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Andrew and the GT ice cream 1080
It was a cracker day on the reef yesterday, we had solo angler Andrew out with us on Insidious. The GTs were playing the game too, Andrew's tally by lunch was 10......I lost count after lunch. We learnt very quickly they were chewing anything moving quickly, I pulled out a GT Ice-cream and it was game on.
Rob's first GT
Chipmunk version
CSSS Promo
Just a brief look at some of the action encountered on one of our Trips.
Taka GT popping
This video is about Taka Hots Promo
Little H's steep learning curve.
This is one of Harry Hariyanto's first hook ups pf his trip. Things don't always go to plan this fish caught him napping.
Little H GT
Another GT from Little H
Little H Hooks Up
Harry Hariyanto joined us on a 3 day trip on the Great Barrier Reef here is one his first successful hook ups.

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