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Of Mice and Men ending
Of Mice and Men ending
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Heart of Courage Piano tutorial
Sheetmusic and midi download link coming soon :)
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Wyatt Earth - Globus
..::Read if you are interested::.. I made this clip once as a test. I wanted to learn how to work with the new video editing software I got. Recently this vid got unexpectedly a lot of views. So here are some additional informations: Song name: Wyatt Earth (Globus) The instrumental version is just a click away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V290U-Wfe0c Actually it's not the original version.... There is this credit song. For the guys who like it: here it is: (it's called "let the sunshine in") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPQTqzzl9rU Well... If you have other worries, post them in the comment section below. ;)
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Alpha Dog Music - To the brave
To the brave - Alpha Dog Music Another awseome songy by Alpha Dog Music
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Epic Music Mix #1
~~Title List ~~ 0:00 Cornerstone Cues - Madokara Mieru 0:40 Groove Addicts - Fire an Ice 1:23 Battlefield Themes - Mixed by me (Ask me for further information. I may upload the whole thing if there are a few requests) 2:30 Immediate Music - Def Con 3:04 Ace Combat 6 - Liberation 3:34 Immediate Music - Imperitum 4:51 Vantage Point Soundtrack - End Credits 5:49 615 Music - Victory at Last 6:36 Future World Music - The Swashbuckler and fair Maiden 7:47 How to train your Dragon Score - This is Berk 8:24 Thomas Bergsen - Ocean Princess 9:08 Narnia - The Battle 9:49 Two Steps from Hell - Racketeers *Further Information* Well, this is my first Compilation. I really hope that you, dear reader, are enjoying this fabulous Music as much as I do. If not, I would appreciate every single word of honest criticism. I will try to improve myself in order to make you happier. If you are still reading this, I ask you kindly to leave a comment. Perhaps you have a recommendation for some music that I can include in the next Part? Oh, I know what you are looking for! The link to the Picture. Here you go: http://good-wallpapers.com/pictures/4096/1440_chinese_landscape_wallpaper.jpg Disclaimer: If you enjoy the music, please support the awesome guys who produce it. They are not bound to the evil music industry and this is what makes them awesome and their public releases cheap.
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Alpha Dog Music - Accendo
Accendo - Alpha Dog Music Another awseome songy by Alpha Dog Music
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Alpha Dog Music - Factor
Factor - Alpha Dog Music Another awseome songy by Alpha Dog Music
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Alpha Dog Music - Our Triumph
Our Triumph - Alpha Dog Music Another awseome songy by Alpha Dog Music
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