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Cute Is What We Aim For - Theres A Class For This 7/3
There's a class for this - CIWWAF @ Warped 7/3. ALSO, Alex from All Time Low came and did a little diddy during this.
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Limbeck + Friends
err..who knows who is in this video. some limbeck, some steel train, some of the format, maybe even some of reuben's accomplice! august 7th
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Bayside - Blame It On Bad Luck @ Warped 7/3
blame it on bad luck - bayside warped - 7/3 :DDDD
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver - Akon Cover
Patrick did a little cover of that Akon song. I don't know what it's called, sorry. June 28th.
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Steel Train - I Feel Weird
August 7th
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Steel Train - Road song
august 7th party.
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver
I slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me june 28th. P.S. I'm sorry about that ridiculously horrible screaming that's going on. It is very annoying, but otherwise this is a good video asdfahsf people.
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver - ENTRANCE
This is just the intro, and when they come flying out of the stage. the security man was somewhat in the way, sorry.
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Paramore - Crushcrushcrush @ Warped 7/3
paramore-crushcrushcrush 7/3
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Brand New - Jesse playing the drums.
May 10th.
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The Academy Is.. @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver
June 28th Black Mamba.
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Cute Is What We Aim For - Newport Living 7/3 part2.
Newport Living - CIWWAF @ Warped 7/3.
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Steel Train - I Feel Weird intro.
This is the first part of their song I Feel Weird. This is just the instrument part at the beginning, my other video is almost all of the rest of the song :D August 7th
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Brand New-Degausser
May 10th.
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The Academy Is @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver
We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands. June 28th.
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Bayside - Duality @ Warped 7/3
duality - bayside 7/3 warped
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Brand New- Limousine
May 10th. urhgjdsahg sorry its so shaky.
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Limbeck + Friends
A lot of everybody here. Limbeck, Steel Train, Reuben's Accomplice, The Format, maybe! August 7th
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Paramore - Here We Go Again @ Warped 7/3
here we go again - paramore warped 7/3.
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver-Beat It cover
Fall Out Boy doing Micheal Jackson's "Beat It" June 28th. p.s. i laughed for like 20 minutes straight at the person around me who randomly went BEAT IT! when nobody else did. some people are really neat.
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panic at the disco mini dance fest.
dancing. its short because i was running out of room. :| and there is some crazy screaming lass around me somewhere.
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The Academy Is.. - Black Mamba
Sept. 14 lol @ everyone signing.
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver - GTA (short)
grand theft autumn - fall out boy june 28th. it's really really really short :|
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour - Vancouver SATURDAY
Fall Out Boy doing Saturday, June 28th. For the record, that is NOT me singing with that really lovely voice. And honestly, I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to randomly go vertically.
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August 7th
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Bayside - Devotion and Desire @ Warped 7/3
bayside - devotion and desire one of my favorite songs :D
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Paramore - Emergency @ Warped 7/3
paramore playing emergency @ warped! 7/3.
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Cute Is What We Aim For - Newport Living 7/3
Sorry it's short, a circle pit emerged almost immediately after I stopped. What is the world coming to when circle pits occur during CUTE? lol. this was on warped, by the way. 7/3.
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour - Vancouver, June 28th.
Andy drum solo Only got a little of it because my camera ran out of room
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The Matches- Salty Eyes @ Warped 7/3
The Matches performing Salty Eyes @ Warped. 7/3
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Armor For Sleep - Dream to Make Believe
September 14th
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Brand New- Degausser
May 10th SHAKY-NESS. akjsdhfds
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The Academy Is.. - Slow Down
September 14th
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The Academy Is.. - Skeptics and True Believers
September 14th
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The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel
September 14th holy, sorry it's so shaky after the beginning it becomes a little less wobbly.
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Armor For Sleep - Remember to Feel Real
September 14
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The Rocket Summer - Bryce on Drums
September 14th Bryce squad on drums.
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sup jack's mannequin
jm opening for panic. i dont know why it was being weird and not focusing.
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The Honorary Title
August 7th
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The Academy Is.. - Same Blood
September 14th
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The Academy Is.. - Everything We Had
September 14th
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Fall Out Boy @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver -One&Only
Really short, unfortunately. One&Only June 28th.
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Brand New- Jesus Christ
May 10th
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Armor For Sleep - Car Underwater
September 14th. they had their amps much too high compared to the mics, but oh well.
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September 14th! swg tour
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Cobra Starship @ Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver
The Ballad Of Big Poppa And Diamond Girl june 28th in vancouver.
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Reuben's Accomplice
August 7th!
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Bayside - Masterpiece @ Warped 7/3
masterpiece - bayside warped tour 7/3/'07
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Brand New- Welcome to Bangkok
May 10th.
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