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Kim Kardashian:  Hollywood | New Location: Mykonos, Greece [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! This week we got a new update - YEY - that brough new itens and a new location to the game. Let's check it out! XOXO Soundtrack by NCS: Itro x Valcos - Starbound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hz668UNTE4
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | The 'So Chic London' Challenge [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! With the latest update (26th Jan), we got some AWESOME additions: the possibility of your date to pay for the actual date, new achievements that will make your date give you prizes and the possibility to work at the So Chic London Store. In the 'So Chic London Store Challenge' you must get 5-Star rating in 3 gigs for SCL in the space of 7 days. If you do, you'll win $1000 + 3 K-Stars. If you don't, you gt $500. Very cool! So, let's watch it. PS. We've reached 21.587 views!! This is amazing. Thank you to all my 293 subscribers. Love you all! Today's song is called 'Alive' by "Itro & Kontinuum", provided by NCS and found here: https://youtu.be/-xKKo7t72Tg
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | VIP 6.4: Slimmermans [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! With the new update, VIP subscribers also get a new set of missions. This is the one for 6.4! XOXO Soundtrack: Jocelyn Alice - Bound To You (Pluto Remix) https://theartistunion.com/tracks/05886c?download=true
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Get Money and K-Stars: Business Cheat - NO HACK for iOS | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
- THIS IS CURTENTLY NOT WORKING SINCE THE MARCH UPDATE - I hope I have made myself clear in the game, but here are the steps: 1- Starts and finishes your business; 2 - Before going out of the location to get the call and receive the K-Stars, do the energy cheat. Go to time and settings and scroll back the clock. As it is scrolling, go back to the game; 3 - To know if it has worked, you need to check a pending quest and see how long it says it will be available on. It has to be at least 7 days; 4 - If the time is twisted, go out and take the call. If not, do it over and over until it works; 5 - After you get the call, go back to time and settings, turn the time to automatic and go back to the game; 6 - You'll have a full energy bar and also, the business will be available again so you can do over and over again. It's great to level up fast, gain money and K-Stars! Enjoy! Soundtrack: Lauv - Paris in the Rain (inverness Remix) https://soundcloud.com/invernessmusic/lauv-paris-in-the-rain-inverness-remix
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update: Gym and Abu Dhabi [Gameplay]
Hello, gorgeous! We just got a new update. Now, we can own a gym and travel to Abu Dhabi. How amazing? Lots of Love. XOXO Soundtrack: Frank Pierce & Ascend - Are We Ft. Sleeping Lion https://soundcloud.com/dope-musique/frank-pierce-ascend-are-we-ft-sleeping-lion-original-mix-free-download
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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - Is Derek a Cheater? [Gameplay]
Follow me in my Gal-Spy Mission. Kim asked me to find out if her friend Jesse's BF - Derek Long - was a cheater. So, I did! #KimKStyle More about my KKH Life: https://www.instagram.com/ameliakkh/ This video is a full version of my KamCord streaming: https://www.kamcord.com/v/pQWp88cF4c6 https://www.kamcord.com/v/yB50zYnyj0k
Views: 38343 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 6.5: Seoul, Korea [Gameplay]
Soundtrack: Tim Legend - me + u https://www.toneden.io/timlegend/post/me-u
Views: 4035 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 6.3: Dublin and Makeovers [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! We just got a new update and now you can give your non-real KKH player a makeover! Very cool, huh? Soundtrack: Define Light - Transit https://soundcloud.com/tastynetwork/define-light-transit
Views: 2886 Amelia KKH
🤦🏻‍♀️ Floppest Update Ever: Say Hello to 9.8 version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Song by NCS • iMovie • iOS Screenrecorder Track: WiDE AWAKE - Something More [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/ke-uyk8qylU Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/-SomethingMoreYO
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8.6 VIP Storyline: Fashion Show and Gifts on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Bronze Whale - Patterns https://soundcloud.com/thebronzewhale/patterns
Views: 1311 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 7.1: New Items and Brooklyn [Gameplay]
Soundtrack: Sem - Awaken https://soundcloud.com/whosem/awaken
Views: 4606 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 8.1 - New Items [Gameplay]
GNDR - Flying High [Magically Release] https://soundcloud.com/magicallyedm/fly
Views: 1394 Amelia KKH
Pets and Paw Points on 9.0 Update of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Skrezz - Cosmos (Original Mix) https://soundcloud.com/skrezz/cosmos-original-mix
Views: 4091 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update - Reality Show and Cannes [Gameplay]
Heeeey, Dolls!!!! I am SUPER excited about this last update. We can now have our own reality show, they included Cannes, lots of throwback events.... bunch of AMAZING new stuff! OMG OMG! I'm freaking out so bad... LOVE IT! Let me know what you think of it. XOXO Soundrack by NCS: 1. IZECOLD - Close (feat. Molly Ann) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ksoRaeynzc 2. Foria - Break Away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkUweq5FAcE
Views: 9011 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | MAJOR Update: New Features and Vail, CO [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! Yesterday we got a MAJOR new update that changed a lot of things, the coolest one: new avis and makeup! Check it out. XOXO Soundtrack: Ashton Love - Time https://soundcloud.com/sulklate/ashton-love-time
Views: 26719 Amelia KKH
Adventures in Love - Update 8.3: New Wardrobe Items and Kollections | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
KabookiZ - Reflections [Future Bass Release] https://soundcloud.com/futurebassrecords/reflections
Views: 2324 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | ThrowBack and Reality Show [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! The BEST addition to the game after the latest update has to be the ThrowBack Event - which apparently will happen weekly. You get points by doing professional gigs which can be SOOOO slow. First box comes at 25, second at 150, third at 300 and fourth at 600 points. YIKES! Hopefully you'll get good items as well. XOXO This song is so dear to my heart. And this past few days woke up with it in my head. Such easiness and peace. Hope it brings you the same: 1. Haukjem & Sterkøl Ft. Ellena Soule - Out Of This Town https://soundcloud.com/sterk-l/haukjem-sterkol-out-of-this-town-ft-ellena-soule-original-mix-1
Views: 5024 Amelia KKH
The Royal (drama) Wedding on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Soundtrack: KRAYT - SANITY FEAT. MAE https://soundcloud.com/iamkrayt/krayt-sanity-feat-mae-1
Views: 28159 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 6.2: V.I.P. Program and Venice [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! We've got a new Update! Yey. Soundrack: Soulmate (feat. Jussbeatzz) - Tiki https://soundcloud.com/tikilicious/soulmate
Views: 6508 Amelia KKH
March VIP Event on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Martin Solveig - All Stars (Felix Schorn Remix) https://soundcloud.com/felixschornofficial/martin-solveig-all-stars-felix-schorn-remix
Views: 3483 Amelia KKH
Paris Fashion Week - My Favorite Prizes of the Update 8.3 Showcase | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Hey, Dolls! This is the final weekend event of the Update 8.3 and what seems to be the final chapter of the storyline we've been playing for the last 4 weeks! I cannot wait to see what will come up on update 8.4! See you soon! KOSTA - Not U https://soundcloud.com/djkostamusic/not-u
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My Final KKH Video [Update] Version 9.9 of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Hey, Dolls! Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I will keep all my videos private as I don’t want to support this game anymore. I have been generating content for it over the last 3 years and I just feel like it’s time to move on. It is a LOT of work and demands a lot to deal with haters, the company’s policy and the time consuming activity of editing. It was so much fun and I’ve grown so much! I hope this has been as rewarding to you as it has been for me! You can still reach me on Instagram (@AmeliaKKH) and I’ll leave this only video here. Perhaps in the future, if I see any changes in the game and their effort to improve it I will come back. But, at the moment, all I see is the bare minimum to keep this game going. I have always been so passionate about it and it’s just time to redirect that to something more fulfilling! Lots of love. 💕 Song by NCS • iMovie • iOS Screenrecorder https://youtu.be/HemIEd-KYt4
Views: 4029 Amelia KKH
Glamdace Film Festival: VIP 8.4 | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Juani - Faces and Voices https://soundcloud.com/electrolead/juani-faces-and-voices
Views: 3146 Amelia KKH
AmeliaKKH plays Hollywood Story [Part 1] First Movie
https://mgcl.co/hollywood/megacoolInvite?_m=FozsI0BcYlZm Hey,Dolls or should I say... Hey, Divas! I decided to try again this game and record it for YouTube! Let me know if you’d like more videos on this game or even if you’d like to watch different games on iPhone! 💕
Views: 770 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 7.3: New Items and Monaco [Gameplay]
Roy English & badhabit - OUTA MY HEAD (BAZZ & D.C.R Remix) https://soundcloud.com/imminentremix/roy-english-badhabit-outa-my-head-bazz-dcr-remixfree-download
Views: 2440 Amelia KKH
⚠️ New 9.6 Items + VIP Storyline on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Track: Andromedik - With Me [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/pyj9yJO4rbA Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/WithMeYO
Views: 1333 Amelia KKH
❄️ Snow, winter outfits and special daily box prizes. It’s 🎄 in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood 💝
Welcome to the 9.7 version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. As a yearly tradition, we have snow in LA and daily boxes special holiday items. Music: The Christmas Vibe Musician: Philip E Morris
Views: 1321 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update: New Partnership and Chile [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! New Update! YEY! LOVE novelties! This one is SO gorgeous. Check it out! Soundtrack: Holly X Spaces - Say That Way https://soundcloud.com/uprisemusicofficial/holly-x-spaces-say-that-way-1
Views: 4384 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | The Khloé Rescue Event[Gameplay]
Heeey, Dolls! How are you? Today's video is going earlier than usual and I also recorded it all on Friday because I was going to be super busy this weekend. I still haven't finished my event, but I will keep my IG updated. Also , I won't make a video for Wednesday! :( And I'll try my best to do it for Sunday, but I am without a computer, so I have to figure that out. I will still record it and try to upload it later on. That's all, my beautiful dolls! Have a WONDERFUL week. Love you so much! XOXO 💖💋💐👑 Soundtrack by NCS: 1. Lensko - Cetus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3vrV-WNmsc 2. Tobu & Itro - Sunburst https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lXBHD5C8do
Views: 4416 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 8.2: Items and Bel-Air Grotto [Gameplay]
Young Wolf Hatchlings - Tempted https://soundcloud.com/youngwolfhatchlings/tempted
Views: 7396 Amelia KKH
Update 8.4: New Items |  Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
John Sofia - I Fall Apart (Sofasound CozyFlip) https://theartistunion.com/tracks/1ee7fe?download=true
Views: 2628 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | 7.5 VIP Storyline: Meeting our fans [Gameplay]
Josh Le Tissier - Conspiracy https://soundcloud.com/joshletissier/conspiracy
Views: 1969 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | VIP Missions [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! These are the missions we get after subscribing to VIP. Soundtrack: nodle - ·r·i·g·h·t ·h·e·r·e https://soundcloud.com/1996nodle/ps9jhm9otrbj
Views: 4991 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 6.6: Balmain and Costa Rica [Gameplay]
Soundtrack: Félix Boudreau - Never Give Up https://soundcloud.com/onemanrec/never-give-up
Views: 3992 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 7.4: Fabulousness in Prague [Gameplay]
Real KiK - Stay The Same https://soundcloud.com/intothewildrecords/realkik
Views: 6137 Amelia KKH
Flying Like Royalty in the 8.5 VIP Storyline on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Xyno - Energy on Soundcloud.com/AmeliaKKH or https://soundcloud.com/xynoofficial/energy
Views: 3316 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Misty Winter Collection [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls!! I LOVE that it is snowing!!!!!!! These are the new gigs after the update. XOXO Soundtrack: Caz Amarillo - Throw It Away https://soundcloud.com/futurized-recordings/caz-amarillo-throw-it-away
Views: 2823 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 7.2: New Items and Cape Town [Gameplay]
REGON & ZesKo - You Don't Gotta Go https://soundcloud.com/imminentelectronic/regon-zesko-you-dont-gotta-go-free-download
Views: 2988 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 7.5: New Clothing Items [Gameplay]
TELYKast - There For You (Tropix Remix) https://soundcloud.com/tropixofficial/sets/thereforyou
Views: 4769 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 6.1: Toronto and Close-Ups [Gameplay]
New items, Location and Pose at the Photoboot! Don't update if you're iOS until it's cleared at the @KKHOfficial twitter! Soundtrack: Squired - Right On Time https://soundcloud.com/squired/squired-right-on-time
Views: 4943 Amelia KKH
June Update: 9.0 New Items | Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Future House Cloud Panuma & Linko & Tokyo Project - Night https://soundcloud.com/future-house-cloud/night DEUXCES Pull Me Close (ft. Who's to Say?) https://soundcloud.com/deuxces/pullmeclose
Views: 2878 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | New Location: Big Sky, Montana [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls! I was preparing another video when the update (4.5.0) came out (YAS!), so I decided to show you the new stuff instead. I also went on a date with my KKH Husband, just to check out the new restaurant in Big Sky Montana, called 'River Ranch'. Hope you'll like it. XOXO For more about the new update, check the full coverage on https://www.instagram.com/KeepingUpWithTheKKHDolls/ The soundtrack is called 'Hold On To Me' by Electro Light feat. Sidekicks provided by NCS. You can find out all about it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joF3VqPYJRk
Views: 8407 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update: Vienna and new hair from Kim [Gameplay]
Hey, Dolls!! The new update brought special itens from 'The Huntsman: Winter's War" movie! Plus, a new location, Vienna... with the cutest café ever!! Also, we get new Luxe Goals that give us back K-Stars, XP points and Energy. Enjoy it all, dolls! Soundtrack by NCS: 1. Killercats - Tell Me (feat. Alex Skrindo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=besNDPvEwQw 2. The Eden Project - Lost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMCP4xIsmAw 3. Killercats - What I Said (feat. Alex Skrindo) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0yCMiYmL7w
Views: 3968 Amelia KKH
AmeliaKKH plays Hollywood Story [Part 2] Pink Mood and Paparazzi
Views: 324 Amelia KKH
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood | Update 8.0 - VIP Stoyrline [Gameplay]
2 Wasted & Lutez - Down To The Ground Ft. Tina Johnson (VIP Edit) https://soundcloud.com/futurebassrecords/down
Views: 1482 Amelia KKH

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