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Ratfish City
Dive to 170' at Edmonds Oil Dock. This was the ending of the dive, with swarming ratfish underneath the oil dock.
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Playing a Tiger and a Baby Elephant
I petted a full grown tiger and messed around with a baby elephant with my buddies in Thailand
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Giant Egg Yolk Jellyfish
This huge egg yolk jelly was found in British Columbia. More info about the egg yolk jellyfish here: http://www.calvintang.com/blog/2007/06/giant-jellyfish
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Egg Yolk Jellyfish
Egg Yolk Jelly
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Brittle Sea Stars
Tons of brittle sea stars coving the floor
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Douche Bird
My parrot went out clubbing to techno music the other night with her douchebag friends. Now she won't stop doing this:
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Horses Scratching Each Other
The title says it all, not that exciting.
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Juvenile Wolf Eel
My buddy and I came upon this lively juvenile wolf eel.
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Newman's Sexytime Dance
Brian Newman gets down.
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Cabo Diving Video 1
Swimming through the fish in Cabo
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Juvenile Seal @ Alki
Dive with Ken @ Alki
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Sand Fall - Cabo San Lucas
This perpetual sand fall has been going on for as long as anyone remembers. Off of pelican rock down an underwater wall.
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SixGill Shark Sighting
Buddies and I saw this 8 foot SixGill shark off of Alki Cove 2 - West Seattle
Views: 7294 vineminer
Octopus Poke
I found this elderly octo just off of Alki, West Seattle
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