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Brad Williams, Is Ridiculously Hilarious subscribe to the LUNA Party TV here on Youtube
Thanks for watching, comedian Brad Williams, he hits you below the belt with ridiculous funny midget jokes. Please subscribe, to the LUNA Party TV channel on youtube and share and comment on our videos. We are looking for passionate interns to quantum jump our growth. Call 310 721 0501 or Contact [email protected]
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Las Cafeteras LUNA LOVErs at Mariachi Plaza.
Luna Lovers is Las Cafeteras new songs in their CD ":It's Time" Performed at Mariachi Plaza, Metro Rail Station. Created on September 16, 2012
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Zapoteca Roots @ Arcadia Park "Feliz Mothers Day" May 2011
Zapoteca Roots played at the "Feliz Dia de Las Madres-Happy Mothers Day" @ Arcadia Park May 2011. They were followed by Mariachi Aztlan and Folkorico Dancer, The Romantic Band Pasteles Verdes from Peru played next and will be in part 2 of this video.
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Chicano Batman @ CSULA "Children of The Rebellion Concert"
Chicano Batman, at CSULA Children of the Rebellion Concert. Marco LunaMan of LUNA-STAR Productions captures the smooth mellow sounds of Chicano Batman See this and the other 185 LUNA Party of STARS videos on you tube and fly with captain LunaMan to the Moon and infinity so you may PARTY among the STARS. subscribe the LUNA Party of STARS so you may see our new videos when they are recently uploaded.April 21, 2010
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LunaMan, The LUNA Party's Full Moon Celebration Oceanside Pier 07/27/18
LunaMan The Cosmic Tai Chi Surfer, Join our LUNA's World Wide Full New & Full Moon meditations. We are also doing Re-Evolutionary Cosmic TAI CHI Surfing classes in the mornings in Oceanside south of the Pier/ and at Sunday's at Swami Beach 3, 6 Pm. Subscribe to the LUNA Party channel on youtube so you may catch the Cosmic Waves with us and become a Swami Master..
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Rodrigo's KPFK Zapatas  Birthday Guerrilla Queens
KPFK's Rodrigo celebrates Zapatas Birthday Guerrilla Queens Performs Created on June 15, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Fullerton College students demanding a quality education
Hundreds of Fullerton J.C. Students in Orange County protest budget cuts to education. USC like marching band provides the motivational ambient music as students proudly dance and hold protest signs and RED fists shouting "Power to the students" Our Choice Our future" " No more cuts"m"Give Schools a chance" later they went to downtown L.A to join the protest.
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CIVET all Female Punk Rock & Roll Band @ Fullerton's Slidebar Rock & Roll Club
CIVET is a smoking HOT all female punk rock & roll band. Liza Graves is the lead vocalist and founder of the band. Her sister Susi Home-wrecker joined the band when she was 15. The have been touring with greats like Social Distortion and Drop Kick Murphy. I shot this CIVET video at Fullerton's Slide-bar rock and roll club. my first musical video uploaded to The L.U.N. A. Party TV.on You-Tube on 02-25-2010.
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LunaMan @ Latino Prof Network's Tequila Tasting dancing Banda
Marco LunaMan of the Luna Party at Latino Professional Network Guadalajara de Noche at the Boneventure Hotel Los Angeles. LunaMan loves dancing & drinking Tequila, with linda muchachita. Que Viva Mexico.
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Gavin Riles " To The Country," Super Full Moon Sunday Sunsets at Swamis Beach.
Gavin Riles sings "To The Country,", Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLunaParty YouTube Channel to see Sunday Sunsets at Swamis Beach where LUNA by the Sea our International Cosmic Musical Healing Tribe meets local musicians to sing, dance and jam with a group of far out musicians Like Gavin Riles, Shantaya Boneja, Banjo Benny Jackman, Eddie Le Vitt, who passionately pray & play together watching glorious sunsets overlooking the Majestic Pacific Ocean. For more info [email protected]
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Quinto SOL  "Algo Tiene Que Cambiar" L. A.State Historic Par
Quinto Sol performs their Hit algo tiene que Cambiar at The Pow wow heald at Not a cornfield State Historic Park. LunaMan says this is what rocks my boat shooting Great Music videos of my favorite bands for "The LUNA Party
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Javier Sicilla's Caravana Por La Paz At Placita Olvera Los Angeles California
Javier Sicilia's international Peace Caravan to STOP the failed U.S Drug wars which has left 70,000 Mexicans dead, stop in Los Angeles, La Placita Olvera. on route to Washington DC.
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Ramon Gonzalez, Tim Bratz,  @ RE Mentor Sponsorship Mastery
Ramon Gonzalez and Tim Bratz National Emerging Market Investors at David Lindahl's RE Mentor's Boston Sponsorship where they share some of their Emerging Markets Multi Family investment strategies. Marco LunaMan Commercial R.E. Broker attended the conference and shot this video. Subscribe to the LUNA Party RE Investment channel to get the Newest investment strategies. go to our website at www.BrokerLunaMan.com or for quicker service with a smile Call Marco LunaMan to the Rescue for all your realty Needs. LA office 310 721 0501 or San diego office 760 655 6686 for more the solution for ALL YOUR investment needs.
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Jan 20 2019 Super Full Blood Moon at Sunset at  Swamis Beach
Sunsets at Swamis Beach. Our Cosmic Tribe of Int. Healing Artist gathers to celebrates life, singing, dancing, doing Tai Chi Surfing, yoga, jam sessions, walks on the beach, sweet hugs, lot's of laughter. We Love being in our universe with thoughts of Loving to create Heaven In a New Earth. Join the LUNA Party to see more http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLunaParty to receive our NEW videos when we upload them.
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Dr. Michael Soldatenko, PH.D. CSULA  Chicano Studies "Childr
Created on April 13, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Cosmic TAI CHI Surfing at Swamis Beach
Marco LunaMan is combining the Ancient secrets of TAI CHI martial arts with the California Surfer lifestyle to create 'Cosmic Tai Chi Surfing' Come ride the Cosmic wave of LUNA Love to the Moon and Infinity, so we may play among the STARS. R-Evolutionary fun safe workout for all who wish to learn to connect their mind, body and spirit. be one with nature and let your happiness and well-being thrive with vitality.
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Full Moon "LUNA Party"  Oceanside Pier fire-pits Saturday April 20  2-10 PM
Join Marco LunaMan & his "Luna Party's Full Moon Worldwide Meditations from Oceanside Pier's fire pits, around lifeguard station one. Bring your transcending spirits, drums, musical instrument and join our tribal dancing to native drums. Let the music and dancing transport you to the Mystical Magical New Age of Enlightenment. Forming a Sunset Tai Chi Surfing class , for more info call or email R.E. Broker [email protected] 310 721 0501. This video is from Venice Beach and it's World famous Drum Circle the original home of Marco LunaMan and the LUNA Party's world-wide New & Full Moon meditations. The LUNA Party is riding the Cosmic wave of LUNA Love to the Moon and infinity.
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" I'm On Fire" with Zapoteca Roots It's a LUNA Party!
My grandson is a, precocious creative visionary, composer, singer. In this video Zapoteca Roots is warming up to play at his cousins Emile's B-day party He picks up a mike and starts MC- ing, he then composes and improvises singing a song 'I'm on Fire" without ever practicing with the band. I'm so proud of him.
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Kalim Quevedo
Swamis beach
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Zapoteca Roots  Love's  McArthur Park's Hot Mama's Tamales
Created on November 6, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Sharp Dress Men, The Mother-ship Rocks The Royal in Yorba Linda OC
The Mother-ship Rocks the Royal playing ZZ Tops Sharp Dress Man.at Jerrys 41 st Birthday party. Jerry's entorouge of Sexy ladies were dancing up a storm to Coutrney Thompsons phenomenal showmanship. Come aboard the MOTHER-SHIP with The LUNA Party at the Royal 909 E. Yorba Linda Blvd Placentia,
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Come together Miss Demeanor awesome band rock the kraken in Cardiff
Miss Demeanor awesome band rock the kraken in Cardiff
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Commodore Steve Ford @ Oceanside Yacht Club with Chamber of Commerce Mixer
Oceanside Yacht Club Commodore Steve Ford cordially welcomes Oceansides Chamber of Commerce at their networking mixer. The Oceanside Royal court was present when Commodore Ford praised the GREAT Job the Harbor Police is doing keeping boaters safe.
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KMEX-TV reporter  Oswaldo Borraez Helps  Marco LunaMan
Created on June 15, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Azlanz Rainbow's next Full Moon - LUNA Party is 5/18/19 at O-side pier.
Josh Roberts of Azlanz Rainbow's organized another Great FULL MOON LUNA Party Saturday April 20th @ Oceanside Pier fire-pits. The FULL MOON gathering featured a beach bon fire with Tiki Torches. The Azlanz Rainbow Tribe danced to techno tribal music. Activist Artist, Musicians, gather together on the Full Moons to sing songs, share a meal, and have a GREAT Time building LUNA by The Sea International Healing Artist Community. Come join us, take of your shoes get native and tribal dancing around the bonfire. JOIN “The L.U.N.A. Party of STARS” YouTube channel ://www.youtube.com/user/TheLunaparty://www.youtube.com/user/TheLunaParty. to receive our Premiere releases. we’re EXPANDING! Interviewing multimedia interns. to shoot & edit videos. work experience & references for your resumes. E-mail Resume to [email protected]
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Zapoteca Root's Happy Birthday go to Jairo's brother's Tony's
Zapoteca Roots after playing for a mothers day event goes to Jairos brothers birthday party and join in on the singing.Happy Mothers day from Zapoteca Roots and the LUNA party!
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Zapoteca Roots Tianguis Cultural
Marco LunaMan of The Luna party and Luna Star productions taped Zapoteca roots a Reggae Cumbia band at the Tiangus Cultural.
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RE Mentor
Long Beach
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Homeless Veterans San Diego Volunteer meeting
Homeless Veterans San Diego Volunteer meeting
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CSULA Students  Open "Peoples Library" Outside Closed JFK Li
Created on November 22, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Compass Beef Wellington Paul J Watson
Compass Beef Wellington Paul J Watson
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2017 Super Surfer Girl competition & entertainment Oceanside Calif
Last year I attended Oceanside's Super Surfer Girl completion. This year it starts Friday July 27 2018 Finals are Sunday. Friday July 27 2018 is a Full moon so Marco LunaMan is having another one of his Full Moon World wide meditations for Peace and prosperity. Join the LUNA Party at six pm at the Ocenside fire pits by the Jr Sean Amphitheater fire pits. Bring your musical instruments, snack and warm clothing. The beach stay open late so come and enjoy a beautiful evening of friendship, singing and dancing under the beautiful Full Moon.
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Victor Villasenor's 25th annual Snowgoose Festival Oceanside Calif Allelua
Victor Villasenor's, 25th Annual Snowgoose Thanksgiving Festival
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Alberto Torrico + Marco LunaMan @ California Democratic Conv
Created on June 15, 2010 using FlipShare.
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People's Library, CSULA's J.F.K.
Students Open People's Library when CSULA closes J.F.K. Library, during finals.
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Singer Ben Caron at CSULA's Theater Department's "Fire Drill"
CSULA Theather Department and Ben Caron are practicing a musical number, A Fire Alarm sounds everybody evacuates the building with the piano and the rehearsal continues outside. Ben Caron is on fire singing at CSULA. on March 29, 2010
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Kalim Quevedo's The Tailor’s Arts & Crafts Gallery Orange County
The Tailor’s Arts & Crafts Gallery a venue for the artist community of Santa Ana in Orange County. was a venue sponsored by the City of Santa Ana in Orange county and developed by Multi Talented Artist Kalim Quevedo. Kalim Quevedo helped develop many new artist in Orange County by teaching workshops in drawing, painting, sculpting, fashion and music. Kalim Quevedo founded The Tailor's Shop Fine Art's & Crafts in 1980 in Honduras Central America, in 1990 he moved to the USA, in 2018 he became a proud resident of The San Luis Rey Mission area of Oceanside California.
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CoolState President D.J. Horchata  + Diana Marie Yonan @ CSU
Created on March 27, 2010 using FlipShare.
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AZLANZ  Next FULL MOON- LUNA Party is May 18 Oceanside Pier
The AZLANZ Rainbow Full Moon- “The LUNA Beach Parties” is to connect local artist & non profits.. To Network in a fun healthy coastal environment. The gatherings are held on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon so more Moon Lovers may attend. Moon gatherings start at two pm when the organizers light the tribal fire. for warmth, HOT drinks and community building. Join us so you may enjoy the warmth of the sun, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Oceanside Pier. Find us at the fire-pits south of the Pier. Bring your drums, musical instruments and happy dancing feet. Jam around the fire. dance barefoot on the sand to live music. Come connect with fellow musicians, artists, and Moon Lovers. If you have an activity you like to share let us know we are looking for more fun stuff to do. The event is being recorded for the LUNA Party youtube channel. Josh & Brandon Roberts, Kalim Quevedo & Marco LunaMan are the organizers of Oceanside Full Moon Celebration. Call Marco’s cell 310 721 0501 for more info.
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Oceanside Art Walk Friday Nov 4th Drum Circle at Artist Alley
Join The LUNA Party FULL MOON Celebration at Oceanside Art Walk. LunaMan LOVES the native tribal sounds of drumming, So I am lending my Ricky Ricardo Congas to Master Conga Drummer AKI. The LUNA Party's FULL MOON Celebration begins at 5:30 PM Join US, bring your musical instruments and dance under the serious Moonlight. For all your Realty Needs Call, text or email Broker Marco "LunaMan to the Rescue" [email protected] 310 721 0501
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Upstream Calypso Music @ Tri-City Park Placentia Ca. July 7 2011
Marco LunaMan of LUNA-STAR productions loves living in Placentia Orange county, and going to the FREE concerts at Tri-City Park 2301 N Kraemer Placentia. The July 7 th concert featured the Caribbean sounds of UPSTREAM Calypso music. Love the family fun where children and parents dance and enjoy Sunset summer concerts @ Tri-City Park Placentia Ca..
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Mariachi USA Hollywood Bowl
Love hearing Mariachi music then you need to go to Rodri Rodriguez Mariachi USA @ Hollywood Bowl. In this video the LUNA Party goes to Mariachi USA 2010 @ the Hollywood Bowl.
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Gladis Alejandre "Frida con Aretes" Frida con Rebozo" @ LunaSol's "Frida Forever
Artist Gladis Alejandre @ LunaSol's "Frida Forever" talks about her Frida con Aretes"FRIDA FOREVER" Art Exhibit, Look Alike Contest, JULY 6 2012 @ LunaSol Mexican Vintage.
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Kingston A Go Go @ Disneyland's House of Blues
Kingston A Go Go @ Disneyland's House of Blues Created on June 23, 2010 using FlipShare.
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LunaMan's Happy New's Year Party and Jan 02 Rose Parade sleepover
Marco LunaMan, The LUNA Party, Ms Jennipha Lauren Nielsen Ms California World International, Zapoteca Roots wish all their friends and families a very Happy and prosperous New Year and invite you to join our New Years day and night sleep over on Colorado Blvd and el Molino to have great seat for the Rose Parade..
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Michelle reveals Hollywood beauty secrets
I'm at La Costa Roasting company with Michelle. We have agreed to work together doing videos for LUNA by The Sea an International Healing organisation based in San Diego's north county.
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Shantaya Boneja, Gavin Riles " Let it Rain " Swamis Super Full Moon Celebration
Gavin Riley our Swami Master of music plays the Guitar and Shantaya Boneja soulfully sings Let it Rain at Sunday Fundays at Swamis Beach where our Cosmic tribe of International Healing Musicians and Artist play . Bring your heavenly spirits and your musical instruments. Join the LUNA Party LIVE at Swamis Beach or here on YouTube to get our latest videos.
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AmandA Sage "The Pandora  Ambasador Temple of Vision L.A. Ar
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