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George jones*****( Tied to a stone )
written by Max D. Barnes , 1996
Views: 56958 Badboy4948
George jones*****(when did you stop loving me)
written by Donny Kees and Monty Holmes and George Jones covered the song on his 1998 album It Don't Get Any Better Than This
Views: 135172 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Tear me out of the picture)
written by Bill Rice / Mike Lawler / Sharon Rice , Released 1993
Views: 45882 Badboy4948
George jones*****( i'll give you something to drink about )
written by Hank Cochran / Jerry Laseter / Mack Vickery , 1996
Views: 36628 Badboy4948
George jones*****( if i could hear my mother pray again )
written by James Rowe and James W. Vaughan
Views: 279283 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Why Me Lord)
written by Kris Kristofferson
Views: 110737 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Her Name Is)
written by Bobby Braddock. song was Released: 1976
Views: 32642 Badboy4948
George jones and Lacy j dalton*****(size seven round)
written by Gary Lumpkin and Monroe Fields, recorded 1984
Views: 40642 Badboy4948
George jones*****(I Never Go Around Mirrors) (Tribute to Lefty frizzell)
written by Sanger D. "Whitey" Shafer and Lefty frizzell
Views: 115466 Badboy4948
George jones*****( House of Gold )
written by Hank Williams sr, https://www.facebook.com/GeorgeJonesAndOthersOldTimeCountryMusic/
Views: 36898 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(The Honky Tonk Downstairs)
written by Dallas Frazier
Views: 29124 Badboy4948
George Jones and Dolly Parton*****(Rockin Years)
From the album Burn Your Playhouse Down – The Unreleased Duets released on August 19, 2008 on the Bandit Records label.
Views: 133169 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Will the Circle Be Unbroken)
written by A.P. Carter, Released 1959 on the album Country Church Time
Views: 33135 Badboy4948
George Jones***** The King Is Gone (So Are You )
written by Roger D. Ferris , recorded 1989
Views: 41537 Badboy4948
George Jones And Sue Richards*****(Tammy I'm Sorry) unissued
written by Earl Peanutt Montgomery This song, Tammy I'm Sorry, was written by Earl Montgomery for George Jones and Tammy Wynette to sing together but that was not meant to be . it is unissued .
Views: 51925 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Aching, Breaking Heart )
written by Rick Hall
Views: 47879 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(The Battle)
written by Lew Kimball / George Richey /Norris "Norro" Wilson ,1976
Views: 14043 Badboy4948
George Jones and Keith Richards*****(Say It's Not You)
George Jones and Keith Richards*****(Say It's Not You)
Views: 23874 Badboy4948
George jones*****(There's the door)
written by Gene Nelson and Paul Nelson, 1992
Views: 27703 Badboy4948
George jones***** ( Her name is )
written by Bobby Braddock
Views: 23973 Badboy4948
Sammy kershaw*****( Do you know me (a tribute to George jones)
“Billy Lawson and Johnny Holland wrote the song for George to cut a few months before he passed away. He never cut the song
Views: 46511 Badboy4948
George jones*****(what am i doing there)
written by Buddy Brock and Zack Turner , 1992
Views: 22305 Badboy4948
George Jones and Tammy Wynette*****(Just Someone I Used To Know)
"A Girl I Used to Know" is a song written by Jack Clement and originally released as a single by George Jones on United Artists Records. It became a top five hit for Jones, peaking at number three. Jones recorded the song again with wife Tammy Wynette as "Someone I Used to Know" for their debut album We Go Together in 1970. The song was also a number nine hit for Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton in 1969.
Views: 44574 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Shine On )
written by Johnny MacRae and Bob Morrison
Views: 22998 Badboy4948
George Jones***** (I Should Have Called )
written by Eddy Raven
Views: 31040 Badboy4948
George Jones & Ray Charles*****(We Didn't See A Thing)
written by Gary Gentry, This appearance was in 1984
Views: 11419 Badboy4948
George Jones *****Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
written by Fred Rose and produced by Earl "Peanutt" Montgomery
Views: 23323 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Tramp On Your Street)
written by Billy Joe Shaver, Released September 11, 2001
Views: 31678 Badboy4948
George jones and Gene pitney*****(as long as i live)
written by Roy Acuff , recorded 1965
Views: 11232 Badboy4948
George jones*****(There Goes my Everything)
written by Dallas Frazier , Released 1967
Views: 28878 Badboy4948
George jones***** (The old man no one loves)
written by wyman asbill , recorded 1987
Views: 15505 Badboy4948
George jones and Tammy wynette*****(Two story house)
Tammy Wynette wrote the song with David Lindsey and Glenn Tubb. it was Released February 1980
Views: 12949 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Wings of a Dove)
written by Bob Ferguson , 1962
Views: 31618 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Wrong Number)
written by George Jones and Dickie Overby. It was released as a promotional single in 1965 and rose to #14 on the Billboard country chart
Views: 21207 Badboy4948
George Jones & Georgette Jones*****You And Me And Time 2008
Written by Georgette jones , George & Georgette at The Opry 2008
Views: 36578 Badboy4948
George jones and Merle haggard*****(Making Believe)
written by Jimmy Work
Views: 14394 Badboy4948
George jones*****(Swinging doors)
written by Merle Haggard , recorded 1967
Views: 30057 Badboy4948
George Jones***** Writing On The Wall
written by Freddy Weller and Bobby Fischer,
Views: 17592 Badboy4948
George Jones*****( What I Didn't Do )
written by michael Noble and Wood Newton , Released September 11, 2001
Views: 13601 Badboy4948
George jones*****(skip a rope)
written by Jack Moran and Glenn D. Tubb From the album (Hits i missed and one i didn't ) Release Date September 13, 2005 "Skip a Rope' is a 1967 single by Henson Cargill. The single was Cargill's debut release on the country charts and also his most successful single. "Skip a Rope" was Cargill's sole No. 1 on the country charts, spending five weeks at the top and a total of 16 weeks on the chart.
Views: 28492 Badboy4948
George Jones*****I Know A Man Who Can
written by Jimmie Davis and Jack Campbell
Views: 13111 Badboy4948
George jones*****(I Miss A Lot Of Trains)
Written by Tom T. Hall . George never recorded this its from a live show in Colmesneil, Texas may 1983 .
Views: 27108 Badboy4948
George jones****** ( i'll give you something to drink about )
written by Hank Cochran, Mack Vickery, and Jerry Laseter
Views: 17994 Badboy4948
George Jones*****(Frozen Heart)
written by George Jones and Jimmy Yancey , from the 1960 album The Crown Prince of Country Music.
Views: 18288 Badboy4948
George jones and Sammy kershaw *****( Never Bit A Bullet Like This )
written by Jim Foster and Mark C. Petersen It was first released as a single from Jones' 1993 MCA LP High-Tech Redneck.
Views: 9271 Badboy4948
George jones*****(The baptism of jesse taylor )
written by Dallas Frazier and Sanger DShafer ,1973
Views: 15646 Badboy4948

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