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Horse riding.. a girls fav thing!! ( read description )
I do not own most of theses videos so they are not to be used! just a litle vid i madee... ENJOY :)
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Girls and Horses - That's Who We Are
A video showing the bond between girls and horses. What ever the discipline, level, or prestige, we all have something in common, and that's our passion for horses. :) This is for all the horse loonies out there who know exactly what I mean. I own some of the pictures toward the end, but all other pics and clips belong to their respective owners. Enjoy :)
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rearing horse, marcus is naughty (rider falls off.. )
my friends horse, shes to afraid to ride him.. ALL health checks and kit checks have been done.. he is just a naughty horse..
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The Girls Playing!2008
Kayla and Heather riding out back.
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Girls and Horses~~*
Me and Sarah with Rosie and Jake! Me (Kyla) and Rosie (Arabian Pony) Sarah and Jake (Belgin/Thoroughbred) =)
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this video is made and filmmed in the name of fun. this is not for the faint hearted. view discretion is adviced
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Mongolian horse rider
A horse rider is catching a specific horse out of a herd using a long stick with a string attached. The mongolian version of a "cowboy".
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Girls in mall riding mechanical horse
2 girls riding mechanical horse
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Best of the worst: Learning to ride as an adult
Most embarrassing moments caught on film, 2006 to 2007.
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Netherlands Horse Rescue 2006 with names of rescue riders
God bless those who save the horses, names at last. The video answers why we are with horses - they make us better, stronger, bigger then ourselves could be without them. This was sent to me in 2006 as a file----I have no idea who the creator was but it is the first edit. I take no credit for photography or music or any content but it is priceless and inspiring. For almost 2 years I have tried to find out the horsewomen's names. Finally I have. There were 7 woman critical to the rescue One woman risked her life cutting fence in neck high water and contacting authorities has never been recognized Norma Miedema. Then there were the 6 women (ages 19-40) who rode that day and were honored by their government for their bravery and courage for riding into frigid flood waters that had hidden ditches, strewn with broken fencing and other hazards. Norma Miedema the first responder. The riders' and horses' names Susan Fransen riding Blizzard, Micky Nijboer riding Berber, Antje Dijkstra riding Humphrey, Hinke Lap riding Guinever, Christina Stormer riding Perfeft and Fardow de Rueter riding King. Norma Miedema started the Netherlands Horse Rescue must receive credit. For years no one has heard her story of the role she played in the Netherlands horse rescue which no one can forget. Her story is mostly unknown because there is only one report of it which is in Dutch. The waters were rising she was on her way home to her own animals and the horror would begin in Marrum. Norma Miedema was the one who contacted authorities of Marrum the evening of Tuesday, October 31, 2006. She began the rescue before the authorities could mobilize knowing there would not be time. She held a drowning foal in her arms as it died the first day, trapped by the wire under the water. She was one woman, 40 years old trying to save those she could waiting for help. She waded into the frigid water neck deep to cut the barb wire with bolt cutters to allow the horses escape to higher ground. During the first 2 days she fought to get the horses fresh water so they would not drink the salt water. She held sickened horses as they died. She would not relent on the authorities. She fought authorities to think outside the box. She offered to ride her own horse to lead the stranded they had "better ideas". It was them against one horsewoman. Finally with the international press taking the story and the authorities failed efforts, November 3rd , 2006 the other riders came on the scene. They were fresh and public opinion over ruled. Norma exhausted and becoming ill (eventually pneumonia) was still there the day of the ride out with her trailer to help transport them on her third day of hell. She is an unknown and unsung hero, quiet and modest, a loner who stays to herself. Perhaps that is why she remains unknown. She holds no grudge against those who have been recognized and has never cried out "unfair!" I'm sure there were others as well who were never recognized for the bravery because it was not captured dramatically on camera. I give gratitude and recognition to Norma Miedema a true horsewoman and hero and so should you. The Riders came on the third day as again the waters were due to rise with the next storm. This next storm would be the horses end. The horses caught by the flooding were weakening and many were showing signs of giving up. The nature of the horse herd kept them from trying to save themselves. For three days the media broadcasted the unsuccessful attempts to rescue them. Then a posting appeared on the Friesian horse forum, by Micky Nijboer: "horses and riders sought.....Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water" could try the idea of leading them off the small mound of land. They would meet the next day and the video is what they accomplished by risking themselves and their horses. Fardow de Ruiter was 33 at the time of the rescue. She rode her horse King, the Paint Stallion. Her guest book can be found at www.tboek.nl/gastenboek/colouredstable www.colouredstable.com I know this video has been missing so here it is - pass it on to those who need inspiration to succeed when everything else has failed. Please see for a better understanding of the dangers 1:47 one of the rider's horse trips with the island horses moving forward. He stands between them and her as she remounts: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrMjAKEfB8c Awards ceremony introducing riders. It is in Dutch but identifies horses and riders www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvNZOqRc25Q ~Quintin de Verneuil BWP
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Girls - Horse riders
This is one of the best Horse Riders in the world. The most specifically they all are young girls in this group and they undertake most difficult horse riding tricks even better than male horse riders.
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girls riding part 2
part 2 wow this vid has 27,634 views? thats awsome!
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A Girl's Dream!!!
A girl was riding her friends horse in Moses Gate Park and she was in her elements!
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Trick Horseback Riders
Two girls, Amber and Christina Graham, were doing these stunts at the Dawson creek Rodeo. Pretty cool eh?
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My Life Horse Riding
Everyone starts at some point and everyone improves over time :) FAQ- -what age are you now? i am 24 now ( at the end of this video i was only 14) i made this video 10 years ago. -Do you own a horse? I have never owned a horse, but i have loaned 3 horses (2007-2011) and work part-time at a livery yard now -whats the song? The song is Patience, by Take That Link to song--- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mri17sAH5oE -How long have you been riding for now? 20 years!! (10 at the end of the video) -you didnt ride a horse till you were 11???!!! This may seem weird to some off you, but the riding school i went to only had ponies so i never got the chance to ride a horse till i was 11.. I have now just started riding horses at the age of 16 Take a journey through a (very) condensed timeline of horse riding clips of my life ( i have many more achievments, but thy wouldnt all fit in this video XD) If im not riding well in some of the clips, its cause i learning how to ride! Clips of me riding at 7 years old are not representations of how i ride now as an adult in my 20s. 30 Dec. 2009- 100,000 Views 1 Jul. 2010 - 200,000 Views 19 Oct. 2010- 300,000 Views 3 Jan. 2011- 400,000 Views 3rd Mar. 2011- 500,000 Views 10th Feb. 2012- 1 million Views 2017- 2 million views
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Girls Summer Horse Camp Rockbrook
Music video of girls horseback riding at Summer Camp in North Carolina, equestrian lessons and horse games. More at http://www.rockbrookcamp.com/horseback/
3 girls riding on haflinger horses
3 girls riding haflinger horses
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girl riding horse
I'm riding my horse, Bella. We both have a lot to learn, but we have tons of fun! It was ridiculously windy that day (you can see all the jumps have blown down), and I didn't want to risk spooking Bella, so we didn't jump. Hopefully this movie will be the first of many. BTW the song is "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2.
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Bucking Horse with Female Rider
I picked up my video camera and pushed record just in time to catch my girlfriends horse throw a temper tantrum. He started trying to buck her off but she stayed on. YEE HAW!!!
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horseback riding
hailey horseback riding at pumpkin patch in bayshore, ny 9/21/08
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Our Girls RIding some Horses!  Charity, & Kristin!
Charity and Kristin Love to Ride Horses!
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Crazy cowgirls trick riding --
These two talented riders - the Crazy Cowgirls - put on an awesome performance and they were doing it for the Make a Wish Children's Foundation. Wow. I left the video unedited because the speed of their riding is something to experience.
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Horse Riding
I am the one riding from 00:01 to 00:48, and as you can see, I'm not very good at riding. These are my friend's horses, not mine, I do not own horses. My friend is the one riding the chestnut mare with a stripe and her sister is riding the chestnut gelding with a diamond star on his forehead and another horse, a bay gelding with a stripe. I like to have not too many effects because sometimes it's too hard to see. Hope you enjoy! -HorsePsycho. xx
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girls riding ponies
Cora and Shelby at SD Fair - 2007.
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Ken Edward and Dylan go horse back riding & meet some girls
Ken and his horse Pony, Edward and his horse Ms.Perty and Dylan and his horse ginger hit the trails for a nice day of horse back riding. Then everything changes when a horse is spotted in the distance.
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Girls riding
My mates horse riding =D
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The girls riding horses in Baguio
Riiding Horses
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little rider falls of horse but fights to stay on
Melina's worst Meadowlarke horse show. It was 2007. I was 9 years old. Sorry, but you can not use this video for your projects.
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Tiny girl riding huge draft horse!
Brambles (a big perchxpaint) being ridden by a very small girl :) He is incredibly safe and bombproof so there is no need to say rude comments. Make sure you check out my other vids and subscribe! :P Do not critisize or give advice. Any horseback activity is not 100% safe, we know that. Any rude comments or suggestions pertaining to the safety of this girl will be deleted. It's over, you don't need to give us advice. Just know that your comment will be deleted.
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Girls riding lessons
Holly and Poppy have some riding lessons
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Horseshow ( Girl riding horse :-P )
Octover 2008 horseshow. WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY !!!!
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Blind Rider
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Horseback riding / Paardrijden Terschelling
A short movie to show how beautiful horseback riding is on the magnificent Dutch island Terschelling. !IMPORTANT! I would like to point out that these girls have EXTENSIVE experience in riding horses and normally wear caps! Never ride without them, it is DANGEROUS! With special thanks to: Merel (riding on Ariën, the black horse) Hester (riding on Flinstone, the skewbald horse) Rients Terpstra (for providing the horses and riding the Jeep on the beach) Merel Boer (again, for helping with editing) Marion Boer (for providing the camera equipment) For more information visit: www.huifkarbedrijf-terpstra.nl Een korte film om te laten zien hoe mooi paardrijden is op het fantastische eiland Terscheling. !BELANGERIJK! Ik wil erop wijzen dat deze ruiters UITGEBREIDE rijervaring hebben en normaal caps dragen. Rij nooit zonder cap, dit is GEVAARLIJK! Met speciale dank aan: Merel (die op Ariën reedt, het zwarte paard) Hester (die op Flinstone reedt, het bonte paard) Rients Terpstra (voor het beschikbaar stellen van de paarden en het meerijden met de Jeep op het strand) Merel Boer (alweer, voor hulp met het editen) Marion Boer (voor het lenen van de camera) Voor meer informatie surf naar: www.huifkarbedrijf-terpstra.nl
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Bareback riding WITHOUT reins performed by Stacy Westfall
Stacy Westfall gives a beautiful performance in this video that reflects the art of horsemanship, and the magical union between horse and rider... WITHOUT the use of reins or a saddle. As Stacy rides her horse Roxy, aka "Whizards Baby Doll", there is clearly no lost connection, or communication lost, between the horse and rider. It reflects the awesome bond that can exist between horse and rider and is a true inspiration to all horse owners and trainers. Stacy has said that many people describe her as a "horse whisperer", but explains it isn't whispering... it's listening. "Listen to your horse, understand his language, speak his language. Once you do that, the rest comes easy," Stacy explains. Whether one considers her to be a "horse whisperer" or a horse "listener" or both, my hat is off to her in this outstanding performance. At the Tulsa Reining Classic, Stacy became the first person EVER to win the Freestyle event without tack. The video was also shown on the Ellen DeGeneres show and Ellen DeGeneres hopes to have her on her show soon. I'm looking forward to that. :) ************************ **UPDATE: It's official, Stacy and Roxy are going to be guests on the Ellen DeGeneres show this Friday, March 14, 2008! ******************************************************* Stacy Westfall's website--- http://westfallhorsemanship.com/
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crazy horse (and rider!) READ DESCRIPTION!!!
I HAVE TREID EVERYTHING WITH THIS HORSE, HAVE BEEN BACKING HIM FOR 2 YEARS NOW!!!! EVERYTHING WE DO IS FOR A REASON! IF YOUR GOING TO MAKE A NEGATIVE COMMENT DONT BOTHER AS IVE HAD ENOUGH OF IT NOW... YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!!! my horse does this every time he is ridden, once the rider come off and gets back on he is fine! lol. you have to be patient though, cuz he lurs u in2 a false sense of security first! he was beaten as a baby to be gelded, i sent him to various people as i could not touch him for 2 years, i was told over and over to have him shot! eventualy sent him to a natural horsemanship person who made him handleable, he can be ridden normaly in blinkers but is other wise a very well behaved and well mannered horse to handle, the rider has his reins tight as if he doesnt he bucks and twist and you will fall off. we r working on him still and he is improving! slowly but surely, i will not beat him so stop commenting saying to do so! hope u enjoy the viewing, lol x AND..... WE CAN NOW RIDE UP AND DOWN THE YARD WITHOUT ANY BUCKING OR REARING!!! SO BEFORE YOU SAY I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING I DO, LOL, AND HAS BEEN 2 1/2 YEARS SO NOT RUSHED HIM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO ALL THE SUPPORTERS... :D
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Girl from Ipanema   Flashback on Horseback
For My Sweetcake from Dad Copyright 2008 Dick Paoliello, All Rights Reserved
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R.I.P True Horse Girls
In memory to the horse riding girls we have tradgically lost who died doing what they love honourably and as inspirations. Just want to say thankyou to everyone for there feeback, support and condoloces. Its nice to see we can all pull together. Kirstie Foster Lucie Simpson Shannon Bloomfield Danielle O Gorman Jessica Forsyth Lucy Caley Catherine Yates Ann Compton Staci Cheadle Juliette Brown Melanie Dodds Becky Hasties Elanor Brennan Sam Richards The Song is Angel by Natasha Bedingfield i dont claim to own the copyright and am using it for entertainment purposes.
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Kaitlynn Dervan: Rodeo Girl
Kaitlynn Dervan, a fourteen year old competitive horse rider, practices barrel racing and pole bending.
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Bucked off pony/mini horse.
Trainer bucked off miniature horse. He's fine! Little girls ride this pony all the time. In reply to some comments below... This horse does not classify as a miniature horse, It's a small pony and very sturdy. The rider was 105 lbs. and the pony was almost 300 lbs. A horse can support a 1/3 of it's weight with no problem. Please no "expert" comments below. Think about it, should any horse have a metal bit in it's mouth and leather strapped around its body and ridden around while someone pulls the metal in it's mouth side to side for steering? mini horses for sale, mini horse, bucked off horse, pony, bucking bronco, horse and rider, horse.com, horseback riding.
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Pokerface Horse Riding
(i do not own these clips or song) A horse riding video with the song Pokerface by lady Gaga
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Jr. Rodeo calf, steer, and bullriding!
This is a video of the Jr. Rodeo highlights from our round-up club this summer. It is all calf, steer, and bullriding and there are some great wrecks! The last ride on this tape has a boy whose head got stomped by the bull and it took off his helmet and his right ear!! Sorry all you gore seekers, I didn't include the blood and screaming in this video! Cheers to the bullfighters - they were great!!
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Horse  Riding on the Beach
3 girls finnish a one week schooling trip by rideing their horses on the beach at Saint Augustine.
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country girls
super girl and wonderwoman riding some crazy horses up a hill....the girl in the front(me) was riding a mustang. her saddle was wayyyy to small for her butt and she lost her stirrups haha.
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The Young Black Stallion (2003) | Part 5/6.
DISCLAIMER!!! I DO NOT OWN THE MOVIE!!! THE COPYRIGHTS IS BY WALT DISNEY PICTURES!!! A prequel to the 1979 classic The Black Stallion--a family drama that presents the horse's adventures with a young girl named Neera, who has been separated from her father in Arabia by WWII. Left alone in the desert, she befriends the wild colt whom she names Shetan. Once reunited with her father, however, Neera remains haunted by the images of the lost horse in the desert--one of a few stallions of legend, rumored to be born of the sands, sired by the night sky, drinkers of the wind. Written by Sujit R. Varma
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Girls in Colorado
Horse riding in beautiful Crestted Butte
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Two girls, one passion.
This is Savannah and I riding today. She is riding her 7 yr old canadian X QH named Kizzee and I am riding a bay arabian pony named Chip.
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3 year old Girl Post Trotting Horse
Audrey Post riding horse named Mikey.
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Horseback Riding
This is me riding Gizar, a 26-year-old Arabian. RIP Gizar ):
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Stubborn Horse - Random rider at the show
This is a rider at the Rolling Hills Saddle Club September 6th 2008. This person does not ride at our barn and we do not know who this is.
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