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Otakuthon 2012 we inturrupt this pokemon pannel
Otaku 2012 Mewtwo and ash interrupting a boring pokemon pannel during the con right before the masquerade ceremony. Mewtwo is Nicolas Berube Ash is Princekeden457 on deviantart and me filming is Lizard-Girl on deviantart or Christina Raymond on Fb
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stephanie as hinata
otakuthon 2009 stephanie doing hinatas voice
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ANIME NORTH 2009 Toph Voice actor
To everyone who dislikes my friend as halloween town sora go fuck your selfs thats why i disabled comments... This is the voice actor for Toph in avatar the last airbender at anime north 2009 and she is really cool, i didnt expect her to be so young. The Halloween town SORA is my BFF, i am the one talking if you like cosplay check out ht making of my shadow Lugia costume http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-YxlB_dOAY
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My flipbook of my cat
A animation class project was to do a flip book and i did my cat chasing his tale :D
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Makeup Time laps of Black Cat Cosplay
A time laps of how I do my makeup for my Cosplay as Black Cat including how I apply the mask The Mask is made by me www.facebook.com/BlackCatCreativity music is from Proximity Music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ifTl5zKiCAhHIBQYcaTeg
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Cockatiel climbing cage
my cockatiel jack climbing his cage and well instead of going in closes the door lol
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Otakuthon 2012 Scott McNeil Pt2
Otaku 2012 Scott McNeil voice of Koga from inu-yasha as wellas stargate Sg-1, hylander, supernatural
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Makeup Time Lapse of Harley Quinn makeup
I am a makeup artist graduate of Private Academy Edith Serie in Montreal Here is a fun little time lapse of me just having fun in some spare time
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Rocky horror show costume contest 2011
rocky horror picture show montreal imperial cinema costume contest
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Large facial Gash wound makeup
Large slash / Gash wound makeup for Halloween or special effects. Done directly onto face, no use of pre-made prosthetic.
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Gem tutorial Judgment kayle
My randomness on how to make resing gems simple way with the molds and some things about eletrical on my costume this is the full video visit my cosplay page https://www.facebook.com/KittensCosplay?ref=tn_tnmn
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johny as ichigo
otakuthon 2009 johny young bosh doing ichigo's voice and saying something or my friend lol
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johny young bosh renton
otakuthon 2009 johny doinf a little renton voice as he wizzes throught some people in line befor he leaves.
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1997 VW Cabrio
My Gwen Filmed on a iPhone and edited using splice #vwgirls #vwcabrio #cabrio #convertible #dasauto #dub
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Shadow Lugia cosplay in progress
This is how I made my Shadow Lugia cosplay for anime north 2011 and otakuthon 2011 I followed Canine Hybrid on deviantart if you would like to find me Search Lizard-Girl on deviantart :D
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2017 Skeleton Makeup
2017 Halifax Zombie Walk. Doing a Biker skeleton Chick www.facebook.com/BlackCatCreativity
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DeadMau5 Canada Day Halifax 2017
Like, Comment, Share!!! Full video of the free outdoor concert held in Halifax at the commonds. Featuring DeadMau5. What a show
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Otakuthon 2011 Shadow lugia Vs. kid
Ok so this is me in my shadow lugia costume you can find me on deviantart ( www.Lizard-Girl.deviantart.com) This was so funny how the little kid was so unsure of me weather i was friendly or not If you know of any other video's with my costume in it plz let me know :D
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Jack being silly
Jack my cockatiel clucking while taking food out of his bowl. I have never seen him do this before but it was really cute.
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Me swimming with Dolphines
Jan 7,2012 On the katamarange tour with tianos varadero in Cuba. This was the first activity with the group. Though not everyone got to do this since it was not one of the main things that was offered with the group nor did many people bring there money with them. I'm so lucky I did
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vic at Anime north 09
This is one of Vic's panels and he promised everyone the night befor the he would so a edward rant from full metal alchemist and omg its so funny.
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this is otekuthon of 2008 at palais du congrais at montreal, song used is caramelle dansen in english most of my pics are from day 2 but i found some on facebook of people that i had seen their to add to the video enjoy and see you their next year.
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When a Honda trys to race you
Driving to work as I usually do on Saturday, and well I really wasn't expecting this. Cruzing along the #mackay bridge in #halifax and I decided to pass the #Honda infront of me. The kid starts to Gun it, the erupting sound of a hippo farting comes from his vehicle as he guns it. Me casually , I gradually press on the throttle not even thinking of engaging the sports mode on my 160 horsepower Dub . Go from my resting speed to way the hell out of his path in less then 2 minutes. Now if that weren't funny enough , the kid minutes later comes flying past me right up the ass the other vehicle 🤣 Oh lordy ... #volswagen #halifax #novascotia #idiotdriver #shitdriver #dubgirl
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New Year's glam makeup
Bringing in the new year with glamourous makeup .
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Crazy clown makeup Time Laps
Cool makeup idea that can be matched with a clown costume or regular torn up clothing. Remember though props in video are used as only that "PROPS" to add to the effect of the makeup, any dangerous props are handled with care and never used in a dangerous manner. Music by : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00isNCgfXiU
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Sexy Smokey Eye - Ft.Neffex First Time
Awesome some by Neffex First Time Check them out on YouTube Makeup by my Instagram Ultra.Violet.90 Lipgloss by Jeffree Star
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Anime north 09 the dating game pt2
Now for some questions to the guys in the dating game
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Otakuthon 2012 Scott McNeil Pt4
Otaku 2012 Scot McNeil
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01 24 2018 crossing bad lane change
Today around 12: 30pm was on my way to drop something off at the Dartmouth Crossing when this SUV made one of the most stupid mistakes ever, a 3 lane change with not enough time or room to do so. The stopped in the middle lane nearly hitting my car because they decided last minute to go to the theater.... It is never worth it to do something stupid like this.
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james Bday
Views: 6 christina Rhyno
Dice Duo Promo video
Dice duo Featuring James and Cathy two very talented singer . Created with Movavi Video Suite https://www.movavi.com/videosuite/?c=vs165
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LaRonde fireworks Italy
Fire works at laronde it was Italy this week. They were so loud that I could hardly hear myself talking lmao And the commientary you hear is me and my Bf talking as well lol
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In Loving memory of my mom
My mom wasn't just a mom. She was my best friend, the sister I never had. I will forever miss you, and I have to say life just hasn't been the same without your laugh or smile in my life. *shoutout to all the amazing moms out their, your all beautiful and amazing women.
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get lucky Dice Duo
In memorie of my mother deborah rhyno her last preformance
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gimmie some by dice duo
my mom singing live at one of her first gigs
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all shook up Dice Duo
In memorie of my mother Deborah Rhyno Her last performance
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good girls Dice duo
in memorie of my mother deborah this is her last preformance
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Flawless summer look
How I do a flawless summer look using Lise Watier foundation, inglot shadows. easy to do and simple to follow
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LaRonde fireworks Italy Pt3
awsome shit
Views: 6 christina Rhyno
LaRonde fireworks Italy Pt2
awsome fireworks I am not putting every video i put only the best parts lol
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Canadaday fireworks1.MOV
Bedarde park in Montreal st-lazare Fireworks
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LaRonde fireworks Italy Pt3
The last of the fireworks of Italy for this weekend
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Cosplay Kimon part 1
I am currently working on making a kimono for the cosplay of Super Sonico I am just sharing my process of making it to help others aspiring to make a kimono of their own too.. if you have any questions you can PM me at my cosplay page or even drop a comment. Music found here : https://www.facebook.com/Synchronicemusic/ Video by me www.facebook.com/BlackCatCreativity
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Otakuthon 2012 Scott McNeil Pt3
Otaku 2012 Scott McNeil
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cowguy james
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anime north people dancing sweet
people having a good time at anime north 2009
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Anime North'08
Pics of anime north, feel free to tell me if you are in any of thses pics
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2008 Anime North Quinton Flynn
back in 2008 when I attended my first anime convention i met a very lovely voice actor Quinton Flynn :D
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