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The Best and Funniest Doritos Kids Adverts
The funniest Doritos commercials featuring kids. ► Doritos is an American brand of flavored tortilla chips produced since 1964 by Frito-Lay, a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo.The original Doritos were not flavored. The first flavor was Taco, released in 1967, though other flavors have since debuted for the company. The concept for Doritos originated in a restaurant at Disneyland. Yes! We have merch right here ► https://goo.gl/gRHEaJ Hungry for some Doritos? Get some Doritos Cool Ranch ► https://amzn.to/2BoQsaG or everyone's favorite Nacho Cheese ► https://amzn.to/2BovrNe More Doritos Videos Doritos "Animals" Adverts ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GHa7nMc_ds&t=483s Doritos "Dream Girls" Adverts ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTJZ6Exbe7k Doritos "Dogs" Adverts" ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-k0AfCBi4I&t=3s Top 30 Funniest Doritos Commercials ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jRnClbNyKc Don't forget to Subscribe!
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Funniest Doritos Commercials (Kids, Dogs, Super Bowl Commercial Funny Moments)
Funniest Doritos Commercials. (Super Bowl, Kids, Dogs, Funny Moments) Share it with your friends! Have fun watching! Stay tuned for more videos and other crazy compilations..
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Evil Little Girl (funny british commercial)
http://www.lptracking.com/aff_c?offer_id=1241&aff_id=1793 Hilarious.
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Funny condom commercial
Check out this kid throwing a temper tantrum
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Funny Soccer Kid Commercial
I won't spoil it for you but this is one of the best commercials I have seen in a long time.
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Doritos Funny Baby Commercial 2016 She Stole My Cheese
Doritos Funny Baby Commercial 2016 She Stole My Cheese
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10 Famous Funny Commercials
I put together ten of the most funny commercials that made me laugh and that are also famous, that have written history so to say. You find the description below. I hope you enjoy them as I did. Tell me in the comments which one is your #1 - or at least your #1.5 - I will include your vote in the ranking at the end of this text to see which commercial people like the most. These ads are included: 1. Cinesite Studios, “Beans”, also called “Not for Austronauts” or the "Astronaut Ad" from 2013, a mock ad – the non-existent Haynes Baked Beans only resemble Heinz – for the famous visual effects and feature animation studio known for movies like Harry Potter, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, and others whose logo appears at the end. This hillarious commercial is often shown but not always understood. 2. Doritos, "Ultrasound"/“Birth” from the 2016 Super Bowl was a highly controversial, yet extremely funny commercial that still has its fans and opponents 3. Kia niro, “Hero” with Melissa McCarthy from the 2017 Super Bowl, also refered to as “I love Whales!” that got a lot of press and features Bonnie Tyler's “Holding up for a hero” 4. Kia, “The Truth” with Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus from The Matrix, singing Nessun dorma for the Super Bowl 2014 5. Shadow of War, “Not today, Brian” from 2017 for the video game, also known for its line “Nothing will be forgotten” 6. Heinz Tomato Ketchup, “Wiener Stampede”, the adorable ad from the 2016 Super Bowl, part of the “Meet the Ketchups” promotion 7. Volkswagen VW Passat, “The Force”, also called "Darth Vader" from 2011 Super Bowl - this extended version was seen by 8 million viewers online before the game, a huge success at this time, during the game a shorter version was aired, later other versions/sequels followed, a game-changing commercial a lot of media was talking about and many people still enjoy. 8. Clash Of Clans, “Revenge” with Liam Neeson as his famous character from Taken for the Super Bowl 2015, also famous for its line “You will regret the day you crossed AngryNeeson52” 9. Old Spice, “Jungle Wilderness” from the 2011 Danger Zone campaign with the famous line “You smell like you look – amazing” (the most amazing thing, though, is the line “Dramatization only. Do not attempt.” in the bottom right corner at 7:21 - who would attempt THAT?) 10. Wix, "Disruptive World" with Gal Gadot, the new Wonder Woman and Jason Statham from The Expandables and Transporter for the cloud-based web development platform for the Super Bowl 2017 in the extended version - with more than 22.6 million views online it was the most-seen commercial before the game. It was was shot by the French Louis Leterrier who directed the Transporter films, Unleashed, The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans and Now You See Me in Barcelona with estimated costs for producing and broadcasting somewhere around 14 millions dollars + 11. Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer / Bud, “Whassup?”, also known as Wazzup, What’s up or True, true that ran from 1999 to 2002 and became a catchphrase. It won the Cannes Grand Prix and the Grand Clio awards, and was parodied in Scary Movie in 2000, years later also by Annoying Orange and others. 11.5 Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer / “Wassup Wasabi or just "Wasabi", the lesser known yet extremely funny follow-up to the Whassup commercial with Dookie and his wife ----------------------------------------------------------- The votes are in and the current winner is: Bud “Whassup” – true, true … Results in detail, status January 8, 2019 (votes and positive mentions counted) 1. Anheuser-Busch Budweiser / Bud, “Whassup” / “Wasabi”: 341 votes/mentions 2. Cinesite, “Beans” / Astronaut: 189 votes/mentions 3. Wix, “Disruptive World”: 185 votes/mentions – mainly because of Gal Gadot (and a little bit because of Jason Statham) 4. Heinz Tomato Ketchup, “Wiener Stampede”: 148 votes/mentions – mainly because of the cute dogs 5. Volkswagen, “The Force” / Darth Vader: 106 votes/mentions – mainly because of the cute Darth Vader 6. Clash Of Clans, “Revenge”: 101 votes/mentions – mainly because of Liam Neeson 7. Doritos, “Ultrasound”: 100 votes/mentions 8. Kia, “Hero”: 69 votes/mentions 9. Kia, “The Truth” / Matrix: 69 votes/mentions 10. Shadow of War, “Not today, Brian”: 29 votes/mentions 11. Old Spice, “Jungle Wilderness”: 21 votes/mentions Thanks to everybody who watched the video, voted and commented on it, liked it and subscribed to my channel – I appreciate that very much!
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Funny technology commercial
A commercial for all those people in our lives who would somehow "die" without their precious little techie garbage.
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Funny Commercials 2: Why kids don't do sport cars commercial
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Funny Doritos Commercials
Compilation of funniest Doritos commercials
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▶ 19 Most Creative Indian Commercial Flipkart Funny ads with Funny kids  TVC DesiKaliah E7S94
Here's a another compilation of 19 Most Creative Indian Commercial Flipkart Funny ads with Funny kids This Decade, ==================================================================================== Thank you for watching, plz like,share & subscribe for more videos: https://goo.gl/oQgDop ==================================================================================== Here are the Best Beautiful And Creative Most Popular Indian Television Advertising commercials Collections. Check Our Playlists... Beautiful Indian Commercial Ads :https://goo.gl/CdU4xc Best Creative Advertisements :https://goo.gl/Qmv7Rv Best Funniest And Creative Ads :https://goo.gl/ocruDF Funny Commercials :https://goo.gl/wtu5yz Emotional Loving Indian Ads :https://goo.gl/2p5Azz Ads :https://goo.gl/hSEMgp ==================================================================================== IMPORTANT NOTICE: if an agency or product owner does not want any publishment, it will withdraw back. Please send a private youtube message! CONTENT DISCLAIMER: - if you have a complaint about something or find your content is being used incorrectly, please send a private youtube message for deleting your content before making copyright claim. Please contact us any infringement was not done on purpose and will be rectified to all parties satisfaction. ====================================================================================
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Funny Kids and women commercial
Funny Kids and women commercial. Lucky kid. lol
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▶ 19 Most Popular Oreo Ads Collections Commercials
Hear's a 19 Most Popular Oreo Ads Collections Commercials, ==================================================================================== Thank you for watching, plz like,share & subscribe for more videos: https://goo.gl/oQgDop ==================================================================================== Here are the Best Beautiful And Creative Most Popular Indian Television Advertising commercials Collections. Check Our Playlists... Beautiful Indian Commercial Ads :https://goo.gl/CdU4xc Best Creative Advertisements :https://goo.gl/Qmv7Rv Best Funniest And Creative Ads :https://goo.gl/ocruDF Funny Commercials :https://goo.gl/wtu5yz Emotional Loving Indian Ads :https://goo.gl/2p5Azz Ads :https://goo.gl/hSEMgp ==================================================================================== IMPORTANT NOTICE: if an agency or product owner does not want any publishment, it will withdraw back. Please send a private youtube message! CONTENT DISCLAIMER: - if you have a complaint about something or find your content is being used incorrectly, please send a private youtube message for deleting your content before making copyright claim. Please contact us any infringement was not done on purpose and will be rectified to all parties satisfaction. ====================================================================================
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Funniest Doritos Super Bowl Commercial - Funny Little Kid
NEW MUSIC CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/MrMinorTunes Like this video if it made you smile :) Subscribe for more epic and funny videos!
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7 Cutty baby Commercial Advertisement For 2018  | Kids Funny Ads
Here Is List Of Funniest baby ads DHONI AD WITH BABY 2017 Kit Kat Dancing Kids TV Commercial Huggies Wonder Pants 'Kajol' Kit Kat Dancing Babies New Ad India (Official) MTS Internet Baby Kids Ads Baby&Me, New Funny Evian Advert/Commercial Latest Funny Flipkart Kids Ads Funny Videos https://www.facebook.com/Yousound-104445646951760/
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Splendid ad kids & Dark chocolate funny commercial
Splendid: Dark chocolate Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Israel CEO: Yossi Lubaton 最佳广告创意的想法巨大的商业搞笑视频 Executive Creative Director: Nadav Pressman VP Creative Director: Idan Regev Creative Director: Sharon Refael Art Director: Yuval Zuckerman Copywriter: Orit Bar Niv Digital Creative Director: Maayan Dar VP Production: Dorit Gvili Production Manager: Gali Starkman Producer: Alon Shmoelof VP Client Services: Maya Salomon Supervisor: Yogev Atoon Account Executive: Omri Sela VP Strategic Planning: Shai Nissenboim Strategic Planner: Lora Goichman Traffic: Ronit Doanis Director: Roy Raz
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Messi Vs Kids - Funny Football Commercial | FIFA World Cup 2014
Messi Vs Kids - Funny Football Commercial | FIFA World Cup 2014 Watching this is really fun :) http://youtu.be/6YGatS4Z-SU
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FUNNY SUPER BOWL TV COMMERCIAL Super Kids Tackle Football-Hyundai Santa Fe
FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law
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Funny Commercial with Kids
Funny commercial with Kids
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Funny ''Kid Darth Vader'' Commercial (10-1-11)
A funny commercial where the kid in the Darth Vader costume has his "powers" finally work when his Dad hits his cars remote control and starts the car up. The kids reaction is priceless.
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Choking kid - funny commercial
For more funny commercials go to www.cracker.co.za
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Back to School Funny Staples Commercial
Most wonderful time of the year is playing while buying school supplies at Staples.
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funny naughty kids commercial
these kids are perverted but yet so funny
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9 Funny and Creative Flipkart Kids Ads Commercial Collection | Part 2 | 9Bright Side
Here are Some COOL ADS Of Most Cute and Creative Flipkart Kids Ads. #Flipkart #9BrightSide
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▶ Some Creative Flipkart Most Funny Kids Indian Commercial Ads | TVC DesiKaliah E7S70
Here's a Some Creative Flipkart Most Funny Kids Indian Commercial Ads This Decade. Credit: Flipkart Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZc94oeti-YQsI9995G3aA ==================================================================================== Thank you for watching, plz like,share & subscribe for more videos: https://goo.gl/oQgDop ==================================================================================== Here are the Best Beautiful And Creative Most Popular Indian Television Advertising commercials Collections. Check Our Playlists... Beautiful Indian Commercial Ads :https://goo.gl/CdU4xc Best Creative Advertisements :https://goo.gl/Qmv7Rv Best Funniest And Creative Ads :https://goo.gl/ocruDF Funny Commercials :https://goo.gl/wtu5yz Emotional Loving Indian Ads :https://goo.gl/2p5Azz Ads :https://goo.gl/hSEMgp ==================================================================================== IMPORTANT NOTICE: if an agency or product owner does not want any publishment, it will withdraw back. Please send a private youtube message! CONTENT DISCLAIMER: - if you have a complaint about something or find your content is being used incorrectly, please send a private youtube message for deleting your content before making copyright claim. Please contact us any infringement was not done on purpose and will be rectified to all parties satisfaction. ====================================================================================
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If Kids Ran the Office.  Funny Commercial!
http://mforcestaffing.com Watch Part 2 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4faLL6uHvb0 You've probably dealt with an unprofessional business before. Maybe even came away feeling like you were treated like a child. So we thought we'd show what it would be like if kids really did run the office! This is the first in a series of what we think are really funny videos! M Force Staffing is a technical recruiting firm in the Southeast, specializing in engineering, manufacturing, industrial and IT placements. We pride ourselves on being the most professional people you'll work with! So, if you're tired of being treated like a child, give us a try! [email protected] 866.788.8737
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Angry Kid In Supermarket - Funny Commercial
http://WatchFunCommercials.com - Watch the best TV commercials.
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Kids React to Panda Cheese Commercial
NEW Vids Sun, Tues & Thurs! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/nxzGJv Watch all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/YouTubers): http://goo.gl/4iDVa Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers) Follow FBE: MAIN CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/FBE SECOND CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/FBE2 REACT CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/REACT FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/FineBros TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/fbe INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/f/fbe SNAPCHAT: finebros VINE: https://vine.co/TheFineBros TUMBLR: http://thefinebros.tumblr.com/ GOOGLE+: http://www.google.com/+thefinebros SEND US STUFF: TheFineBros P.O. BOX 4324 Valley Village, CA 91617-4324 ----------------------------- VIDEOS FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: "Never Say No To Panda" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21mJh6j9i4 ------------------------------------- This episode featured the following amazing kids! Sammie, age 7 Morgan, age 7 Dylan, age 10 Elle, age 10 Troy, age 11 WiIIiam, age 11 Megan & Shannon, age 11 Jake, age 12 Everhet, age 12 Paris, age 12 Bryson, age 13 Riley, age 14 ------------------ Music by Joseph Carrillo http://www.youtube.com/houseofblackbirds Additional music: http://www.incompetech.com ------------------------------------- KIDS REACT #48: Never Say No to Panda / Panda Cheese Commercial © FBE, Inc
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Little kid talking really funny (Hospital Commercial)
A little black kid talking HILARIOUSLY for a hospital commecial. Wait till the end and comment please!
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9 Most Funny and Best Creative Flipkart Kids Ads Commercial | TVC Part V | 9Bright Side
Here, Some Most popular #flipkart ads which were very appreciated by the people. ​​This video has been compiled using the most popular flipkart kids ads. ​ ​Watch till the end and let us know your feed back in Comments Section. ​ ​This video was compiled using following Kids ads from Flipkart: ​ ​1.The Dependable TV & Appliances Store: Double Warranty ​2. Are you buying a table, or a tabla? - ​#BeFurniSure ​3. Do you want a sofa or a trampoline? - ​#BeFurniSure ​​4. No Cost EMI by Flipkart. India Chahe Jo Hum Banaye Woh! #India ​5. Latest Smartphones at No Cost EMI - #OnlyOnFlipkart ​6. Shopping Ka Naya Address (Replacement) ​7. Flipkart Big Shopping Days – Price-less Gift for Boss ​8. Flipkart - No Kidding, No Worries. ​9. Flipkart – Red Dress – #FlipForHappiness ​ ​How did you like our Flipkart Kids Ad compilation do let us know in the comments section. If you like this Video then please Subscribe #9BrightSide Channel to get More Videos.
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Funny Kids Church Commercial
Hilarious commercial shot by The Sanctuary Kids!
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Gheorghe Muresan Snickers Commercial (Funny)
Gheorghe Muresan Snickers Commercial (Funny) "...and score one for the kids."
😍 Funny Thai Commercial - Funny Sexy Commercials -  Funny TV Ads -  Funny Banned Commercials
😍 Funny Thai Commercial - Funny Sexy Commercials - Funny TV Ads - Funny Banned Commercials Best Sexy Funny Banned Commercials SUBSCRIBE for daily funny videos! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwUi4EyBdeQB8CbXpPngaWA?sub_confirmation=1 Spread the love by hitting SHARE button above! Tell me what you think about the video by the comment form below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funny Vines Compilation Funny Videos, Best Vines Compilation, funny commercials ever funny commercials for kids funny commercials 2016 for kids funny commercials 2015 funny commercials doritos funny commercials compilation funny commercials 2016 clean funny commercials voice over funny commercials of all time funny commercials for school funny commercials philippines funny commercials thailand funny commercials around the world funny commercials australia funny commercials animals funny commercials ads in world funny commercials ads funny commercials appropriate funny commercials america funny commercials advertisements funny commercials asian funny commercials axe funny commercials bud light funny commercials baby funny commercials beer funny commercials bear funny commercials budweiser funny commercials bonakid funny commercials banned in india funny commercials banned in america funny commercials break funny commercials banned 2015 funny commercials clean funny commercials chocolate funny commercials cars funny commercials compilation 2016 funny commercials compilation philippines funny commercials compilation 2015 funny commercials coca cola funny commercials chinese funny commercials compilation thailand funny commercials dub funny commercials don't judge funny commercials dogs funny commercials doritos baby funny banned commercials durex directv funny commercials ellen degeneres funny commercials funny banned doritos commercials funny car dealership commercials funny commercials ever for kids funny commercials english funny commercials ellen funny commercials ever clean funny commercials ever philippines funny commercials ever indian funny commercials edited funny commercials ever 2015 funny commercials ever banned funny commercials for kids 2016 funny commercials from the 90's funny commercials for children funny commercials fart funny commercials from around the world funny commercials fake funny commercials featuring nfl players funny commercials for food funny commercials gone wrong funny commercials geico funny commercials german funny gay commercials funny golf commercials funny greek commercials funny video game commercials bubble gang funny commercials funny gatorade commercials funny sf giants commercials funny commercials hindi funny commercials hd funny commercials hot funny hockey commercials funny hindi advertisement commercials funny health commercials funny hindi ads commercials funny beer commercials heineken funny homemade commercials funny bud light commercials horse fart funny commercials insurance funny commercials indian funny commercials india funny commercials in english funny commercials in philippines funny commercials indonesia funny commercials in spanish funny commercials international funny commercials in thailand funny commercials in the philippines 2015 funny commercials japanese funny commercials japan funny japanese commercials 2015 funny banned japanese commercials funny japanese commercials with subtitles funny japanese commercials compilation funny japanese commercials dog funny jingles for commercials funny jeep commercials funny japanese commercials 2014 funny commercials kevin hart funny commercials kid friendly funny commercials kids funny commercials korean funny kid commercials ever funny kids commercials 2015 funny nba commercials kobe and lebron funny kiwi commercials funny tv commercials for kids funny kmart commercials funny commercials learn english funny commercials lemon funny bud light commercials funny local commercials funny foot locker commercials funny lawyer commercials bud lite commercials funny funny low budget commercials funny leadership commercials funny commercials malaysia funny commercials music funny commercials made in japan most funny commercials ever funny miscommunication commercials funny mcdonalds commercials funny marketing commercials funny social media commercials funny commercials that make you laugh so hard you cry funny mexican commercials funny commercials nba funny commercials new zealand funny commercials new funny nfl commercials funny nba commercials 2015 funny nascar commercials funny nhl commercials new funny commercials 2015 funny nandos commercials funny nz commercials funny commercials old spice funny commercials of doritos funny commercials october 2016 funny commercials old funny commercials of 2015 funny commercials of india funny commercials on trump funny commercials on tv best funny commercials of 2015 funny commercials parody funny commercials philippines
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Funny Commercial Messi vs Ronaldo advertisement Rguilan
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Little kid talking really funny 2 (Hospital Commercial)
The Sequel to my first video. Comment
Views: 88255 DarthBane93
Funny Kids TV commercial parody!
Thanks so much for watching, hope you guys enjoyed the skit and if you would like to see more content like this comment below as well as giving me some video ideas! I appreciate all the support and please leave a like and subscribe and become a BOBBER. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bobbywhiteyt CLICK ON THE BELL ICON NEXT TO THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON TO BE NOTIFIED EVERY TIME I POST A NEW VIDEO! THANKS FOR WATCHING! Socials: Twitter: https://twitter.com/bobbywhiteyt Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bobby.yt/ IF YOU SEE THIS COMMENT: XXL MOUSEPAD
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Funny Commercial 4 Kids - top 10 best super bowl 50 commercials (2017 funniest ads)
Funny Commercial 4 Kids - top 10 best super bowl 50 commercials (2017 funniest ads) Kids debate who's better, kobe or lebron, in this funny nba commercial from specbank. Funny golf commercials top 10 funniest . Funny super bowl tv commercial super kids tackle football-hyundai santa fe. Kit kat dancing kids tv commercial - youtube.
Views: 137 Trieu S. Bora
Funny Cam Newton Commercial for PLAY 60
Donate - https://www.gofundme.com/bsz5jh-every-dollar-counts This little kid is hilarious!!!! He needs a football and acting contract!
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Taxi Funny Commercials - Funniest Commercial Compilations
The best and funniest taxi themed commercials. Brands featured: Veet, Sears, Bud Light, Taco Bell, Visa, Direct TV, Sunshine Sakae Department Store
Funny Kid Commercial Video - Are You Too Short? Tallage
An original short for short people by Kaiden Scott.
Views: 421 Kaiden Scott
THE BEST HEINZ KETCHUP COMMERCIAL EVER - Funny TV Commercial - "Kid at a Funeral"
FOLLOW ME ON TOPBUZZ! http://bit.ly/JackValeTopBuzz --~-- Here is the best Heinz Ketchup commercial ever. Kids sometimes get bored at funerals so during this funeral, a boy discovers old french fries in his pocket and some Heinz ketchup packets. Then, something goes terribly wrong when it is time for the child to walk up and view the deceased. This super bowl commercial almost aired but Heinz didn't want their ketchup portrayed falling into a casket. I took my pooter into the grocery store to fart on people. This is EPISODE 1 of The Pooter, Farting In Public. I didn't expect to see these firemen shopping at the grocery store. I immediately had to capture their reaction to my little prank, using my Pooter to fart. Glad they had a good sense of humor. One that appreciates fart comedy :). All my videos are appropriate for all ages. Thanks for watching my comedy! GET POOTERS HERE ► https://thepooter.com JACKVALE.COM ► https://jackvale.com FARTS.COM ► https://farts.com SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! http://YouTube.com/JackValeFilms?sub_... MY SECOND CHANNEL - https://www.youtube.com/jackvalelive INSTAGRAM @JackValeFilms https://www.instagram.com/jackvalefilms/ TWITTER @JackVale https://twitter.com/jackvale FACEBOOK @OfficialJackVale https://www.facebook.com/officialjack... Want to send me stuff? Jack Vale 2000 Mallory Ln. Suite 130-527 Franklin, TN 37067 Jack Vale is the original OG prankster on YouTube. Starting out in 2007 using his own fart toy which he named "The Pooter" (http://thepooter.com). Old hidden camera TV shows like "Bloopers and Practical Jokes" and "Candid Camera" influenced him as a kid so it was destined that one day he would figure out how to play practical jokes on people for a living. After uploading a few videos on YouTube, various TV shows reached out and licensed several of his videos. Eventually, Dick Clark Productions and First Television asked him to produce and star in the hidden camera segments of the all new TV show "Bloopers" in 2012. He has been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dr Oz, George Lopez Tonight, Fox and Friends, and others. In 2014, Jack won the streamy award for best prank channel on YouTube. This was the first year for the "Prank Channel" category. As pranks started to become mean-spirited and staged, Jack remained committed to providing clean, funny prank videos where the focus was not on "pushing the envelope", but rather on the "comedy" of the bits. In 2015, HLN premiered a new reality show all about Jack, his wife and kids and their family business of pranking. The show did very well for the network and received an early pick-up for a second season. Jack Vale has established himself as one of YouTube's most accomplished original content creators and an established TV producer. Currently he is filming new prank videos for his online audience and also producing and writing for multiple TV shows and Films. To date across all platforms, he has 3 Million followers and his videos have been viewed more than 5 Billion times. He is married and has 5 kids.
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Kids LEGO  - Eiffel Tower  construction commercial Funny
This commercial and the other LEGO/HEINEKEN commercial were shot in a 4 day weekend. From Thursday to Sunday. I would like to thank John Gresh, An Tran, Franz Wieser at ARRI and ID for their help to make this possible. I would also like to thank the Jensen's family. This was shot on HVX200 and the Redrock M2 adapter with Nikon Primes. After the Alzheimer Aricept commercial, I thought I do another funny comedy kids commercial. This Isn't done in the traditional Saturday cartoons commercial. I wanted to add a story. Also, since the Eiffel tower is one of the Lego kit, some girls wouldn't mind building one near their doll house in their bedroom. Found these two talented kids for this comercial.
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Funny Kid Commercial
"She can't lie even for a commercial!"
Views: 2084 Lily Bradbor
All Minions Mini Movie - Despicable me animated for kids - Funny Commercial Clips
All Minions Mini Movie - Despicable me animated for kids - Funny Commercial Clips. A man who delights in all things wicked, supervillain Gru (Steve Carell) hatches a plan to steal the moon. Surrounded by an army of little yellow minions and his impenetrable arsenal of weapons and war machines, Gru makes ready to vanquish all who stand in his way. But nothing in his calculations and groundwork has prepared him for his greatest challenge: three adorable orphan girls (Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier, Elsie Fisher) who want to make him their dad. Google plus: https://goo.gl/UgRxw2
Views: 1325 Jay Tomlin

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