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R.I.P True Horse Girls
In memory to the horse riding girls we have tradgically lost who died doing what they love honourably and as inspirations. Just want to say thankyou to everyone for there feeback, support and condoloces. Its nice to see we can all pull together. Kirstie Foster Lucie Simpson Shannon Bloomfield Danielle O Gorman Jessica Forsyth Lucy Caley Catherine Yates Ann Compton Staci Cheadle Juliette Brown Melanie Dodds Becky Hasties Elanor Brennan Sam Richards The Song is Angel by Natasha Bedingfield i dont claim to own the copyright and am using it for entertainment purposes.
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Moped orgasm
Girl having an orgasm while riding her moped (from movie Emmas Glück)
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Loretta Riding Chloe
OK, I wasn't going to do this because I didn't want everyone in the world to see my body on the net, but I can't get a link to go any other way. This is me riding Chloe for the very first time. I kept a little tighter rein than normal because the wind was gusting to 50 and she was a little squirrely about it. But all in all we did real well for our first ride. I even found a her spot for side stepping and she did it twice for me. She is such a good girl. Dismount was not as good, we won't talk about that, just that she was a lady and stood very still while I dismounted not so graciously. Now, I am OK with getting the first time, next time I am using a mattress to dismount on. I hope you enjoy the video
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Horse riding.. a girls fav thing!! ( read description )
I do not own most of theses videos so they are not to be used! just a litle vid i madee... ENJOY :)
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Girls - Horse riders
This is one of the best Horse Riders in the world. The most specifically they all are young girls in this group and they undertake most difficult horse riding tricks even better than male horse riders.
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10 Year Old Girl Horseback Rider: DasherFilms
Ali is 10 years old and loves horseback riding in Jupiter, Florida. Edited and filmed by Charles Dasher. http://www.dasherfilms.com
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To An Amazing Rider, RIP Jessica Marie Forsyth
Jessica was an amazing rider and person who's life was tragicaly cut short in a horse back riding accident February 6th, 2008. You can read about what exactly happened that day in a blog on her myspace that her parents put up about her death. She and her horse Boomer shared a bond stronger than anything, but just like every horse, had his issues and a long time problem he had had with her - bolting away from a jump - eventually took her life. RIP Jess, you'll never be forgotten. *No I did not know her in real life but she was still an amazing person.
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Bucking Horse with Female Rider
I picked up my video camera and pushed record just in time to catch my girlfriends horse throw a temper tantrum. He started trying to buck her off but she stayed on. YEE HAW!!!
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Girls and Horses - That's Who We Are
A video showing the bond between girls and horses. What ever the discipline, level, or prestige, we all have something in common, and that's our passion for horses. :) This is for all the horse loonies out there who know exactly what I mean. I own some of the pictures toward the end, but all other pics and clips belong to their respective owners. Enjoy :)
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my girl sheba
how my horse sheba helps me overcome my fear of falling again and never riding again....please feel free ta leave a comment :) cheers
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Amar Riding Academy - Episode 1 Part 1
Amar Academy. A prestigious riding school where only the best amount to anything. Three girls, two sophomores and one freshman, are trying to make their dreams a reality. They are trying to rise to the top of their sport, jumping. To do so, they must first get through the Qualifiers. (Qualifiers explained on part 2) These girls also must overcome their extreme differences. Camria, the only current scholarship student at the school, a sophomore and a prefect, is very harsh and strict on all the other girls because she doesn't want her scholarship at the Academy jeopardized. She is entirely cut of from her family because they didn't want her to ride, and she decided to anyway. Megan, a freshman and wealthy horseowner has to struggle to try to make it onto the team, a feat considered impossible for freshmen and difficult for everyone else. She has to do this with no family support since all her relations are always traveling. Emily is always striving to step out of her older brother, Derik's shadow. He was a top dressage rider at the school, and therefore she is expected to be as amazing as him. Her parents dote on Derik and give all their attention to his dressage career. They have nary a care for their sophomore daughter. Music: Story of Girl WE DO NOT IN ANY WAY OWN THE MUSIC!!!
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Mongolian horse rider
A horse rider is catching a specific horse out of a herd using a long stick with a string attached. The mongolian version of a "cowboy".
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Girls riding
My mates horse riding =D
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girl riding horse
I'm riding my horse, Bella. We both have a lot to learn, but we have tons of fun! It was ridiculously windy that day (you can see all the jumps have blown down), and I didn't want to risk spooking Bella, so we didn't jump. Hopefully this movie will be the first of many. BTW the song is "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2.
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Girl from Ipanema   Flashback on Horseback
For My Sweetcake from Dad Copyright 2008 Dick Paoliello, All Rights Reserved
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girls riding ponies
Cora and Shelby at SD Fair - 2007.
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Quiz Girls-Final Study
**watch in high quality-it makes a good difference..still bad images though ,sorrry** So its our final "study" group thing... It was at moi's house this time :) **note: Please don't comment on ANYBODY'S riding, we all were riding either new horses or in weird saddles, and I had to ride in a western bridle(wayway too long reins). So thanks...
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My Last Day With the Girls
this is the last day with my riding group at Poplar Corner a awsome riding school these are the only photos i have of the events and horses i rode. i had to quit coz i got my new horse patrick ( Winters Bliss)
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girl rider horse show
horse show
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Girls riding lessons
Holly and Poppy have some riding lessons
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this video is made and filmmed in the name of fun. this is not for the faint hearted. view discretion is adviced
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Ken Edward and Dylan go horse back riding & meet some girls
Ken and his horse Pony, Edward and his horse Ms.Perty and Dylan and his horse ginger hit the trails for a nice day of horse back riding. Then everything changes when a horse is spotted in the distance.
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this video is purely for entertainment. any discrimination of any kind is purely coincidental. this video is not for the FAINT-HEARTED viewer discretion is advised
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The girls riding horses in Baguio
Riiding Horses
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Crazy cowgirls trick riding --
These two talented riders - the Crazy Cowgirls - put on an awesome performance and they were doing it for the Make a Wish Children's Foundation. Wow. I left the video unedited because the speed of their riding is something to experience.
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Our Girls RIding some Horses!  Charity, & Kristin!
Charity and Kristin Love to Ride Horses!
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Girls in Colorado
Horse riding in beautiful Crestted Butte
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The Girls Playing!2008
Kayla and Heather riding out back.
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A Girl's Dream!!!
A girl was riding her friends horse in Moses Gate Park and she was in her elements!
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Cute little Girl Running Barrels on a little horse
This little horse runs lilke a demon. its so cute.
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Girls Summer Horse Camp Rockbrook
Music video of girls horseback riding at Summer Camp in North Carolina, equestrian lessons and horse games. More at http://www.rockbrookcamp.com/horseback/
rearing horse, marcus is naughty (rider falls off.. )
my friends horse, shes to afraid to ride him.. ALL health checks and kit checks have been done.. he is just a naughty horse..
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Riding Video - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Video of my friend riding her horse, edited to the song Are You Gonna be my Girl.
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Best of the worst: Learning to ride as an adult
Most embarrassing moments caught on film, 2006 to 2007.
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riding the horses in the rain
we decided to go ride the horses in the rain bareback and barefoot lol so my mom could fill alive again ...
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Belgi pod siodłem (riding belgian horses)
Two girls are riding belgian stallions: Odiel ter Dieschot and Bruno van Boskelen. More info about these horses and place they live: http://www.koniebelgijskie.pl/ More vids with horses from that place: http://pl.youtube.com/user/vkarelka Dziewczyny rozstępowują dwa belgijskie ogiery: Odiel ter Dieschot i Bruno van Boskelen. Więcej informacji na temat tych koni i hodowli koni zimnokrwistych na stronie: http://www.koniebelgijskie.pl/ Więcej filmów z tego miejsca: http://pl.youtube.com/user/vkarelka
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Horse Holiday Farm
Horse Riding Holidays in Ireland, Reiterferien in Irland, Horseback Riding Vacations, Wanderreiten, Riding by the Sea, Reiten am Meer
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Stunt horse rider
A girl rides a horse she stands up and has no hands while it is running
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Two girls, one passion.
This is Savannah and I riding today. She is riding her 7 yr old canadian X QH named Kizzee and I am riding a bay arabian pony named Chip.
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Lonestar - Cowboy Girl... Riding My Paint Horse
A video put together by a friend of mine of me Training my 6 year old Paint Horse for the world show to the song Cowboy Girl.
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girls riding part 2
part 2 wow this vid has 27,634 views? thats awsome!
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Girls and Horses~~*
Me and Sarah with Rosie and Jake! Me (Kyla) and Rosie (Arabian Pony) Sarah and Jake (Belgin/Thoroughbred) =)
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Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls (Official Video)
Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from Jazz, 1978. Queen - 'Fat Bottomed Girls' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Fat Bottomed Girls' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.
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Topless California Girls
or maybe it should be riding hatless in Pendleton, OR
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Pokerface Horse Riding
(i do not own these clips or song) A horse riding video with the song Pokerface by lady Gaga
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Kyoko as a Weather Girl (2) - Horse Riding Report
This is a video of extracts from a morning show called "Kokekokko" broadcast by Nagoya TV during the 80's and 90's in the Tokai region in Japan.
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Rider gets her foot caught in the stirrup
she was not hurt.
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Special Bond between Girls and Horses
Horses and girls have always shared a special bond between one another. Horses are like the best friends we have ALWAYS wished for. And here is a video to show how much they mean to us. Comment and Rate please. Also sub! No songs nor pic's except the videos at the end belong to me so no copyright infringement intended!
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Maya Amber Girl
Riding demonstration
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Kaitlynn Dervan: Rodeo Girl
Kaitlynn Dervan, a fourteen year old competitive horse rider, practices barrel racing and pole bending.
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