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Brad Williams, Is Ridiculously Hilarious subscribe to the LUNA Party TV here on Youtube
Thanks for watching, comedian Brad Williams, he hits you below the belt with ridiculous funny midget jokes. Please subscribe, to the LUNA Party TV channel on youtube and share and comment on our videos. We are looking for passionate interns to quantum jump our growth. Call 310 721 0501 or Contact [email protected]
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3/1/11 ASI meeting.  Student Action Coalition.
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LunaMan, The LUNA Party's Full Moon Celebration Oceanside Pier 07/27/18
LunaMan The Cosmic Tai Chi Surfer, Join our LUNA's World Wide Full New & Full Moon meditations. We are also doing Re-Evolutionary Cosmic TAI CHI Surfing classes in the mornings in Oceanside south of the Pier/ and at Sunday's at Swami Beach 3, 6 Pm. Subscribe to the LUNA Party channel on youtube so you may catch the Cosmic Waves with us and become a Swami Master..
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Gladis Alejandre "Frida con Aretes" Frida con Rebozo" @ LunaSol's "Frida Forever
Artist Gladis Alejandre @ LunaSol's "Frida Forever" talks about her Frida con Aretes"FRIDA FOREVER" Art Exhibit, Look Alike Contest, JULY 6 2012 @ LunaSol Mexican Vintage.
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Chicano Batman @ CSULA "Children of The Rebellion Concert"
Chicano Batman, at CSULA Children of the Rebellion Concert. Marco LunaMan of LUNA-STAR Productions captures the smooth mellow sounds of Chicano Batman See this and the other 185 LUNA Party of STARS videos on you tube and fly with captain LunaMan to the Moon and infinity so you may PARTY among the STARS. subscribe the LUNA Party of STARS so you may see our new videos when they are recently uploaded.April 21, 2010
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Rodrigo's KPFK Zapatas  Birthday Guerrilla Queens
KPFK's Rodrigo celebrates Zapatas Birthday Guerrilla Queens Performs Created on June 15, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Zapoteca Roots Tianguis Cultural
Marco LunaMan of The Luna party and Luna Star productions taped Zapoteca roots a Reggae Cumbia band at the Tiangus Cultural.
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Stephanie Alvarez  Birthday Sept 13 2018
Near or far LunaMan always LOVES his LUNA STARS! Here we are at Venice Beach world famous drum circle moon meditations. Stephanie I treasure our times together doing three Venice Beach World-wide Sun gazing & FULL MOON meditations dancing barefooted on the Santa Monica Venice beach sand. Peace & Love you Always..
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Jan 20 2019 Super Full Blood Moon at Sunset at  Swamis Beach
Sunsets at Swamis Beach. Our Cosmic Tribe of Int. Healing Artist gathers to celebrates life, singing, dancing, doing Tai Chi Surfing, yoga, jam sessions, walks on the beach, sweet hugs, lot's of laughter. We Love being in our universe with thoughts of Loving to create Heaven In a New Earth. Join the LUNA Party to see more http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLunaParty to receive our NEW videos when we upload them.
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Super Full Moon LUNA Party Oceanside Pier fire-pits Saturday Jan 19 Four PM
This video is from Venice Beach and it's World famous Drum Circle the original home of Marco LunaMan and the LUNA Party's world-wide New & Full Moon meditations. The LUNA Party is riding the Cosmic wave of LUNA Love to the Moon and infinity. Join The Luna Party's Moon meditations from the Oceanside Pier's firepits Bring your transcending spirits, drums, musical instrument and join our tribal trance dancing to native drums'. Let the music and dancing transport you to the Mystical Magical New Age of Enlightenment, for more info email Or call [email protected] 310 721 0501.
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Frida Forever 105 birthday celebration, Art Festival, LunaSol Mexican Vintage
Frida Forever ,105 birthday celebration at LunaSol Mexican Vintage. Janelle Gonzalez the organizer of the event introduces and thanks the artist and community members who help make the event possible. held on JULY 6 2012 @ LunaSol Mexican Vintage. ARTISTS: George Yepes, Gladis Alejandre. Marie Antoinette Chavez ,Maria Kane, Lalo Alcaraz, Esau Andrade,, Grace Barraza-Vega, Annette Cano, Jeni Carle, , Michaela Chapman, Timo Curtiss, David Flores, Francisco Franco, Dolores Gonzalez-Haro, Johnny Rivera, Spiderflesh, Miguel Vasquez, Robert Valadez, , Julie Zarate, Bonita Chica Arte. Del Alma-Vintage Collection, Sylvia Carle, Paulette Razo-Avila, and Viva Vintage, Music by ENTRE MUJERES- Martha Gonzalez(Queztal),La Marisoul(La Santa Cecilia), Rocio Marron (Queztal), Angela Flores(Las Cafeteras), Shirley Alvarado de Agulia. Sponsors; Coba Aguas, RMH Studios, PHLIGHT Restaurant, Sonia Tapia, pocho.com, KPFK 90.7FM, Nance.Arte Productions, Allens Restaurant, Photography by LunaMan, Barbara Media & Delma Arabula video photographers. Created on July 9, 2012
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Siquieros Foundation Art Exhibit ,at Chicano Park Cinco de Mayo 2017
Anna Siqueiros of The Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts exhibited her Border Mural at Chicano Park's Cinco de Mayo Celebration. World Famous Muralist Ernesto De La Loza member of the Siquieros Foundation exhibited two of his paintings. El Pintor Cosmico Enrique Brito, exhibited one of his paintings and provided the giant easel used by the amateur muralist.Five Muramid Mural Museum pieces were also exhibited.. ,
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Javier Sicilia,Peace Caravan recites Bob Dylan's "A Hard Rain is Going to Fall". L.A. City Hall.
Javier Sicilia's Peace Caravan with Dignity and Justice spoke at Los Angels City Council meeting .When Javier came out he recited in Spanish, Bob Dylan's poem, A Hard Rain is Going to Fall. Translation by Jen Hofer Text PEACE to 225568
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Cihuattle,Ce, Ovarian Cycles @ MALS Bar "A La Selva' En Bicycletas"
Hearing Cihuatl.Ce, captivating voice and lyrics made me an instant fan. Here she is doing her revolutionary Zapatista Hip Pop Rap at MAL's Bar. Her all Female bicycle club the Ovarian Cycles have Lunadas, Moonlight bike rides,in Los Angel's California promoting healthy bike riding and using the Metro Lines to zigzag quickly to your destination. Reminds me of a California mind set of the song Nobody walks in L.A" Imitation is the highest form of flattery, I want to belong to bicycle club like my Luna sisters the Ova's. So I am requiting all my Angelino hermanos to join me in forming a male component to our Ovarian Sisters.
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CIVET all Female Punk Rock & Roll Band @ Fullerton's Slidebar Rock & Roll Club
CIVET is a smoking HOT all female punk rock & roll band. Liza Graves is the lead vocalist and founder of the band. Her sister Susi Home-wrecker joined the band when she was 15. The have been touring with greats like Social Distortion and Drop Kick Murphy. I shot this CIVET video at Fullerton's Slide-bar rock and roll club. my first musical video uploaded to The L.U.N. A. Party TV.on You-Tube on 02-25-2010.
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Victor Villasenor's 25th annual Snowgoose Festival Oceanside Calif Allelua
Victor Villasenor's, 25th Annual Snowgoose Thanksgiving Festival
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California State University Los Angeles 2009 Golden Eagles
Marco LunaMan, The Luna Party, interviews Dough the Golden Eagles film Director at the Charles luckman theather. LUNA-Star Productions rates this as the best Golden Eagle Event in recent history. June 3, 2009
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Gavin Riles & Shantaya Boneja, Super Full Moon Sunday at Swamis Beach 11/14/16
Super full Moon party & Celebration @ Swamis Beach playground is where local & International Musical Masters meet to spend Sunday afternoons Jamming with Gavin Riles the lead guitar. Jenny Shanteya Boneja is a multi talented artist who sings with a mesmerising angelical soulful voice. Join, subscribie to http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLunaParty youtube channel of International Super Stars Our Cosmic Musical Healing tribe. or join us live Sunday's at Swamis Beach. for more info [email protected] please comment, share and subscribe to the LUNA Party here on Youtube. ,
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KMEX-TV reporter  Oswaldo Borraez Helps  Marco LunaMan
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Kraken Miss Demeanor
Kraken Live music
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Dr. Michael Soldatenko, PH.D. CSULA  Chicano Studies "Childr
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Mariachi USA Hollywood Bowl
Love hearing Mariachi music then you need to go to Rodri Rodriguez Mariachi USA @ Hollywood Bowl. In this video the LUNA Party goes to Mariachi USA 2010 @ the Hollywood Bowl.
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Ramon Gonzalez, Tim Bratz,  @ RE Mentor Sponsorship Mastery
Ramon Gonzalez and Tim Bratz National Emerging Market Investors at David Lindahl's RE Mentor's Boston Sponsorship where they share some of their Emerging Markets Multi Family investment strategies. Marco LunaMan Commercial R.E. Broker attended the conference and shot this video. Subscribe to the LUNA Party RE Investment channel to get the Newest investment strategies. go to our website at www.BrokerLunaMan.com or for quicker service with a smile Call Marco LunaMan to the Rescue for all your realty Needs. LA office 310 721 0501 or San diego office 760 655 6686 for more the solution for ALL YOUR investment needs.
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Join us at @ Mission San Luis Rey Bakery for Magical  Musical Thursdays
Join the Magical Musical Mystery Tour Thursdays 6-8 PM at Mission San Luis Rey Bakery. Kalim Quevedo plays his original composition on guitar inspired by and sung by his wife Rebeccah. Join the LIVE LUNA Party of STARS singing our favorite songs. These Oceanside videos are created, by real estate Broker Marco LunaMan to promote local artist and to share some of the Fun artistic things to do In Oceanside. Join the LUNA Party Live Thursdays at San Luis Rey Bakery and subscribe to "The LUNA Party" on YouTube to catch the party 24/7/365 days a year. For more info CALL LunaMan 310 721 0501 or Kalim Quevedo at 949 547 3807.
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Hyper Crush interview by Stephanie Alvarez @ The Roxy Hollywood
Stephanie "Luna Star" Alvarez wanted me to go see her favorite band.Hyper Crush at the Roxy. I had my camera and talked my way into a back stage interview. Unfortunutely my camera was almost out of film so I had to cut the interview short, to be completed at a future time..
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Sharp Dress Men, The Mother-ship Rocks The Royal in Yorba Linda OC
The Mother-ship Rocks the Royal playing ZZ Tops Sharp Dress Man.at Jerrys 41 st Birthday party. Jerry's entorouge of Sexy ladies were dancing up a storm to Coutrney Thompsons phenomenal showmanship. Come aboard the MOTHER-SHIP with The LUNA Party at the Royal 909 E. Yorba Linda Blvd Placentia,
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Las Cafeteras LUNA LOVErs at Mariachi Plaza.
Luna Lovers is Las Cafeteras new songs in their CD ":It's Time" Performed at Mariachi Plaza, Metro Rail Station. Created on September 16, 2012
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Kraken what I like about you
Band Miss Demeanor play what i like about you.
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Commodore Steve Ford @ Oceanside Yacht Club with Chamber of Commerce Mixer
Oceanside Yacht Club Commodore Steve Ford cordially welcomes Oceansides Chamber of Commerce at their networking mixer. The Oceanside Royal court was present when Commodore Ford praised the GREAT Job the Harbor Police is doing keeping boaters safe.
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Take the Plunge, Sunrise Tai Chi Carlsbad Beach  Mondays 6:AM
Join Marco LunaMan the Cosmic Tai Chi Surfer in taking tCarlsbad, Holistic Psych Solutions
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R.E. Broker Marco LunaMan is at Super Realtor Headquarters NSDCAR
NEWS Alert: Marco LunaMan, Broker Ass with Premiere Properties Carlsbad Just announced His “ LUNA Party channel on You tube is doing more Real Estate videos to inform, Educate and entertain You. Here LunaMan is at North San Diego California Association of Realtors Headquarters. LunaMan of Top Gun Investment Academy and other RE investors, instructors meet at NSDCAR to look, discuss investments in Emerging investment Markets Nationwide. Our Mission at Top Gun Investment Academy is to Educate, Inform and mentor other investors.
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Quinto SOL  "Algo Tiene Que Cambiar" L. A.State Historic Par
Quinto Sol performs their Hit algo tiene que Cambiar at The Pow wow heald at Not a cornfield State Historic Park. LunaMan says this is what rocks my boat shooting Great Music videos of my favorite bands for "The LUNA Party
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Fullerton College students demanding a quality education
Hundreds of Fullerton J.C. Students in Orange County protest budget cuts to education. USC like marching band provides the motivational ambient music as students proudly dance and hold protest signs and RED fists shouting "Power to the students" Our Choice Our future" " No more cuts"m"Give Schools a chance" later they went to downtown L.A to join the protest.
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Marijuana @ Casa Honduras  LUNA Party TV
The LUNA Party went with Zapoteca Roots to Casa Honduras, liked this band rhythm and sounds and i did not get the name of the Band. If you like them or know them HOLLER!. video was Created on November 22, 2010
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RE Mentors @ Harvard Business School 's Investment Strategy for 2018 and Beyond. Raj
Super Realtor Broker Marco LunaMan investment Real estate Broker with Premiere Properties attended Harvard University Business School's November 16, 2017 “ Investments Strategy for 2018 & Beyond” The Investment strategist panel included America's Premiere Financial wealth managers from Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, The Sharma Group, and other Capital Groups. The panelist discussed the following topics. • Where are we in the bull market? • What is the ideal asset allocation strategy? • The impact of the Trump administration policies on financial markets • Are international markets starting a sustained upturn or is this a head fake? • Are we headed for a significant correction in the US market? • Why are interest rates persistently low? • Will inflation make a comeback? • Are they any “black swans” lurking around and what are the risks facing investors today? Marco LunaMan Presentation to NSDCAR Commercial Brokers explain what Wall Street Strategist are recommending to investors.2) how investment strategist view the effect of President Trump's Make America Great policies. 3) Marco LunaMan’s presentation will show why he recommends investing in America's emerging markets in Texas, Florida, The Carolinas... in Multifamily apartment and commercial & retail properties offers the highest 8-10% cash on cash return on investments, and up to 20% annualized return on 3 years investments secured by hard assets such as multi-family apartments and retail shopping centers. www.topguninvestments.com www.BrokerMarcoLunaMan.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/marcolunaman http://facebook.com/marco.lunaman http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLunaParty (310)721-0501 [email protected]
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Chicano Nation, LunaMan, Jennipha, Angel Baby,Sons of Soul wish you a Happy New Year 2012
HAPPY Holidays wishes from Marco LunaMan & the LUNA Party, Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen, Ms. California Galaxy 2010-11, Ms California World Int,The East L.A Boys Club, Chicano Nation, DJ Angel Baby show, Las Tres, Sons of Soul Car Club, Greg Esparza, Together we make a world of difference. Created on May 1, 2011 using FlipShare.
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CSULA Students  Open "Peoples Library" Outside Closed JFK Li
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Zapoteca Roots @ Arcadia Park "Feliz Mothers Day" May 2011
Zapoteca Roots played at the "Feliz Dia de Las Madres-Happy Mothers Day" @ Arcadia Park May 2011. They were followed by Mariachi Aztlan and Folkorico Dancer, The Romantic Band Pasteles Verdes from Peru played next and will be in part 2 of this video.
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Marco LunaMan at  Sunset in Newport Beach doing Cosmic Tai Chi Surfing
My name is Marco LunaMan I am the Man from the Moon who lives by the Sea with sand on his toes, doing Tai Chi surfing. What is Tai Chi Surfing? TAI CHI Surfing is Yoga on the beach for men women, children and disabled Vet's. Get on board and ride the Cosmic Wave of LUNA LOVE to the Moon and back to Revitalize your mind body, spirit. for more info [email protected] or call or text me at 310 721 0501.
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RE Mentor
Long Beach
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Victor Villasenor's facing East for world harmony at 25th Snowgoose Festival
Victor Villasenor faces East to teach attendees to 25th annual Snowgoose festival. More info to follow.
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Willie Venant Jamin @ Super Full Moon LUNA Party'Celebration @ Swamis  Beach
Willie Venat was jamming with his caribbean sounds at the LUNA Party's Super Full Moon celebration Sunday 13, 2016 @ Swamis Beach & Playground in Enchanting Encinitas California. Food for musicians provided by LUNA by The Sea. Please join the LUNA Party of Stars on this here Youtube channel to receive all our new videos. Please share this video , make comments . Thanks we'll see you at Swamis Beach.
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Lion sleeps at Swami's beach
Lion sleeps tonight at Swami's beach. Just uploaded 5 New videos from 08/05 Sunday Sunsets at Swamis Beach. Check them out and subscribe to my you tube channel if you wish to receive notification of newly uploaded video. These videos are brought to you by Marco LunaMan​ a Real Estate Broker with Premiere Properties as a public service to support local musicians. If you're in the market for a R.E. Broker Call me Now. 310 721 0501
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Singer Ben Caron at CSULA's Theater Department's "Fire Drill"
CSULA Theather Department and Ben Caron are practicing a musical number, A Fire Alarm sounds everybody evacuates the building with the piano and the rehearsal continues outside. Ben Caron is on fire singing at CSULA. on March 29, 2010
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2017 Super Surfer Girl competition & entertainment Oceanside Calif
Last year I attended Oceanside's Super Surfer Girl completion. This year it starts Friday July 27 2018 Finals are Sunday. Friday July 27 2018 is a Full moon so Marco LunaMan is having another one of his Full Moon World wide meditations for Peace and prosperity. Join the LUNA Party at six pm at the Ocenside fire pits by the Jr Sean Amphitheater fire pits. Bring your musical instruments, snack and warm clothing. The beach stay open late so come and enjoy a beautiful evening of friendship, singing and dancing under the beautiful Full Moon.
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Magical Musical Thursdays at Six pm with Kalim at San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant...
San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant at six pm is where Kalim Quevedo and Marco LunaMan have a networking dinner meeting with fellow Artists and creatives .Event attendees Pictures at seven pm. Kalim Quevedo's and his lovely wife Rebeccah have delighted us with original compositions and all kinds of international music. if you enjoy listening & playing beautiful music join Kalim Quevedo Magical Musical Thursdays at Six pm the San Luis Rey Mission Bakery & Restaurant. Come by and play To get involved, or participate call Kalim 949 547 3807 LUNA Man at 310 721 0501 .
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Take a load of Granny Sundays at Swami's Beach 08 05
Take a load of Granny Sundays at Swami's Beach 08 05. check out the lively vocals and most awesome sunset.
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Marco LunaMan the Cosmic Tai Chi Surer is in Oceanside CA "
Marco LunaMan, The Cosmic Tai Chi Surfer with "LUNA Girl " at Balboa Newport Beach. LunaMan loves feeling the rhythm and vibrations of the Ocean, walking barefooted at sunset. Loving the beach is key to my physical, spiritual well being, "When I admire beauty, I capture it for YOU to enjoy, when you have the time and inclination.
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Matisyahu's Mendy Pellin, "I move my beard" at Luckman Theater
Mendi Pellin,,comes out of can, dancing I Move my Beard at the Matisyahu concert @t CSULA's Luckman theather. Jennipha-Lauren Nielsen Ms California Galaxy and Marco LunaMan of Luna Party of STARS Productions interviewed Matisyahu back stage before the concert.
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