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The High Road — Camp Brand Goods Fall 2016 Collection
Ah yes, the end of Summer. The shorter days lead to colder nights and the number of campable weekends waning quicker than we’d all like. A sad tale indeed.... but wait! Why be sad when you can be happy! Around these parts, Fall is short and sweet, so we do our best to enjoy every last drop. And to prove it, we “campified” our pal’s VW Westfalia, aka Trusty Rusty, and headed out to take the long route down Highway 40, through the Highwood Pass to beautiful Kananaskis Country. Video & production by: Mike Seehagel Music: Sailing - The Strumbellas Models: Kim Noseworthy & Stephen Burchill K9: Otis the Old English Sheep Dog ©2016 Camp Brand Goods Inc.
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Camp Brand Goods Spring 2015
Camp Brand Goods Spring 2015 - With the Rockies still covered in snow we headed to the West Coast to catch some rays. Turns out the sun doesn't shine much around these parts in the spring time. We settled for getting soaked instead. You can't go swimming in the rain, you're gonna get wet! Video by: Mike Seehagel | http://mikeseehagelblog.com Models: Kim Noseworthy & Stephen Burchill Music: The Seeds - Can't Seem to Make You Mine http://campbrandgoods.com
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Camp Brand Goods Outsiders Collection
Outsiders Collection* Filmed/edited by the. loner. club. , kyla
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Review: Backpacking/Camp Stove and Cookset from LighTake.com
****PLEASE NOTE**** I mistakenly put the dimensions of the pots in centimeters rather than millimeters. Sorry for any confusion! Join me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gschultz9/ Here's a link to this item at LighTake.com: http://goo.gl/RJUokL This is a review of an outdoor/camping/backpacking cookset and stove from LighTake.com. It is a very low-cost item that might make for a good alternative to the expensive name-brand stuff you can find for a lot more money at the big camping/outdoor stores like REI, EMS and Dick's Sporting Goods... This set costs approximately $20.00 (the price at the website seems to vary almost daily) and is well worth the price (of course you you have to keep in mind that you ARE getting it for a very LOW price). I liked the look and performance of everything. The one issue I had was with the piezo igniter on the stove. It created a spark like it was supposed to, but wouldn't ignite the gas for some reason. Later I figured out that the igniter was simply too close to the burner and when I gave it a little more space it worked perfectly (stay tuned or skip to the end to see it working properly). You might be able to find better quality, higher performance, slightly better design and/or a somewhat lighter product with the name brand sets, but for the price this is an excellent overall value. I've never dealt with LighTake before and would like to know what others think of the company and its products. They were very pleasant in asking me to review some of their stuff, quick to send it along to me and I was pleasantly surprised by the apparent quality of everything in this set.
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Camp Brand Goods is about living the good life. Time spent outdoors, traveling, camping, swimming, road trips, having fun with your buds, high fives, beer, making cool stuff and getting lost in it all. It’s about enjoying the journey and knowing it’s just as important as the destination. It’s about quality, working hard, learning from the process and your mistakes. It’s about starting and doing, constantly evolving, and being humbled. It’s about knowing you don’t need to always stick to the plan. It’s about leaving comfortable and exploring something new. It’s about believing in yourself and that it will always work out. It’s about family, friends, and finding your tribe. It’s about always picking the underdog. It’s leaving it better than you found it. It’s about being nice, and trying doing the right thing. It's about saying yes to adventure. Guaranteed good times. Camp Brand Goods.
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Sunday Funday : Camp Brand Goods X Tower SUP
Our summer was kind of a bummer. More rainy days then we can count, and we can count pretty high. Almost every camping trip was either cancelled or we spent our days huddled under a tarp away from the rain. You can only play so many hands of crazy eights before you actually go crazy and we were really close to hitting the tipping point. So when you wake up on Sunday morning and the forecast looks good you make the most of it. We packed up the car, hit the road and ended up at one of our favorite swimming holes, Two Jack Lake, except this time we brought along a couple Tower SUP boards. I'm sure you've had fun before, but not this much fun. Enjoy the film! Video by: Davey Lieske
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The Livery Shop Bike Rentals
Want to explore Calgary the best way possible. Take our fleet of commuters out for spin! We have four Priority bicycle commuter bikes that are always tuned up and ready to go. Call 403-453-7711 or drop by the shop to reserve yours today! The Livery Shop 1130 10th Ave SE Calgary AB Canada T2G0W1
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Camp Brand Goods - 5 Tips for Successful Marketing on Instagram
Marketing on Instagram is about taking a photo that makes people happy and creating a following from that. Learn from Camp Brand what tips you need to market successfully with Instagram.
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Camp Brand Goods - How to Create a Massive Instagram Following
Want to grow a community on Instagram? It starts with taking incredible photos, but doesn't stop there. In order to truly set yourself apart, according to Camp Brand Goods you need to engage with your followers early and often, and build relationships with a network of influencers around your product.
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Ignite YYC presents 'The 4o3' featuring Leslie and Connor of Camp Brand Goods
Camp Brand Goods hails from Calgary, AB and you can find their t-shirts and sweatshirts keeping people cozy around evening bonfires, under the diamond-filled night sky and inside your favourite mountain town taverns. Founded in 2011 by husband and wife, Connor & Leslie Gould, Camp has been blowing up lately. Their goods can be found at retailers across North America and they recently opened up a shop-able work studio right here in Inglewood called The Livery Shop, so we stopped by for a little visit. http://www.campbrandgoods.com Music: Alumo - Bokeh
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Waxed Canvas Camp Goods.
In this video we take a look at some new waxed canvas products that I was recently given for my Birthday and some that I bought from eBay. There are three different brands to look at including, Frost River, 3 Trees Products and the Ray Mears Woodlore brand. The items range from a small ditty pouch, Zebra billy can bags to tool and fire kit rolls. All well made and practical items, I'm sure they will come in useful for years to come. I will leave the links below for those interested in checking out any of the gear. Thanks for watching...…. Frost River Utensil/Tool Roll: https://naturalman.uk.com/products/frost-river-utensil-roll 3 Trees Products: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/3TreesProducts Ditty Pouch Dump/Foraging Pouch 12cm Zebra Billy Can Bag 14cm Zebra Billy Can 'Caddy Sack' Fire Kit Roll Ray Mears Billy Can Bag: https://www.raymears.com/Bushcraft_Product/1294-Ray-Mears-Canvas-Zebra-Billy-Can-Bag-14-cm/ Stainless Steel Zebra Billy Can 14cm: https://www.raymears.com/Bushcraft_Product/224-Zebra-Stainless-Steel-Billy-Can-14-cm/ Martexin Original Wax: https://www.woodland-ways.co.uk/buy-online-frost-river-waxed-canvas-conditioner-42g-tin-1071.html
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JOGGERS ARE LIVE 1/17/19 3PM CST. NEW 12 WEEK PROGRAM: DESTROYER https://www.thehviii.com/products/destroyer CHECK OUT MY PODCAST "UM SO" https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/umso/id1291631666?mt=2 or https://player.fm/series/umso GRAB UP HVIII BRAND GOODS: https://www.thehviii.com for 15% off use code SUBSCRIBER for saving cash. GRAB UP SOME PRODUCTS FROM ONNIT: https://www.onnit.com/mattvincent/ my favs are listed. HABIT COFFEE: https://hviii-brand-goods.myshopify.com/products/habit-coffee use code SUBSCRIBER for 15% off purchase. All subscriptions come with free coffee mug. ORDER MAXIMUM MOBILITY SLEEVE: http://www.maxmobsleeve.com/ Http://www.THEHVIII.COM SPONSORS AND DISCOUNTS [SPORTKILT discount] use CODE- HVIII for discount and free gift https://sportkilt.com [SORINEX exercise equipment] Strong equipment built for the strongest athletes in the world. http://store.sorinex.com INTEK FOR BUMPERS OR BARS: CODE VINCENT100 for discount https://intekstrength.com/product/functional-trap-bar/ [MY POWERDOT] MVINCENT15 for 15% off a Muscle Stem unit https://www.mypowerdot.com [NOVA 3] use code MATT10 for discount http://nova3labs.com/athletes/ [SKINS COMPRESSION GEAR (SHORTS I ALWAYS WEAR] USE CODE HVIII30 for discount. http://www.skins.net/usa/ If you want to train the way I do check out Strength LAB it is written for anyone wanting to build max strength and power. I train like an athlete. Everything is based on improving my performance.
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Easy Camp Brand Film 2019 - Just Add People
Easy Camp: https://www.campingworld.co.uk/en/Easy-Camp/b-12.aspx
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Hungry Blondes  CAMP Grub
What's better than eating? NOTHING! Our friends Bethany & Jill from the Hungry Blondes (link to www.thehungryblondes.com) shared some of their favourite camping recipes with us, which we'll be bringing to you over the next few weeks. Check out their recipe for Beet & Yam Chips with Roasted Garlic Tahini Dip. Video by: @daveygravy
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This Is How We Car Camp
NYC based photographer, Erica Livoti, and HVIII Brand Goods owner, Matt Vincent, join me and the gang in the woods for a car camping adventure. In addition to backpacking, we do love some good ole fashion car camping! Plenty of extra room for snacks, throwing knives, more dogs, and doughnuts. Disclaimer: we know nothing about throwing knives and popping popcorn over an open flame, clearly. Please excuse the food stuck in my teeth in the beginning of the video! (I'm gross) Car tent: https://tepuitents.com/ Apparel: https://ellosupplyco.com/
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Ready, Set, Camp with VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® Ties
Before heading out for a trip, stock up on our One-Wrap® Ties. They're perfect for securing sleeping bags, poles, and water bottles. Available in multiple sizes and colors: http://bit.ly/1boc7wX
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Get Paid to camp through Madera's Brand Ambassador Program!
Apply here to get paid to camp: https://maderaoutdoor.com/a/offers/f/4954/0/get-paid-to-camp! Website: www.maderaoutdoor.com Madera Outdoor Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMpCjcE_DeTQQi93LrADurw? Instagram: www.instagram.com/madera_outdoor Facebook: www.facebook.com/maderaoutdoor Footage by: Mat West www.instagram.com/fund__us Subscribe to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxkn1WDw4-7ZVigSFCab5QA Music by Soundstorymusic.com Soundstory Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxoTrWPxpFCH7q5Q8V7KKQ Tree footage by Trees.org Additional hammock footage by bybpictures.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "The Wanderer: Ultralight Travel backpack, You'll never need another bag!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzHqXixGlQI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Hungry Blondes  CAMP Grub Teaser
What's better than eating? NOTHING! Our friends Bethany & Jill from the Hungry Blondes (link to www.thehungryblondes.com) shared some of their favourite camping recipes with us, which we'll be bringing to you over the next few weeks. Check out their recipe for Beet & Yam Chips with Roasted Garlic Tahini Dip.
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PARKSHOW 2014, presented by Chinook Centre took place on Saturday, March 15 at the NGA Golf Dome (Calgary, AB) with all funds raised donated to local arts organization. FEATURED DESIGNERS: Calgary-based EG Forge, Rebecca King, Bano eeMee, CAMP Brand Goods, MALIKA, CoutuKitsch Edmonton-based SUKA Clothing, AMOR Jewelry, LUXX Ready to Wear Regina-based Kazz Clothing. Video shot and edited by Jennifer Devine. Music from: Dior Backstage Pros - Instant Beauty Solutions
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Hearts Out 2018 Special Guests
Visitors from Camp Brand Goods, Amanda Hamilton and the Stampede Queen and Princesses joined our rehearsal for a night.
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WATCH IT! Where time matters more
WATCH IT! Fall / Winter 2016 Don't just tell the time, tell the world who you are. Edit: Business on Camera Models: Lindsay and Gasquet @ sophiamodels.com Hair: Sam Rackett @ lusthairsalon.com Makeup: Stella Miha @ maccosmetics.ca Wardrobe: Camp Brand Goods, The Roark Revival, Nixon and Cinder & Sage Music: Cary Judd - Waste My Time With You
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How to market your business through Instagram 2018
Do you use social media to market your business? Camp Brand Goods sat down with Bootkik to discuss how to grow a massive Instagram following. It starts with taking incredible photos, but doesn't stop there. In order to truly set yourself apart, according to Camp Brand Goods you need to engage with your followers early and often, and build relationships with a network of influencers around your product. To learn how to apply these concepts to your business head to, https://www.bootkik.com.
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P11.8M worth of counterfeit, pirated goods destroyed at Camp Crame
Visit us at http://www.inquirer.net Facebook: http://facebook.com/inquirerdotnet Twitter: http://twitter.com/inquirerdotnet
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Red Rock mini Whipper climbing
Red Rock Rendezvous mini whipper on "Serious Libation" in The Oasis of Red Rock Canyon. This is Scott an athlete from CAMP brand goods demonstrating for this FALL SAFE clinic in 2015.
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Drift Stealth 2 / Portrait of a Model (side A): Kim Noseworthy
'The Portrait Project' Ep.05 presents 'Portrait of a Model: Kim Noseworthy' Shot 100% on our Drift Stealth 2 designed for Drift Innovation. Kim has been an international fashion model for 22 years. She was based in Milan and has traveled and worked throughout Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada. Her mother agency is Key Models in Vancouver, but she is also currently signed with various other agencies across Canada and in the United States. Her most recent magazine work includes shoots for Canadian Living, The Globe & Mail, Press the Fashion Mag and she is currently in both En Route (Air Canada) and Westjet's UP Magazine. Clients include La Senza, Herschel, Panasonic, Vogue Sposa, Konzuk, Camp Brand Goods, Joseph Ribkoff, Bluenotes, Fairweather, etc. and she has walked shows for Milan Fashion Week, Dior in Hong Kong and many more including Caitlin Power. When not in front of the camera, Kim can be found as the Fashion Editor for Freq and Branded magazines. Kim Noseworthy Instagram: @kimbotlay Help us spread the love and inspiration and SHARE if you wish to help the movement :). Check the 'Portrait Project' playlist for new weekly stories or subscribe to our Youtube channel to follow along: https://www.youtube.com/twenty2bdesign If you know any inspirational woman or have a story you think we should hear about drop us a line on twitter @twenty2b For more information on twenty2b, check us out at http://www.twenty2b.ca For more information on the Drift Stealth 2, please visit http://www.driftinnovation.com. Music: Voices by 20syl ft. Rita J (Instrumental) Ongoing Thing by 20syl ft. Oddisee (Instrumental)
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Coloring Pinkie Pie Birthday My Little Pony Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers | KiMMi THE CLOWN
Join in on the fun as I, Kimmi The Clown, color in my My Little Pony Coloring & Activity Book! This awesome book comes with so many different pages to color! Watch me color a picture of Pinkie Pie having her birthday using Prismacolor colored paint markers! I had so much fun coloring in this MLP coloring book and watching my pictures come to life! Great book for kids who love My Little Pony, coloring, drawing or being artistic! Join me tomorrow for more fun videos! THANKS FOR WATCHING! HAVE A FUN DAY!!! ☺️ Subscribe to Kimmi The Clown! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiSRILqVmWbYfxilsgT3YNIRww Follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/kimmitheclown Follow me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/KimmiTheClown Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/KimmiTheClown MY MOST RECENT VIDEOS PLAYLIST: Coloring Kitty Cat & Mouse Crayola Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rRUM-Wh6Hs Coloring Ty Beanie Boos Roxie Raccoon Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp5pCIRzeJA Coloring LOL Surprise Dollface & Miss Baby Coloring Page Prismacolor Pencils https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpEMrna235Y Coloring Sunny Day Hair Salon Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ86SjPxTsY Coloring The Loud House Lola & Lisa Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0qQaX_QVFY Coloring PAW Patrol Chase, Marshall, Rubble Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BHjnELnS18 Coloring Transformers Bumblebee Magic Ink Coloring Book Imagine Ink Marker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsLm9UwsiPI Coloring Peppa Pig & George Pillow Fight Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyo0ygBVIr4 Coloring Supergirl DC Super Hero Girls Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAgQ6RKPZFo Coloing Mulan Disney Princess Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdEoaJPGsfA Coloring Fancy Nancy Butterfly Disney Coloring Page Prismacolor Pencils https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAgtWArSYz4 Coloring Sailor Moon Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0ddGwu2x6Y Coloring Puppy Dog Soccer Ball Crayola Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IpLbx9CHMc Coloring Shopkins New Years Party Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW4MHwZTR9A Coloring The Loud House Lincoln & Lily Coloring Page Prismacolor Markers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rteQC7kghHA ******* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxGalRWX0eU Kimmi The Clown Toy Reviews | Kids and Family Friendly Channel Hi everyone, I'm Kimmi The Clown! I love playing with fun toys and making videos to share with you! I really love all kinds of toys, but some of my absolute favorites include Play Doh, LEGO, Barbie, NERF, Shopkins, Thomas & Friends, My Little Pony, Star Wars, FurReal Friends, Disney, Hot Wheels, Baby Alive, Ninja Turtles, Lala Loopsy, Tsum Tsum, action figures, princess dolls, and much much more!!! Join me daily as I unbox new toys and have lots of fun clowin' around! Be sure to Like & Subscribe so you don't miss out on the fun! ******* Crayola is a brand of artists' supplies manufactured by Crayola, LLC (formerly Binney & Smith Company) and best known for its crayons. The company is based in Forks Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Since 1984, Crayola has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. Originally an industrial pigment supply company, Crayola soon shifted its focus to art products for home and school use, beginning with chalk, then crayons, followed later by colored pencils, markers, paints, modeling clay, and other related goods. All Crayola-branded products are marketed as nontoxic and safe for use by children. Most Crayola crayons are made in the United States. The show follows a studious anthropomorphic unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle as her mentor Princess Celestia guides her to learn about friendship in the town of Ponyville. Twilight and her dragon assistant Spike become close friends with five other ponies: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. Each of the ponies represent a different facet of friendship, and Twilight discovers herself to be a key part of the magical artifacts known as the "Elements of Harmony". The ponies travel on adventures and help others around Equestria while working out problems that arise in their own friendships. ******* Toy in other Languages: खिलौने, brinquedos, ของเล่น, اللعب, igračke, đồ chơi, oyuncaklar, leksaker, juguetes, играчке, игрушки, jucării, тоглоом, leker, اسباب بازی, zabawki, 장난감, トイズ, giocattoli, mainan, játékok, צעצועים, Hračky, legetøj, speelgoed, laruan, jouets, Spielzeug, Παιχνίδια
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Dzeko - California ft. Brynn Elliott
Dzeko - California ft. Brynn Elliott Stream & Download: https://dzeko.lnk.to/CaliforniaFtBrynn ► Dzeko https://soundcloud.com/dzekomusic https://twitter.com/dzekomusic https://www.instagram.com/dzeko/ Released by Musical Freedom https://soundcloud.com/musical-freedom https://www.facebook.com/musicalfreedom Artwork: Peter Gjovik http://cargocollective.com/petergjovik/Camp-Brand-Goods Business inquiries & submissions: [email protected] No copyright infringement intended.
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Gamma Brand Hudson Bay Camp : some carving alongside a 1260 Mora
Video over view, carving points on pine with two knives discussing the influence of : -edge angle and thickness -primary grind -leverage during cutting Some specifications on the custom : - blade is 0.25" thick, 9.5" long - weight is 540 grams - balance is 1 3/4" in front of the handle - edge is 0.015" thick, 13-14 degrees per side - convex primary grind Review webpage : http://www.cliffstamp.com/knives/reviews/hudson_bay_camp.html Discussion thread : http://www.cliffstamp.com/knives/forum/read.php?6,3 Maker's website : http://thegammabrand.com/
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Outwell Brand Film 2018 - available at CampingWorld.co.uk
Camping World stock the largest range of Outwell goods period! For for the biggest selection at the best prices shop now: https://www.campingworld.co.uk/en/Outwell/b-2.aspx
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Inglewood's Music Mile, Part 2: The fashions of one Calgary's best neighbourhoods
Join musician and neighbourhood resident Kaley Bird of the band Nice Horse as she shows off the community she loves. Part 2: Fashion Kaley is partial to Cody & Sioux, which has the modern western look down cold, but the street is full of fashion spots. • Cody and Sioux: https://www.travelalberta.com/ca/redirect/?utm_campaign=ca%3A%20owned%20display%3A%20social&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_term=video&utm_content=music%2Dmile%2Dcodysioux%7CCalgary%7Csouthern%2Dalberta&ec=redirects&ea=lead%20referral%20%2D%20campaign%20redirect&el=https%3A%2F%2Fcodyandsioux%2Ecom%2F&itemlinkname=&itemid=&distpartner=Travel%20Alberta • The Livery Shop: Housed in an old barn (literally), provides a retail outlet for independent Canadian brands, such as Camp Brand Goods and CoutuKitch: https://www.travelalberta.com/ca/redirect/?utm_campaign=ca%3A%20owned%20display%3A%20social&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_term=video&utm_content=music%2Dmile%2Dliveryshop%7CCalgary%7Csouthern%2Dalberta&ec=redirects&ea=lead%20referral%20%2D%20campaign%20redirect&el=https%3A%2F%2Ftheliveryshop%2Ecom%2F&itemlinkname=&itemid=&distpartner=Travel%20Alberta • Purr: Women’s fashions, footwear, baby wear and everything else to look amazing: https://www.travelalberta.com/ca/redirect/?utm_campaign=ca%3A%20owned%20display%3A%20social&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_term=video&utm_content=music%2Dmile%2Dpurr%7CCalgary%7Csouthern%2Dalberta&ec=redirects&ea=lead%20referral%20%2D%20campaign%20redirect&el=http%3A%2F%2Fpurrclothing%2Eca%2F&itemlinkname=&itemid=&distpartner=Travel%20Alberta • Adorn: A boutique curating women’s apparel from designers all over the word, with a focus on classic pieces. A fave of many Calgary women: https://www.travelalberta.com/ca/redirect/?utm_campaign=ca%3A%20owned%20display%3A%20social&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_term=video&utm_content=music%2Dmile%2Dadornboutique%7CCalgary%7Csouthern%2Dalberta&ec=redirects&ea=lead%20referral%20%2D%20campaign%20redirect&el=https%3A%2F%2Fadornboutique%2Eca%2F&itemlinkname=&itemid=&distpartner=Travel%20Alberta • Find many more here: https://www.travelalberta.com/ca/redirect/?utm_campaign=ca%3A%20owned%20display%3A%20social&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_term=video&utm_content=music%2Dmile%2Dinglewoodyycshops%7CCalgary%7Csouthern%2Dalberta&ec=redirects&ea=lead%20referral%20%2D%20campaign%20redirect&el=http%3A%2F%2Finglewoodyyc%2Eca%2Findex%2Ephp%2Flisting%2Dcategory%2Fshops%2F&itemlinkname=&itemid=&distpartner=Travel%20Alberta Follow Travel Alberta: Website: https://www.travelalberta.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TravelAlbert... Twitter: https://twitter.com/travelalberta Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/travelalberta/
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Goods BMX Park Party - Subrosa Brand
Welcome to our 13th stop on our worldwide Park Party tour! Thanks to QBMX we were able to make this happen, and Shad Johnson and Goods BMX held it down for us with a little Subrosa Street Rail jam at the shop before we headed to Battleground Skatepark for one hell of a session! Subrosa pros Hoang Tran, Nick Bullen, and Kyle Hart were there to shred with Skeleton Crew killer Jono Hopping, but the real stars of the show were the locals! All the locals were stoked, and we got tons of good footage! Big thank you to everyone that showed up, and shoutout to young Connor, Kyran, Hobie, and DFG! YEAH SHAD! Film & Edit Bobby Kanode Additional filming DFG & Jono Hopping Music "Say Ya Mine" Charlie Patton's War charliepattonswar.bandcamp.com Click this link to subscribe for weekly content! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=subrosabrand www.subrosabrand.com http://www.facebook.com/subrosabrand http://www.instagram.com/subrosabrand
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Getting ready for wilderness camp.
A look at the goods I'm taking to wilderness camp.
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Rusted Axe Restoration..beyond restored.
Axe restorations are some of my favorite projects! Join us as I show the steps taken to restore and increase the value of this long forgotten old tool. #restore #restoration #oldtools Want to win the axe? leave a comment and follow us on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/goodoftheland/ Get your tickets to The Good of the Land Fest here! November 17th and they selling fast: https://www.facebook.com/visitlindaletx The stuff I use for the restorations! This is the ultimate in rust prevention! CRC SP_400 https://amzn.to/2CtlgZL Cheap Engine Degreaser evaporates QUICKLY! Save yourself some money, and get the good stuff that I use here: https://amzn.to/2Insi3i Want the ultimate RUST-PROOF finish on your steel without paiinting? This is the stuff I used on the Stanley 191 plane: https://amzn.to/2Io7yZk (Sorry they only have gallons available at the moment. They are selling out of this stuff! We'll keep you guys posted when the smaller sizes become available.) Want the best penetrating lube on the market? https://amzn.to/2Inhsu2 Don't take my word for it. Watch this test video from Project Farm: https://youtu.be/st8dkGzJWtg Dollar for dollar, Knock'er Loose wins every time. Protect EVERYTHING against rust! Here's the CRC SP-400 that I trust to protect my work: https://amzn.to/2NLrUlb It's cosmoline in a can! Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thegoodoftheland
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We're back with MORE Try Not to Laugh Challenge and Damien Haas from Smosh Games gives it a go! More Try Not to Laugh Challenge! ►► https://youtu.be/r8DP4ODItxA CAST Noah Grossman Damien Haas Keith Leak Jr. Courtney Miller Olivia Sui Shayne Topp CREW Produced by Josh Mattingly Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats Smosh Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla Cam Op: Daren Girdner Editor: Michael Green Post Supervisor: Brett Noborikawa Production Assistant: Kristin Sanchez Send us mail here! PO BOX 855 Smosh c/o Squad Vlogs 5042 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 Use the shipping info exactly as listed above or we won't get it! Thursdays just got a whole lot sexier! Join us as we bring you weekly Squad Vlogs and show you what it's like behind the scenes with Smosh! ------------------------------------- SMOSH: http://youtube.com/smosh Smosh Games: http://youtube.com/smoshgames Shut Up! Cartoons: http://youtube.com/shutupcartoons SMOSH en Français: http://youtube.com/thefrenchsmosh SMOSH en Español: http://youtube.com/elsmosh
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Brand Nubian - Slow Down (Official Music Video)
Download/Stream - http://smarturl.it/OneForAll Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature. ************************************ Tommy Boy: https://tommyboy.lnk.to/website https://tommyboy.lnk.to/facebook https://tommyboy.lnk.to/twitter https://tommyboy.lnk.to/instagram https://tommyboy.lnk.to/bandcamp https://tommyboy.lnk.to/soundcloud https://tommyboy.lnk.to/subscribe ************************************ Enjoy the lyrics. Let us know about corrections in the comments! Lyrics: Slow down (repeat 3X) [Sadat X] Hey baby your hips was getting big Now you're getting thin you don't care about your wig Now Woolie Willie got a pair of my sneakers Wonder where he got 'em cause I hid 'em behind my speakers The object of your affection is the tree-top connection Where basically you love to smoke your wools The crackheads and crack men they come up to my door I don't smoke jums so what they knocking for Kids love to feel on you, feds got a seal on you Street time is limited to days On your crack card you're getting only A's and C's for come back Damn it's a shame you're the mighty queen of vials With a wide-eyed look and a rotten-toothed smile Used to walk with a swagger, now you simply stagger From one spot on to the next spot on to the next spot on to the next Bitch get a job, from me you won't rob Cause I'll smack you with a hose filled with sand Now give that to the crack man You was fly once now you're losing all your fronts Started off light only tipping woolie blunts But now you get a a stripe, graduated to the pipe Took a long pull...hype Yeah, head crack head crack You smoked up that stack in a minute you was back (Hey yo X, wasn't that your girl?) Yeah I had to drop her Cause she caught on the plastic and I just couldn't stop her [Edie Brickell] Slow down What I am is what I am [Lord Jamar] I knew this girl named Tropicana She's always juicing Producing cash from her sexual tasks She loves men that trick like Halloween and treat You ain't paid then your grade is incomplete You've got to flash dollars, to prove her And when you do she sucks it up like a Hoover Taking all your papes like inhalation of vapes Her nasal passage is filled with money, and it's massive (What I am is what I am) Well, what you are is a stunt, man, you're on a hunt And your plan is to take all you can from a man and scram I've seen your kind before you're not original Just a sick mixed up individual Giving up the crotch for a fresh gold watch Marking off the goods you get going up another notch Your ways and actions are like those of a savage If the price is right, then anyone can ravage Even Monty Hall can have himself a ball if his assets are in order What's really scary is you're somebody's daughter So don't come around, trying to make a profit At the expense of another man, stop it Cause you see you're the freak show of the town And what I think you ought to do is Slow down x7 What I am is what I am x2 [Grand Puba] As the jewels jingle from the hot young and single little stunt A forty and a blunt, that's all she really wants But she'll spend your papes and she'll use up all your plastic And if you swing an ep you'd better wear a prophylactic Cause things are getting drastic Slide up in the wrong one you'll end up in a casket (Slow down) Sister, there's no need in speeding She was doing lays before she started bleeding What makes a bitch want to act in this fashion? Pulled more stunts than my man Action Jackson A real gold winner just like Bruce Jenner Lay the bitch on the bed and then you run right in her Puba makes no mistakes She said, "Rock me tonight (for old time's sake)" Picture that (Slow Down) You little hooker Honey got a problem with the bends Meaning she likes to bend over, and then she spreads the skins The ho is just ho and that's without no controversy She can make the bedsprings sing a song of mercy Come on toots you can take a thousand douche Scrub that ass and I'll still pass (Slow down) You're living foul (Slow down x2) Now see it ain't no reason for you to be out here skeezing Cause it's not the season So if you want to live foul and be a dumb diddy dumb dumb bitch Well go ahead You're living foul I'd like to give a special shout to my DJ Alamo on the help out Right by my side Slow down (repeat 12X)
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Guide to Hunting: Perfect Pelts,, Legendary Animals & Secret Items!
Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Guide to Hunting: Perfect Pelts,, Legendary Animals & Secret Items! Red Dead Redemption 2 Playlists: Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: https://bit.ly/2zbzyLC Red Dead Redemption 2 News: https://bit.ly/2IteZOF Red Dead Redemption 2 Feature Overviews: https://bit.ly/2OnDUsw Other Video Games: No Man's Sky End Game Guides: https://bit.ly/2y2ku26 Mass Effect Andromeda OP Builds: https://bit.ly/2RdCRda Join in the adventure today! - Help me reach 50.000 subs : https://bit.ly/2uLoCBT - Follow me on Twitter: https://bit.ly/2L5lBYg - Follow me on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Lqs247
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How to embroider a folding camp chair
From disassembling a folding camp, lawn or beach chair through how to float the seat back in a hoop, embroider, and reassemble, this easy, step by step tutorial will show you how to monogram a folding camp chair with your single needle embroidery machine. Font used is Stitchtopia Austin - 3" size. Chair is Ozark Trail brand from Walmart, but similar chairs can be purchased at many sporting goods, hardware and big box stores as a seasonal item. These instructions should work for any chair that uses screws (not rivets) to remove the seat from the frame.
Oggy And The Cockroaches New Episode Best Collection 2017 # season 2
The best moments of Oggy and the Cockroaches!! To subscribe to Oggy Channel, click here: https://www.youtube.com/oggy Oggy in other languages: Oggy and the Cockroaches, Oggy et les Cafards, Oggy und die Kakerlaken, Oggy en de Kakkerlakken, Oggy och Kackerlackorna, Oggy og Kakerlakkene, Oggi ja Torakat, Oggy and Škodíci, Oggy i karaluchy, Ogis ir tarakonai, Ogi, Kass Oggy ja kurjad prussakad, Огги и тараканы, 肥貓鬥小強, 肥猫大战三小强, Oggi, Ogy More Top Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULIGu-MOIYQ&list=PL-d4D7FQaDKMKmZD-nmHpdnbO7YZRipC6 Welcome to the official Oggy Youtube channel! Subscribe and get new episodes of Oggy and the Cockroaches every week! Watch tons of gags and discover lots of exclusive material: assortment of episodes sorted by theme, a grab-bag of wacky excerpts, making-of, behind-the-scenes videos… and a lot more! Join Oggy channel and boost your fun with Oggy, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky!! Oggy can also be found on these pages: https://www.facebook.com/Oggy.fanpage https://plus.google.com/+xilam/posts http://www.xilam.com/portfolio/oggy-and-the-cockroaches/?lang=en Oggy and the cockroaches, a worldwide hit that kids and parents alike love watching together! He’s blue, he’s a good guy and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Here is OGGY, the only cat the word « feline » can’t apply to. He would be the happiest of cats if three hideous cockroaches hadn’t decided to settle inside his comfortable home: JOEY, DEEDEE, and MARKY. They are ugly, stupid, nasty and determined to make Oggy’s life a misery. It’s fast, it’s crazy and it’s hilarious… it’s OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES!
Views: 2453977 OGGY
A HOMELESS WOMAN Shows Us Why It Feels Good to Give (+ Seattle's tent cities/tiny homes)
UPDATE VIDEO: Hanes Takes Formerly Homeless Woman Shopping for Her New Apartment. https://youtu.be/ICdi6W7TUhw Unlike the majority of fake homeless experiment and social experiment videos popular on YouTube, this video featuring a homeless woman in Seattle is as real as real can be. I have been trying to vlog more and I did my very best to capture the experience of meeting Manda for the first time, touring Seattle's sanctioned homeless tent encampments, and handing out Hanes socks with Manda to homeless people downtown Seattle. Because capturing vlog content is often challenging some of the footage is not the greatest but I selected clips on emotion over quality. I feel it's important to bring you through the experience as authentically as possible. This video is far from perfect but it is real! A few months back Manda posted a selfie on one of my Facebook pages of her drinking coffee from her homeless camp. We became friends online yet I never imagined that I one day I would be at Manda's camp drinking coffee with her. This video starts off with the moment I met Manda in real life for the first time. Manda then takes us on a short tour of her homeless camp. I have huge respect for Manda. It takes a lot of courage to open up your life for the world to see when you live under a bridge homeless. We then meet up with a friend that works for the City of Seattle who takes us on a tour of Tent City 5 Interbay that is run by homeless people Licton Springs Village, a low barrier tent community that is a harm reduction model. The next day folks from Hanes flew out to Seattle to meet Manda and to give socks away to several of Seattle's homeless camps, the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), and homeless people unsheltered downtown. If you want to connect to homeless people you need to listen to homeless people. Manda took control. She was a force of nature handing out socks and hard to keep up with. The passion Manda had to help other people was contagious. This video is an inside look into Seattle's homeless population and how homeless people survive. Throughout this video, Manda shows us why it feels good to give to others. Let's follow her lead and do all we can to help the hurting people in our communities. Manda is living proof we can all make a real positive difference in our world! If you'd like to help support Manda directly this is her GoFundMe page https://www.gofundme.com/4qcfk0o Manda vlogs on her Facebook page you can find here https://www.facebook.com/mandycampmom/ You can also find Manda on Twitter https://twitter.com/RicherAmanda Manda's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mandajricher/ Manda's photography page https://www.facebook.com/mandajricher/ ________________________________________________ Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/c/invisiblepeople?sub_confirmation=1 Invisible People's website: http://invisiblepeople.tv Support Invisible People: https://invisiblepeople.tv/donate On Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/invisiblepeople Invisible People's Social Media: https://www.youtube.com/invisiblepeople https://twitter.com/invisiblepeople https://www.instagram.com/invisiblepeople https://www.facebook.com/invisiblepeopletv Mark Horvath's Twitter: https://twitter.com/hardlynormal About Invisible People: Since its launch in November 2008, Invisible People has leveraged the power of video and the massive reach of social media to share the compelling, gritty, and unfiltered stories of homeless people from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. The vlog (video blog) gets up close and personal with veterans, mothers, children, layoff victims and others who have been forced onto the streets by a variety of circumstances. Each week, they're on InvisiblePeople.tv, and high traffic sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, proving to a global audience that while they may often be ignored, they are far from invisible. Invisible People goes beyond the rhetoric, statistics, political debates, and limitations of social services to examine poverty in America via a medium that audiences of all ages can understand, and can't ignore. The vlog puts into context one of our nation's most troubling and prevalent issues through personal stories captured by the lens of Mark Horvath – its founder – and brings into focus the pain, hardship and hopelessness that millions face each day. One story at a time, videos posted on InvisiblePeople.tv shatter the stereotypes of America's homeless, force shifts in perception and deliver a call to action that is being answered by national brands, nonprofit organizations and everyday citizens now committed to opening their eyes and their hearts to those too often forgotten. Invisible People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way we think about people experiencing homelessness.
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PureADK - Our Story
What began as a blog to share our outdoor adventures has evolved into an all-inclusive digital resource of recreational opportunities, a lifestyle brand of quality goods, and a community of people passionate about sharing their personal stories and experiences in the Adirondack Park.
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Качественная мужская толстовка на флисе «Pioneer Camp», размер XXL на AliExpress.
Толстовку приобрел в день холостяка 11 ноября в официальном магазине данного бренда. Доставили ее из Китая в Беларусь за 1 месяц, трек-номер отслеживался. Почтовый пакет оценили в 5$, вес 552 г. Я купил мужскую толстовку «Pioneer Camp», цвет Dark Blue, принт 305114, размер XXL, на отечественный размер 50, рост 3. Толстовка сидит немного свободно, возможно следует попробовать размер XL?! На этикетке указан рост 185/объем груди 104A, т.е. на отечественный 52. Толстовка имеет следующие размеры: ширина плеч - 48 см; ширина груди - 57 см; ширина по нижнему краю – 47 - 48 см; ширина манжета – 9,5- 10 см; высота толстовки – 75 - 76 см; длина рукава - 66 см. То есть снятые мерки полностью соответствуют размеру XXL в размерной таблице на сайте магазина. Толстовка достаточно плотная, теплая, внутри флис мягкий и приятный к телу. Магазин и товар к покупке рекомендую. Качество пошива хорошее, цена низкая! ►Качественная мужская толстовка на флисе «Pioneer Camp»: http://got.by/2afmtl ►Ссылка на официальный магазин "PioneerCamp": http://got.by/2afn4o ►Покупай на AliExpress.com: http://adset.biz/49688 ►Android-приложение AliExpress.com: http://ali.pub/xqu80 ►Мои обзоры на iTao: https://ru.itao.com/u/946313875 ►Cashback-сервис ePN: http://got.by/2tpghh ►Для беспроцентного вывода заработка и регистрации кошелька в ePayments: https://www.epacash.com/000-659103 ►Для подключения партнерской медиасети «Yoola» для заработка на Youtube.com: https://youpartnerwsp.com/join?61478 ►Смотри видео и подписывайся на канал «У Белова дома»: https://www.youtube.com/user/alexbelov42 ►Группа "У Белова дома" в "Одноклассниках": http://ok.ru/group/53462231613676 ►Сообщество "У Белова дома" в "Google+": https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/108681541757943125639 ►Группа “У Белова дома» "ВКонтакте": https://vk.com/club115459961 ►Финансовая поддержка развития канала: PayPal [email protected] ePayments 000-659103 WMZ Z113787826694 WMR R907987776317 Донаты присылайте сюда: http://www.donationalerts.ru/r/beinlove ☺СПАСИБО! THANK! ДЗЯКУЙ! GRACIAS! GRAZIE! OBRIGADO! MERCI! 謝謝您!
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How Dubai Economy raided Karama shops in massive crackdown on fake items
WhatsApp news alerts: www.khaleejtimes.com/whatsapp Khaleej Times journalist Nilanjana Gupta joined Dubai Economy on a live raid on six shops and an apartment in Karama where they seized thousands of counterfeit items worth about half a million dirhams. WATCH MORE AT: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/videos FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/khaleejtimes/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/khaleejtimes INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/khaleejtimes/ #khaleejtimes #dubai #news
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