
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10 Deep Sea Discoveries
Did you know that whale's carcasses are deep sea ecosystems? From new species, to rare ancient animals, these are 10 Deep Sea Discoveries ! Whale-Falls …. You can think of it as a deep sea graveyard. These areas are created when the carcass of a cetacean has fallen to the abyssal zone on the ocean floor, at depths of over 6000 feet. Complex ecosystems are created usually arriving in 3 stages: First, mobile scavengers like sharks arrive, followed by smaller animals like crabs and shrimp. Eventually, bacteria shows up to break down fats, while Osedax (ossa-dx), also known as zombie worms because they have no eyes or mouth, extract bone marrow. Decades worth of sustenance can be provided to deep sea organisms thanks to these localized ecosystems. It’s not unlike an all-you can eat buffet courtesy of the friendly neighborhood whale. Cradle of Marine Life -- Between 2002 and 2005 an international team of scientists examined samples from the Antarctica's Weddell (wed-dell) Sea and nearby areas at depths up to 20,000 feet, discovering at least 700 new species. Among the creatures documented were a gourd-shaped carnivorous sponge (called Chondrocladia kon-dro-clay-dee-uh), free-swimming worms, and nearly 674 species of isopod crustaceans, 585 of which had never before been encountered. Angelika Brandt, the head researcher said, “The Antarctic deep sea is potentially the cradle of life of the global marine species.” (huge sea sponge) In 2009, researchers from the US and Australia explored the Tasman Fracture Zone. Located off Australia’s south coast, the team found several new species, including Australia’s deepest known carnivorous sea squirt, giant sponges and sea spiders. In addition, the researchers found deep sea fossil corals that dated over 10,000 years old at depths of 1 mile. The 4 week expedition used a deep-diving US submarine that was about the size of a small car and could reach depths of more than 2.5 miles! Hypothesizing among scientists that deep sea fish make noise had been going on for half a century. That was based on the observation that fish possess organs which can be used for said purpose. In 2012, scientists managed to catch 12 distinct sounds believed to have originated from deep sea fish. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts lowered a hydrophone into the water over 2,200 meters deep and let it record for 24 hours. Typical noises of whales and dolphins were identified … but so were those 12 other unique sounds, which included grunting and quacking noises. Since most fish emit low-frequency sounds, it’s thought the noises could have originated from deep sea fish, such as monkfish. Because deep sea fish live in darkness, the noises might function as ‘calls’ by which to communicate with each other. Think those fish would have some deep conversations? Let us know in the comments! A rarely-seen deep sea creature was observed -- and caught -- in 2013. A Florida fisherman caught the 14-foot monster, which was described as a dinosaur. While it wasn’t a dinosaur, it must have been pretty old … it had barnacles on it. It was actually identified as a deep sea species called a “Hookskate” or “Fingerskate”, and weighed some 800 pounds. There still isn’t much known about creature except that it seems to live at depths of 3000 feet and belongs to the same family as the more recognizable stingray. They’ve been found in waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico, southern Brazil and the east coast of Florida where this one was caught. The fisherman, Mark Quartino, released the fish back to the ocean after tagging it. Maybe Mr. Quartino had some sympathy … his nickname is “Mark the Shark”! A octopus from the deep sea was captured on video by a remotely operated camera ... 1.25 miles deep into the abyss off the Oregon coast. Researchers made the discovery in 2005, but only released their findings in 2011. The ghostly creature was actually a dumbo octopus, known to live closely to a hydrothermal vent sprouting from underwater volcanoes in the northeast Pacific Ocean. They’re the deepest dwelling members of any octopus species, some of them living as far down as 23,000 feet. Because of that, they are rarely seen. Not a whole lot is known about these creatures, since such extreme depths would crush most submarines like a soda can. We do know where they get their name, though: It’s due to their fins that resemble the ears of Disney’s Dumbo elephant. But some people think the octopus more closely resembles Boos, the nemesis of Mario Brothers. What do you think? Subscribe to Epic Wildlife http://goo.gl/6rzs5u Let's Connect -- http://www.epicadamwildlife.com/ -- http://www.facebook.com/epicadamwildlife -- http://www.twitter.com/epicwildlife -- http://gplus.to/epicwildlife
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Most TERRIFYING Sea Monsters Ever!
Check out the most terrifying sea monsters ever! These deep sea creatures roamed the ocean million years ago! Subscribe For New Videos! http://goo.gl/UIzLeB Watch our "Top AMAZING Facts About The Planet Earth!" video here: https://youtu.be/2bo0p7ndMZY Watch our "Shocking and TERRIFYING Natural Disasters!" video here: https://youtu.be/4VkcxqxZGpA Watch our "Most Amazing Cities Found UNDERWATER!" video here: https://youtu.be/rUqxhYJqGhU - Plenty of standing room: Carcharocles megalodon was the largest shark that ever lived on Earth., Heritage Auctions. (CC BY-SA 2.0) - A size comparison of a killer whale, blue whale, a Pliosaur (Predator X), and a human diver., or Sponga, Bergens Tidende (CC BY-SA 2.0) - The huge pliosaur fossils had to be cast in plaster before being removed from the Svalbard site., Jørn Hurum/NHM/UiO (CC BY-SA 2.0) List of most terrifying sea monsters ever: 9. Predator X Predator X is the most powerful marine reptile ever discovered. Over 15 meters long, and weighing about 4 tons, it was twice as big as most Jurassic predators. The giant reptile roamed the seas about 150 million years ago and was officially classified as a new species. Now known as Pliosaurus funkei, it had a massive 2m skull with a bite four times as powerful as a Tyrannosaurus rex. (Although I prefer the name Predator X). Studies of the brain cavity of Predator X has revealed that its brain was actually similar to the much smaller great white shark?. In 2006, scientists found two massive pliosaur skeletons in Norway. The giant creatures, looked slightly different from other pliosaurs discovered in England and France over the last century and a half.  The pliosaur family had short necks and four large, paddle-shaped limbs like a turtle that allowed them to move up to 5m per second. The newly discovered funkei species likely lived closer to 145 million years ago and ate plesiosaurs, related long-necked, small-headed reptiles. The new analysis shows P. funkei had longer front paddles than other pliosaurs, and different teeth. This predator is still bigger than the largest living apex predator, the whale, which tops out at about 9m (30 ft) long. 8. Plesiosaurs Plesiosaurs were a group of marine reptiles, or dinosaurs-that-weren’t-actually-dinosaurs but lived at the same time during the Jurassic Period. It had a tiny head and a long neck, paddle flippers, and a tail. Even though it was smaller than Predator X, Its mouth was full of needle-like teeth pointing inward, a perfect death trap for prey and for ripping flesh. In 1987 a plesiosaur fossil was discovered with the bones of an embryo in its abdomen, proving that the animal gave birth to live young. This creature seems to have somehow given rise to the Loch Ness Monster as the physical description is very similar. Plesiosaurs would swallow stones weighing about 5 pounds (2.2kg) to help them digest their prey. If there was one plesiosaur you needed to watch out for, it was Liopleurodon (lye plur i dun). This carnivorous beast could weigh over 3,500 pounds and reach over 30 feet in length, including jaws that are believed to be 10 feet alone, complete, of course, with a very wide jaw and several rows of razor-sharp teeth. Their bodies consisted of a unique, paddle design for limbs, which has been tested and proven on small swimming robots that the Liopleurodon would not have been super fast they were terrifyingly agile. Most likely they hunted similar to the crocodiles of today, with short and fast burst attacks. So that makes them just perfect for any underwater haunted...aquarium. 7. Giant Sea Scorpion (Jaekelopterus rhenaniae) Since there is no way I can pronounce this we'll just call this one the Giant Sea Scorpion. Larger than a human and about the size of a crocodile (2.5m), the 390-million-year-old sea scorpion was the top predator of its day. This was one of the two largest arthropods to have ever lived, reaching a length of over 8 feet of armored, clawed horror. Most of us freak out at the thought of a tarantula, so it’s easy to imagine screaming like a banshee if you ever swam by one of these. A huge fossilized spiky claw discovered in Germany in 2007 measured 18 inches (46 cm). We've known about super sized insects for years now but it wasn't until this discovery that scientists realized just how big some of these creepy crawlies could get. The next biggest fossil arthropods were massive millipedes that grew more than 2 meters (6.5 feet) long, 6. Basilosaurus The Basilosaurus’ name and appearance make it seem like an ancient reptile, but it’s actually a blood-thirsty ancestor of today’s whales. It's ironic given that its name means “King Lizard,” but that is because when it was discovered by Richard Owen in 1834, it was thought be a reptile. It wasn't until over 10 years later that he discovered it was actually a mammal and tried to rename it the Zeuglodon, meaning Yoke Tooth, but that didn’t catch on.
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The Dead Sea Scrolls
**Our new PODCAST: http://DanielAndJorge.com **ORDER our new book: http://WeHaveNoIdea.com What are the Dead Sea Scrolls and who wrote them? Archaeologist Guy Steibel takes us inside one of the caves where they were found (warning: it smells). Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=phdcomics More at: http://phdcomics.com/tv Featuring: Prof. Guys Stiebel, Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Recorded and Animated by Jorge Cham: http://jorgecham.com Additional Camera by Kathryn Furby Special Thanks to: The Jerusalem Press Club, The Israeli Academy of Sciences, and Mishkenot Sha'ananim.
David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot"   http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds
To download song: http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds Shot at the 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival by Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions. To download David Coffin’s recording of this song click here: http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds David Coffin leads the crowd at the "Grand Finale Shanty Blast" in singing "Roll the Old Chariot" Shot by videographer Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions.
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Old Sea Brigade - Better Days
Thanks for letting me use your music here's some links for old sea brigade - http://www.oldseabrigade.com - https://m.facebook.com/oldseabrigade/ - https://m.soundcloud.com/old-sea-brigade
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First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair
Learn more: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2018/03/exclusive-i-ve-never-seen-anything-it-video-mating-deep-sea-anglerfish-stuns-biologists CREDITS producer Sarah Crespi story by Katie Langin video footage Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation illustrations C. Chun, Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition auf dem Dampfer "Valdivia" (1898-1899) preserved anglerfish photo mark6mauno/Flickr audio Audioblocks music “VIII. Catacombae. Sepulcrum romanum Largo” and "Cum mortuis in lingua mortua Andante non troppo con lamento" composed by Modest Mussorgsky performed by Skidmore College Orchestra
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Top 10  CREEPY DEEP SEA Creatures Recently Discovered
Welcome to Top10Archive! The deep blue sea… Often said to be Earth’s last great frontier, an estimated 85% of the world’s ocean remains undiscovered. That of course means we’re bound to stumble upon new species and incredible discoveries. These 10 findings of the past two years are just a small sampling of what’s really out there, waiting our prying eyes and acquiring minds. Support us by shopping on Amazon! http://tinyurl.com/njwyzzn 10. Unknown Sea Cucumber 9. New Species of Ctenophore 8. Sunburst 7. Narrow-head Catshark 6. Dusky Snout Catshark 5. Mariana Trench Jellyfish 4. Hunchback Anglerfish 3. Ninja Lanternshark 2. Xenoturbella churro 1. Ghost Octopus Voice Over Talent: https://www.youtube.com/user/thought2
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Casper Classics | Deep Boo Sea / The Witching Hour | HD Full Episode | Cartoons For Kids
Casper Classic | Casper The Ghost Full Episode | Cartoon For Children Little Billy wants to play pirates with two older friends. However, the big kids won't let him play. He meets up with Casper. ► Click to Subscribe to Casper the Ghost: http://bit.ly/2tydzdW ► Watch more Casper the Ghost videos ► Casper's Scare School Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/2sVp4hL ► Casper Classic Favourites: http://bit.ly/2sxCtfa Little Billy wants to play pirates with two older friends. However, the big kids won't let him play. He meets up with Casper, and the two build a raft together and sail out to to sea to search for pirate treasure... and find it. The older boys are scared off by Casper, and they end up in a whale. Casper rescues them, and they celebrate. Casper the Friendly Ghost is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Famous Studios theatrical animated cartoon series of the same name. As his name indicates, he is a ghost, yet he is quite pleasant and personable Casper has to be able to graduate through Scare School before he gets banished to the valley of the shadows forever. He goes on many adventures with the students that attend there. As a result of Casper being too friendly when playing with a boy named Jimmy, Kibosh: The King of the Underworld has Casper enrolled into a Scare School headed by the two-headed headmaster Alder and Dash. He befriends Ra, a mummy with unraveling issues and Mantha, a zombie girl who keeps falling apart. When Casper discovers the two-headed headmaster's plot to use a petrification potion to turn Kibosh into stone and take over the Underworld and Deedstown, he and his new friends must stop him.
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