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Funny video about cell phone
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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FUNNY TIME MANAGEMENT VIDEO - Harold Taylor "Telephone Tyranny"
http://danoday.com/90minute Funny video of time management expert Harold Taylor, illustrating how we allow ourselves to be slaves to a ringing telephone and how we rationalize "working late' to make up for our wasted workdays. Download Harold Taylor's entire time management audio seminar from http://danoday.com/90minute . Download Harold Taylor's "How To Delegate Effectively" from http://danoday.com/delegate . The telephone is programmed to ring, but who programmed me to respond? People say, "Well, I respond, too. That's a necessity; I have to answer the phone when it rings." No, you don't have to pick up a phone just because it rings. How do you rationalize this, then? Here I am, arriving home at night. I'm not at work, I'm doing anything for the company, it's not related to business at all. I'm on my own, personal time. I'm about to put my key in front door when I hear my house phone ringing from inside the house. Now, I don't know about you, but for me there's nothing more traumatic than having a locked door between me and a ringing telephone. You talk about goals, about having that all-encompassing goal. No matter who I have to kill to get there, I WILL answer that ringing telephone. I'm trying to force the wrong key into the keyhole. I'd never done that before, but you do funny things under stress. When the key wouldn't work, I actually broke the screen door. You have super human strength when you're under stress. The adrenalin flows, your heart pumps extra fast. I didn't realize I was using the wrong key; I thought the door was just stuck. Bam! I pushed right through that door. As I went through that door, I realized I'd broken it because I know the sound of a breaking door. But what scared me about myself as I thought it about it later was at the time, I didn't care. Who cares about a broken door when there's a ringing telephone? You don't even feel pain when you're under such stress. I smashed my shin on the edge of the glass coffee table, but I didn't feel a thing! Oh, I heard the sound of ripping flesh, but I was too busy staggering to the phone to feel pain. And I got to the phone before whoever was calling hung up! That's what life is all about, isn't it? Getting to the telephone before it stops ringing? "Hello! Hello!" "Hello," said a voice. "Do you get USA TODAY?" That's when I felt the pain. And I wondered where that mud on the carpet came from, and I saw the door hanging from its hinges. I thought, "What am I doing to myself?" I could get no more work done early in the morning than I could during the day, so what was left for me to do but work into the evening? And boy, is that easy to rationalize....When you're working in the big city and you're leaving at 10:30 at night and the traffic is clear, it's peaceful, the moon is high in the sky, you have time to reflect on all the things you hadn't accomplished that day...It was so relaxing.
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Ethiopian funny telephone conversation 2013
Ethiopian funny telephone conversation 2013
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Hilarious Comcast Call Center Training Video
Internal Comcast Call Center Training Video. For production information, licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at): www.jsptv.com / 303-721-6121
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SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/SubMF Cell Crashing at the BEACH! ► http://youtu.be/UW7W9sV0ak0 OUTTAKES ► http://youtu.be/AzA7Fj2Ct2k MORE POSITIVE PRANKS ► http://bit.ly/MFpranks Don't you hate when people talk loudly on their phones in public? Why not have some fun with it and "crash" their calls! See the other episodes: Cell Phone Crashing at the BEACH! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW7W9sV0ak0 Cell Phone Crashing in BEVERLY HILLS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rht8qTnW3mE Cell Phone Crashing at DISNEYLAND! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9BspJgnw1M Cell Phone Crashing at a PARK! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aLKCDDDrDs Cell Phone Crashing at a SOCCER GAME! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9KHqkTOQKU Cell Phone Crashing in SAN FRANCISCO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSQxtrKz35k Music by Audionautix (aka Jason Shaw): http://www.youtube.com/audionautix http://www.audionautix.com shot by Kim Evey Benson edited by Greg Benson Thanks for Subscribing! I love doing positive pranks! :) Greg MORE PRANKS! http://bit.ly/MFpranks DOUCHEBAGGERY PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/D-bag T-SHIRTS! http://mediocrefilms.spreadshirt.com TWITTER: http://twitter.com/mediocrefilms MAIN CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/MediocreFilms 2nd CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/mediocrefilms2 YESHMIN CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/YESHMIN WEBSITE: http://www.mediocrefilms.com GOOGLE+: http://gplus.to/gcb FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/mediocrefilms
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Best Ethiopian Prank Ever-Very Funny
Best Ethiopian Prank Ever-Very Funny
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Fun with Telephone and Radio at AFC 2013
Caught Telephone and Radio in the Embassy Suites lobby at Arizona Fur Con 2013. Link to all my original photos and videos are here. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11844631/#cid:75532747
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Funny phone Conversation : Car Service
Funny phone conversation between car service center executive and car owner.
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Parrots answering phone funny video
The couple of parrots are trying to answering the mobile phone of the owner. It is funny and interesting video
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Funny Telephone Call adult.
funny adult comedy.....
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"Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)" Funny video
Fan video of "Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)" by Lady Gaga. Created using Video Star: http://VideoStarApp.com/FREE
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Funny video about a world without mobile technology (email, twitter, FB, smart phones, etc.)
Having problems getting pregnant? Maybe this can help you -- http://ThePregnancyFormula.com/
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Why Can't You Use Phones on Planes?
Angry passengers create turbulence for the airlines. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Funny Malayalam phone call 2018
Funny Malayalam phone call 2018
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Funny telephone video
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Funny call centre conversation
Bored at work
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I Forgot My Phone
Written by Charlene deGuzman Directed by Miles Crawford Starring Charlene deGuzman With (in order of appearance) Jacob Womack Nick Luciano Ani Baker Sabrina London Sean London Garrett Hanson Alana Dietze Oleana Taalman-Koch Reshma Gajjar David Brown Mark Schroeder Yak Manrique Ele Woods Cynthia Kao Josh Kaplan Dylan Booth Vigus Zach Fairless Zac Oyama Nick Rasmussen Tom Fox Paul James Smoke Season Kevin Daniels J Lee Brittany Geronimo Matt Geronimo Farley Crawford Frank Natale Tracie Thoms Jason E. Kelley Jim Holdridge Jack Krizmanich A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL OF OUR FRIENDS! www.twitter.com/charstarlene giantmiles.com
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Funny Phone Call in Pothwari
A man calls a Pakistani mobile network operator and speaks in Pothwari. She fails to understand what he is saying even when he tries to speak in Urdu.
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Funny Video- A Telephone Call
its very funny be aware
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Funny Comedy Phone Video -
Watch full funny comedy on phone chalu chidiya ( Ladki ) Chidva Chalu ( Ladka )
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funny phone call political video
Hey Baby... Hey.... I'm on my way home. What should we do when I get back? You know what I want to do.... I want to hear you say it... (Obama) Yea we want to hear you say it!
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Funny video broken phone
Funny video broken phone
Funny Punjabi Audio Call Moga City
Funny Moga Lundiana City Audio Phone call
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VERY FUNNY CALL CENTER CONVERSATION SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FUNNY VIDEOS AND PRANK CALLS Funny Videos Funny Prank Calls Desi Prank Calls Indian Prank Calls Hindi Prank Calls Urdu Prank Calls Pashto Prank Calls Punjabi Prank Calls Gujrati Prank Calls Marathi Prank Calls Resturant Prank calls Hotel Prank calls
Pashto funny phone call
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funny indian call
I heard a very funny Conversation between hotel manager and a vegetarian customer and edited it using some internet pics .. hope u like it.. its too funny..
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Funny mallu phone conversation. Must hear. JAMALOO
Please like our band page for more nice videos and facts. www.facebook.com/5deluxe Downloaded and uploaded video. If there's any complaint regarding the video,tell.. Ill delete this video.. :)
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funny reaction to phone ringing
we were filming on web cam and the phone rang watch this funny video.
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Funniest Video Ever The Ring
Thomas "Nephew Tommy" Miles was born in Houston, Texas. He is an actor, comedian, producer, and entrepreneur. He currently co-hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show with Steve Harvey. On the show, he prank calls random people about random situations. Nephew Tommy known for his great pranks, funny pranks, funny videos and some funniest videos ever. Nephew Tommy is recognized as the King of Prank calls, along with Rickey Smiley. You can visit his site at http://www.thenephewtommyexperience.com to submit prank requests, view videos, social media, etc. Twitter: @nephewtommy; Instagram: @thenephewtommyexp; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NephewTommy
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Birds on a Wire - For the Birds
Birds on a wire... made by PIXAR
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Funny Things | Funny Videos | 'Say Good Bye to Phone Company' Comcast Business TV Commercial
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funny phone call : punjabi
fun call
Views: 215289 rohit alawadhi
Shark Tank - Broken Glass - Funny Telephone and Phone Book Commercial
Taking a break and posting an old Yellow Page commercial to show you that we aren't always serious at the phone company. When a Shark Tank is accidentally cracked, the quickest way to solve the problem is using the telephone and the yellow pages. The easiest way to solve your communications problem today is IPitimi , the standard in IP communications including: VoIP, SIP Trunks, IP-PBX, Hosted Call Center and Hosted VoIP voice communications. http://www.ipitimi.com
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Talking Ben, funniest phone call ever
funny video
Views: 17 Elisabeth Perk
Funniest Prank Call Ever
I was not expecting this LMAO!
Views: 1297295 taylor caniff
Neo is the funny singing dog after a telephone ring
Neo the crazy funny dog is singning after a telephone ringtone
Views: 146 mitimodoran
Funniest Prank Call To Airtel Customer Care Executive
Funniest Prank Call To Airtel Customer Care Executive SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FUNNY VIDEOS AND PRANK CALLS Funny Videos Funny Prank Calls Desi Prank Calls Indian Prank Calls Hindi Prank Calls Urdu Prank Calls Pashto Prank Calls Punjabi Prank Calls Gujrati Prank Calls Marathi Prank Calls Resturant Prank calls Hotel Prank calls
Funny Telephone Call 1
Funny call of making Death Certificate.
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Funny kashmiri Video from My Phone
video uploaded from my mobile phone
Views: 114 Lone Shahid
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Papa John is a Fraud
Better wings, better streets Pizza Huts. Better crust, better website Pizza Doms. Better walls, better balls, Pizza Pauls. Untrustworthy employees, Pizza Daves. Better ingredients, better people in the pizza, Papa Jaaaaaaaaaaaahns. The swapples think my jokes are funny.
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Funny phone call malappuram !  !   !
Funny Hot phone call malappuram $wayanad & ! !
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A Good MA Answers the Phone
This is how you should answer a multiline telephone in a medical office.
Views: 81207 Tyler Printz

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