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Bojvlogski S01E03 — Sydney Biennale
We're off to the 19th Biennale of Sydney. It's huge so this vlog is longer than usual (broken me first rule already). Linkage! — Aurélien Froment No videos but Artsy have a bunch of pics of the work here... https://artsy.net/artist/aurelien-froment-1 — Roni Horn Hard to find any links unfortunately. I had better luck with the artists below though. — Ann Lislegaard This was how the piece was presented at Biennale de Lyon. It was set up a lot differently at MCA... http://youtu.be/dRXZhctzmdc — Emily Roysdon Here's her colab with The Knife. This is what was playing on the headphones in the space... http://youtu.be/LqfI7RQv3ho — Tinka Pittoors No videos but here's her website... http://www.tinkapittoors.com/ — Daniel McKewen Some running men... https://vimeo.com/43227646 — Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács A version of the piece shown at Carriageworks... https://vimeo.com/67943742 — Ann-Sofi Sidén and Jonathan Bepler Not the actual video but a scrappy 'making of' thing... http://youtu.be/82UH8lir5-k — Henna-Riikka Halonen Videos including Moderate Manipulations via... https://vimeo.com/hennahalonen — Sonia Leber and David Chesworth http://vimeo.com/96548471 — Bianca Hester In action as part of the Biennale... https://vimeo.com/89883252 — Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger An interview with the artists about 'Bush Power'... http://youtu.be/qJ5upAioahs — Marko Lulić Maybe turn the sound off and put on something else when viewing this one. NOT the original soundtrack... http://youtu.be/ak2QuvyBTjw — Nathan Gray Rough version in full... http://youtu.be/EPy3OlDwMEE — Ulla Von Brandenburg Here's a clip of someone did on their iPhone making their way through the installation bit to the video (sorry, it's alI could find)... http://youtu.be/Wr-jPbiSCQI — Eva Rothschild This is a short version of the original piece (couldn't find the full length version online sadly)... http://youtu.be/H_tmj7pSkcE Oh, yeah... here's an interview with the boys in the video... http://youtu.be/_3uZuCyIArE http://biennaleofsydney.com.au/ #19bos — Next time Mini maghaul or Southbank typographic survey or the Narrative doco tradition or something else entirely. See you next Thursday. Me out. — Incidential music for this edition... 'Soul Sleep' by HTRK 'Can't Hear Well' by Liars (who both played at Carriageworks when we were there. HTRK were amaze and Pet Shop Boys were playing in the hall next to them which was just wierd. Anyhoo)
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Bojvlogski S01E01 — Intro
My first vlog introducing topics I wanna try and cover in the coming weeks including the zombie suburbs of Melbourne, Nation States and political nerds, Male Feminist, ideas for cities, my life in magazines, social capitalism, design and designers, techknowledgy and loads more. Join me on this... er... mysterious journey. Won't you? BTW Music snippettes this edition: — 'Mt Pleasant' by Tuscadero — 'Rock the Casbah' by Tucker
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Bojvlogski S01E17 — London Mag Map with Gym Class
Gymvlogski! I'm joined by Steven Gregor (Gym Class Magazine) to make a map linking magazine designers with their magazines. Download an editable version of our 'mag map' by visiting — http://www.scribd.com/doc/240546127/Bojvlogski-Gym-Class-editable-London-Mag-Map or — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ We'd love you to help build on it (there's so many magazines and designers we had to leave out!) so feel free to edit this PDF and re-upload it (with the tag #magmap so we can find it) or leave a comment below tell us what we've missed. You can tweet me about this here #magmap too via — http://twitter.com/linefeed/ Linkage for this issue Gym Class Magazine! Issue 11 have only just got back from the printers. Order your copy here... — http://gymclassmag.bigcartel.com/ Magazines mentioned in this episode — http://www.monocle.com/ — http://wallpaper.com/ — http://www.port-magazine.com/ — http://www.esquire.co.uk/ — http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/ — http://www.architectural-review.com/ — http://www.eyemagazine.com/ — http://wired.co.uk/ — http://www.iconeye.com/ Incidental music for this episode 'Take my Time' by Junior Senior 'German Bold Italic' by Towa Tei featuring Kylie Minogue
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Bojvlogski S01E16 — My Life in Magazines: Architectural Review
It's another My Life in Magazines epi. Last time we looked at i-D, this time we travel back to 1962 and The Architectural Review. Quality Linkage: The original U.K. version of The Architectural Review as it is today... — http://www.architectural-review.com/ I'll post some pics of the relaunch site as we designed back in 2009 over at: — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ Architectural Review Asia Pacific doesn't have a dedicated website but you can catch glimpses of it here: — http://www.australiandesignreview.com/magazines Designers/Studios mentioned in this episode: Nick Bell Design — http://nickbelldesign.co.uk/ Violetta Boxill — http://www.alexanderboxill.com/ Cecilia Lindgren — http://www.cecilialindgren.com/ More images and goodies will be posted over at: — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ including illustrations by Kenneth Brown and some Architectural Review Asia Pacific covers that have never been seen before Incidentals for this epi: 'First Day At Work' — Jerry Goldsmith (from Sebastian OST) 'Drives Me Crazy' — The Penetrators (for no other reason than it's a totally rad choon)
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Bojvlogski S01E08 — My Life in Magazines: Heroes & Sheroes
Okay, so I was going to do a video going through all of the significant magazines during my 40 years of life on this planet but decided one-by-one might be a tad easier, so this episode: the magazine that made me want to design magazines, i-D c.1988 Linkage — Ohmygosh. This video is like 5 years old now... and looks it. Still here's a quick flick through Terry Jones' 'Instant Design: A Manual of Graphic Techniques'... https://vimeo.com/2089667 — You can check out my collection of Hi Res(ish) i-D covers here... http://magazinecoverarchive.tumblr.com/tagged/idashD Got any to add? Let me know! Let's be completists together. :) Is there a significant magazine (or several) in your life? Tell me about it via twitter at @linefeed or @bojkowski Heart talking mags. :) Incidental music for this episode: 'Hey You!' by Bomb the Bass (featuring Aurra) 'Fashion Victim' by Christopher Just / Larry Tee Don't forget to visit the tumblog at: http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/
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Bojvlogski S01E09 — Spooky 70s Kids Telly
This episode is based on a blog post taken form the Linefeed archive. Not sure Sapphire & Steel was for kids now. If anyone knows who it was targeted at let me know. Your quality linkage for this epi... — Linefeed This be me blog, slightly retired at the moment, waiting to be reborn (again). More happening on the twitter feed at @linefeed though. Look up Linefeed on YouTube too! http://linefeed.me/ http://twitter.com/linefeed/ http://youtube.com/linefeed/ — Chocky Here's a couple of ace links I found while collecting Harry Willock's cover artwork. They are rad and chockful of interesting info about all sorts of stuff. Thoroughly recommended... http://nedbajic.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/harry-willock-john-wyndham-book-illustrations/ http://causticcovercritic.blogspot.com.au/2008/08/john-wyndham-post-that-made-my-brain.html — Sapphire & Steel Modern Arcane has very helpfully uploaded every episode and joined 'assignments' (connecting episodes) together into full length features right here on YouTube... http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHexlWdRllzVWP39iVDyQzHqCaZ67icAb — Children of the Stones Want to visit the actual village AND THE STONES! featured in the series? Cause you can! (Also good for fans of To The Manor Born apparently)... http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/avebury/ — The Owl Service I first read about this programme after reading an interview with the sadly missed Trish Keenan (Broadcast). You can read a transcript of the super interesting interview with Keenan and James Cargill here... http://www.thewire.co.uk/in-writing/interviews/unedited-broadcast Incidentials for this episode... 'Tarot (Ace of Cards theme)' by Andrew Bown 'Fright Night (Nevermore)' by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti As always added extras over at the tumblog: http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/
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Bojvlogski S01E14 — Wardmote
One of the shorter #bojvlogski vids but took an age to put together. Hope you likey. Let me know what you think below or via Twitter or Tumblr (deets below). Also, what games are you playing at the mo? This week's linkage: Visit Wardmote: — http://www.nationstates.net/wardmote My various deets if you want to exchange gaming quips etc... — http://twitter.com/bojkowski/ — http://twitter.com/linefeed/ — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ (there will be extra graphics etc posted here) Minecraft name — Boiks (maybe see you around if I work out how to join a server) Tapped Out name (via Origin) — Bojkowski Expo research via this amazing site — http://www.expomuseum.com/ Incidentals for this epi: — 'Montag' by Bernard Herrmann (from the OST to 'Fahrenheit 451') — 'Irradiated Dream Mouth' by Cavern of Anti-Matter This episode also included — 'Jaydip Phamacy' by Saint Etienne
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Bojvlogski S01E10 — Docklands Pattern Survey
This episode we go on a jolly to Melbourne Docklands to check out the patterns architects are using on some of the ker-razy buildings going up there. Linkage Here's some links to projects featured in this video... http://elenbergfraser.com/#!/project/la-crosse http://www.a-r-m.com.au/projects_DHInnovationBuilding.html http://www.a-r-m.com.au/projects_DH1010LaTrobe.html http://www.woodsbagot.com/project/melbourne-water Some great pix of The Yardmasters' Building here... http://www.mcbridecharlesryan.com.au/#/projects/the-yardmasters-building/ http://www.metier3.com.au/workplace/seven17-bourke-street http://www.nettletontribe.com.au/projects/lifestyle-working-brookvale/ http://www.woodsbagot.com/project/national-australia-bank-docklands Oh yeah... If you want to check out my architecture pix on Instragram, looking the account name 'bojkowski' and/or #melbournearchitecture — Here's a link to Emily Floyd's recent exhibition at Heide... http://www.heide.com.au/exhibitions/now-showing/exhibition/emily-floyd-far-rainbow/edate/2014-03-15/eid/540 — And there's more of her work to check out here... http://www.annaschwartzgallery.com/works/works?artist=19 Incidentals for this epi... 'This Chain Won't Break' by Wild Nothing "Amazing and Wonderful' by Peaking Lights
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Bojvlogski S01E19 — Vlogging in 2015 #allthethings2015
This video is part of a sereis of reviews of the year 2015. It's a vlog about vlogs! There's also a magazine about magazines (see link below) and soon a podcast about podcasts and loads more. Follow @linefeed on twitter for updates and look out for the hashtag #allthethings2015 Get you copy of Linefeed magazine here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1043129 Bonus extra bits and bytes are over at http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ (soon) Hope you likey, Mikey
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Bojvlogski S01E12 — Mum Reads Jeff Noon
That's not me! ...although it kind of looks like me. Kidding! It's me Mum... and she's reading a Jeff Noon short story about a fictional OS. Dead chuffed with this one. Let me know what you think and any suggestions for stuff for us to read below. Linkage for this epi... So what's Jeff Noon been up to lately? — Jeff Noon's Official site and ebooks! http://www.metamorphiction.com/ — Sparkletown is a story told in tweets http://twitter.com/temp_user9 — Microspores via Tumblr http://microspores.tumblr.com/start — Great transcript of an open online discussion with Jeff Noon c.2000 http://www.theguardian.com/books/2000/may/16/fiction Incidentials 'Kook-aid' by Fang Wizard 'Dominator' by donAtella Visit http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ for videos and bonus extras.
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Bojvlogski S01E07 — Modern Ephemera
Oh gosh. This one almost didn't make it (thanks mcpe 0.9.0 update coming along as I was editing). Still I'm back from Mesa (or wherever) with a heap of modern ephemera from my personal archive. There were loads that I had to cut out or leave behind so if you think this was a good idea leave a thumbs up and/or a comment or a tweet (@bojkowski) and let me know. If it bored the pants off you ... maybe don't bother... wait, does that mean you watched it anyway!? Anyhoo, here be some quality linkage... — Even though I have left Flickr, the Modern Ephemera Society lives on here... https://www.flickr.com/groups/themodernephemerasociety/ There are lots of Ephemera societies who hold regular faits and swap meets. The two I've mentioned here are... — Ephemera Society of Australia Inc. http://www.ephemerasociety.org.au/ — The Ephemera Society (U.K.) http://www.ephemera-society.org.uk/ There's also... — Ephemera Society of America http://www.ephemerasociety.org/ — If you want see more of Scott King's work go here... http://www.scottking.co.uk/ — And this is something I found whilst researching Scott King and Crash! that's rather good... http://www.moremuseum.org/ As always there will be bonus pics and more over at the tumblr... — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ And you can speak to me via twitter via @linefeed or @bojkowski Incidental musick for this episode... 'Not Great Men (Phones Extended Version Remix)' originally by Gang of Four, remixed by Phones 'Summer Cape Kid' by Yukari Fresh
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Bojvlogski S01E02 — Zombie Suburbs
Hey there. Feels a tad domestic this video. A brief look at car culture in Melbourne from a non-driver's (whatever) perspective and the zombification that has spread through the burbs as a result. Next time: Either a Typographic Survey of London's Southbank or a mini maghaul or a personal history of 'The Narrative Tradition' or Tumblr pics or something else I thought of but can't remember. Leave a comment to suggest topics for me to cover! BTW Incidental msuic snippettes for this epi: — 'The Visitation' by White Noise (featuring Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson) — 'They Moved Everything' by Grouper
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Bojvlogski S01E06 — Southbank Typosurvey
New tumblog at http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ Also more typosurvey pics here — http://typosurvey.tumblr.com/tagged/Southbank-Centre In this episode we take a stroll around London's Southbank Centre a couple of years back during their revamped 'Festival of Britain' and gawp at some typography for a special one-off magazine produced at the Southbank Centre within a marathon 48 hour stretch. Links ahoy! — I played a snippet of this programme during the episode. Here's the whole this in full courtesy Comms Bureau... http://www.mixcloud.com/commsbureau/pmu-radio-wed-30th-april-curated-day-02-megazines-magculture/ — Wanna watch the first part of my revised Typographic Survey of the City of London? Here tis... http://youtu.be/eaLcmjzyhWU — Stills and bonus pics from the aforementioned video are here... http://typosurvey.tumblr.com/ — Also if you live in London and want to help complete the series get in touch! — A new #maghaul video is up here... http://youtu.be/SRK5KLjekNE Also if you want to find some of the typefaces featured in this video have a look here... http://lineto.com/The+Fonts/Font+Categories/Headline+Fonts/Lutz+Headline/ http://lineto.com/The+Fonts/Font+Categories/Text+Fonts/Akkurat/ http://apracticeforeverydaylife.com/the-hepworth-wakefield/ (very similar to Hayward typography but not the same) http://fontsinuse.com/typefaces/7257/festival-titling BTW Incidentals for this edition: — 'Sisterfy' by Sweet Jesus — 'Absolute Beginners' by Saint Etienne
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Bojvlogski S01E04 — Narrative Tradition
New tumblog is up! Visit http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ It was way harder to talk about these films, that I admire so much, than I thought. If you're going to be a disembodied voice over the top of something you should be factual and entertaining... and have a great voice! Although 'fanciful' rather than 'factual' best describes the narration in these films. Anyhoo, see what you think. Films discussed include — Finisterre [2003] http://shop.bfi.org.uk/a-london-trilogy-dvd-bluray.html — London [1994] http://shop.bfi.org.uk/london-robinson-in-space-dvd-bluray.html#.U6Jj542SzHs — Barbican [1969] http://youtu.be/vLPlJsoVq8k — F for Fake [1973] http://www.criterion.com/films/908-f-for-fake Also see... — The London Nobody Knows [1967] (this film is mentioned in 'Finisterre' and is rather brilliant) — The 'Look at Life' series https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22Look+at+LIfe%22 — Pathe's new channel dedicated to news reels https://www.youtube.com/user/britishpathe — Oh, yeah and the London Metropolitan Archives https://www.youtube.com/user/LdnMetArchives I've put together a playlist featuring clips from the films above and a whole lot more (Saint Etienne & Paul Kelly's 'Today's Special' series is a joy) if you feel like feeding yer head. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHexlWdRllzXGd2YnITvQ0vpYFHTUDsXz Polite Notice: I recognise that I do not own the copyright on any of these films. They are presented here in good faith and as promotional material for the individual films. If you believe this video violates any particular terms please get in touch and let me know.
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Bojvlogski S02E01 — Knowledge Adventure Start
Welcome friends to Season 2 of Bojvlogski. This is a short one letting you know what’s going on. Subscribe for more (unless subscriptions are still broken, in which case bookmark this channel or something). Comments, questions, suggestions etc greatly received. — The Managment
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Bojvlogski S02E02 — Münster Skupltur Projekte 2017
This second episode includes a list of highlights from the Münster Skupltur Projekte 2017 in Münster, Deutschland his year. The event finishes real soon and won't be back for another 10 years. Find out more by visiting: http://skulptur-projekte.de or @sp_muenster on Instagram.
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Bojvlogski — 2016 Mag Haul special
This video is part of Linefeed's #thingsof2016 review of 2016. Check the hashtag on Twitter & Instagram or visit http://linefeed.me/ for more. You are watching Linefeed's most interesting magazines of 2016. An article accompanies this video and can be read at: https://medium.com/linefeed/undead-2016-in-magazines-f8f4881f7006#.jdui1rtkk Magazine links MacGuffin — http://macguffin.nl/ Gym Class — https://twitter.com/gymclassmag L'Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris — http://www.lofficielmode.com/ L'Officiel — http://www.lofficielitalia.com/ W — http://www.wmagazine.com/ Spike — http://www.spikeartmagazine.com/ The Architectural Review — https://www.architectural-review.com/ Real Review — http://real-review.org/ Toile — http://www.toiledeluxe.com/ Form — http://form.de/ Other links L'Officiel Jalou Archive — http://patrimoine.editionsjalou.com/lofficiel-de-la-mode-sommairepatrimoine-13.html Ill Studio — http://ill-studio.com/ ARPA Studio — http://www.a-r-p-a.com/ Bureau Borsche — http://bureauborsche.com/ OK RM — http://www.ok-rm.co.uk/ Frame Publishers — https://www.frameweb.com/ So you want to publish a magazine? by Angharad Lewis — http://www.laurenceking.com/en/so-you-want-to-publish-a-magazine/ Phew! Roll on 2017.
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Bojvlogski S01E15 — Status Report
It's the #bojvlogski mid term report: 6 things what I have learned from vlogging. Linkage for this epi: Will Gompertz's 'Zietgeisters' program about YouTubers. A must hear... — http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0366wms Vloggers you should know (and some you might want to run a mile from): — http://www.youtube.com/PewDiePie — http://www.youtube.com/RayWilliamJohnson — http://www.youtube.com/Vsauce — http://www.youtube.com/tyleroakley — http://www.youtube.com/Strawburry17 — http://www.youtube.com/TheDiamondMinecart — http://www.youtube.com/zoella280390 — http://www.youtube.com/TroyeSivan18 Actual critiques about YouTuber culture (and more—yays)... — http://www.youtube.com/rhymingwithoranges A handy guide to what makes a YouTuber via the YouTube meme (is that what we're meant to call em... I dunno), 'Draw My Life'... — https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%22draw+my+life%22&search_sort=video_view_count What's YouTube Boot Camp? It's this... — https://www.youtube.com/yt/creators/grow-audience-bootcamp.html Talk to me via Twitter — http://twitter.com/bojkowski/ Instagram — http://instagram.com/bojkowski/ Vids and extra features are here: Tumblr — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ Print-on-Demand Merch(ish): — http://printallover.me/collections/bunkum-replete — http://www.zazzle.com.au/retailfashions Incidentals for this epi: 'Lit Up' — Lush 'Sisters' — The Raveonettes
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Bojvlogski S01E11 — Hometown Snack Haul
I didn't feel like making a video this week so I went shopping for Japanese treats instead... don't forget there's video extras over at http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ Linkage for this episode — I got my bag o treats from Hometown Supermarket in A'Beckett Street (near RMIT), thanks to Mr Mundy for the Insta inspiration. They have like a facebook page and that's it so... no link for them. — Snacky research for this episode came via the following sites... http://kumamon-official.jp/ http://tohato.jp/ http://pocky.jp/ http://www.bourbon.co.jp/ http://www.marumiya-tsuhan.com/ http://www.nagatanien.co.jp/ http://www.kimura-drink.net/ http://www.imuraya.co.jp/ http://www.fujitvkidsclub.jp/ — Also witness Grilli Type's Sectra here... http://www.grillitype.com/typefaces/gt-sectra Incidentals for this episode — 'Cheap Cheap The Cooking Chicken's Rap' by Masaya Matsuura (from the Parappa The Rapper OST) 'Sunny Day' by Laugh n Beats (from the Vib Ribbon OST) Also addition incidentals by Yukari Fresh & Yukari Rotten
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Bojvlogski S01E05 — Mag Haul How To
New tumblog — http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ When I'm not recording stuff for this here vlog, you can find me doing magazine review videos over at Linefeed every couple of months (links below). So for this epi I'm going to show you how it's done, proper like. Steve from Stack's weekly 2-minute magazine reviews... https://vimeo.com/stackmagazines Linefeed Magazine Haul vids on YouTube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TInOCnLqo8E&list=PLXWDkXd_OhdjQkW3qbjNFVbOz0dL0LFXg&feature=share And loads more magazine review videos over on Vimeo... https://vimeo.com/album/258092 Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Get in contact below or via @linefeed http://twitter.com/linefeed/ Incidentials for this episode — '¡JUT!' by Snap Ant 'Palm To Palm (Our Man Fred Remix)' by Ich Bin Chimp
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Bojvlogski S01E18 — All Hallows DVDs
Recorded couple of days after All Hallow’s Eve. I found a DVD-R under a bridge and recorded what was on it for you guys, then shared a bunch of scary films. Most of the films included on this episode are out of copyright and in the public domain so you can grab a copy to view for free. The video quality is generally pretty shabby so if you find a cheap DVD that might be less harsh… Bunny Lake is Missing — https://archive.org/details/BunnyLakeIsMissing1965 The Haunting — http://youtu.be/PPf33U7O_nI (You gotta pay to view this one but the quality is loads better) Carnival of Souls — https://archive.org/details/CarnivalofSouls Itching to let us know about a non-gory, super eerie spook-arsed movie we might have missed? Tweet me via @bojkowski or @linefeed. Bonus bits and bytes online soon over at http://bojvlogski.tumblr.com/ Incidental music for this episode… 'Scarey 2' by Derek Scott 'Sun High' by Simon Park Both from the soundtrack to Dawn of the Dead released by Trunk Records. Get your own copy here… http://www.trunkrecords.com/turntable/dawn.shtml
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