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Bootstrap Wells
Bootstrap Well .well class adds a rounded border around an element with a gray background color. For small Devices Well class: well-sm For large device well:well-lg For normal device:well
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Inspirational Christiano Ronald Story
Christiano Ronald Age: 32 years old, Occupation: Footballer He is one of the Greatest Footballers of all time His Story He grown up in a small home and developed a passion for football. He loved the game very much so he used to miss the meals and escape out of his window with a football. He took a strong Decision in his Life. At 12 , Ronaldo said good bye to his family to play Sporting youth Club located in 600 miles from his house. When he started his carrier he faced so many difficulties in his sporting carrier. He cried every day for family. Everyone laughed at him due to his poor accent. He was so discouraged and he taught it impossible for him to get used to the locals and bid city life. At 15 he was diagnosed with Racing heart but that didn’t stop him. After laser surgery he came back to training. It is very hard time for him. In 2013 his life was changed amazingly. Manchester United Manager saw his playing who signed him for $12 Million In 2008 he became captain of the Portugal team He was a good Player. Today he is the highest paid athlete in the world. Find out your talents hidden in you and bring them out.
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Jamun Fruit Benifits and Side Effects
Jamun benifits and side effects 1. It will helpful for diabetics patients 2. Heart problems 3.ulcer problems 4.liver problems 5.skin 6. Asthama Problems Side effects 1.It lowers the sugar level 2. Empty stomach is not good 3.Heavy jamun may cause stomach problems
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B12 Rich Foods in Hindi
Vitamin B12 is very important for the body. Brain and nervous system depends upon the Vitamin B12. Human body will not produce Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 Deficency Symptoms. Constipation Problem. Depression Pale Skin Poor memory 5.Muscle Weakness. Diet for Vitamin B12 Dairy Products. Seafood 3.Eggs
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Bootstrap Grid Offset Classes
Bootstrap Grid Offset Classes using small, large, large devices. Bootstrap Classes .col-xs-* this class is used for extra small device .col-sm-* this class is used for small devices .col-md-* this class is used for medium devices .col-lg-* this class is used for large devices Bootstrap Offset Classes .col-xs-offset-* .col-sm-offset-* .col-md-offset-* .col-llg-offset-*
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Bootstrap Button Group
Bootstrap Button Group We are using class .btn-group Button Justified Group .btn-group-justified class is used to display fullscreen If you want to display the buttons in different colors you have to use these classes .btn-info .btn-success .btn-danger .btn-warning If you display buttons vertically use this class .btn-group-vertical
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Bootstrap List
Bootstrap List 1. Unordered List is ul tag 2. Ordered List is li tag 3. List Inline class is .list-inline 4.Definition List class is .dl-horizontal If you resize the browser window it will change the output depend upon the window screen
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Bootstrap Progress Bar
Bootstrap Progress Bar class is progress and progress-bar the role is progress bar Striped Progress Bar class is progress-bar-striped use will get stripes on bar Animated progress bar class is .active use this class then you with get animation on your bar. To get different colors on your progress bar use this classes .progress-info .progress-danger .progress-success .progress-warning Thank you for watching this video if you like this video Subscribe this channel so that i can upload more videos for you.
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Bootstrap Tutorials
In this topic we are going to learn Bootstrap Tutorials 1. What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is the most popular front end framework. It uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript Frame work.•It is developed by twitter for creating responsive Web Applications. •We can create templates using HTML, CSS and Java Script. •Bootstrap can use any source of technology and any platform. •Bootstrap can use with any web application to build with Asp.net, Php, Java Script .. etc. •You need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS to create responsive websites. •Bootstrap developed by Mark Otto and Jaob Thomton at Twitter. •It was release an open source product in August 2011 on Gitthub. •Bootstrap supports all popular Browsers. 2. What are the Advantages of Bootstrap?1.It supports responsive design 2.You can save lot of time by using Tools. 3.Customizable Bootstrap has lot of features(getbootstrap.com)
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Bootstrap Image Gallery
Bootstrap Image gallery classes Circle: .img-cirlce rounded:.img- rounded thumbnail:.img-thumbnail responsive:.img-responsive To display image in left side use this class "pull-left" To display image in right side use this class "pull-right" To display image in center use this class "center-block"
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Bootstrap Typography
Bootstrap Typography In this you can see the different type of headings h1 to h6 you will get different headings
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Motivational Quotes
Powerful Quotes From Great People
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Motivational Story
I had a lot of failures failed in primary school failed in middle school failed in university 30 times jobs rejected So never Give Up
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Bootstrap List Group
Bootstrap List Group
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Downloading Bootstrap/Set up Bootstrap
How to download bootstrap Go to getbootstrap.com and download the bootstrap Open the jquery.com In this website download Jquery In this tutorials you can see the downloading process and settings
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Real Beauty
Real beauty from a person is smile So keep smiling always.
Bootstrap Pagination
Bootstrap Pagination class is pagination and if you want to disable then use the class disable. Use .active class for active state Bread crumb is a navigational hierarchy and it indicated current page location. For small pagination use class .pagination-sm For large pagination use class .pagination-lg Thank you for watching this video if you like this video subscribe this channel.
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Do you want to see Real Beauty in the World
Real beauty from a person is smile So keep smiling always.
Bootstrap Buttons
Bootstrap Buttons Classes .btn .btn-default .btn-primary .btn-suscess .btn-info .btn-warning .btn-danger .btn-link 2. Active Buttons class is .active 3. Large ,Medium , small,Extra small Button 4. Block Buttons
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Solar Eclipse 2017
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Bootstrap Pager
Bootstrap Pager class is pager
Encouraging Words
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Need God
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Bootstrap Jumbotron
Bootstrap Jumbotron is used to display text in big box with gray color and rounded corners .jumbotron is the class
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Aradhana Hindi Song 2017
Translating Telugu song to Hindi
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Bootstrap Panel
Bootstrap Panel class is panel and default panel is panel-default Panel-group used to display group panels
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Bootstrap Paragraph
Bootstrap Paragraph 1. Mark Style 2. Blockquote 3. Abbr style 4. text-left indicates text in left 5. .text-center indicates text is in center 6. .text-right indicated text is in right 7. text-justify justified the text 8. text-nowrap nowrap on text 9.text-lowercase indicates the text is in lower case 10.text.uppercase indicated the text is in uppercase 11.text-captalize captilized text 12. text-primary 13. text-info 14. text-danger 15. text-success
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World Blood Donor Day/World Blood Donor Day June-14th 2017
World Blood Donar Day 700-800 donors can save more than 2000 life's Every day more than 800 pregnant womans are die during child birth so many countries are dependent on there families and paid donors only few have national supplies, Please save life
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Bootstrap Grid System
Bootstrap Grid System Bootstrap Grid system is used for creating page layouts through a series of rows and columns. The Grid system consists of 12 columns Bootstrap Grid System Classes Extra small devices .col-xs-* Small Devices .col-sm-* Medium Devices .col-md-* Large Devices .col-lg-* Give the width,height,color in css class. In this tutorials you can see example If you want more tutorials like this video subscribe this channel Thank You for watching.
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Bootstrap Nested Rows and Columns
Bootstrap Nested rows and columns example you can see in video
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Bootstrap Grid Classes
Bootstrap Grid classes for small devices class is .col-sm-*, medium devices class is col-md-*, large devices class is col-lg-*, Extra small device class is col-xs-*. Depend up on the screen you can give classes on bootstrap. In this tutorials you can see example of these classes.
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Bootstrap Tables
Bootstrap Table Classes .table - Is is basic style if table class .striped- This class will display zebra stripes output .table-bordered - Using this class you can add all borders to table .table-hover- hover affects .table-condensed Contextual classes .active .success .info .warning .danger Responsive Table .table-responsive
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Inspirational KFC Story
KFC Story
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