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Getting High with Wine!
Christie goes on an adventure to a mystery location for Mommy After Hours and finds herself getting high with wine
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LIVE with Christie & Skyler Mommy After Hours
Random Convo, Q&A and BRING IT ON TOPICS.... JOIN US NOW!!!
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"The Juice" and Trifocals
Viv the magician takes the tools out of my hands and creates magic when the apple juice finally opens. Christie figures out that she needs trifocals. Christie's workout regimen ... there is no regimen.
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When is it worth it to FAKE it?  Would I FAKE it with Vince Vaughn?
Christie talks about all of the times people FAKE it. Explaining why and when its ok to FAKE it and talks about the reality of being fake. Christie also comes up with the brilliant idea of creating a reality "Bachelorette" show for 40 year old Single Moms! Vince Vaughn knows me how?? Cocktail for the night: The Snowflake
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Deer and a Date
Christie recaps about her trip with her friend Jeni to Home Depot. Dating, aging, dying, drinking .... nothing really was off the table in this conversation. A great glass of wine though.
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The Beauty Bar ... Naked Bar ... Was there a Bar?
Christie and two of her friends share cocktail recipes, beauty tips and then sooooo much more! Its a long one so grab a cocktail or follow one of our recipes and ENJOY!
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UBER ... even when you don't need to
Christie and friends have a wonderful dinner and head out for an after dinner cocktail... UBER chat on the way home.
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Holiday Hangover... and then the ex-boyfriend enters the chat !?!?!?!
Christie chats about the idea of a holiday hangover. Holidays are over, the favorite cocktails made. Recent dating opportunities, new encounters. And then... the her ex-boyfriend comes into the chat just as she starts talking about ....
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Preview for the Night
Christie, Ryan and Nicole head out to dinner and drinks
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Live ... Tonight ... Prepping for the Holidays
Christie prepares for the intensity of the upcoming Holiday Season
Cocktails, Moktails, Fun Facts or Are they?
Christie and Emily make cocktails and mocktails with some of the same ingredients while learning more about each other. Playing the game of Fun Facts they learn some fun and interesting facts about each other!
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Safety First - and if not I will ZAP YOU!
Christie teaches you how to protect yourself..... and in some very interesting ways!
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CRUSH... Celebrity Crush... different types of crushes turns into planning an ADULT SLUMBER PARTY
Christie talks about her celebrity crushes in the 80s, 90s and today. Then Christie's "Mommy" brain comes into play and forgetfulness plays into the conversation..... Later an adult slumber party is planned!
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Normal Conversation Turned into Plastic Surgery & Octopus Balls
Christie and Emily start to recap the day in what they thought was going to be a "boring" vlog. Little to say Christie's random conversations tonight went from a simple daily recap to plastic surgery and octopus balls!
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How this all started.... THE DAMN APPLE JUICE
Just a small town girl living in a lonely world She took her car coming home from work Just a bottle of juice Wanted just a little glass Tried to open it But had not no success (insert music)
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Discover the Red Cup Community
Christie takes a walk through a street in Discovery Bay and enjoys her WHITE CUP in the RED CUP Community while looking at the community put up Holiday lights.
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Winter "BREAK"... hardley a break for most...
Christie talks with Emily and Sklyer about why the kids Winter Break really isnt anything of a break. Its a time for more activities and stress. Wine of course and also they play a new game!
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