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Episode 4.1 - Underground & Surrogates' Robert Venditti
Find us elsewhere on the web: http://www.acomicbookorange.com http://twitter.com/comicbookorange http://facebook.com/acomicbookorange On the season four premiere of A Comicbook Orange we interview Surrogates' creator Robert Venditti, review Underground from Image Comics, and introduce new segment "Pop Reviews" with quick reviews of DC's Wednesday Comics, Marvel's Astonishing X-Men, and Dark Horse's Zero Killer! Comics in this episode: Underground - http://www.undergroundthecomic.com/ Wednesday Comics - http://dccomics.com/dcu/comics/?cm=12838 Astonishing X-Men - http://marvel.com/catalog/?id=12904 Zero Killer - http://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/14-056/Zero-Killer-5 Surrogates Vol 1 - http://www.topshelfcomix.com/catalog.php?type=34&title=528 Surrogates Vol 2 - http://www.topshelfcomix.com/catalog.php?type=12&title=612
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6 41 PHP and MySQL Get and Display Products
Use this PHP and MySQL tutorial to learn web programming while building practical, real-world projects. If you’ve got basic knowledge of HTML and PHP, this course will show you how to develop more complex web applications. ➤ Artwork by ? If anone knows who took this picture or recorded this video please link me to their page so I can credit them properly :) ➤ If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact ([email protected]) with me and I will delete it immediately (this includes artists of the images used).
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Milk, Type 1 Diabetes & Autoimmune Diseases
More video and DVD info at: https://secure2.vegsource.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=73&products_id=420 Type 1 diabetes, arthritis, colitis, lupus, and many other autoimmune diseases -- learn what causes autoimmune diseases. And learn how to reverse many of them, through diet. This is a short excerpt from a 3-DVD set from the Healthy Lifestyle Expo, featuring numerous top MDs and dietitians who show how to reverse many chronic illness through diet. Get off drugs for many diseases when you learn how to eat to cure yourself.
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Creating a Product Catalog in CentriQS
Learn more: http://www.centriqs.biz/crm-for-sales/create-product-catalog.php CentriQS database "CRM for Sales Sample" features the 'Products' view that lets users create a product catalog and list all the products, services and any other goods they sell. The list of products can be further used for adding items to sales quotes, orders and invoices automatically. Also users can add custom fields to entity 'Product' in order to tailor the solution to the type of products they sell.
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Robert Forster 2019
Robert Forster's new album "Inferno" will be released on March 1, 2019. It will be available on CD, LP and 180g LP gatefold with tip-on cover incl. CD (limited to 500 copies). Robert Forster live 2019 28.04.19 SE/Stockholm - Nalen Klubb (www.nalen.com) 29.04.19 DK/Kopenhagen - Vega (www.vega.dk) 30.04.19 DE/Berlin - Festsaal Kreuzberg (www.festsaal-kreuzberg.de) 01.05.19 DE/Hamburg - Knust (www.knusthamburg.de) 03.05.19 DE/Münster - Gleis 22 (www.gleis22.de) 05.05.19 DE/Bonn - Harmonie (www.harmonie-bonn.de) 07.05.19 DE/Frankfurt - Zoom (www.zoomfrankfurt.com) 08.05.19 DE/Schorndorf - Club Manufaktur (www.club-manufaktur.de) 09.05.19 DE/München - Feierwerk (www.feierwerk.de) 10.05.19 AT/Wien - Theater Akzent (www.akzent.at) 11.05.19 AT/Linz - Posthof (www.posthof.at) 14.05.19 UK/London - Union Chapel (www.unionchapel.org.uk) 15.05.19 UK/Bristol - The Fleece (www.thefleece.co.uk) 16.05.19 UK/Manchester - Band on the Wall (www.bandonthewall.org) 17.05.19 UK/Glasgow - King Tuts (www.kingtuts.co.uk) 19.05.19 IE/Dublin - Button Factory (www.buttonfactory.ie) 20.05.19 IE/Cork - Cyprus Avenue (www.cyprusavenue.ie) Album preorder links: World Wide https://shop.tapeterecords.com/robert-forster-inferno.html Rough Trade (UK) https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/robert-forster-inferno Norman Records (UK) https://www.normanrecords.com/records/174054-robert-forster-inferno Amazon (UK) https://tinyurl.com/yax4m97d Forced Exposure (US) https://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/forster-robert-inferno-lp/TR.429LP.html Amazon (US) https://tinyurl.com/y9wooz3j JPC (GER) https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/robert-forster-inferno/hnum/8853707 Amazon (GER) https://tinyurl.com/y9osob9o Sugar And Spice (FR) http://www.sugarandspice.fr/catalog.php?type=idg&val=34700 Bengans (Scandinavia) https://www.bengans.se/cgi-bin/ibutik/AIR_ibutik.fcgi?funk=visa_artikel&artnr=3488222 Amazon (IT) https://tinyurl.com/y9gbxeon Amazon (JP) https://tinyurl.com/yc89rbbj More info: https://www.tapeterecords.de/artists/robert-forster/ https://www.facebook.com/robertforsterofficial/
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RISM online catalog -- A quick guide
This brief video will give you an overview of the RISM online catalog, an international database of musical sources which is available free online at http://www.rism.info/ and https://opac.rism.info. Visit the online catalog help page at https://opac.rism.info/index.php?id=4&L=1 for more information and to download a PDF version of this guide. View this video in HD for best quality. Transcription: Join me on a whirlwind tour of the RISM online catalog! An easy way to jump right in is to start with a simple search, such as Operas, and just browse the catalog. We have over 86,000 results, so let's refine these results using the filters on the left. Digitized music is at the top, followed by the genre, composer, source type, scoring (also called instrumentation), publisher, year, library siglum (which is where the sources are located), and series. Click on a filter to apply it. Now I have works for soprano and orchestra. If I wanted to, I could click the X to remove a filter. Your results are in the middle. Click on any record to get more detailed information. Information on the composer and other people is at the top. Click a blue link for more information: biographical information about the people, and bibliographical information about publications. Here you get an exact transcription of the title on the source, then information about its physical form such as score or parts. Incipits are frequently included. At the bottom of the record you will find the current location of this source. Help is located at the bottom of the page. Do you have questions or feedback? Leave them in the comments below, or send us an e-mail: [email protected]
E-Commerce and Product Catalog
• Product catalog is fully searchable by cat egory, product type, and topic. • Publication details include links to an abstract and related products. • Users can purchase subscriptions from the same product catalog as publications. • Immediate download for electronic media purchases. • User pricing based on member/non-member status or special pricing rules.
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"Droid Sqli__!!!Hack!!!_Web Site Database ()...
Dorks:- view_items.php?id= home.php?cat= item_book.php?CAT= www/index.php?page= schule/termine.php?view= goods_detail.php?data= storemanager/contents/item.php?page_code= view_items.php?id= customer/board.htm?mode= help/com_view.html?code= n_replyboard.php?typeboard= eng_board/view.php?T****= prev_results.php?prodID= bbs/view.php?no= gnu/?doc= zb/view.php?uid= global/product/product.php?gubun= m_view.php?ps_db= productlist.php?tid= product-list.php?id= onlinesales/product.php?product_id= garden_equipment/Fruit-Cage/product.php?pr= product.php?shopprodid= product_info.php?products_id= productlist.php?tid= showsub.php?id= productlist.php?fid= products.php?cat= products.php?cat= product-list.php?id= product.php?sku= store/product.php?productid= products.php?cat= productList.php?cat= product_detail.php?product_id= product.php?pid= view_items.php?id= more_details.php?id= county-facts/diary/vcsgen.php?id= idlechat/message.php?id= podcast/item.php?pid= products.php?act= details.php?prodId= socsci/events/full_details.php?id= ourblog.php?categoryid= mall/more.php?ProdID= archive/get.php?message_id= review/review_form.php?item_id= english/publicproducts.php?groupid= news_and_notices.php?news_id= rounds-detail.php?id= gig.php?id= board/view.php?no= index.php?modus= news_item.php?id= rss.php?cat= products/product.php?id= details.php?ProdID= els_/product/product.php?id= store/description.php?iddesc= socsci/news_items/full_story.php?id= naboard/memo.php?bd= bookmark/mybook/bookmark.php?bookPageNo= board/board.html?table= kboard/kboard.php?board= order.asp?lotid= goboard/front/board_view.php?code= bbs/bbsView.php?id= boardView.php?bbs= eng/rgboard/view.php?&bbs_id= product/product.php?cate= content.php?p= page.php?module= ?pid= bookpage.php?id= cbmer/congres/page.php?LAN= content.php?id= news.php?ID= photogallery.php?id= index.php?id= product/product.php?product_no= nyheder.htm?show= book.php?ID= print.php?id= detail.php?id= book.php?id= content.php?PID= more_detail.php?id= content.php?id= view_items.php?id= view_author.php?id= main.php?id= english/fonction/print.php?id= magazines/adult_magazine_single_page.php?magid= product_details.php?prodid= magazines/adult_magazine_full_year.php?magid= products/card.php?prodID= catalog/product.php?cat_id= e_board/modifyform.html?code= community/calendar-event-fr.php?id= products.php?p= news.php?id= StoreRedirect.php?ID= subcategories.php?id= tek9.php? template.php?Action=Item&pid= topic.php?ID= tuangou.php?bookid= type.php?iType= updatebasket.php?bookid= updates.php?ID= view.php?cid= view_cart.php?title= view_detail.php?ID= viewcart.php?CartId= viewCart.php?userID= viewCat_h.php?idCategory= viewevent.php?EventID= viewitem.php?recor= viewPrd.php?idcategory= ViewProduct.php?misc= voteList.php?item_ID= whatsnew.php?idCategory= WsAncillary.php?ID= WsPages.php?ID=noticiasDetalle.php?xid= sitio/item.php?idcd= index.php?site= de/content.php?page_id= gallerysort.php?iid= docDetail.aspx?chnum= index.php?section= index.php?page= index.php?page= en/publications.php?id= events/detail.php?ID= forum/profile.php?id= media/pr.php?id= content.php?ID= cloudbank/detail.php?ID= pages.php?id= news.php?id= beitrag_D.php?id= content/index.php?id= index.php?i= ?action= index.php?page= beitrag_F.php?id= index.php?pageid= page.php?modul= detail.php?id= index.php?w= index.php?modus= news.php?id= news.php?id= aktuelles/meldungen-detail.php?id= item.php?id= obio/detail.php?id= page/de/produkte/produkte.php?prodID= packages_display.php?ref= shop/index.php?cPath= modules.php?bookid= view/7/9628/1.html?reply= product_details.php?prodid= catalog/product.php?pid= rating.php?id= ?page= catalog/main.php?cat_id= index.php?page= detail.php?prodid= products/product.php?pid= news.php?id= book_detail.php?BookID= catalog/main.php?cat_id= catalog/main.php?cat_id= default.php?cPath= catalog/main.php?cat_id= catalog/main.php?cat_id= category.php?catid= categories.php?cat= categories.php?cat= detail.php?prodID= detail.php?id= category.php?id= hm/inside.php?id= index.php?area_id= gallery.php?id= products.php?cat= products.php?cat= media/pr.php?id= books/book.php?proj_nr= products/card.php?prodID= general.php?id= news.php?t= usb/devices/showdev.php?id= content/detail.php?id= templet.php?acticle_id= news/news/title_show.php?id= product.php?id= index.php?url= cryolab/content.php?cid= ls.php?id= s.php?w= abroad/page.php?cid= bayer/dtnews.php?id= news/temp.php?id= index.php?url= book/bookcover.php?bookid= index.php/en/component/pvm/?view= product/list.php?pid= cats.php?cat= software_categories.php?cat_id= print.php?sid= about.php?cartID= accinfo.php?cartId= acclogin.php?cartID= add.php?bookid= add_cart.php?num= addcart.php? addItem.php add-to-cart.php?ID= addToCart.php?idProduct= addtomylist.php?ProdId= adminEditProductFields.php?intProdID= advSearch_h.php?idCategory= affiliate.php?ID= affiliate-agreement.cfm?storeid= affiliates.php?id= ancillary.php?ID= archive.php?id= article.php?id= phpx?PageID basket.php?id= Book.php?bookID=
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Tales from the Farm trailer
Trailer for Jeff Lemire's graphic novel TALES FROM THE FARM, published by Top Shelf Productions. For more info or to order, visit http://www.topshelfcomix.com/catalog.php?type=12&title=537 ! Video directed by Marcel Sawicki. Music by Michael Gerald Bauer. Edited by Chris Woods.
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8. E - Commerce Website PHP MySQL Tutorial - Product Display Page
Series: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP#eCommerce-Website-Tutorial Source Download: http://www.developphp.com/video/PHP/PayPal-IPN-PHP-Instant-Payment-Notification-Script In this 8th video we will begin creating the dynamic product display page, and also discuss payment gateway shopping cart options. The E - Commerce Web Site we will be assembling is one in which all of the inventory is in a MySQL database and we offer a custom PHP cart for a unique shopping experience.
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A PROJECTION | EXIT Album teaser
A PROJECTION is an indie/postpunk/new wave band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their debut album, EXIT, was released on April 24th. They are signed to Tapete records: http://www.tapeterecords.de/artists/a-projection/ *** Tour dates: 23.05.15 Berlin / Schokoladen Mitte 24.05.15 Bielefeld/ Desperado Bielefeld 25.05.15 Hamburg/ Hafenklang 26.05.15 tba 27.05.15 Essen/ Banditen Wie Wir 28.05.15 Landau/ Fatal 29.05.15 Freiburg/ The Great Räng teng teng 30.05.15 Wolfsburg/ Saunaclub For bookings, contact [email protected] (Germany) or [email protected] (worldwide). *** EXIT ORDER LINKS Links for streaming https://open.spotify.com/album/4WYL1Hmi3Ax4Hki4Sj7ZR3 http://listen.tidalhifi.com/album/44831620 Links for digital purchase https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/exit/id965878588 http://www.amazon.com/Exit-Projecti…/…/ref=tmm_msc_swatch_0… *** Buy the album on CD or vinyl at https://shop.tapeterecords.com/new/a-projection-exit.html, or at any of the links below. *** Purchase links (Scandinavia) LP http://www.bengans.se/Product.aspx?skivkod=1267169&section=music http://cdon.se/musik/a_projection/exit-32791069 CD http://www.bengans.se/Product.aspx?skivkod=1267168&section=music http://cdon.se/musik/a_projection/exit-32791070 // Purchase links (UK) LP http://de.juno.co.uk/products/a-projection-exit/567140-01/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Exit-VINYL-Projection/dp/B00SSEXDIQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1427709945&sr=8-5&keywords=A+Projection+Exit CD http://de.juno.co.uk/products/a-projection-exit/567141-01/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Exit-Projection/dp/B00SU7D2ZK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427709945&sr=8-1&keywords=A+Projection+Exit // Purchase links (USA) LP http://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/a-projection-exit-lp/TR.309LP.html http://www.amazon.com/Exit-Projection/dp/B00SSEXDIQ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1427709890&sr=8-3&keywords=A+Projection+Exit CD http://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/a-projection-exit-cd/TR.309CD.html http://www.amazon.com/Exit-Projection/dp/B00SU7D2ZK/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1427709890&sr=8-10&keywords=A+Projection+Exit // Purchase links (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) LP https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/a-projection-exit/hnum/6807340 http://www.amazon.de/Exit-Vinyl-LP/dp/B00SSEXDIQ/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1427709830&sr=1-2&keywords=A+Projection+Exit CD https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/a-projection-exit/hnum/6810505 http://www.amazon.de/Exit-Projection/dp/B00SU7D2ZK/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1427709830&sr=1-1&keywords=A+Projection+Exit // Purchase links (France/Benelux) LP http://musique.fnac.com/a8195119/Projection-Exit-CD-inclus-Vinyl-album http://www.sugarandspice.fr/catalog.php?type=idg&val=76355 http://www.amazon.fr/Exit-Projection/dp/B00SSEXDIQ/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1427709807&sr=1-2&keywords=A+Projection+Exit CD http://musique.fnac.com/a8195102/Projection-Exit-CD-album http://www.sugarandspice.fr/catalog.php?type=idg&val=76355 http://www.amazon.fr/Exit-Projection/dp/B00SU7D2ZK/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1427709755&sr=1-2&keywords=A+Projection+Exit
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Create Digital Catalogs From PDF
converting pdf files to digital catalog is one of the primary functions of Pub HTML5. The software is designed for making fabulous digital publication so as to bring grand viewing experience to customers. see more at http://pubhtml5.com/product-feature/create-digital-catalogs-from-pdf.php
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Mary's Little Lamb - Hay
'Hay' from the album 'Elixir for the Drifter' by Mary's Little Lamb, out now on Rootz Rumble Available on CD, download and streaming services Vinyl available from April 7th. Order here: http://www.sonicrendezvous.com/catalog.php?type=idg&val=68092 Band website: http://www.maryslittlelamb.be Label website: http://donor.company/rootzrumble/
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Create Simple Shopping Cart using PHP & MySql
If you are looking for video tutorial on how to make simple shopping care using PHP with Mysql. In this video tutorial I have show you how to display product on web page, how to add item to shopping cart and how to remove item from shopping cart by using PHP programming language with Mysql database. Source Code - http://www.webslesson.info/2016/08/simple-php-mysql-shopping-cart.html
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Yanmar Crawler Backhoe B1U 1 Parts Catalog Manual
Get it here: http://visit.tradebit.com/visit.php/487966/product/-/277156707 This manual can be used by anyone from a first time owner/amateur to a professional technician.Easy to read type,And give you all the information needed to do the procedure correctly.Keep this service manual handy and use it often. Performing routine,preventive maintenance will save you time & money by helping to prevent premature failure and unnecessary repairs. **************** Manual Contents: Model: Yanmar Crawler Backhoe B1U-1 Engine Model: 2TNE68-N3BY 2TNE68-EN3BY All Parts Informations and with Wiring Diagram **************** File Format: PDF Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac Language: English Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader
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SAP MM - Purchase Order in SAP - SAP Materials Management
visit https://www.learnsap.com/config/mm.html for worldwide Online SAP MM Training and In-Class training USA. Learn how the purchase order works in SAP Materials Management. A detail discussion of SAP Purchase Orders and their various types. A step by step creation of a Service Purchase Order. More SAP Training Courses: https://www.learnsap.com/courses.php SAP MM Courses: https://www.learnsap.com/mm-course-catalog.php #sapmm #sap #saptraining #onlinesap #sapmmtutorials #sapeducation #sapmodules #sapcourses #sapjobs #materialsmanagement #purchaseorder #sapstepbystep #learn_sap #sap #materialsmanagement #mm LearnSAP 1927, CR 129 Pearland, TX 77581 +1 832-419-7371 || +1-832-481-9144 Website : https://www.learnsap.com Email : [email protected]
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Case IH Tractor MXM 155 Parts Catalog
http://www.dhtauto.com/showthread.php?61381-Case-IH-Tractor-MXM-155-Parts-Catalog Case IH Tractor MXM 155 Parts Catalog Size: 18.7mb Language: English Type: pdf Pages: 1299 Read more: http://www.dhtauto.com/showthread.php?61381-Case-IH-Tractor-MXM-155-Parts-Catalog#ixzz3Iq84y71T
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Creating a PHP Search
This is a tutorial which goes over how to create a PHP search which filters out results from a database table. Sorry for the mistakes made in this video, the video following this goes over how to take this and make it instant with jQuery Tutor Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JoeTheTutor Dibbble: www.dribbble.com/sleekode www.helpingdevelop.com
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Import Table of Contents from PDF to digital catalog
http://pubhtml5.com/product-feature/import-table-of-contents-from-pdf-to-digital-catalog.php PUBhtml5 is designed with the function of automatically creating a table of content based on the original pdf files when they are converted into digital catalogues.
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How to use bidtraffic
This video shows you how you can use bidtraffic to make money . All you have to do is follow the instruction and you will be done . join bidtraffic http://bidtraffic.com-signup.php?type=publishers&refid=53994 using the link . Created by staff of http://social-catalog.com
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PDair Leather Case for HTC Touch Pro2 T7373 - Flip Type (Black)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10100000_900000_11000654 Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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PDair Leather Case for Apple iPhone 4 - Sleeve Type (Black)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10100000_11000130_11000988 Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Easy access to all buttons and features. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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PDair book type case review for Htc Desire
In this video i review the PDair book type case, it's a really good quality case and fit perfectly. I bought it from there main website: http://www.pdair.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=10100000_900000_11000911&products_id=28793 Also Like, comment and subscribe to my videos. Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/oawalker
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PDair  Leather Case for LG Optimus 2X P990 - Flip Type (Black)
Contains 2 credit card slots. Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs, for ease of use. White stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful. http://www.pdair.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=10100000_11000039_11001235&products_id=32635
Views: 4213 RobertTu753
PDair Leather Case for Nokia N900 - Book Type (Black/Crocodile Pattern)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10100000_1900000_11000787 Crocodile Pattern. Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use. Black stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
Views: 5071 PDair Cases
PDair Leather Case for Apple iPad - Sleeve Type (Black)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10900000_11000225_11000901 Easy access to all buttons and features. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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【統合TV】How to use database catalog in LSDB
The high-resolution version is here: http://togotv.dbcls.jp/20100107.html#p01 Database catalog in LSDB is one of the services provided by the Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS). It is a database of databases. There are so many databases in the world, while there are so many users who complain about databases. They say I cannot find appropriate databases for my project!, I cannot really see what kinds of databases are available! and so on. It is not too much to say that how to make use of databases is a key issue for your research projects. Database catalog organizes the database records by database type, data type, subjects of the study and database provider. And users can post comments on any database.
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PDair Leather Case for Samsung SGH-U108/SGH-U100 - Flip Type (Black)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10100000_10000000_11000560 Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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WW Sly Shaker Type Dust Collector  #8082
http://pkequip.com/catalog/index.php?action=list&cat=16 WW Sly Skidded Shaker Type Dust Collector with 103 Envelope Type Bags. Screen Area Approx. 2000 sq. ft. Unit is powered by 25 HP ILG Industries Blower. Unit has Order # JMF-5031 and is complete with 1 HP Shaker Motor. Dimensions: 185 inches long: 93 inches wide and 95 inches in height. P & K Equipment Company P.O. Box 221392 Beachwood, OH 44122 Phone: 216-831-8858 Fax: 216-831-7779 http://www.pkequip.com
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Adellaide Cds Unboxing "Flying High" AOR! Lions Pride Music!
Thanks: Carsten Nielsen, Chris Siloma, Andrea Suzuki, Lions Pride Music, Adellaide Band, Joey Polycarpo, Tito Falaschi and all Friends! Adellaide - CDS "Flying High" arrive in Brazil! https://youtu.be/3Kx_26_eTg0 Order Physical via Lions Pride Music: https://t.co/fG40eO2OWv Order Digital: ✪ iTunes: http://apple.co/2f0wHz4 ✪ Apple Music: http://apple.co/2jnaiNQ ✪ Amazon: http://amzn.to/2f8kgBl ✪ Google Play: http://bit.ly/2jJ6lTx ✪ Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2iO5Rvu ✪ Deezer: http://.deezer.com/album/47869442 Stores World https://lionsmusicshop.wixsite.com/lionspridemusic Switzerland http://www.nonstopmusic.ch BeneLux, France, Spain http://www.sonicrendezvous.com/catalog.php?type=idg... UK, EIRE & Rest of Europe http://www.plastichead.com/item.asp?ex=fitem&target=LPM054 Germany http://www.aorheaven.com/.../adellaide-flying-high.html USA/Brazil https://www.nehrecords.com/SHOP/AdellaideFlying.htm Japan http://www.anstemusic.com/product/5064 http://diskunion.net/metal/ct/detail/HMHR171003-401 http://tower.jp/item/4611289/Flying-High http://www.rockavenuerecords.com/SHOP/RAR-12298.html http://merurido.jp/item.php?ky=LPM054 Italy http://www.soundtrekdistributions.it/releases/1489 Greece https://www.music-megastore.com HMV Stores http://www.hmv.ie/.../movies-games-entertainment/pd/1112477 Amazon Stores Amazon Italy - https://www.amazon.de/Flying-High-Adellaide/dp/B075YB5JV3/ Amazon Germany - https://www.amazon.it/Flying-High-Adellaide/dp/B075YB5JV3/ Amazon France - https://www.amazon.fr/Flying-High-Adellaide/dp/B075YB5JV3/ Amazon UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flying-High.../dp/B075YB5JV3/
PDair       Leather Case for Acer Iconia Tab A500 - Business Type (Black)
Opens and closes with magnet, for ease of use. White stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful. http://www.pdair.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=11000659_11001240_11001241&products_id=32770
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PDair Leather Case for Samsung SGH-L700 - Flip Type (Black)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10100000_10000000_11000454 Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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Ultimate WooCommerce Catalog
The Ultimate Product Catalog Plugin is the perfect way to let your visitors search your catalog of WooCommerce products. Add unlimited product attributes, multiple filtering control types, text search, price slider and more to let you visitors narrow down your catalog of products so that they can find exactly what they're looking for. The Ultimate Product Catalog Plugin also allows side-by-side comparison of unlimited products, importing and exporting products via spreadsheet, infinite scroll, and has hundreds of styling, labeling and functionality options. For an FAQ on the plugin, please visit: http://www.etoilewebdesign.com/plugins/ultimate-product-catalog/
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PDair   Leather Case for Sony Xperia S - Book Type (Black)
Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs, for ease of use. White stitch finishing, making this case look more beautiful. 3BSYXSB41 http://www.pdair.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=10100000_1200000_11001432&products_id=35528
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WW Sly Shaker Type Dust Collector #8082
http://www.pkequip.com/catalog/index.php?action=viewprod&num=261 WW Sly Shaker Type Dust Collector #8082 WW Sly Skidded Shaker Type Dust Collector with 103 Envelope Type Bags. Screen Area Approx. 2000 sq. ft. Unit is powered by 25 HP ILG Industries Blower. Unit has Order # JMF-5031 and is complete with 1 HP Shaker Motor. Dimensions: 185 inches long: 93 inches wide and 95 inches in height. PK Equipment P.O. Box 221392 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 U.S.A. [email protected] Phone: 216-831-8858 Fax: 216-831-7779 http://www.pkequip.com
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PDair Leather Case for Motorola DROID - Book Type (Black)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10100000_2700000_11000872 Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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PDair Leather Case for Samsung i8000 Omnia II - Sleeve Type (Black)
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10100000_10000000_11000742 Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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CMS Tutorial 10: How to edit the catalog
CMS Tutorial 10 will help you to "Edit the catalog", teaching you how to add new images, change the existing images and adding details and descriptions for an image and make your website catalog look good.
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Racebox exhaust on my forester sti type R
racebox sound test :) the car is at 1999 forester whit impreza type R engin and type r drivetrain :) http://www.scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=686 2.5 down pipe 2.5 mid pipe 3.5 racebox silencer smack :)
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PDair Leather case HP 2133 Mini-Note PC Book Type Black
http://www.pdair.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=10900000_11000245_11000246 Contains 2 credit card slot and 4 memory card slots. Opens and closes with magnetic ,for ease of use. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.
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PDair   Leather Case for Motorola MOTO XT615 - Flip Top Type (Black)
Removable 360 degrees belt clip included. Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use. White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful. 3BMOX6T41 http://pdair.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=10100000_2700000_11001408&products_id=35446
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Chris Busby Reveals Biggest Threat To Humanity
David Knight talks with radiation expert Dr. Christopher Busby about Fukushima, the latest incident in the Ukraine and how the depleted uranium is destroying. Interview was January 5, 2015. I was pretty surprised the way Dr. Chris Busby Really Down played Fukushima (topic began around 33:40 into interview). I find it impossible to peak in 2015. Someone help me out with That one. If Fukushima isn't that big of a deal, then WHAT'S NEXT?! Here's the article and info Chris Busby was talking about at around 25:00 into the video The "Forgotten" Uranium Isotope http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/11/21/secrets-of-the-uk-nuclear-bomb-tests-revealed/ Refusing to believe the impossible Three tons of uranium – not worth mentioning? Enriched uranium – rich in U-234, not just U-235 Uranium is not directly detectable with Geiger counters If you don’t look for uranium, it’s easy not to find Denying the obvious – there’s plenty of uranium in nuclear fallout It’s in the bones Chris Busby is the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk andthe author of Uranium and Health – The Health Effects of Exposure to Uranium and Uranium Weapons Fallout (Documents of the ECRR 2010 No 2, Brussels, 2010). For accounts of his work see http://www.greenaudit.org/ http://www. llrc.org and http://www.nuclearjustice.org. http://www.bsrr.org Morgan minutes: https://www.scribd.com/doc/245265707/Minutes-of-Meeting-Held-at-AERE-Harwell-9th-July-1953 Test vets report 4th supplement: https://www.scribd.com/doc/245267376/Health-consequences-of-exposures-of-British-personnel-to-radioactivity-whilst-serving-in-areas-where-atomic-bomb-tests-were-conducted My Marshall Islands paper https://www.scribd.com/doc/111935078/22 Semipalatinsk Uranium in bones https://www.scribd.com/doc/245268160/Uranium-in-bones-Semipalatinsk-Test-Site S L Simon et al Marshall Islands report http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20622548 Busby Presentation of Marshall Islands report at UNHRC Geneva October 2012 http://youtu.be/WRGwyIpLyP4 Hicks 1984 https://www.scribd.com/doc/245269543/Hicks-1984-Components-of-atmospheric-test-fallout Uranium content of bombs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermonuclear_weapon Rowlands Wahab New Zealand chromosome study www.llrc.org/epidemiology/subtopic/nzvetsrept.pdf NAP dose reconstruction of test veterans http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=10697 and http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=4760 and http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=10697 Bomb test veterans’ grandchildren suffer health impacts. The ICRP’s radiation risk model is bogus science. Minutes of Meeting Held at AERE Harwell 9th July 1953 http://www.scribd.com/doc/245265707/Minutes-of-Meeting-Held-at-AERE-Harwell-9th-July-1953 Bomb test veterans' grandchildren suffer health impacts http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2595620/bomb_test_veterans_grandchildren_suffer_health_impacts.html Ukraine: January 3rd, 2015 TV: Documents reveal radiation spike at world’s fifth largest nuclear plant — Reuters: Officials “could not comment” if documents are authentic; Report says radiation levels measured at 16 times gov’t limit after leak (VIDEO) http://enenews.com/tv-documents-reveal-radiation-leak-europes-largest-nuclear-plant-reuters-officials-could-comment-documents-authentic-claims-spike-radiation-days-exceeding-permitted-norms-16-times-video December 29th, 2014 “Emergency shutdown” at one of world’s largest nuke plants — Local Official: “Radiation is 14 times higher than acceptable norm” in area; Warns of Chernobyl-type disaster — Gov’t: Levels are “within acceptable limits”, incident is under investigation — Second accident at plant this month http://enenews.com/accident-one-worlds-largest-nuclear-plants-local-official-radiation-14-times-higher-acceptable-norm-area-warns-chernobyl-type-disaster-govt-levels-acceptable-limits-incident-investigation December 6th, 2014 TV: Plutonium being pumped into ocean through miles of underwater pipes — Nuclear waste left lying on beach — Kids playing on sand where machines scoop up plutonium each day — Alarming test results 1,000% legal limit (VIDEO & PHOTOS) http://enenews.com/tv-plutonium-being-pumped-ocean-miles-underwater-pipes-nuclear-waste-left-lying-beach-kids-playing-sand-machines-scoop-plutonium-day-video-photos December 3rd, 2014 CNN: Urgent – Emergency repairs reported at largest nuclear power plant in Europe — Prime Minister: I know that a nuclear accident has occurred (VIDEO) http://enenews.com/cnn-urgent-emergency-repair-reported-largest-nuclear-power-plant-europe-prime-minister-accident-occurred-video
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Lindberg Tube Furnace Type 54541  #8021
http://pkequip.com/catalog/index.php?action=viewprod&num=23# Lindberg Tube Furnace: Approx. dimensions of inside tube 4 1/2" diam. X approx. 18 1/2" in length. Type 54541 Serial # 818621 240 Volts Hz 60/50 3300 Watts Temp: 1000oC No Controller Unit looks to be in good condition. Age: unknown.
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Welcome to our store of Indian Fashions Jewelry, Custom made production of all type of Indian jewelry .
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The collapse of Venezuela, explained
The country is in chaos, but its leaders aren't going anywhere. Correction at 1:58: It’s been brought to our notice that the Supreme Court tried to strip the country’s National Assembly of its powers in March 2017 and not 2016. We regret the error. For more on the Supreme Court ruling: https://www.vox.com/world/2017/5/1/15408828/venezuela-protests-maduro-parliament-supreme-court-crisis Sources: 0:56 https://tradingeconomics.com/venezuela/inflation-cpi , https://tradingeconomics.com/venezuela/consumer-price-index-cpi , http://www.imf.org/external/datamapper/[email protected]/OEMDC/ADVEC/WEOWORLD/VEN?year=2017 , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_Venezuela#/media/File:1998_to_2013_Venezuela_Murder_Rate.png https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-economy-forex-idUSKBN1AP2LM 1:25 https://www.scribd.com/document/354981596/Datanalisis-Informe-Omnibus-Julio-2017-ODH-Consultores#from_embed (Page 22) http://www.datanalisis.com/ 1:54 https://www.wsj.com/articles/maduro-s-allies-stack-venezuelas-supreme-court-1450912005 3:27 https://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.php?id=24432 3:44 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Venezuela_Poverty_Rate_1997_to_2013.png 4:00 https://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21720289-over-past-year-74-venezuelans-lost-average-87kg-weight-how 4:40 https://www.cato.org/research/troubled-currencies?tab=venezuela Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO The collapse of Venezuela and President Maduro's rise to dictatorship. Venezuela was once the richest country in Latin America. It has the largest known oil reserves in the world. And its democratic government was once praised world wide. But today, Venezuela’s democratic institutions and its economy are in shambles. The country has the highest inflation in the world, making food and medicine inaccessible to most Venezuelans. Over the last four years, its GDP has fallen 35%, which is a sharper drop than the one seen during the Great Depression in the US. The country’s murder rate has surpassed that of the most dangerous cities in the world. These conditions have sparked months of protests against the president, Nicolas Maduro. And it’s easy to see why: the country has become measurably worse since his election in 2013. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Smallpox Vaccine 1955
The smallpox vaccine helps the body develop immunity to smallpox. The vaccine is made from a virus called vaccinia which is a pox-type virus related to smallpox. The smallpox vaccine contains the live vaccinia virus—not dead virus like many other vaccines. For that reason, the vaccination site must be cared for carefully to prevent the virus from spreading. Also, the vaccine can have side effects. In the past, about 1,000 people for every 1 million people vaccinated for the first time experienced reactions that, while not life-threatening, were serious. These reactions included a toxic or allergic reaction at the site of the vaccination (erythema multiforme), spread of the vaccinia virus to other parts of the body and to other individuals (inadvertent inoculation), and spread of the vaccinia virus to other parts of the body through the blood (generalized vaccinia). These types of reactions may require medical attention. In the past, between 14 and 52 people out of every 1 million people vaccinated for the first time experienced potentially life-threatening reactions to the vaccine. Based on past experience, it is estimated that 1 or 2 people in 1 million who receive the vaccine may die as a result. Routine smallpox vaccinations were discontinued among U.S. children in 1972, and among U.S. healthcare workers in 1976 after the disease was eradicated in the United States and because of the side effects. Until recently, the U.S. government provided the vaccine only to a few hundred scientists and medical professionals working with smallpox and similar viruses in a research setting. The national smallpox vaccination program announced on December 13, 2002, was the result of an extraordinary policy decision: to vaccinate people against a disease that does not exist with a vaccine that poses some well-known risks. The rationale for such a decision can be considered only against the backdrop of the terrorist and bioterrorist attacks of 2001. Skepticism among key constituencies was followed by a lack of buy-in. Despite their expressed willingness to strengthen preparedness for bioterrorism in general, and their desire to serve their communities, many public health and health care workers were ultimately unwilling to accept the well-known risks of smallpox vaccine in the context of limited information about the risk of smallpox. The lack of buy-in led to poor participation in the vaccination program. In addition to the fact that the rationale for the program and its structure was not explained, communication with key constituencies created confusion and concern. The typically open and transparent communication from CDC—the nations public health leader that generally provides guidance for science-based decision-making—seemed constrained by unknown external influences. For information on this failed vaccination program, read the 2005 Institute of Medicine report, The Smallpox Vaccination Program: Public Health in an Age of Terrorism, at http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=11240 . For more information on the smallpox vaccine, go to the CDC website http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/smallpox/vaccination/facts.asp . This is clipped from the 1955 film Immunization (2nd Ed) produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Film and available at the Internet Archive.
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अद्भुत मंगल ग्रह | The Secrets Of Red Planet Mars (Hindi) | Mars planet Documentrary in hindi
अद्भुत मंगल ग्रह | The Secrets Of Red Planet Mars (Hindi) | Mars planet Documentrary in hindi #documentrylibrary in video is we will learn about our fourth planet that's called mars. it's also called red planet and there are many of the mysteries related to mars and we also talk about them. and we also know about some facts and figures about planet mars. planet mars in hindi and space in hindi Image Credits 1) By NASA (image modified by Jcpag2012) - Images found in NASA, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39785451 2) land-Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2140269 3) polar ice-By NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4496369 4) ice-By NASA/JPL/MSSS -Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16837197 5) crater-By NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona - Catalog page · Full-res (JPEG · TIFF), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18356440 6) mons-By Image by NASA, modifications by Seddon - Edited version of File: Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5551353 7) valles- Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21364747 8) atmosphere-By NASA - http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/multimedia/gallery/Mars__atmosphere.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=753960 9) methane-By NASA/JPL-Caltech - http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/images/methane-source-mars-rover-curiosity-pia19088-full.jpg, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37351813 10) viking-By "Roel van der Hoorn (Van der Hoorn)" - Own work based on images in the NASA Viking image archive, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5796686 11) phobos-By NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA10368, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5191977 12) deimos-By NASA/JPL-caltech/University of Arizona - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6213773 13) panorama-By NASA/JPL - http://marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/press/spirit/20050420a.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=259514 14) spacecraft-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA04244 (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=407192 15) spacecraft1-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/phoenix/multimedia/pia09943.html (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45997427 16) nasa-By Les Bossinas of NASA Lewis Research Center, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4970616 17) mars-By Ittiz - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8571382 18) mars-By Ittiz at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32796713 19) mars-By Daein Ballard - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2204265 20) mars-By Daein Ballard - The original image was uploaded on en.wikipedia as en:Image:MarsTransitionV.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=939978 21) canyon-By Pescaiolo - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3646089 22) everest-By Carsten.nebel - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3494027 23) phobos-By NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA10367, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=43413444 24) isro-By Indian Space Research Organisation - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14977400 25) spirit-By NASA/JPL/Cornell - Catalog page · Full-res (JPEG · TIFF), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=18356604 26) artist cocept-By NASA - http://marsprogram.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/images/?ImageID=3504, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15307691 27) phonix-By NASA/JPL/UA/Lockheed Martin, Corby Waste - http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA09344, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2359111 28) polar lander-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/pictures/solar/mplartist.html (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=635035 29) orbiter-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=390903 30) lander-By NASA/JPL/Corby Waste - Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=390903 31) oppertunity-Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=465848 32) spacex-By U.S. Air Force -Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28739891
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Dragonfly Chiminea Cast Aluminum Winter Fire Blue Rooster Review
Additional Blue Rooster Chiminea Video http://youtu.be/kDZedQTxlsc http://www.thebluerooster.com/catalog/outdoor-fireplace-10freetips.php A fire burned during the winter in a Blue Rooster chiminea. Metal chiminea danger myth busted! First time chiminea buyer or just tossing out the old clay one. After you review the Blue Rooster chimineas you will find they are the best made chimineas in the USA.On the other hand, if you have a $129 deck, buy a $129 fireplace... Highlights of the 10 Tips to Buying an Outdoor Fireplace from The Blue Rooster Company http://www.thebluerooster.com/catalog/outdoor-fireplace-10freetips.php All outdoor fireplaces are not the same. Keep in mind that you are buying a "fire place" and the safety of your family, your property, and possibly your neighbors will depend on it. A chiminea will keep the smoke out of your eyes. A chiminea burns hotter and cleaner then a fire pit, leaving behind only a small amount of ash. Blue Rooster Company chimineas are easy to light, efficient, and clean burning outdoor fireplaces. Some outdoor fireplaces last longer than others. Chain store and mass marketed fireplaces made of copper, sheet steel, or clay, do not provide the safety or longevity of cast iron or cast aluminum. The Blue Rooster Company has owned, burned and studied about every type of outdoor fireplace. Out of the materials available, Cast Aluminum stands out as the best. Cast Iron can rust and stain the surface on which it is standing so proper placement should be considered. Clay chimineas need to be babied; "Feed slowly, keep warm and dry." If you want a fireplace that is going to be safer and last longer, any other material on the market is a better investment. Sheet Metal outdoor fireplaces can melt or warp, enamel finishes disappear and exposed sheet metal rusts out quickly. Copper Make sure it has a cover or rain lid and prepare to maintain or replace pop rivets, screws and/or nuts and bolts. Stainless steel works great for mouth screens and hardware. But complete Stainless steel fire pits and chimineas are not recommended If you decide to get a cast iron chiminea see The Blue Rooster's Grape style Cast Iron. The Cast Iron Grape weighs 178 pounds and The Blue Rooster's™ Cast Iron Venetian is a whopping 197 lbs. Be sure to consider the fire box size. A smaller firebox will make wood buying or cutting more complicated costing more in the long run. Wood will have to be cut special or ordered from a wood supplier in smaller pieces at a higher price. Cast Aluminum chimineas have many benefits. Cast aluminum chimineas are expensive to produce but make the best outdoor fireplaces available. Cast aluminum chiminea will not rust, stain your deck or patio, they are very low maintenance and portable. The Blue Rooster Company™ has owned, burned, and studied every type of chiminea manufacturing material available and cast aluminum has consistently been the best product. You will not find a better product on the outdoor fireplace market. Safety concerns with clay chimineas. You can get burned by a hot clay chiminea just as fast as a hot metal chiminea. If there was a danger to using a metal outdoor fireplace, then all gas grills would be made of clay. If you are the type of person prone to sticking your fingers on hot items, maybe a garden fountain would be better for you than an outdoor fireplace. The main problem with clay is that when it does fail, (fall apart) it can happen without warning. What to burn in an outdoor fireplace. A good hardwood such as seasoned oak creates the best fire. Safety First When using any outdoor fireplace make sure safety is your #1 priority. Have a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water or other water source available. Never leave a fire unattended and know how to use your fire safety equipment. Make sure your fire is out before going to bed at night even if it means filling a smoldering fire pit with water. Don't sacrifice safety in order to save a few dollars on a bargain rate fire extinguisher or a cheap clay outdoor fireplace. Remember you are dealing with fire. Anytime a fire is lit there is a potential to cause damage to yourself, friends, family, your property, or your neighbors. Just be sure when enjoying any controlled fire, safety is the number one concern. Enjoy An outdoor fireplace will enhance your life. At the end of the day a nice toasty fire and a good glass of wine will do wonders for your state of mind. Sharing stories around the fire brings families and friends together. A Blue Rooster Chiminea may not replace your TV, but it's a good start. Our chiminea outdoor fireplace products may be duplicated, but our quality and service can't. If you see our chiminea designs elsewhere they are not Blue Rooster™ Originals unless stated. When you call us, you can talk to someone that knows our products and can answer your questions. The Blue Rooster Company Chiminea "A Better Outdoor Fireplace"
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Getting Started with the Graph API
An introduction to Facebook's Graph API which is the primary way to programmatically integrate with Facebook - publishing Open Graph stories, reading data about the current user - their details, likes and interests and friends. Read the full Getting Started guide at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/getting-started/graphapi/ We cover: - the difference between Objects (also known as Edges) and Connections - Using the Graph API Explorer we see how to build up deep graph queries which dive several layers deep into the Graph - How we need to request additional permissions to access more data about the user, or to have permission to publish on behalf of the user.
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