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Favorite Pieces From My Collection  / Raf Simons / Rick Owens / Undercoverism / Margiela / and MORE
Hello! My name is David Negrete and this is the first video I have posted on youtube! Since I am planning on starting a Mens Fashion channel, I figured I would start by showcasing some of my favorite pieces from my collection. I hope you enjoy! Any suggestions for future videos please comment below! FIRST piece: Raf Simons "Flux Aetherium" S/S 2006 SECOND piece: Raf Simons "Poltergeist" A/W 04-05 THIRD piece: Rick Owens Raglan Long Sleeve S/S 2014 FOURTH piece: Juun.J / Rob Ryan T-Shirt FIFTH piece: Juun.J Mainline T-Shirt SIXTH piece: Walter Van Beirendonck T-Shirt SEVENTH piece: Issey Miyake Cotton Long Sleeve EIGTH piece: Undercoverism T-Shirt NINTH piece: Margiela Silver Boots Thanks again I hope you enjoyed!
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Finally Back: Working for VLONE and What Else I've Been Doing
Whats good everyone. Finally back to making videos again. Been a pretty busy dude over these past few months but am getting back to it. Will be putting out another video this week showing some shit that I've bought. Will try and be as consistent as I can and put out at least one video a week. Thanks to everyone who kept asking me to make more videos. I really appreciated the support as I never expected any.
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Denim/Pant Guide & Advice For Bigger Men (Waist Size 36-40)
Hello guys! Today I am here with a guide for bigger men when shopping for denim/pants. In my time of collecting clothing, finding pants that fit me at a waist size 38 has been nothing less than a challenge. But over the years I have found great brands that fit me perfectly as well as tips to finding new brands. I am hoping this advice can help all of you guys struggling to find the perfect fitting pair of pants! I am leaving links below to all the brands I spoke about(and others i forgot about) as well as for SSENSE.com which is the website I use to find proper measurements of designer pants. Ssense (For sizing): https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/designers/all/clothing Yoox(often carries large sizes for designer brands): http://www.yoox.com/us/men/clothing/shoponline#/dept=clothingmen&gender=U&page=1&attributes=%7b%27ctgr%27%3a%5b%27jns%27%5d%7d&season=X Topman(Stretch Skinny): http://us.topman.com/en/tmus/category/clothing-172005/mens-jeans-172012/skinny-stretch-skinny/38/N-araZ22u8ZerjZ7ye?Nrpp=20&siteId=%2F13051&No=0 Asos: http://us.asos.com/men/jeans/cat/?cid=4208&refine=size:2533,2543,2516,2526,2557&currentpricerange=15-315&pgesize=36 Levis: http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/category/men/jeans/style/skinnymen/waist/38/_/N-2sZ1z13wzsZ8b8Z1z13x71Z1z140ojZ1z141miZ1z141py BLK DNM(use SSENSE guide as reference for measurements): http://www.blkdnm.com/menswear/denim Jbrand: https://www.jbrandjeans.com/men/categories/denim#?offset=0&limit=24 Thank you guys again so much for watching! If you have any ideas or brands that carry bigger mens denim sizes in a slimmer fit please comment down below! It would benefit everybody who watches as well as myself! Will continue to make videos to help us bigger dudes be fresh! Until next time, peace!
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Instagram: @mask_dave @maskstudioinc WWW.MASK-STUDIO.COM Hey guys finally back with another video! Today I'm showcasing some of the most recent pieces I've picked up. Got some pretty amazing deals on all the items I got so pretty stoked to show you! Hopefully be back next week with a video showing some more thrifted stuff! Thanks for watching! Prada Americas Cup Sneakers: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR2.TRC1.A0.H0.Xprada+americas+cup+sneakers.TRS0&_nkw=prada+americas+cup+sneakers&_sacat=0 Sunglasses: https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/raen/pink-luxury-wig-edition-ashtray-sunglasses/2840018?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlsHxsNfs2wIVzMDACh27OgLOEAQYASABEgKTcPD_BwE
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TOP 5 WEBSITES For Cheap Men's Designer Clothes
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mask_dave/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/YNH_Negrete WEBSITE LINKS: Yoox: https://www.yoox.com/us/men Barneys Warehouse: http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/ Grailed: https://www.grailed.com/ Therealreal: https://www.therealreal.com/ Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/ Hey guys thanks for checking out the video! Today I wanted to show my personal favorite places to get mens designer clothes on a budget. It ain't cheap to rock designer clothes but these websites can make that possible! These are by far the websites I use most frequently as you can find deals year round rather than just during sale season. Please comment below with any other great places to find steals both new and used! Thanks for watching!
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UPDATE & RECENT SHOE PICK-UPS I Rick Owens I Ann Demeulemeester
FOLLOW YOUR BOY INSTAGRAM: mask_dave TWITTER: ynh_dave Yo guys I am finally back with another video! No more empty promises I am going to be putting out content! Today I just wanted to showcase some of the shoes I had picked up since I last posted. Have some clothing pick-ups soon as well as a look at the VLONE Air Force 1's. Please comment below with any other ideas you guys have for videos! Thank you for all the support!
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Make sure to follow your boy! INSTAGRAM: mask_dave TWITTER: mask_negrete Hey guys finally back with another video! Today I'm gonna show some of the more designer level pieces I have bought since my last clothing pick-ups video. Got some really dope stuff that I am glad to be able to share. Hopefully will get another video out this week showing some of my thrifting pick-ups. Good to be back! Thanks for watching!
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Explaining My Brand, Mask Studio + Giveaway
WWW.MASK-STUDIO.COM Finally launched my brand, Mask Studio! The site is up with the first releases from my collection titled, "Death Study". All jackets, flannels and denim are 1/1 creations by me. Brand Instagram: @maskstudioinc Personal Instagram: @mask_dave In todays video I'll be explaining my new brand I just launched this past weekend, Mask Studio. Talking about the meaning of the name, how the brand functions and so on. If you have any further questions about the brand leave a comment or message me on instagram! Very excited to finally have this released been a dream of mine since I was 17. GIVEAWAY DETAILS AT THE END OF THE VIDEO SO YOU GOTTA WATCH TO FIND OUT THE DETAILS SORRY BUT 💀 Thank you or watching! Will be making a new video very soon. Sorry for always being MIA but this pretty much explains why.
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Check out my brand, Mask Studio that I just launched this past weekend! All pieces are custom made by me. WWW.MASK-STUDIO.COM Instagram: @mask_dave @maskstudioinc Yo guys back with another video as promised. Had the GREATEST day of my life thrifting. Found both of my grails that I have been searching for at the thrift for 5+ years in the same day; A leather biker jacket and a pair of leather boots with a harness. Still gassed about this I can't even explain. Plan on having another video up either Thursday or Saturday. Thanks for watching! I actually found the boots online on the Harley Davidson site if anybody is interested. https://houseofharley.com/harley-davidson-and-reg-men-s-hustin-harness-motorcycle-riding-boots-d95354.html
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Favorite Pieces From My Collection Pt. 2: Margiela, Rick Owens, Number (N)ine And More!
Check out my brand, Mask Studio that I just launched this month! All pieces are custom made by me. WWW.MASK-STUDIO.COM Instagram: @mask_dave @maskstudioinc GIVEAWAY FROM PREVIOUS VIDEO HAS ENDED Will still be giving away a sample tee with any purchase of one of the Masked Garments on the site through the end of the month! Hey guys back with another video! In this video I will be essentially be recreating the very first video I ever posted on youtube. Granted I don't really have the craziest pieces in my closet like before, but I still believe I have some pretty cool stuff to showcase. Hope you guys enjoy!
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Thrift Pick-Ups #1 I Burberry, Vans x Harmony Korine, Lacoste and more!
FOLLOW YOUR BOY INSTAGRAM: mask_dave TWITTER: mask_negrete Yo whats good back finally with another video! Today I'm talking about the stuff I have recently thrifted! I thrift multiple times every week so I plan to start showcasing all of the stuff I find. Thrifting is the way to go for one of a kind pieces and at a budget price. Glad to be back! Thanks for watching!
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INSTAGRAM: mask_dave https://www.instagram.com/mask_dave/ TWITTER: ynh_dave https://twitter.com/YNH_Negrete Back today with another video! Today I wanted to showcase a couple of my favorite pieces I have bought since my absence. Blown away by some of the pieces I have found and can't wait to continue to show you guys more! Thinking about doing 2-3 videos a week starting now. Going to try and do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Please comment below with any other ideas you guys have for videos! Thank you for all the support!
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LIKE! FOLLOW! SUBSCRIBE! INSTAGRAM: MASK_DAVE TWITTER: YNH_NEGRETE Finally back yet again... Sorry to any of my viewers for disappearing again but Im gonna try and be consistent again! In this video I'll be talking about my recent trip to New York City and my experience theres mostly pertaining to mens fashion. i made some great purchases that most of which will be worn or used everyday. Had an awesome time and am glad to share my shopping experiences and some advice with you guys so enjoy! LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE
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Recent Pick-Ups I Fear Of God x Pacsun I Supreme I Margiela I Vintage and MORE!
Hello everyone! So happy to get up my first Recent Pick-Ups video! Wanted to showcase the pieces I have acquired over the past month or so. Weird range of stuff, but all dope nonetheless. Plan to see more of these over the coming weeks with varying amounts of pieces! PIECE #1: DSQUARED2 HAT PIECE #2: SUPREME ZIPPO PIECE #3: SILENCE OF THE LAMBS T-SHIRT PIECE #4: BABYLON LA SPIDER T-SHIRT PIECE#5: BABYLON LA LIQUOR&LOVE T-SHIRT PIECE #6: WALTER VAN BIERENDONCK T-SHIRT PIECE #7: VINTAGE SNAKESKIN SHIRT PIECE #8: SAKS FIFTH AVE T-SHIRT PIECE #9: FOG PACSUN COLLECTION #2 LONG SLEEVE PIECE #10: HARLEY DAVIDSON DENIM JACKET PIECE #11: Margiela Nude Leather Shoes Thank you guys again and I hope you enjoyed the video! Expect to see more fresh dope content soon! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! COMMENT!
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MORE PICK-UPS I Fear of God I Rick Owens I Alexander Wang & MORE
Thank you for watching! Hard to believe i'm back with another pick up video. Got some really dope shit through Grailed and at my local thrift store that I had to show you guys! Might be a minute before I do another one of these lol Also please comment below if you want me to start trying the clothes on! I also wanted to say thank you for all the support on the last video! Did not expect all the views and subscribers. Extremely thankful for that and plan to keep this channel rolling! PIECE #1: Noah T-shirt XL PIECE #2: FOG x Pacsun T-shirt L PIECE #3: Pearl Jam T-shirt XL PIECE #4: Green Flannel XXL PIECE#5: Harley Davidson Shirt XXL PIECE #6: White 511 Levis 38x30 PIECE #7: T by Alexander Wang Pants 38x34 PIECE #8: Rick Owens DRKSDHW Denim 38x20 Hope you enjoy and will be back with more content soon!
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