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Global Management Accounting Principles – Full Video
Visit http://www.cgma.org/maprinciples for more information and to download the full version of the Global Management Accounting Principles.
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Global Management Accounting Principles
The Global Management Accounting Principles provide a consistent approach for management accountants in their key role helping organisations make higher quality decisions that drive long-term success. They were developed in consultation with CEOs, CFOs, academics, government bodies, regulators and other professionals in 20 countries across 5 continents. To learn more and download a diagnostic checklist for your organisation, visit http://www.cgma.org/principles.
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Importance of Global Management Accounting Principles in the practice of financial strategy
In the 8th episode of the CIMA Management Accounting series CNBC Africa's David Williams leads the discussion on the applicability of the Global Management Accounting Principles within the practice of financial strategy joined by Emily Phiri, Regional Finance & Business Performance Manager: SAB, Vivien Erasmus, Chief Operations Officer at CMA, and Nathi Thela, Founder & CEO: Institute of Management Accounting and Strategy.
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Uncovering winning investments through Global Management Accounting Principles
Using the Global Management Accounting Principles in financial strategy will help organisations determine which investments present stronger opportunities than others, how much financing may need to be raised and how to determine retained cash vs fair dividend pay-out for shareholders. Further sound management accounting practices enable managers to ensure that their organisations are in a strong position to attract the debt and equity capital for investment. For a discussion CNBC Africa is joined by Alexander Visser, Head of Finance, Phillips Africa; Dylan Pienaar, Chief Financial Manager, Grande Parade and Jaco Moolman, Senior Lecturer, UNISA and Biodun Olorunnisola, Head of Risk Management, Wealth group, Stanbic.
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Global Management Accounting Principles consultation
Find out about our Global Management Accounting Principles consultation at: http://www.cimaglobal.com/principles
Importance of Global Management Accounting Principles
Vince Cable, UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, highlights the importance of the Global Management Accounting Principles.
Are you thinking like a management accountant already?
Introduction to CIMA UK. Visit us at www.cimaglobal.com
CIMA President’s Conversation 2016 – Accounting for Extraordinary times
Management Accounting in Extraordinary times. We are living in extraordinary times; the shift of economic power from West to East; technological innovation developing at such a fast pace making it hard for management to make best use of it; an aging population etc. There is an urgent need for business leaders to receive decision relevant information to create and preserve value. That is what management accounting is all about. CGMAs are a significant part of the solution, powering up organisations to make better informed decisions – through Integrated Thinking and Principle based decision making visit us at http://www.cimaglobal.com
Global Management Accounting Principles – Unlocking Value & Introduction
Visit http://www.cgma.org/maprinciples for more information and to download the full version of the Global Management Accounting Principles.
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The CGMA Exam: A Strategic Case Study in Management Accounting
Beginning January 2015, candidates world-wide will be required to pass a uniform exam in order to become CGMA designation holders. Watch this video overview and learn about the unique case study format, designed to asses a management accountant’s ability to think and perform strategically in real-world business situations.Visit: http://www.CGMA.org/exam/qualify
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Advice to CIMA students
Interview with Andrew Harding, Director, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, London (www.cimaglobal.com), November 4, 2009, 5.15 pm (The Taj Mount Road)
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CIMA - Management Accounting Principle [Draft 01]
CIMA - Management Accounting Principle [Draft 01]
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CIMA   Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants | More at www.vividmediaservices.com
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CIMA Dialogue - Forming an international management accounting system
Globalisation and technological progress are making change harder to predict and making organisations more vulnerable. In an increasingly inter-connected world, organisations must now do more to respond appropriately to risks as well protect the value they create. It's against this backdrop, that management accounting has become more relevant than ever. But the practice of management accounting varies across organisations. With this in mind the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, alongside the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants have launched a set of Global Management Accounting Principles to help organisations across the world ensure that they have substantial and uniform management accounting systems. Joining CNBC Africa's David Williams to unpack the draft document and what it means for the Management Accounting industry is Noel Tagoe, Executive Director, Education at CIMA, Musa Shabane, Corporate Executive: Stakeholder Relations at Tongaat Hulett and Kevin Thomas, Senior Lecturer & Deputy HOD: Department of Finance and Investment Management at the University of Johannesburg.
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Your gateway to consultancy
Consultancy is a rewarding career with high earning potential. These reasons, amongst many others, are what attracts individuals into this profession. The CIMA qualification can help you achieve a career in consultancy. We have spoken to consultants at EY, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and IBM to discover the difference the CIMA qualification has made in their career. Find out more at: www.cimaglobal.com/consultancy
Lean Accounting Principles, Practices and Tools (Webinar)
In this short webinar we will address: - Lean Accounting principles and how they match with the principles and economics of lean success. - Some primary Lean Accounting including Box Scores, Value Stream Performance Measurement, Value Stream Accounting, and Value Stream Capacity Analysis. - How to use the Box Score to correctly understand and monitor the operational and financial impact of lean improvement.- How to use the Box Score for all regular business decisions such as sales profitability analysis, sourcing, capital decisions, etc. - How to apply lean in the accounting office to eliminate waste, visualize the work, and free up people’s time. - How to implement Lean Accounting in your own company. Presenter: Brian Maskell has been working with lean companies for more than 25 years. As an engineer and an accountant, he brings a unique perspective to the accounting, control, measurement, and decision-making issues of lean companies. Brian is President of BMA Inc. and has worked with the large multi-national companies world-wide; but the majority of his time is spent with small and medium-sized companies striving to become truly lean organizations. Mr. Maskell is a frequent conference speaker, blogger, and podcaster, and the author of 8 books including “Making the Numbers Count”, “Practical lean Accounting, and “The Lean Business Management System.”
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CGMA Competency Framework for Management Accountants
The CGMA Competency Framework - based on research with leaders of 300+ worldwide organizations - defines skills employers are seeking from management accountants. Assess your skills and those of employees. Visit: http://www.cgma.org/competency-framework
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CIMA BA1 International trade, Exchange rates
CIMA BA1 International trade, Exchange rates Free lectures for the CIMA BA1 CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting - Fundamentals of Business Economics To fully benefit from this video, download free CIMA lecture notes from http://opentuition.com/cima/ *** Complete list of free CIMA lectures is available on http://opentuition.com/CIMA/
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Andrew Miskin - Accounting in extraordinary times
Andrew Miskin, FCMA, CGMA, President. Andrew reviews CIMA in 2016. visit us at http://www.cimaglobal.com
Group Management Accountant, Alex Roche discussing his CIMA Professional Qualification
Group Management Accountant, Alex Roche discussing his CIMA qualification for the Northern Powerhouse Skills Week.
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Simon Henry, Royal Dutch Shell - How management accountants manage risk
Simon Henry, CFO, Royal Dutch Shell, talks about how managing risk is a key part of the management accountant's skill set. Discover how the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation recognizes the strategic role management accountants play in business. Find tools, reports, research, events and more at -http://www.CGMA.org
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The Global Business Challenge and Management Accounting: Heads Up by NDTV
NDTV recently featured CIMA and the Global Business Challenge on the show Heads Up. Participants and prominent members of CIMA spoke about need and requirement for management accounting in business and the importance of the relationship between business management and financial management. Featuring bytes from - Keith Luck, President – CIMA - Debasish Biswas, Country Head – CIMA India - Finalists from Indian Institutes of Technology - Kharagpur (India) and King’s College – Kathmandu (Nepal)
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CIMA-CGMA to Make Engineers Business Ready | Gurukul.education
CIMA CGMA, is a global professional qualification which provides a unique combinationmanagement, finance and management accounting. The qualification makes you ready now just today but tomorrow and equips you with with skills and knowledge to take your organisation forward ,be it your own family business, a startup,a big multinational organisation, private or public sector organisation. Pursuing CIMA CGMA from Gurukul.education takes your experience of learning to next level, from expert faculties to personalised attention to best study resources, to Gurukul's unique approach with great emphasis on Guru (Teacher) -Shishya (Student) bond; blended with technology, Gurukul.educaiton is the centre for every educational need you have.
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Where management accounting comes in
Kathy Waller, CPA, CGMA, EVP & CFO, The Coca-Cola Company, talks about the importance of management accounting in her role. For more information and CGMA resources, visit http://www.cgma.org
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Doug Bonthrone, Coca Cola - The role a management accountant plays in innovation
Doug Bonthrone, Director of Global Services Strategy, talks about a the skills required by a management accountant. Discover how the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation recognizes the strategic role management accountants play in business. Find tools, reports, research, events and more at -http://www.CGMA.org
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CIMA GBC 2010 Pakistan Final part 1/2.flv
CIMA global business challenge pakistan 2010 regent plaza-CBM
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CGMA Compass Diagnostic
Visit us at http://www.maprinciples.com for more information on our new Global Management Accounting Principles (GMAP) diagnostic tool.
CIMA-UK Seminar on 25th July-Part I
Highlights of the Seminar: 1. Global Professional & Business Environment. 2. Global Requirements of Top Corporate of the World. 3. Value of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants(CIMA-UK). 4. Global Job Opportunities with CIMA-UK. 5. Award Ceremony of our existing Rank Holders. To Enhance Your Career in Management & Financial Accounting, A short update by CA Prakash Saraf (ACMA(CIMA-UK),CGMA, FCA,CMA, CFA, MS Finance) CIMA(UK) is the biggest brand in global Management Accounting Professional Qualifications with 16 rigorous papers testing the Performance, Enterprise and Finance concepts Our contact details - Email - [email protected] Phone & WhatsApp - 9748373940 / 8444040402 Website - www.saraf.academy
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Adam Savage, ACMA, CGMA: Finance Transformation in the Age of Data
Highly attuned to the ‘story’ being told by business metrics Adam Savage, ACMA,CGMA, Senior Manager, Transformation Finance, Deloitte & Touche LLP leads organizations through transformational change, providing context for critical business decisions. Visit http://www.cgma.org.
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Management Accounting, Decisions and Control
The following are short introductory videos from the teaching faculty of the accounting courses. The videos will explain how the unit is assessed. For further information, please visit http://www.lse.ac.uk/resources/calendar/Default.htm. Please note that not all available courses have a video, so be sure to consult the course leaders for full details.
There are many reasons why one would want to pursue CIMA CGMA but the underlying one word would be 'success' ! Whatever your reason may be, join us at GLC to make the most of it !
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Standards of Ethical Conduct for Management Accountants
Accounting 201B
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Finance Indaba Africa 2016: Badibanga Promesse, Regional Vice President Africa at CIMA
Quality decision-making has never been more important – or more difficult. New innovations and innovators daily disrupt the status quo. The volume and velocity of unstructured data is increasing in complexity. The Global Management Accounting Principles© were created for this era of business. Prepared by the AICPA and CIMA, the Principles help the public and private sectors to make better decisions, respond appropriately to the risks they face, and protect the value they generate.
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FRS102 CIMA Webinar
visit us at http://www.cimaglobal.com
Nick Osborne - Management Accountant UK
After a series of career testimonials from Benelux, our UK colleagues are telling us now why IMCD is a great place to work. This time, the young Nick Osborne gives his account of working at IMCD UK. "Over the 4 years at IMCD, I've been provided with consistent opportunities and support which includes career development with my professional qualifications," Nick tells us. He continues: "IMCD gives me great freedom to express myself and continues to push my development. ... Every day is a new challenge and each one I look forward to!" To see what Nick's colleagues from other IMCD countries have to say about their careers at IMCD, please visit http://www.imcdgroup.com/career
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Informed Decision-Making with CGMA
CGMA Student, Maisie Jenkinson, describes how studying for the designation prepares you for real-life better decision making. The CGMA designation distinguishes professionals who have advanced proficiency in finance, operations, strategy and management. It is underpinned by extensive global research to maintain the highest relevance with employers and develop competencies most in demand. CGMAs qualify through rigorous education, exam and experience requirements. They must commit to lifelong education and adhere to a stringent code of ethical conduct. More than 150,000 accounting and finance professionals hold the CGMA, making it the most widely held management accounting designation in the world.  Learn more about CGMA: www.cgma.org
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ACCA P5 Changing Role of the management accountant
A short video on the changing role of the management accountant ACCA P5 students. Link to ACCA P5 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLehWgIAl6L2AhTzw_8Oy-CHxhXkJOcAjT A-Z of business terminology can be found at http://accountingcollege.co.uk/
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Chartered Global Management Accountant Credential
Learn how the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) credential can benefit you from MICPA's COO Judy Trepeck, CPA, CGMA
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Part 2 - Accounting For Ethics
The panel discuss what needs to be done on the reporting of ethical practices within organisations and calls for more education at grass roots level. Discover how the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation recognizes the strategic role management accountants play in business. Find tools, reports, research, events and more at -http://www.CGMA.org
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What Is A CGMA Certification?
"SEE What Is A CGMA Certification? LIST OF RELATED VIDEOS OF What Is A CGMA Certification? What Is A Charter And What Does It Do? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3JYgipQlnQ What Is A Charter For A Business? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S-uVmSW4p4 What Is A Charter School In California? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtDJfyltWOE What Is A Charter School In New York City? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvhyYPcUOoU What Is A Charter School? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IucYUtGaeRw What Is A Charter Schools USA? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jezn_hNI8I What Is A Chronic Truant? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc_RkSMvXAg What Is A City Technology College UK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCGA4xuwH10 What Is A Clearing House Number? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysYimDgnnyg What Is A Cocktail Style Reception? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYW-PTXsvmk"
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Management accounting - defined
Management accounting or managerial accounting is concerned with the provisions and use of accounting information to managers within organizations, to provide them with the basis to make informed business decisions that will allow them to be better equipped in their management and control functions. reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Management_accounting Created at http://www.b2bwhiteboard.com
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