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Titanic- Hymn to the sea
Here is the whole song. Hope you like. I have not composed it myself. The sharing is for entertainment only.
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Vanguard Explodes; New Dutch Ramjet Helicopter 1957/12/9
1) Vanguard explodes during launch of Explorer satellite 2) British train accident due to London fog 3) Amsterdam aquarium has sea horse, coral fish, lobster, eel 4) town in Georgia is leveled by gas explosion, town of Villarica 5) New Dutch ramjet helicopter demonstrated, rotor tips flame at night, looking like flying saucer (partial newsreel).
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Sea Turtle Eating a Sponge
Hawksbill turtle eating a giant sponge in Belize Central America
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ritteri anemone
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Battlefield 1942 Tribute
This is a Tribute to all BFSS members. [BFSS]RoAdRa$H
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clownfish hostin anemone
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Green Sea Turtles
HD footage of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Filmed on Kauai, Hawaii. Special thanks to Save Our Seas, www.saveourseas.org
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Battlefield 2142 E3 Trailer
Battlefield 2142 E3 Trailer
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hawksbill turtle
A hawksbill sea turtle cruises the coral reef in Bonaire. music: Do Not Go Gentle - Jorma Kaukonen
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Sea anemone's victim
Sea anemone eats fish in a sea tank. Some other interesting fish.
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Tunze 6100
tunze 6100
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Green turtle
Free-swimming green turtle
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This movie preview is dedicated to the Guided Missile Cruiser CG18. Comissioned 1963 Decomissioned 1993 Sunk 2000 This movie is not as cool as some of the "bodies hit the floor" Marine Videos etc.. which I have enjoyed but, the past crew members of this old warpig will surely enjoy this preview. It's footage of some of the final journey's of this vessel before it was sunk in 2000 to make a fine coral reef off of the coast of Hawaii.
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Jay Chou - Shan Hu Hai
Jay Chou - Shan Hu Hai
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relaxing on koh chang
relaxing at dusk on Koh Chang
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Jay & The Americans - Cara Mia
Jay & The Americans Perform "Cara Mia" On Shindig In 1965
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Clown fish and sea anemone in aquarium
Clown fish diving in a sea anemone in sea aquarium.
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Throw It All Away
H/Hr with a bit of angst... I guess. Okay, I didn't really have a story in mind when I made it, because I made it in about four hours. But now that I think about it, here's the story: Harry and Hermione started out as best friends but became something more over the years. However, though they had an everlasting bond, Harry throws it all away in order to keep Hermione safe. He suffers continuously with the memory of what they had. In the end, he finally decides that he needs Hermione with him if he'll ever be able to defeat Voldemort. Okay, so it's not the best but I'm quite proud of what I managed to accomplish in five hours. Enjoy! NOTE: The first half is from Hermione's POV and the rest is from Harry's POV. Song: Throw It All Away Artist: Brandi Carlile
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Sail Away
Comments allowed after approval only. Thank you. These are photos of landscapes around the world, to the music of Enya, "Sail Away (Orinoco Flow)". That means the original name of the song was 'Orinoco Flow', but popular use forced to rename it to "Sail Away (Orinoco Flow)". This video's TITLE is 'Sail Away'. I hope that's clear, once and for all. Turn on "Captions" for english lyrics. Locations referenced in lyrics (in order of mention) - Orinoco River, Colombia & Venezuela (also the name of the London studio where the song was recorded) - Tripoli, Libya - Yellow Sea, Between Korea and China - Bissau, Guinea-Bissau - Palau, island country near the Philippines - Avalon, British Isles - Fiji, Fiji islands - Tiree, Scotland - Isles of Ebony, England - Peru, Peru - Cebu, Philippines - Babylon, Iraq - Bali, Indonesia - Cali, a city in Colombia - Coral Sea, Australia - Ebudae (Inner Hebrides), Scotland (also the name of a later Enya song) - Khartoum, Sudan - The Sea of Clouds, possibly Mount Huangshan, China - Island of the Moon (Comoros) - Ross Dependency, a part of Antarctica, (also an in-song reference to Ross Cullum) (Ref. Wikipedia)
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Nuclear bomb explosion at sea - bikini atolls
Operation Crossroads 1946, nuclear bomb explosion at sea with its effects on ships an the bikini atolls. very interesting footage from "Trinity and Beyond".
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Nagshead Pool
Nagshead Pool Party with Hannah H. and I 8)
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Keeping hydrated on a long deco
Tech diving
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Feeding Time
Watch as i feed my fish and anemone, cant see the food pellets too good for the anemone though.
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bubble tip anemone
tomato clown playing with anemone
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Sea Anemone at COEX
At the COEX Aquarium, there were these beautiful sea anemone that waved and did their weird thing.
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Mom's salty tank
seahorses, clown goby, clownfish, cleaner shrimp, jawfish
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Egypt holiday
Sarah and my holiday in Egypt
Views: 1435 Jayme Ablitt
Sea Anemone
A large anemone moving in the current, and myself for a second or two
Views: 1301 Jochen Krauß
urchins and anemones
aquarium boston sea color urchins and anemones
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Green Turtles at Byron Bay
Part of Byron Underwater - the documentary. Where tropical and temperate waters merge. More information at http://www.byronunderwater.com.au
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Happy Seahorses
After 2 weeks apart (the yellow one was sick and was being treated in a hospital tank), he was able to return to the main tank. His mate found him and swam over to greet him, and they were so happy to be reunited, they went around and around this piece of coral for 15minutes or longer.
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Mysis Chomper
This is my Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, David Bowman. He eats mysis shrimp, such as this. He also follows the syringe really closely, reason being that they are very trainable fish, and mine has taken to following the syringe as it gives out food.
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Plastic pollution on our beaches with Surfers Against Sewage
Its been many years since we uploaded this short film we made about beach litter awareness and plastic pollution on our beaches. Filmed at Croyde beach in Devon with the aid of Gary from Quiksilver and Andy from Surfers Against Sewage and the local kids from Croyde and Braunton trying to do something about plastic pollution and sewage on our beaches. Finally the Uk at least is trying to do something about it. Its been a long time coming though..
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Buceo en el Mar Rojo 2
Scuba diving in the Red Sea
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The SUNS Promo
The SUNS promotion clip. Directed by Karen Ng. Filmed at The SUNS 220 EP Launch at Gershwin Room, Melbourne on 8 Oct 2005.
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Corrina Repp in Pittsburgh
Corrina Repp in Pittsburgh
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Tim's reef tank, now 10 months old
Again, my reeftank...
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Clownfish and sea anemone
A sea anemone and a couple of clownfish recorded while diving off Savusavu, Fiji.
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Hawksbill Turtle
Hawksbill Turtle, filmed in the North Male Atoll, Maldives, September 2006
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Tigertail Seahorse
A Tigertail Seahorse gets the limelight at Singapore's Southern islands. The Tigertail Seahorse is one of possibly 3 species known to occur around SIngapore's reefs.
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Sailing with Dolphins
Sailing around the world you see a lot of dolphins. These guys joined us off the coast of Spain. Check out our trip at www.bumfuzzle.com
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Turtle swims up to camera and winks
A large turtle swims up to camera winks at it, then swims off again. Filmed at Durban's incredible uShaka Aquarium in 2004. (South Africa)
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Heron Island 2006 GHS
The is the final cut of the previous film. Shout out to Grafton High year 2007, good luck in the HSC next year! Music: Greenday-Time of Your Life
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Fire Fish
Being harrased by the damsals
Views: 8092 Geoffrey Parkford
Sea anemone eats a fish
Sea anemone eats a fish in aquarium. Some other interesting fish.
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Sea Anemone's & Starfish @ North Baker Beach
Took my dog to the beach at low tide and found lots of creatures stuck to the rocks
Views: 359 Ben Brower
Best way 2 sink a sub & ship
Got 2 love this one .....
Views: 8664 Kenny Werner
I Can Feel the Rhythm
vocal ensemble 3rd session
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Thrashing Marlin's Worms Do The Drunken Master
Yes it's only been a week since our triumph with the worms achieving an uncanny likeness to Lucille Ball but so much has happened. We realised all the worms needed was visual stimulation, that they weren't getting in the compost. We have since moved them indoors where they have exposure to the tv and the remote. When we went to bed they were still watching" Vera Drake" There resulting portrait was an abortion. Little were we to know what awaited us on arising. Some of the younger worms had put on an old video of the Kung Fu classic 'The Drunken Master" and as well as a few injuries the worms had achieved a stunning portrait of Jackie Chan as the drunken master. Is there no stopping them. Prepared to be amazed. For more go to www.myspace.com/thrashingmarlin
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