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Z3 GPS Goggle by ZEAL Optics -- See Winter Differently
The next generation of GPS goggles from ZEAL Optics is here!
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Pete Devries: Outside The Box
Join ZEAL Ambassador Pete Devries as he takes his surfing "Outside The Box" in this epic edit from Adam Chilton.
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ZEAL Optics - Intro to the HD Camera Goggle
Just announced, ZEAL Optics unveils a new built-in HD camera goggle for 2013, pushing the limits design and technology! With an amazing built-in camera, the ZEAL HD Camera Goggle lets you chose how you document your life on the go without having to sacrifice style, quality or comfort! Whether it's photos or video, everything is seen through the in-goggle viewfinder. 1080p HD Video 8mp Photos 170 degree lens In-Goggle Viewfinder http://www.zealoptics.com/hdcameragoggle.html
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Swell: A Surfer's Voyage With Liz Clark
We were incredibly honored to have surfer, environmental advocate, author and Zeal Optics Ambassador join us at our Boulder headquarters for an amazing discussion about her new book, SWELL: A SAILING SURFER'S VOYAGE OF AWAKENING as part of our industry night. Catch the highlights from an incredibly inspirational night
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ZEAL Optics - Austen Sweetin Bio
Welcome to the ZEAL family Austen Sweetin!
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ZEAL Optics - Brian Grubb Bio
ZEAL Optics spent the day on the lake with Brian Grubb and got to watch him throw down some of his best moves.
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Zeal Optics NEW HD Camera Goggle
A revolution in goggle technology, the HD Camera Goggle by ZEAL Optics is the combination of incredible 1080p HD Video and 8MP Photos...built into your goggle! The ZEAL HD Camera Goggle is the future of POV Camera technology. Check out our footage from New Zealand and Never Miss a Moment! http://www.zealoptics.com Song: Chainsaw Therapy / Moments Of Darkness / PoisonFlow / RareForm / Spitting Fury
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Red Bull & Brian Grubb Wakeskating Philippine Rice Terraces In The Sky
Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb (USA) and Dominik Preisner (GER) traveled to the Philippines for an epic winch session at one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The famous rice terraces of Banaue are considered to be the Eighth Wonder of the World and were the perfect playground for a unique wakeskate session!
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Introducing...the new ZEAL Optics!
Well, the wait is over! We have been crafting and creating for the past year as we relaunch Zeal Optics into the future! Tapping into the heritage of adventure, outdoors and passion, the new Zeal Optics is proud to introduce not only a new brand but and entirely new product line! Available online and in retail soon! Enjoy!
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Leila Hurst - Explore More
“When you’re traveling around the world for contests, all you see is the beach. I wanted to see more,” say pro surfer and ZEAL Athlete Leila Hurst. Watch as this surf pioneer paves her perfect dreamline - traveling from one surf spot to the next, following her intuition and sharing her experiences with her fans along the way. Director, Editor: Eric Nichols (www.ericnichols.us) Cinematographer: Dan Clarke Underwater Camera Operator: Kevin Jansen Score, Post Sound Mix: Matthew Daugherty Featuring Leila Hurst (www.leila-hurst.com)
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ZEAL Optics Hometown Heroes: DCP & Whistler
ZEAL Ambassador DCP takes us on a tour of Whistler and shares why he calls it home as part of our Hometown Heroes Contest: Show Us Your Home Mountain. Win A Cat Trip To Ours. As skiers and snowboarders, we have deep allegiances to our home mountains and all they offer. They shape our riding, our style, our friends, and our lives. That’s a huge part of why ZEAL is proudly based in Boulder, Colorado with a world of options right out our backdoor. This winter, we’ve teamed up with a select crew of ZEAL Ambassadors to celebrate their hometown hills and why they’ve put down roots there. From the craggy Alps, to the Colorado sidecountry, our skiers and riders will take you behind the scenes of their stomping grounds. While we all love our home resorts, exploring new zones makes the heart grow fonder, or the need to pull up stakes abundantly clear. ZEAL Optics is giving you the chance to join us in our backyard next winter. Just follow the link below and share what makes your mountain magical for a chance to win a trip for two to Colorado. ENTER NOW: https://woobox.com/pj3ujq?web=1
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Introducing HATCHET//RLs by Zeal Optics
Introducing HATCHET//RLs with Zeal Optics’ patent-pending Guide. Slide. Lock. quick lens change technology. The HATCHET features a rimless frame design for unsurpassed peripheral vision and a dual sliding rail system that guides, slides, and locks your lens in place anywhere on the mountain.
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ZEAL Optics PROFiles: Ski Patroller GR Fletcher
Join Chris Morgan of twosherpas.com and ABS for the first in our series of PROFiles, interviews with the snow professionals that push the limits of science and innovation to keep the terrain that is our playgrounds as safe as possible. This week we join veteran Snowbasin ski patroller, GR Fletcher. Filmmaker Chris Morgan followed GR during a morning of avalanche control work on the mountain as he explained what motivates him to continue as a patroller after over twenty years on the job. You can see more of Chris Morgan's work at www.twosherpas.com
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Thoreau and the 401: Mountain Biking With Eric Larsen
After a tough expedition to the North Pole, ZEAL Ambassador Eric Larsen was lucky enough to spend a month in Crested Butte, Colorado. "While I may not be the best mountain biker in the world, I love getting out every day and the CB trails are unparalleled," says Larsen. "I wanted to make a video of on of CB's most iconic trails - the 401, but not in blurry footage, bad 80's heavy metal music way. One of the things I like about mountain biking is that it's not just a sport, but it's also an incredible way to experience the outdoors and explore!"
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ZEAL Optics Welcomes Donnie Vincent To The Team: Explore More!
It was in Connecticut where I grew up that my love of wildlife and hunting really developed. It was snapping turtles, leopard frogs and garter snakes that instilled my passion for exploration and biology; I couldn’t get enough books about them or all the other animals of the world, however, it was my father’s stories of hunting northern Maine and his collection of Jack O’Connor books that inspired me most. Those stories of mountain hunts, grizzly bears, pack trains, hunters taping out their dall sheep horns by lantern; it was all I ever wanted to do. During college, I continued to follow my passion and studied Wildlife Biology where I received an opportunity to study Bengal tigers in both Bangladesh and Nepal. I found the travel, the element of danger and the exposure to new cultures and wildlife intoxicating. I then went on to work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska collecting genetic and age class samples of Pacific salmon. I spent long summers living in a 1 person-backpacking tent through all the Alaska weather and wildlife; I lived for it! These adventures inspired me as a hunter and fisherman to explore the world. Today I’m driven by my own adventures if for no other reason then to find my own great stories. This is my adventure. - Donnie Vincent
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Britain's Got Skiers - Throwing Down With ZEAL Optics Skier Sam Allen
Hit the slopes of Zermatt with ZEAL Advocate Sam Allen as he scores an all time day.
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Cody Cirillo - ZEAL Optics
Follow ZEAL Optics ambassador, Cody Cirillo, through Breckenridge's park. ZEAL Optics: www.zealoptics.com Video by Coastless Media
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FLEETWOOD: Polarized, Biodegradable Fashion—Only From ZEAL Optics
Double "E", Double "OH" the driver exclaimed! Trying to tell us the soul of the sound. "FLEETWOOD!" he said. Listen, close your eyes and just look around. So, this was the point, the moment you know, where the night gets exciting, the lights all aglow. Deep in the Village, the cabbie he sped, hurtling forward, concerns go unsaid. Destination Unknown, a place in the Borough where tourists can't track, 'cause this is the point−there's no turning back. Let FLEETWOOD guide you on your way! Only from ZEAL Optics. » 100% Cotton Frame » Biodegradable » Italian Made » Unisex » Polarized » Five-Barrel Hinge » e-llume Lens » Digital Rx +3.00 TO -5.50
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Introducing Portal With RLs Goggle: Only By ZEAL Optics
Designed from the inside looking out, Portal//RLs is Zeal’s first goggle to feature its new patent-pending Rail Lock System (RLs). This one-of-a-kind, quick-change lens uses a dual sliding rail system that guides, slides and locks your lens into place in one swift motion for a safe and secure closure that also keeps out snow and ice. In addition, the rimless design of Portal offers unsurpassed peripheral vision for an elevated optical experience. Available in Automatic+, Polarized, and Optiumum. Coming Winter 2017.
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Zeal University Chapter 1: Understanding Lenses
Join ZEAL Representative Lynn Reeve as she walks us through our our 17/18 Goggle Collection, including Forecast, Fargo, Nomad, Voyager, Slate and Portal. Available in all three lens collections: Optimum, Polarized and Automatic+. Explore More this winter at ca.zealoptics.com Filmed at Cannery Brewery in Penticton, BC. Created by: Rising Action Pictures (www.risingactionpictures.ca)
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RIVIERA By ZEAL Optics - Introducing The Street Metals Collection
Uptown Chicago, 1917. The curtain opens, the lights go on and the Riviera takes the stage. This staple of the Chicago music scene has stood out for nearly 100 years as a place where legends are made. Its microphones have heard some of the best in the world and still today the music plays on. Our take on the Riviera is defined by this era, this place, this vibe. Blending stamped steel construction with precision detailing, we created a sunglass that withstands the test of time. - See more at: http://www.zealoptics.com/riviera.html#sthash.d0RuW65G.dpuf
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ZEAL Optics Welcomes Forrest Shearer To The Team
Forrest Shearer grew up a long way from the mountains that today dominate his life. A product of a Southern California upbringing, Forrest was exposed to the golden era of action sports. Soaking up the legacy of the legends that spawned from his backyard, motivating him to the playgrounds of his ocean backyard and then further afield to the call of the mountains. The Shearer’s are a family of thinkers and doers and Forrest was instilled with the desire to change the world through his actions. Silent moments on mountains that speak volumes through photos and videos. This is his life. A passionate personality within the sport, Forrest has defined himself as a man of true, steadfast beliefs whose actions speak volumes and efforts to preserve his pastimes will last for generations. Here's a look at Forrest's full part from Absinthe Films.
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Welcome to Winter 2019
We can feel it-- A sense of energy and readiness to get out there on the mountain. A need to find ourselves covered in snow and surrounded by others deep in the pursuit of adventure. A resolution to not back down from a challenge, jump, or gnarly hill. Let it rip this winter friends. There’s good times ahead. #FindYourZeal
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The 2015 HD2 Camera Goggle - Only From ZEAL Optics
Meet the completely redesigned HD2 Camera Goggle from ZEAL. Lighter, smaller, and more compact, this new model redefines the point-of-view category with added WiFi capability. Ride, Share, Repeat—only from ZEAL Optics. AVAILABLE 9/1/14. THE FUTURE IS HERE...
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The ACE by ZEAL Optics - The World's First Biodegradable Sunglass
For Fall 2013, ZEAL Optics is introducing the revolutionary ACE, a new sunglass made from cotton-based materials that completely biodegrades. ACE is the greenest sunglass in the world. ACE is produced from 100% US grown cotton. After harvesting the plant from farms all across America, we ship the cotton to Italy's renowned Mazzucchelli family. We rely on their deep knowledge and refined skills honed over generations to bring to life a sun- glass like never before.
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Crowley Sunglasses By Zeal Optics
In 1905, Aleister Crowley, the renowned author, philosopher and occultist, set off to climb Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountain at 28,169 feet in Nepal. While the attempt ultimately resulted in failure, it cemented Crowley’s belief in the power of the mountains as living, breathing entities, that inspired his philosophies and writings, which went on to influence much of the 20th Century’s counter-culture. Crowley’s approach to mountaineering and life, was driven by a stylistic approach to pushing the limits. Meanwhile, in 1911, on the eastern slope of Colorado, Crowley County was born, with exceptional views that inspire us at Zeal Optics. A classic with a twist, our new CROWLEY plant-based polarized sunglasses combine round styling, smooth lines and a keyhole bridge for a unique breed of fashion-meets-function. With ProFlex Rubber and our lightweight Z-resin frame, Crowley completely closes the gap between capability and style. With our castor bean based Ellume Polarized lenses, CROWLEY changes the way you see the world, with a legendary look and unrivaled color, clarity, contrast and protection. Have fun and look good creating your legends with CROWLEY. Only by Zeal Optics.
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Zeal University Chapter 2: 2017/18 Goggles
Join ZEAL Representative Lynn Reeve as she walks us through our our 17/18 Goggle Collection, including Forecast, Fargo, Nomad, Voyager, Slate and Portal. Available in all three lens collections: Optimum, Polarized and Automatic+. Explore More this winter at ca.zealoptics.com Filmed at Cannery Brewery in Penticton, BC. Created by: Rising Action Pictures (www.risingactionpictures.ca)
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HD Camera Goggle by ZEAL Optics -- See Winter Differently
The revolution in point of view filming is back! The HD Camera Goggle by ZEAL is born out of the need to continually evolve and lead the industry through technology that does more than just exist, it redefines how you see the mountain. Product Specialist Carl Walker breaks it down. See more at: http://www.zealoptics.com/hdcameragoggle.html#sthash.jPd7WixF.dpuf
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RIVAL TEAM EDITION: Elite Performance, Only From ZEAL Optics
Ready, set... GO! RIVAL TEAM EDITION is designed for the athlete in all of us. Nothing should hold you back when you are pushing beyond your limits and the RIVAL TEAM EDITION utilizes our exclusive e-llume shield design to maximize performance, combining strategic airflow venting with wind and rock protection and unsurpassed clarity. From peak to podium, the RIVAL TEAM EDITION is built to win. If you're in the race to win, RIVAL TEAM EDITION is your constant companion. For the journey to the finish line, welcome to true performance. Welcome to ZEAL Optics. » e-llume Lens » Hydrophobic & Oleophobic Lens Coatings » Z-Resin Frame » Interchangeable Lens System » Adjustable Bridge & Temple
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SLATE Goggle by ZEAL Optics -- See Winter Differently
SLATE proves that you don't need neon colors to stand out. Subtle earth tones define this style, creating a feel that does more with less. Sharp lines within the frame and lens define it. The unique shape allows for maximum peripheral clarity while a redesigned nose bridge enhances comfort and fit. - See more at: http://www.zealoptics.com/slate.html#sthash.blJAtxhD.dpuf
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Whit Boucher through The ZEAL HD Camera Goggle
ZEAL pro skier Whit Boucher trekked down to New Zealand with us to do some product testing. Check out the ZEAL HD Camera Goggle: http://www.zealoptics.com/hdcameragoggle.html Music - Composers: Samos Luna, Angel Luis
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The Road to Woodward: Episode 2 - Copper Mountain
With ZEAL Week at Copper coming to a close, the ZEAL crew hops on the loneliest highway in America due west, but not before experiencing some near misses on the slopes, cold nights under the stars, company of old and new friends and the passion of the next generation. Check out the latest installment of ZEAL Optics Road to Woodward and come explore more with us as we quest west to Tahoe! Check out Episode 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kt2JaYFpVQ
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Austen Sweetin through The ZEAL HD Camera Goggle
ZEAL pro snowboarder Austen Sweetin tagged along with us to do some product testing in New Zealand. Check out the ZEAL HD Camera Goggle: http://www.zealoptics.com/hdcameragoggle.html Music - Composers: Edwards, Louis James; Parsley, Henry Richard Obree
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The Road to Woodward: Episode 1 - Copper Mtn.
Stoke is heating up in the Colorado high country as fun was shared by all this week at Woodward Copper. This summer, our events crew met up with ZEAL riders Mike Sears and Brolin Mawejje at Copper Moutain’s Pipeline Park for some much anticipated summer shred. Watch the gang stick trick after trick and hone their moves outdoors and in with some elevated trampoline time. Rest assured, no pillowcase went un-tie died as the fun continued from sun up to sun down. Stay tuned for more summer shredding coming soon in episode 2.
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Nine-to-Five With ZEAL Optics Snowboarder Kaily Blackburn
Try and keep up with ZEAL ripper Kaily Blackburn as she torches the Copper Mountain park.
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5 Gyres North Atlantic Gyre Expedition
Join 5 Gyres on a trip to the North Atlantic Gyre and learn about the problems of plastic pollution on our world's oceans.
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LEVEL Goggle by ZEAL Optics -- See Winter Differently
A completely new design for 2013, LEVEL raises the bar. The craftsmanship that has gone into LEVEL allows for maximum visual surface with a matured and textured color palette. Each goggle in this series features a unique design element like custom patchwork, textile inspired patterns and linear designs. LEVEL was born out of a need to bring to market a stylish, oversized frame for everyone on the mountain.
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Z3 GPS Goggle by ZEAL Optics -- See Winter Differently
ZEAL Optics is all about making great outdoor experiences even better and our Z3 GPS Goggle is the epitome of enhancement. Blending next generation technology with an amazing style, this is the goggle for the technophile looking to track every turn of the day. Z3 logs your speed, airtime, vertical, runs, location, temp and more - you can even keep up with your buddies on the hill, check resort maps, and access your phone with Bluetooth - and keep up on all of these stats on the in-goggle viewfinder. The future is here - See Winter Differently!
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One For The Road Ep. 2 | The Road to Tahoe
In episode 2 of "One For The Road", the Zeal crew sets out on their maiden road trip voyage to Woodward Tahoe with fellow Zeal ambassadors Cody Cirillo and Brolin Mawejje while meeting up with Jax Mariash, Jeremy "Kickstand" Hottinger and The Bloodknots along the way. Join the crew as they pass through the beautiful outdoor scenery of Green Mountain Reservoir, Steamboat, Flaming Gorge, Park City, & Salt Lake City in search of good times and endless amounts of adventure. Filmed by: Cole Pates
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The Nomad Goggle -  By ZEAL Optics
Each winter the search begins. Tracking forecasts, following snow reports and chasing storms in search of the perfect adventure in the mountains. We are wanderers, on a quest for deeper snow, untracked terrain and this journey is the reward. Meet your partner on this pursuit – the NOMAD, BY ZEAL OPTICS. Featuring the best optics on the market, with ZEAL’s Optimum, Polarized and Automatic quiver-killer spherical lenses, the Nomad’s vista-shattering peripheral view, lightweight frame and packable design, make it perfect for life on the road, the backcountry approach or a weekend day trip. Nomad’s versatile, unisex styling and high-end, three-layer foam system provide a custom fit for nearly every face and its neutral brow-line allows it to lock up with helmets for a flush, gap-free fit. All of Nomad’s lens options come equipped with Zeal’s 5x Permashield hard coat, and Everclear molecular infusion anti-fog system, which can never be wiped off, providing a crystal clear day, no matter what the conditions. ZEAL’s lenses also come equipped with hyrdro and oleophobic coatings to repel oil from your fingers and water, to let you focus on your line, not your lens. This winter, experience the mountains like never before on your journey with NOMAD. Only by ZEAL Optics.
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Pow To Park: Summit County Crushing With ZEAL Advocate Steve Merg
From deep pow lines to the Keystone park, join ZEAL Optics advocate Steve Merg for an afternoon in the life through our lenses...
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Leading the pack is never easy. To cut a new path is never guaranteed, but for you, a Tracker, you trust in your instincts. Feel the direction and explore, because the journey is the destination and TRACKER is your essential tool for pushing beyond and exploring new boundaries. Lakes, rivers, stream or fields, TRACKER is at home in all of them, from dusk to dawn, you can trust that when you need to be at your best TRACKER will come through every time. Polarized for your protection and to your advantage, ProFlex for fit and comfort—this is TRACKER. Built for the true outdoors, TRACKER is a tough and rugged partner while in the field. Incorporating the plant-based e-llume's polarized lenses for maximum protection and advantage while in the field, TRACKER cuts glare, allowing your vision to be accurate and true. Incorporating an 8-Base wrap in its rugged, stylish frame TRACKER also adds strategic elements of ProFlex rubber, giving you a slip-free advantage that no other outdoorsman has. Trusted protection and clarity no matter the conditions.
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VOYAGER Goggle by ZEAL Optics -- See Winter Differently
The VOYAGER lives for the journey and consists of pattern from around the globe. From the mountains of Taos, to the peaks of British Columbia, VOYAGER will help you stay hungry for action. The rimless design offers superior visual clarity, allowing for maximum versatility while on the mountain. Change a lens, add some color, mix and match, VOYAGER is your all around, go-to goggle.
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FORECAST: Get Future Forward With The New Goggle From ZEAL Optics
For 2014/115 the forecast calls for heavy snow falls, epic adventures, and maximum clarity through the lenses of the all new FORECAST goggle from ZEAL Optics. With exceptional moisture wicking and anti-fog infusion, this new frame sits closer to your face, creating amazing peripheral vision in a mid-size frame. Married with a wide array of polarized lenses including the Polar Auto, which changes with the conditions, the FORECAST is looking good for every skier and snowboarder.
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OUTPOST Goggle by ZEAL Optics -- See Winter Differently
An entirely new style for 2013, OUTPOST is an anchor of the collection. Blending together a mid-size frame with a re-engineered inner fit for more visual clarity. OUTPOST is your go-to goggle for balancing a performance shape with a lifestyle design. Neutral tones and denim as well as some textured patterning allow OUTPOST to stand out without calling too much attention to yourself. - See more at: http://www.zealoptics.com/outpost.html#sthash.7kgpuD08.dpuf
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ZEAL Introduces Portal//RLS - You'll Never See Winter The Same
Meet Portal, Zeal Optics' new rimless goggle with unsurpassed peripheral vision and simple and secure lens swaps. Portal is equipped with our patent pending //Rail Lock System that guides, slides and locks your lens in place anywhere on the mountain. With //RLS, your lens seamlessly slides into the channel and locks into place with our magnet system for a safe and secure closure that also keeps out snow and ice. Portal//RLS is available in the Zeal Optics Optimum, Optimum Polarized and Optimum Polarized Automatic+ Collections for the best optics in any condition. See more of the mountain with Zeal Optics. You’ll never see winter the same. zealop.link/Portal-RLS
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BIG TIMBER is the perfect sunglass for those who demand one lens that works in any light condition. This high-performance style comes standard with our Automatic lens, combining photochromic technology and polarized protection into a single lens to give you the same visual experience no matter what the day brings. This yellow-base lens will automatically adjust its color and tint (VLT Range:15-28%) with UV exposure and changing light conditions so you get the best protection in every situation without ever changing your lenses. Equipped with a backside Anti Reflective coating, this lens also eliminates any reflections or distractions from light to improve your overall visual experience. Built using our plant-based Z-Resin frame material, the Big Timber incorporates Proflex Rubber on the temples and nose bridge to ensure your sunglasses stay in place no matter what you’re doing. http://www.zealoptics.com/big-timber.html
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ZEAL Snowboarder Bowl-U Blows Up New Brunswick
ZEAL Optics Snowboarder Craig "Bowl-U" Beaulieu, decided it was time to head from the uncharacteristically dry slopes of BC to New Brunswick to chase the snow and throw some hammers. Enjoy the madness from the streets!
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IronMan Training With Ivan O'Gorman
Hit the road with Ivan O'Gorman and ZEAL Optics has Ivan preps for the IronMan with some road training.
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Jake Bauer - The Canadian Chronicles by ZEAL Optics
Deep in the Canadian wilds, where the powder stacks up deeper than most can imagine, legends are born. Jake Bauer is creating his own every winter and ZEAL Optics is proud to stand behind this up-and-comer as he changes backcountry snowboarding with every line he drops into. Learn what drives this charger, what he has in store and why he's down with ZEAL Optics. Film/Edit: Benjamin Webb
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